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I work at the sonic on the corner of John David drive and Clear Creek in Killeen, Texas and let me say, this place is a rip off. I started in October about a year ago, and at first they had me fountaining until I could learn the board, but I was told by a manager and another employee that the reason I was always sent home early and was not trained on the board by them was because "they didn't have the time or use for someone who didn't know what they were doing." This is my first job, so excuse me for asking questions. Then I finally start carhopping after the assistant manager had me come in and finally helped me learn the board. It only took 3 hours too. So when I finally start carhopping and I'm still making $7.25 an hour without them taking any taxes out of my check, and I brought it to the GM's attention more than once and it didn't get taken care of until January, right before we got our W-2's, so I wound up owing money. And now, come to find out since I'm a full time student they should have given me a W-4 form to fill out to be exempt from taxes, they didn't give me that option. The store is nasty, the employees are rude, they deal drugs in the store, they smoke outside and inside the store, it's covered in roaches, we recently got rid of field mice, the manager that is supposed to clean the ice cream machine doesn't do it so when I finally learn how to do it the other night, the thing hasn't been cleaned in months so it has black mold in it. I'm sorry, but I can no longer deal with all of the crap that this Sonic has put me through. If I didn't need the money for school I would quit right now, but until then I'm searching for another job. If you're ever in Killeen, I would reccomend the Sonic on Stan Schlueter RD.

I dont no if all sonics do this but the sonic on midland drive in midland tx uses tap water in its fountain as opposed to using ro water. This causes the drinks to taste horrible. when i complained to the managers and especially the head of the store jose i was told there was nothing that coukd be done about the situation we just needed to get some rain. I was deeply offended by this being i was never even offered an apology and he did not even seem like he really cared i also happen to no that the ro water system can be hooked up to the fountain drink machine,then again they would actually have to care about customer satisfaction for that.

My wife has worked for sonic for 14 Years and today she quit because her status as an assistant manager was called in to play because she makes people actually work and do their jobs and not sit there and hold their hands an wipe their noses. She will not allow me to call or talk to those in charge because I am highly upset with this store and the way they treat the minority " white and or native Americans" while On the job. To have to go through this is a shame and not only have you all lost me and my family has a whole as customers and because I am a Soldier I will be filing on the post with the business agency and have it investigated and if at all possible placed on the off limits list to every Soldier and family member and being that the store is in a Military town it should just shut down now.

We have live next to Etowah restaurant for 10 years. Not one time have they gotten my order right. The reason behind it they tell me is the 3 minute rule per sonic orders taken then ton car in 3 minutes.. It's bullshit when I spend 20.00 a visit and end up throwing it in the trash because it's not right, all the employees can say is I'm sorry. Cook my dam food like I order. Or shut the doors. I will not return to Etowah branch, and I will spread the word to the community. Shut the doors or fire everyone and hire new people..

There's an employee with the name tag "Annie" that works @ the 1764 N Kingshihgway Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. She is an assistant manager there that steals from the company, sells and uses drugs and alcohol on and off her job. I think that it should be further looked into.....I have witnessed such behavior and thought about contacting authorities. I do also believe that this was the same SONIC that was BUSTED for a MANAGER COOKING METHAMPHETAMINES. I suppose that the owners or GM of this location is not drug testing or watching cameras. Hope this gets the attn of someone of importance. I believe majority of them are druggies. I refuse to go to THAT SONIC to get anything and watch what goes on at that business due to poor employees and management.

Just had the worst Sonic experiences of my life in Midland, TX. 1) I am from OKC where sonic ice is considered the only wu to go for a party. In midland, the mgr at the Big Spring store told me, as rudely as he could, that the only way Sonic sells ice is in a drink. He had no time for politeness. 2) went to the Sonic on Midland Dr today. Ordered and paid for two waters. Tap water nearly gagged me. If you've ever lived in W Texas, you know no restaurants serve anything but r o water, and certainly not if you are paying for it. Called them back on the speaker where they admitted it was the stinky tap water that no one drinks. They did not want to refund the full amount when we reordered other drinks. Does any mgr at a Sonic in Midland care about customer service?

Sonic in De Soto kansas is amazing. enough said

The carhops at Sonic in Paducah, Kentucky, located on Irvin Cobb Drive, are so rude! I have had them turn around and walk off with my change without even asking, and I don't mean coins, I'm talking about a few bills. I had this to happen a few times and have heard other people say the say thing. I always tip a dollar or two, but don't just walk away, leave the tipping up to me!!

SONIC HAS NOW BECOME THE WORST FOOD CHAIN IN america. they dont care anymore 9 out of ten orders are wrong period you drive away with that order you will have a problem. I did take an order back because it was wrong there answer to me did you check it before you left hell thats your job. they.. spend millions on advertising but cant put chili on a hot dog it the juce of the chile what a cut back. get your rear out of your corporate office and see if im wrong I dare you.I will give you this your ice and drinks are good same money and open a corner drink stand.

This restaurant is such a waste of money. I went to the one one Route 1 in Edison and it was so dirty. The staff was incompetent, the microphones did not work, the food was full of bugs, and the overall experience was horrible!

The Sonic in Canton, TX is in serious need of drug free adult help. It has the worst food of any Sonic ive ever eaten at. When you cant even get a soda that taste right its sad. It is clean but the young drugged out workers could care less what they send out. PLEASE Sonic Corp have some pride your name and take serious when your customers send you complaints.

I used to go to the sonic at 9th St & W Broadway St in Mcloud Oklahoma alot, but quit going due to the fact that every time i go to order something they are out of something. Last time i went was about 2 or 3 weeks ago i tried to order something and after being told they were out i asked for something else and they were out of that too. i would definitely not recommend going there. At least not until they learn how to order the right amounts of food.

I want to know how sonic can allow there employees to threaten another employee in front of customers and kids and nothing is done about it.This employee name was Tinesha and she had her child with her who asked her why was she was screaming at the other employee and this child was crying ....

The other day I went to order a salad(in Nixa, MO), sadly I found out you no longer offer salads.(we got the breaded chicken sandwich instead, the only other item we ate there except a breakfast burrito once in awhile for breakfast). Then today we wanted a breaded chicken sandwich, and now you don't offer that either. I will not be visiting you much anymore other than an occasional breakfast run (with my luck that is what you will drop next). But I have found a place (Wendy's) that offer both salads and chicken sandwiches. Good luck with your new menu, I am sure there are plenty of people that want a variety of hot dogs instead of a variety of menu.

I thought of your commercial when the carhops are at other fast food places asking if they have this and that. Then there is silence with crickets chirping. Now I can see Wendy's do you the say way. Do you salads and chicken sandwiches...then only silence from the Sonic with crickets chirping.

I have used the Barry Rd Sonic for many years. I have no issues with the food or drink. My problem today was when I tried to use my coupons printed from the Sonic website as rewards for reloading my Sonic card. I was told by the shift manager that the owner & all the other local Sonic's have made the decision to not honor Internet coupons as they were having to many customers make copies & use them repeatedly. When I asked how we honest customers are supposed to reap the benefits only offered through the web they said they really didn't know. I plan on calling corporate tomorrow but wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else has had this problem in other areas.

I also wish it was possible to give less than one star how about -100 star Ok so I went to sonic tonight ended up waitingin line for 40 minutes finally got up to the window handed the girl a twenty and she walked away then a different girl came up and gave me my food I was there for 30 mins waiting for a ice cream cone and a butter finger blast so my getting my change slipped my mind .. An hour later I realized what I had done and drove bac to sonic after an hour of attitude from the white trash manager on how I was delaying them from closing etc and they girl that didn't give me my change telling me I was full of bs finally they pulled up the video for btw this is after and hour after re theif had apparently searched everyjere and didn't have my money we finally get to video that shows me and as soon as they started to fast forward to ne paying they theif dig in her pocket and said pmg in so sorry here it is I swear swear I didn't know etc etc. I stool they dumbfounded waiting for the manager to say something like maybe your fired or atleaSt scream at her no the trashy manager who was as dumb as the worker sat their and laughed About the whole ordeal then the thing that pisses ne off the most is the dumb bi*** had the aduacity to give me back 15 dollars and etc instead of my whole twenty back .. After I had waited for an hour and wasted gas getting back to that place .. I'm gonna defantley call corporate and get intouch with the owner of this sonic and let him know why sonic is such a terrible company these days ...((( I give sonic a negative goodle stars !!!!!!!!))))

My daughter just started working at Sonic. Her first week, they would schedule her for 30 hours, but would send her home almost every day she was scheduled, sometimes not even working a full hour. She received her first check and it appeared to be fine. She just picked up her second check, she HAS to be short at least 20 hours.I know because I take her and pick her up. She worked more this second pay period then she did the first pay period, yet despite her uniforms fee coming out of her 1st check, her 2nd check is close to $50 less than her first check. When she asked her manager, he pulled her pay stub up on the computer and showed her what she worked. Her pay stub obviously shows what is on her check. He should have pulled a report that shows her hours worked. This is her first job and she's already working for free. Any one have any suggestions on who to call?

my son worked at the sonic in ridgeland ,ms. he was reason fired for not showing up at a meeting.they set him up. they ask him to come to worked but did not informed him that they wa going to have a meeting.when he he showed up for his schedule time to worked they fired him.he was his first job and he really liked his job.i think that was wrong them to discourage a child at the age of 16 yrs old from wanted to worked.how can u be a grown person to setup a sixteen yr old to get fired and he has not been working there a month.what kind of business r ya'll running. something is wrong with management here.

I wouldn't even rate this sonic in newkirk OK. It was the worst place ever they secede us a meal that was return cause of wrong order. We watch as they changed hamburger bags then brought it out to. They lied to us it wasn't I have video of it. Called the main corporation. So far nothing has been done. I just want my money back whish they wouldn't give back. If They can't run it right They need to be fired I will run the bussiness...since video thought about taking it farther in the system

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