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Never Again

This store do not back up their protection plans... I will never buy anything from them as long as I live....

Horrible customer service

Beware of this store. They will not assist you or stand behind their product.


Bought our sofa in casper wyo. When we unpacked it found 6 broke feet. Call the store twice . Had promise to send new feet and still nothing. I would not recommend sofa mart.


I should have read the reviews before shopping @ this store. I ordered a sofa and loveseat from sofa mart in North Little Rock ,Ark. on 13-June-2013. It was supposed to take approx. 6 weeks for delivery. I also ordered end tables, & a coffee table @ the same time. The furniture was delivered with the loveseat a totally different color, and the sofa was damaged, as was the coffee table leg. It is now Oct. and they are putting us off with delivery of the correct items.These people will give you the run around, and are not willing to work with you at all. I am returning the merch. and will not shop with these people again.

DON'T BUY !!!!!!!!!!

Liars, don't communicate. After purchasing sofa to pickup at later date, arrived, thay had sold sofa. Explained when one came in would deliver. Also, bought to chairs on back order, when they arrived, no one called. Lied and said would contact with delivery time, did not call telephone number furnished to them. When furniture was delivered it was DAMAGED! Now I'm told will deliver undamaged furniture, almost a week has pasted since delivery have not heard from Sofa Mart

poor customer service

I spent over six thousand dollars in the springfield il store when the furniture finally arrived I thought it was fair quality but within 3 months the recliner had come unstitched about 6 inches long and seat cushions had started breaking down the store offerd to fix the stitching but would have to order the cushion 6 weeks later they still have it and don't know when the part will come in when I asked them to replace it they said yes but then called me back a week later and told me they couldn't im not sure why they lied to me I guess im stuck with 6 grand worth of garbage as of right now I will be telling everyone I know how I feel about sofa mart and furniture row for that matter they are a joke

lousy service

Order furniture and was told all was there except for the sofa so opted to wait until it arrived to pick up. When it arrived we ran to pick everything up and were told the ottoman was not there and the two side chairs were the wrong color. They would have to order these pieces. Second order arrived without the ottoman and wrong color on the chairs. Third order arrive with the ottoman and still the wrong color chairs. Fourth order we were promised free delivery and $100 off chairs not $100 off each chair. I would not have known they arrive unless I was proactive and called them. Then when I called back to ask when they would deliver (as again why would you call me to arrange the delivery), was told it would be 4 days out before they could deliver. Am deciding whether to pick them up or ask for a refund. Funny though they sure are expecting my payment on time. Bad Service!!! Salesperson Eric was the only good thing about this company.

The Cloud electric sofa and chairs

I want to make you aware that if you purchased "The Cloud" electric recliners that if you have any type of frizze carpet it will suck the fibers into the motor which is low to the ground. I will have to replace my new carpet and Sofa Mart if basically blaming it on my carpet. Really? Does it say anywhere in the literature that you can not put your furniture on carpet. Where is the customer service here? Please check your carpet under your electric recliners. I wouldn't have know, but I found out when I moved it while getting my walls painted. I bet there is more carpet ruined out there and you don't even know about it.

Lousy service

I recently bought $3000+ worth of furniture from the Evansville Indiana. Delivery was ETA 3-4 weeks . A month has went buy and I have to call to find out where and when I was going to get my furniture. Not a sole at Sofa Mart worried themselves with contacting me to say "Oh by the way what you have already paid for is on back order and you might not get it till the end of June or early July". I would not have bought anything that took 3-4 months to get delivered, I could have driven to the manufacturer and picked it up myself faster. I ask for a corp. phone # and was told Sofa Mart in Denver but could not have any number to call. NEVER will my family or friends buy from such a shoddy outfit again.

Misleading Sales

I recently purchased The Cloud II furniture from the store in Fayetteville, AR and was told by the salesman that the Coby Tablet would be available as a gift on both Saturday and Sunday if I spent more that $1500. I left believing that I had time to make a decision and attended the VIP sale they had on Sunday thinking I might get an even better deal along with a tablet since I was preparing to spend over $2000 for their furniture.I was now informed that the sale was only for one day and would not receive the tablet and there was absolutely no way to correct the situation. This is BAD BUSINESS as I could have purchased the furniture the day before if I were correctly informed. No accountability and lack of correct information equals less sales. The headquarters people need to review customer comments as there are a lot of frustrated and angry customers.


Furniture row receives there furniture from china and the quality of the furniture is terrible. The first time we received our furniture it had scratches all over it and it was defective so i requested for delivery to be sent back. Month later we receive our furniture again and week later the sectional recliner breaks along with the back cushion sinked inward. Can't communicate with regional manager because they never returns call. If you call corporate office no executives will speak with customers I guess they don't want to deal with problems. I paid for highest price sectional in the store I thought it would be durable I guess I was wrong. Doesn't look like furniture row want there business in America that's probably why they ship there work to china for cheap labor buyers beware never will purchase anything from this company again By customer Peter G

Don.t buy anything from the Colorado Springs store. Service sucks and they give you the runaround big time.

I am so disappointed with the Albuquerque store to the point of never wanting to do business with them again. After years of making sizable purchases with sofa Mart I ordered and purchased a bed through Oak Express. First off I placed numerous calls to Tim the salesman only to be told he was to busy to take my calls and never returned a single call. This should have served as my first Red Flag. the next thing is the bed was shipped to the store with no one ever contacting me that it had arrived weeks ago and would have never done so if i had not called myself. This not only is a sign of poor management but also results in very poor customer service. I don't believe corporate condones this or wants to even hear of things like this. One really bad incident sad to say reflects on the whole company and a loss in their customer base which is whats important for any business to survive. the way I feel right now is I will take my business elsewhere never to return and share this experience with the many friends and family I have in order they can avoid the same inconsiderations,frustrations and poor business practices.

My wife recently purchased a floor model reclining sofa from the Appleton WI store. Two weeks after we had it, one of the recliners stopped working. We called the next week, so this was just three weeks since we purchased it. They told me that we purchased a floor model and there was no warranty. But given the circumstance they would work with us... Apparently that meant that we would no longer get to speak to the manager and they would not return our calls.... That must be how they work with us. I have just contacted the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.. looking at the rest of these scores, I would encourage others to do the same in there local areas so that the consumers can be made aware of who they are dealing with.. I am looking for a peaceful resolution which does not involve me bringing a seven foot sofa back to the store for repair.

Personally, what my bf & I did when we first moved into our own place, we researched all the deals that were out. I LOVE the deals of 12 motnhs interest free, coz you can take everything home & have 12 motnhs to pay. We didn't skimp on anything either, if we wanted it, we got it!! But we stuck to our budget & paid more than the minimum amount (atleast 1/12 of the total) to make sure we didn't have to pay a lump sum at the end Read the terms & conditions though, coz a lot of the time there are fees & charges I'm with GE & they're pretty good with interest free periods, as long as you pay it all before the 12 motnhs is up. I wouldn't go into a store card as they tend to charge up to 30% on interest. That's my suggestion. Credit cards, unless you know how to get the best out of them, don't use them.. Look into interest free!! References :

The Assistant Managemet is rude unsure how they sell anything. This store is in Tyler Texas. Based on reviews I've read it is a wonder they still have a business.

I was in the Marion, Iowa store on March 24th of this year and purchased a chair with ottoman. The chair was in the warehou

I was in the Marion, Iowa store on March 24th of this year and purchased a chair with ottoman. The chair was in the warehouse but the ottoman had to be shipped and was told it would be here within 1-2 weeks. 3 weeks passed with no call so I stopped by the store and they said they didn't know why it hadn't been shipped yet and to give them another week. One week later I was told that the wrong distribution center number was looked at and it was actually coming from Denver and that they would not ship just for one piece of furniture. I was told that it would be sent hopefully within a week or two and again a week later I called and ended up talking with the manager and was told that there was nothing he could do to help with the inconvenience I had already experienced and was quite rude when I went to get off the phone with him. I explained to him that since the furniture was a discontinued item and the ottoman was available that was the only reason I had purchased the furniture. I was not impressed at all with the service I have received so far and I will not be purchasing anything else from your stores. I'm going on 7 weeks now and have still not received my furniture and if I don't receive my ottoman you might as well take my chair back. The manager's customer service skills were terrible.

I ordered 2 accent chairs January 2 and was told they would be delivered in 12 to 14 days. It is now Jan. 30 and maybe they will come in today. The attitude of the store manager is "Oh Well, there is nothing I can do". I will never buy from this store again. They are willing to take your money and do absolutely nothing to provide customer service after the sale.

Yesterday I went to Sofa Mart and purchased a couch and loveseat for $1783.00. When I got home and looked at the receipt I saw I was being charged $115.98 for set up and delivery on top of the purchase price. I had to ask myself what kind of set up goes into a sofa and loveseat. I called the the store manager Scott Bivin at the Joplin, MO store and was told he had already waived $50 of the delivery fee. When asked why I was not told of this charge he said he figured I knew. He further went into detail telling me they had to carry the furniture into my house and the price of gas is nearly $3.00 a gallon. Let me tell you that I live in the same town as the store and it would not take a gallon of gas to get from the store to my house. He went on to explain all furniture stores charge for delivery. I advised him that I have never been charged delivery and all the other stores I had been shopping in had free delivery. He said if I would like to come and pick up my furniture myself he would refund me my money. I am appalled that any company would charge a delivery fee so outrageous especially in a town that was just devestated by an F5 tornado. I have to replace everything I had but will be damned if I give my money to Sofa Mart. I am going back to Sofa Mart today to ask for a refund and will never purchase anything from then again. Further more I will pass the word to everyone I know. Keep in mind I work for the largest employer in Joplin.

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