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I also wish it was possible to give less than one star how about -100 star Ok so I went to sonic tonight ended up waitingin line for 40 minutes finally got up to the window handed the girl a twenty and she walked away then a different girl came up and gave me my food I was there for 30 mins waiting for a ice cream cone and a butter finger blast so my getting my change slipped my mind .. An hour later I realized what I had done and drove bac to sonic after an hour of attitude from the white trash manager on how I was delaying them from closing etc and they girl that didn't give me my change telling me I was full of bs finally they pulled up the video for btw this is after and hour after re theif had apparently searched everyjere and didn't have my money we finally get to video that shows me and as soon as they started to fast forward to ne paying they theif dig in her pocket and said pmg in so sorry here it is I swear swear I didn't know etc etc. I stool they dumbfounded waiting for the manager to say something like maybe your fired or atleaSt scream at her no the trashy manager who was as dumb as the worker sat their and laughed About the whole ordeal then the thing that pisses ne off the most is the dumb bi*** had the aduacity to give me back 15 dollars and etc instead of my whole twenty back .. After I had waited for an hour and wasted gas getting back to that place .. I'm gonna defantley call corporate and get intouch with the owner of this sonic and let him know why sonic is such a terrible company these days ...((( I give sonic a negative goodle stars !!!!!!!!))))

My daughter just started working at Sonic. Her first week, they would schedule her for 30 hours, but would send her home almost every day she was scheduled, sometimes not even working a full hour. She received her first check and it appeared to be fine. She just picked up her second check, she HAS to be short at least 20 hours.I know because I take her and pick her up. She worked more this second pay period then she did the first pay period, yet despite her uniforms fee coming out of her 1st check, her 2nd check is close to $50 less than her first check. When she asked her manager, he pulled her pay stub up on the computer and showed her what she worked. Her pay stub obviously shows what is on her check. He should have pulled a report that shows her hours worked. This is her first job and she's already working for free. Any one have any suggestions on who to call?

my son worked at the sonic in ridgeland ,ms. he was reason fired for not showing up at a meeting.they set him up. they ask him to come to worked but did not informed him that they wa going to have a meeting.when he he showed up for his schedule time to worked they fired him.he was his first job and he really liked his job.i think that was wrong them to discourage a child at the age of 16 yrs old from wanted to worked.how can u be a grown person to setup a sixteen yr old to get fired and he has not been working there a month.what kind of business r ya'll running. something is wrong with management here.

I wouldn't even rate this sonic in newkirk OK. It was the worst place ever they secede us a meal that was return cause of wrong order. We watch as they changed hamburger bags then brought it out to. They lied to us it wasn't I have video of it. Called the main corporation. So far nothing has been done. I just want my money back whish they wouldn't give back. If They can't run it right They need to be fired I will run the bussiness...since video thought about taking it farther in the system

I love sonic and enjoy their food but the sonic in league city Tx was horrible. Someone should really visit with them. There are not many places to eat there I was down there from Houston and decided out of the choices I would eat at sonic. Bad mistake I went to 4 parking spaces before I could place my order, the first 3 were broke the building is in bad shape. I still gave them a chance. I ordered my food it was not fresh it was like it had been sitting in a pan of water then they tried to bring it back to life by overbooking it. My tater tots were terrible I don't know what was cooked in the fryer but the oil needed to be changed I don't think filtering would have helped. I asked for fresh food they assured me my food was very fresh they promised sonic doesn't sit there meat in a pan of water....oh yes they do but there is a limit an all day thing is not allowed. I should have realized that since I was the only one eating there at all there was something wrong. I not from league city so I figured it was a slow store. Was I wrong. No one will eat there that is from there I found out after reaching where I was going in the town. I disappointed in this sonic. I should have stuck to my other option mcdonalds at least they were busy and clean.

3 trips to Sonic 3 and 3 bad experiences. Do yourself a favor, never go to the Dorchester rd store in Ladson. GM number is 843-821-4202 but do not call, wasting your time. Just go to Hardee's across the street

A friend of mine work at sonic on 49 s and her gm sean is a complete jerk. He treat all his employes like crap. He call them stupit and slow and blames them for his mistakes i get tried of hearing about this it NOT RIGHT!!!!!! She tell me that every time the big boss come down he all nice and shit and try to act like he a good boss. She told me about this time when he got off earlier that he was suppose to and when that got really busy and need help and the manger on duty called him to come help he yelled at the omanger and said that and that the manger wasn't doing there job. I told my friend to call corp but she to scared to loss her job. This man doesn't sound like a gm to me he sound like BULLY!!!!!

I just left the local Sonic drive in where I always go up untill now,anyway we pulled into a stall and waited over 5 minutes, pushed the button 3 times, still no one answered! After being frustrated and treated rudely,we left! I do not see how Sonic stays in business when it treats it's customers this way! In case someone is interested it is the Sonic on sw 59th st just east of S.May.,in Oklahoma City! I was really looking forward to some lunch, but if i'am going to be treated this way, I will go elsewhere!!!!!!!! Terry

To: President Advertising Department I see your commercials all the time and especially the new one with the "Ice Cream Lady" and "Chocolate Cookie Man" sitting in the car, etc. I have ideas for other "fantasic-Drawing" the audince-in commercials. Whom should I send these ideas to? Thank you for your time and energy! jerry randolph 3115 Finnian Way, Apt. 111 Dublin, CA 94568 925 339-0452 or 925 248-2416

I worked for In n Out Burgers of California in my younger days and when I lived in Texas, I got a job as a manager at Sonic right away when the owner heard about me having worked at In n Out. I was 34 at the time and I worked with teenagers and a couple of older gals like myself. After working there and listening to the conversations of the employees, I had to talk to the "ladies" and the "gentlemen" seperately and requested that they don't speak on my shift that way ever again. Vulgarities left and right. They respected me to the point that when they slipped they apologized. It really changed the way the crew worked! Sonic is NOT concerned with employee drug use as long as it does not affect their work, at least that's what I was told in Texas. They are not required to test for employment purposes. So I say be thankful if the food is right, tip your car hop if you think they deserve it and.....speak to an owner of the Sonic or write the owner and express yourself with good manners like granny taught us and maybe things will get better at your Sonic.

A few weeks ago I went to sonic. The service was terrible and they had the easy order all wrong. I didn't go back after that until today. I got a chocolate shake. There was hardly any chocolate in it and the whole shake tasted creamy. On one sip, I found and onion and I spit it out of my mouth all over my car! On another sip there was a piece of styrafoam in my mouth! I defiantly won't be going back to sonic again.

well the sonics im sumter are great , no rude customers. both resturants are clean, very fast service of food, i never waited more than 10 minutes at sonic so i give them a 5 wish i could rate higher :)

I had a Hamburger and Tater Tots in the Holdenville, Ok. Sonic today,05/17/2011. One bun was completely cold and the other bun was luke warm. The meat on the Burger was dry,must have been cooked at least an hour before it was served, and it was tasteless. The Tater Tots were cold and greasy.I had to throw the whole thing away. Come on guys! You can do better than this!. I spend a couple of hundred dollars at Sonic reach month. I do not plan to go back until something is done about this situation. Fire the cooks or the manager! Maybe both! I like the people that work at this Sonic but something has to be done.

My daughter works at the sonic in Palmdale California, She has a manager Jasemaine who is always short changing her on her tips, or telling her that she is missing money, She only has a problem when she works with Jasemaine. When ever this Manager counts her till she is always told that she is short. But she is never short with anyone else. This manager made hew work for 7 hours without a break. No lunch or 10 minute break. she always make her work without taking a break.

Sonic should name a drink after Nate Robinson, OKC thunder basketball player. He gives you free advertising on twitter every day, better yet, put him in a commercial.

Im still waiting on my paycheck and its been a month they havent paid me since i quit. disgusting enviorment and I will see to it that sonic gets shut down. Im contacting every health and food safety inspection agancy in every town in every state where there is asonic, and im going to report every one of them. that way, a very large percentage will be shut down from a random search, every employee and employer will be drug tested and cameras will be looked at. im personally looking to investigate the sonic branch and get it removed from america, the worst drive thru in america. when I was working there I set a 20 min imer to wash hands and announced "wash your hands" but noone ever did but me. its sick, and the people guess at amounts of salt n stuff to add, oh, and one more thing, if a burger is asked for without mayo" maby they were allergic to eggs" and when the employee scrapes off the mayo hes accadently added, and puts ex ketchup to hide it, thats wrong, and that employee and the whole store is now compermised and guilty for manslaughter for the death caused by eggs in mayo.

I have always been a fan of sonics, until I visited the Sonics in Vandalia Illinois, The first time we ate their the order was wrong, when We walked up to get it fixed, they were all playing games, and when they were told of the problem I was informed that I was lucky that was all that was wrong that he did not care. After they had a fire there and remodled we again tried Sonics, my 8 year old son ordered a cheese burger and recieved a grilled cheese the worst part is it had no cheese, my 4 year old daughter ordered a chili cheese conney dog and never recieved it, my wife and I ordered double cheese and the bun was so soaked in grease that it turned to liquid mush and fell apart, the grease was actually dripping from the meat and buns the mustard mixed with the grease and was running in our hands, we had to go up and get the chili cheese coney dog we were told we did not order one, when I showed him the reciept that we were charged for one, he said what ever and made us one, we then ordered 3 m and m candy sundaes, 1 snicker, 1 butterfinger sudae and guess what I recieved even after he repeated the order 1 snicker and 1 m and m, this is so aggervating to spend 60 dollars and get such poor service and such garbage for food. we will not be back and I will make sure that if asked I will tell everyone what poor service I recieved and the garbage I recied for food. My employees travel around to most of the States and they will not be allowed to put sonics on their exspense accounts for food, I do not know what else can be done.

I love sonic, always have, however never will i eat there again. I got a chicken sandwich and 50% of it was completely raw meat. I'm calling tomorrow to see what i should do about this. If i get salmonella or just a stomach ache i will sue

We have visited the Tahlequah numerous times, for me to call and complain many times since the order is never right. The last time I called, Christina seemed to finally to be on top of the game, as opposed to others I had talked with. She provided six meals for our office and everything was finally perfect. (3 weeks ago) Yesterday we decided to try this again. Guess what, screwed up order once again. I called Christina this morning (she was not in yesterday) and really did not receive a resolution other than replacing the order or moving the prep person and putting someone else in that spot. I just wanted my money back and be done with it. This Sonic has issues as this has been an ongoing problem and I can safely say, they can rest assured no one from this office will ever order there again. I hope they enjoy the money they ripped us of for as it will not happen again. Examples: chili dogs=no chili bacon CB= no bacon slushies= wrong fruit or flavor this list could go on but I think you get my drift now. There are too many other places to spend my/our hard earned money.

The sonic in Lubbock, TX.. Sonic Drive-In 5802 64th St Lubbock, TX 79424.....There is this young man name Joey W...and i believe he is a manager..or that what he told me....March 25, 2011...i was at this sonic bout 9:45p.m.....this young man was totally disrespectful to me.....he literally threw my order at me....he was so rude to me, when i asked to speak with a manager...he told me that he was the manager and told me if i didn't like it that i could leave the property...i don't know want kind of business they run there...but i thought the customer was suppose to be treated with kind and respect....i been coming to this store for a very long time...since it opened.....and i never had this problem before....but for this young man to come out and be rude to me like that makes me not to ever come back to this store cause of his attitude....so my suggestion would be to get rid of him for the fact i don't think im the only person he disrespected too....also when i was there i saw that he was getting after one of the carhops in front of all the customers there.....if he is going to get on them he should do it where the customer cant see....i believe that i heard some bad words come out of this young mans mouth....i thought this was a family place....cause i know i wouldn't want my kids to hear this.....well if you could solve this matter with this young man i would greatly appreciate it....again this young man made this store lose a value customer....and probably not the first....but ill be the first to speak up for everyone else....you need to replace this young man.....thanks

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