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Sony is a horrible company. They dont honor there warranties. They broke my computer when they was going to repair it and then sent it back and said that it had physical damage.

have you tried going to a pc store in ur city to see if they have a sonybattery for ur latopp take da battery with you they may have one in stock or can order one for you

I could be wrong but the updates/Upgrades you've done could not be suorppted by the computer and therefore the computers running too many components causing it to need more power than the computer can handle. Or the power management driver isn't compatible with the computer.

Purchased a Sony VAIO Laptop from B&H Photo in NY on 1/30/2012 which I received in February 2012. Fifteen minutes out of the box (during initial setup) the computer shut-down (in what the Sony Technician referred to as "the blue screen of death). I contacted Sony (VAIO CARE) and the technician took command of the keyboard (remotely) and supposedly all was "taken care of." Despite this the computer continued to shut-down randomly during normal operation. I contacted Sony VAIO CARE again and the process was repeated... with the same results! I continued to repeat this process until finally, two weeks ago, the Sony Technician at VAIO CARE - after examining the System Event Log - indicated that there was a hardware problem and the unit would have to be sent to the Sony Repair Facility in Laredo, Texas. This was done and the computer was returned yesterday... within fifteen minutes - again during the initial setup - the computer shut down. I again contacted VAIO CARE and again the technician (second tech because the first one gave up and passed it to someone else) took command of the computer with the same results! I was told the unit will require shipment to Laredo, Texas. Repeated attempts to obtain some reasonable level of customer service have yielded nothing but frustration. I have spent over twenty hours on the phone and online with Sony... been without a computer for two months and endured more aggravation than anyone should be required to endure! This is the way a "world class organization"treats a customer who has made a $1000 dollar purchase which has not performed satisfactorily (by Sony's admission)? "CAVEAT EMPTOR"

I received a DVD Surround theater system purchased by my mother and father. On Christmas day my 91 year old father had a stroke and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. 2 weeks later he had another one and again in 2 weeks. He is fine now. Well we finally were able to sit down and have our son hook up system. He took it out of the box carefully and when he took the DVD player out of it's protective wrap the coaxil screw fell out. I called customer service and told me it was a warranty problem so we sent the unit to Laredo,TX. They in turn wanted 184.00 to fix it saying it was damaged. We bought it damaged i told them of my fathers problem not one of their reps said I am sorry just wanted my credit card or they would send back. Credit card for their problem. My wife who is a partner in a large CPA firm took back the 5 new Vaio laptops to Best Buy with the extended warranties and got her money back. She bought 5 HP laptops with their warranties.

My son ( works in China) home for the holidays, etc, bought a Sony VAI0 computer back 0n 28 Dec 2009, complained to me a couple times while in China he was having some issues with the charging of the battery, sometimes it wouldn't make a good contact at the plug in to the computer, I told him I'll look at it when he gets home, He came back to the states 26th Nov 2011, I didn't get involved until later as he had tried to contact several people on his own, relating the charging problems, all said the same ...it's now out of warranty, So he contacted relations at 239-768-7545, Talked to Gerrard (last name code C2YN )case # E53358053, All he got was a big run around, the call was transferred ..to El Salvador ??? Huh? I'am sure Sony Corp aren't aware of or approve of these practices. So now that I have told my Son I'll look into the matter for him, Following Information provided for your reply, The date of purchase for the Sony VAI0)computer on line was Dec,28 2009,order # SW09122801752 Also Bought the extended service plan for two years, which was an additional $125.00, Issue, wrong part shipped with the computer, When the Sony VAI0 computer model VGNFW590-LBOM,was ordered a heavy duty battery was also requested etc, My Son didn't realize that with the heavy duty battery it also required a different charger, the battery charger received was a VGP-AC1935, should have been a AGP-AC1931, but after I looked at the computer, and researched the issue, The actual charger called for was supposed to be the VGP- AC19V31 or a VGP-BPL13...so it's a simple case of whoever packed the computer simply put the wrong charger in the box. A additional comment: I had also had called customer support a couple times myself,was told the same thing, it's out of warranty.....the issue is: the wrong part was shipped to begin with. Hopefully you can solve this matter without elevating to a third party, just asking for the correct battery charger that's all. Please contact me as earlist Regards Terry Spain 318 Marietta Pl Steilacoom, WA 98388 ph 253-820-6732 me

I sent my Sony VPC-L117FX/B for repair (this cost $150), and then for a piece of (not very impact resistent) plastic (front bezel) was notified that it would cost $633.99). I am trying to wrap my head around why this should have a price which can only be defined as beyond exorbitant, but have failed. Thus, the real price of the repair ballooned to $783.99. New, the item cost about $2,000. How can this piece of plastic cost almost 40% of the whole computer price when new? My work order reference is: Repair Estimate WO# V0020057. Can anyone at Sony adjust the cost of this repair (the item fell 1 foot)? Seth S. Johnston

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