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Stay away.They are crooks and will charge two to three times the going rate,then tell you the procedure is not covered by your insurance.They will charge you AND your insurance company.I have been fighting them for 2 years to get a refund of 2K after I discovered what they were doing. They admit owing a refund but no one will forward it to me.I had to get an attorney and start a law suit.


I was charged for services that were covered by my insurance, once I reviewed what was to be covered, I contacted the Santa Rosa office and requested a refund. My first contact was June 12, 2013, today is April 3, 2014. I am still waiting for a refund!! Worst dental office I had ever been in.

poor attitude

I had an appointment and hey refused to see me because I was a few minutes late. They make you wait an hour or more and you a little late and they give you this type of treatment.


It seems like every time I explain the horrible experience my daughter went through to the manager of ortho and wait for a return call while corporate decides what to do about my situation, a few weeks later that manager is no longer with them and no call from corporate. I have been through 4 acting managers and several calls to corporate to get no response, maybe I just need an attorney.

Ortho dept

Worst service and billing ever. I've been dealing With this non sense for over two years now. My sons brackets and wires fr braces have completely Fallen off as we walked out if the facility. Unprofessional Conduct ( extremely ) makes no sense that patients have To hear the staff conversation during their morning meeting. This establishment is beyond unprofessional

Poor Business Practice

They require a 24hr advance notice to cancel an appointment, but due to the fact that they close at 3PM on Friday for my appointment on Monday, I was only able to leave a message on their answering machine. So somewhere is the fine print the message can't be left, unless it’s with a living person. The need to talk to a living person is so they can contact no-one due to fact that there closing, and have no need or urgency to fill the spot. The message also apparently can't be retrieved on Monday morning due to the fact that they are to inept to operate the machine or service. They also charge $25 to email x-rays to another dentist. That’s odd due to the that not only has my insurance company paid for the x-rays, but so have I. Someone is getting paid way too much to pull up a file, type in an email address and hit send. Must be the send button that‘s charging the fee

I went to smile care in may 2010. I was charged for 3 root canals a total sum of 900$ after insurance covered there part. I paid my share and was supposed to have them done at the same time. The guy who was handling my root canals worked on me and 4 other people at thesame time. Took 6 hours and in the end he didnt finesh 1 root canal. That night i ended up with a horrible infection in the 2 he did do. This was tramatic and horribly painful. And because the time it took for everything to heal he never did the last root canal which ended up needing to be extacted. 4 years later this office That I havent been to sense then and still owes me money is trying to take me to collections for fees that werent performed. And i cant even get this mess cleared up because the crazy people wont return calls. What a nightmare. If anyone is interested ive now lost the chance to buy a house over this credit issue i think we need to consider a class action lawsuit.

RUN Billing nightmare

The worst billing ever. the dept must be run by retarded blind monkeys on multiple hallucinogenics. You can never get intouch with someone able to make a decision and they will put you into collections without EVER sending you a bill years after the visit. Get a pair of pliars and just pull them out. it will be less painful.


I have been waiting for a refund for over 3 months. The office manager at the Palmdale Ca. office told me it would take about 5 to 7 weeks. She gave me the corporate office address in Tampa, Fl. After 3 months the Tampa office told me the corporate office that deals with CA. is in Santa Ana. So far I have overpaid $875.00 and the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Very dissatisfied. I am now contemplating small claims court.

Unfair Treatment

My visits to smile care in Citrus Heights, CA has been going on for about a year now. I had several extractions and had a partial made. To six months to make them, then it is toooo bulky in my mouth went back several times to have them adjusted and this went on for about 3 months and still I have pain when I wear them and the partial is still to bulky in my mouth and they tell me there is no more they can do for me. From day one they never were fitted for my mouth properly I can't wear them or eat with them in my mouth because it is to bulky. Is it my fault they don't fit? I don't think so. People find another denist.

Worst Customer Service EVER!!!

The Modesto office of Smilecare is horrible. They calculated what my insurance carrier would pay incorrectly so I overpaid them. Now they will not refund the overpayment and make excuses every time I call in. I am trying to get the number to the corporate headquarters because they keep telling me that is where the hold-up is. It's not a lot of money, but it is the principle of the issue that is making me take them to small claims court!


I am so disappointed with Smilecare Dentist in California.they are the worst Dental and Orthodontics practice I have ever been to. and for some odd reason they never return my calls or answer there phone!!! I hate Smilecare and Coast Dental.please go to another Dental office!

Thanks ladies! If it's just to acaqiunt her with the dentist, I think we'll wait til she's 3. We've been brushing her teeth (when she lets us) so unless something looks suspicious, I think 3 is cool.

They are terrible, first I went and my co-pay is $4.00 I have them a $5.00 and the receptionist told me that I had to go to the store and get exact change that it is not her responsibility to get change for me!

They are so bad. I wish i would have saw these review before i went to Smilecare. They saw mw comeing and knew they where going to get money out of me. They told me i was covered and never even ran my card. I walk out of their with a $116 and nothing was covered. I called them and they adminted that they over charged me for services that should have been free with my insurents. They said they where going to mail me a check. I went in Dec. of 2011 and here it is Sep 2012 and i still have not recieved my refuned check. I call and call and no one from cooperate will return my calls. The service is so bad. I am thinking i am going to try to sue them for $500 becuase of how much a headache they have caused me and how long i have had to wait. I am so pissed at the denist who lied to me about everything. Smilecare is a very crappie denist. I will never recommang them to anyone.

Don't go here! Although the staff in the Crason office are friendly, the hygenist will nickel & dime you to death. Every time I go in for a routine cleaning, she tries to sell me more than what my insurance covers. She even went so far as to suggest I needed an expensive procedure to protect "her" from catching any diseases from me that a regular blood test would not detect. Additionally, the wait time is ridiculous. I finally ended up just walking out on her when she suggested yet another costly procedure otherwise, she wouldn't be able to give me the normal cleaning that my insurance covers. I took that to mean pay or leave. So I left. I'll be submitting a complaint to the SmileCare corporate office as to this particular hygenist. I recommend you go anywhere else but here for your dental needs.

I went to Smile Care in mission hills. They overcharged me $800 by claiming that my dental procedures were cosmetic, and even though I disputed that, they claimed that my insurance didn't cover the work. After I got home, I contacted my insurance company. Turns out I was covered for over $1,000 worth of the work they claimed was "cosmetic" that I was charged for. The office staff were rude and disrespectful to me when I called them then didn't return any of my voicemails, so I took my daughter with me to the office the next day. When I brought my daughter, who is in law school, to the office with me they changed their tune, acknowledged their mistake, and told me they would refund me $800 within 2 weeks after processing paperwork with corporate office. 4 weeks later, still no refund. I went alone to the office today without my daughter and they were extremely rude to me and claimed it would take 3 months. When I contacted them with my credit card company on the phone, they said the refund would be given in 2 weeks. THIS COMPANY USES FRAUDULENT COPAYS AND PRICING. THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PATIENTS AND ARE COMPLETE THIEVES. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE AND HOPE THAT PEOPLE ARE AWARE THAT THEY ARE LIKELY OVERCHARGING YOU AND STEALING MONEY. ABSOLUTE WORST DENTIST I'VE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE. PLEASE BE WARY AND DON'T GO THIS DENTAL OFFICE UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO STEAL FROM YOU.

We went to Palmdale office in 2006 and today I got letter from a collection agency wanting money for my daughter's outstanding charge. The charge is a fraud. She had DHMO coverage and her cleanings were free. They promised to remove the charge but they never did. They used to send bills to another insurance company that my daughter was never associated with and when the insurance didn't pay, they made this a delinquent charge. These people are the stupidiest and they should be put out of business. They did the same with my wife's bill. First they charged her the co-pay based on the DHMO payment schedule and then sent bill to another insurance company that my wife didn't have coverage with. We had to go and tell them to stop billing insurance companies we are not insured with. Please, let your teeth rot before you seek care with SmileCare.

Horrible billing. They tell you what you owe at time of service, and never bill your insurance. Also you don't find this out until you receive a huge bill one year later.I will never recommend smile care to anyone I know. Also Tara at the office in Fresno ca on shaw/ Herndon is very rude and does not make you feel as if shes doing everything in her power to fix these mistakes that smile care made. I will do everything in my power to make sure this company is aware of the type of service they are providing. 1 star is too nice should be in the negatives.

TERRRIBLE! Don't ever go here, they are disorganized and cancel appointments without telling you. Then on top of that they will use "policies" to not help you even though your situation is definitely an exception. I will never use their services again and if you want good dental care and professional behavior I would highly recommend you not come here.

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