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Phenomenally horrific customer service!!!!! Wow. This company is seriously lacking in trained staff. Gargantuan waste of time tonight. Never again.

Terrible service

My book of our Alaskan Cruise was AWFUL! The front cover stated The Rowans cruised...(not us and not where we had been) so don't know where they got that! Writing (even though I choose 14-16 pica) was so small I could not read it. In fact, one would have to use a magnifying glass to read it! Shutterfly refused to fix it, or to give me a refund! I put in the SAME pictures, the same text into Apple and it came back FANTASTIC and cheaper!


I have been making family books with you for years and I have enjoyed every memory we have made! BUT my niece is a rider she is in equestrian events weekly and at the moment is in the US at a riding camp. As I try to put a new book together so she can remember and enjoy this experience for years to come I realize you have NO embellishments to produce a great book for a young rider. Can you please get something soon as I would hate to have to find another provider when I truly love working with you to produce my books. But I have to admit the embellishments are the finishing touch the perfect addition to a "work of art"!! please try and find some asap as I am working on really important birthday present for a very special niece. thanks for listening. Jackie


I will never order from Shutterfly again. They give you a tracking order for your shipment that is completely useless and never works because the order changes so many hands. My order got lost and still hasn't arrived. It's the worst system I've ever seen. In fact I've never seen a worse shipping system...ever. Customer service can't help because there is nothing they can do except apologize. They have to get their act together.

Shutterfly has the ABSOLUTE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever had the misfortune to work with. Since taking over the Kodak Gallery accounts, I have yet to get access to my pictures. I cannot believe that they are making this switch so difficult. The planning of taking over Kodak Gallery fell very short.

Wow, that family in tip #3 is aboardle! Haha, just kidding. Those are great tips, and truly, tip #3 is the BEST when you have little ones you are trying to capture in photos.Carrie recently posted..

Shutterfly are not ready to be a commercial organisation. Their technical support is substandard, their customer service agents have no idea what they are doing and the software has not been set up properly, leading to lots of problems. In the space of a week, they messed up some of my photos, stripped the audio from our family movies, posted my PERSONAL email address on their public forum (to ask me if that was my contact email address!), their "guru" asked me to identify our movie clip file extension (mp4, one of the file types they say they support!) in addition to which I spent a total of 1 hour 45 minutes JUST on hold on the phone to them. They also managed to break their support ticket system so that when they sent me an email asking me for more information about our files, when I replied I got a barrage of emails back informing me that the email address I was sending from was "not associated with the support incident". Even brand new start-ups manage better than this. Time to bite the bullet and build my own site.

I have trying to gain access to my 9,000 + photos that were merged from Kodak gallery to Shutterfly. I have been on the phone since 9/7/12 with over 8 incident numbers filed and STILL no access! I have proven who I am and that I am the account holder over 3 times. They FINALLY gave me a password reset and SURPRISE! It didn't work and I had to spend another hour on the phone and was hung up on! AHHH!!!! I hate Shutterfly!!!

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! My order was to ship out overnight and arrive the next day, obviously, BUT no, not obviously!! I got a shipping notice that FedEx had the book on it's way. No! Not true! FedEX was never notified to pick it up. I still don't have it. The awful, horrible "customer service" rep from Costa Rica even said, "there is nothing I can do from here, we don't communicate with the home office!" WHAT!!!!??? I was almost in tears by the end. I called twice and waited over 20 minutes each time. I also emailed twice with no response and did the online chat twice and waited 27 minutes with that! Unbelieveable. I too will enter a complaint with the BBB. I have been a very good & loyal customer for many years. I used Sh*tterfly for all cards, books, misc items. I loved them until I had a problem. I would rather pay double the amount to someone else. I also tried headquarters several times, which the "customer service" rep said I would have to wait a minimum of 60 minutes to talk to someone there. They have never called back. Wow, I can't wait for a good company to put them out of business. I'm never going back.

I tried to make an invitation card, and I needed 160 of them. I also needed to have a blank card to work with, but couldn't find a blank card on their site. They do have them, but they are buried. I needed help figuring the process out and it was a nightmare. I will post my resonse to them when they sent me an email asking if they were able to help: BAD, BAD customer service! Sounds like your customer service is now outsourched. Had trouble getting questions answered. She was more interested in getting me to order than helping me get the project right. Could not call on the phone. The wait time was so long, the battery on my phone died. In the past, chat boxes would pop asking to help. Not this time. Many times when I clicked on your help link, I got a "cannot be found page." Time is of the essence, so finally gave up and went to a local printer. I need 160 cards. They took my file, and they are going to make the card so it prints correctly on their printer. They are going to do a test print on two different kinds of paper. The cost, much to my surprise, is a lot cheaper than what you charge. This printer does nice work, so I was really surprised I could get it done so cheaply. Thanks to your bad customer service, I discovered this printer. I still want to have an online service, because I want to make several books with my photography. I had one made with you several years ago, and I loved it, but I longer have any confidence in you anymore, so going to be looking at some of the other sites out there. Have gone online looked at Shutterfly reviews. More unhappy people than happy ones with your service. Be a good place to start if you really want to be a better company. You also need to make your program a little more user friendly. And give people the option of a totally blank page and card to work with. Give your Jobs Back to America!!!!!!

Printed my order wrong twice - and still trying to get them to fix it. Have a book to read when you call customer service. You will be "on hold" forever waiting to talk to someone overseas who speaks English as a second language.

Today my rating for Shutterfly is POOR. I have had only positive results in the past and have done several projects with them through the years, including books, calendars, and cards. But the last couple of days I've tried to complete my book before Classic goes away in a few days, and I CANNOT get into it. I've tried everything, even called customer service. Unfortunately I got someone I couldn't understand and I hung up feeling like I was the idiot for not knowing what to do. I'm fed up! I've spent countless hours on this book but now may loose it all, because I can't finish it. Ugh! Shutterfly...what the heck are you doing to your loyal customers???

I agree with Kellie on her concerns with the "new" custom path book. I have used Shutterfly for everything for the last five years and love it. But the new book is much more difficult and time consuming (and I already put 80-150 hours a year on one book alone). There are two options I LOVE and that’s (1) the ability to move pictures around and not just keep them in a set format and (2) being able to use a picture as a background, AWESOME! But the choices on background are really plain compared to the great patterns in the classic. This then forces you to have to use the stickers and embellishments which is time consuming. Sometimes a nice pattern background is enough and most of the new ones are just plain. Also it is not as efficient. You use to be looking for a background, click it and it goes straight to the page on the book, now it goes to your book background area and then you need to select from there (two step process that use to be one). And the loading process, why does it take so long? It takes forever to load the book, and when you change pages it takes awhile and when you save it take awhile, kind of unproductive and didn’t have this problem with the classic. IDEA: Maybe Shutterfly should consider having three choices for books. Simple Path, Classic Path and New Advanced Path. (for all levels of photo customers: basic, intermediate and advanced).

I have used Shutterfly for many years now also. I don't like that I can't understand customer service person on the phone. So frustrating and difficult to understand.. Why can't they use an American? I have had goods & positive results also. I did not know Shutterfly would give a replacement book on my own typo. I'll have to remember that in the future. I paid for a second book because of a typo I had 5 times in the book....Smithsonian. I am bothered that they are getting rid of Classic photo books next year. I tried Custom photo books and it is not user friendly....especially when I make books over 60 pages....so time consuming compared to classic books. I don't knwow hat I am going to do next years.I've made about 18 books.

I have used Shutterfly for many years now. Though I don't like that I can't understand the person on the phone that is supposed to help me, I have had nothing but positive results with them. Though I understand the others complaints, I can't imagine Shutterfly would not make it right. Even when I had a typo error in the book I received, they gave me a 100% guarantee! Another time, a background in my photobook was the wrong color from what it looked like online and some white text didn't show up, they gave me a credit. I corrected it and got another book without having to send the previous one back! They credited me the shipping as well. I like the updated software on the custom photo book option, but there are some features that are not user friendly. Shutterfly, please give me a REDO button, and don't make me customize the page every time I want to preview the page I am working on! And please make a way to take the warning triangles off the page, they are distracting. Other than that, I think they are a great customer service company with great products.

Wow, it seems like these people won't even give shutterfly a chanceto make things right.... In fact,,,, how about Trying the method of Staying positive.... I have never had any issues with shutterfly that were bad, in fact they made me so happy when my free baby book was expired before I had a chance to use it and they gave me another promotion code for a baby book... They are awesome!!!

Stay away from this company,After doing business with them for sevral years.I use them for my studio work and order larger prints with them.I have been stiffed on Delta Skymiles offer that they advertise.I called customer service and can not understand the person on the other end.The canned answer is corporate office is in a meeting and cannot talk right now.WOW the whole company is in a meeting sounds important.Back to local lab for me and SCREW shutterfly..

I have had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH SHUTTERFLY. They advertised next day shipping for Father's Day gifts would arrive by Friday, June 17 if ordered by the deadline. I ordered one day prior to the deadline and have now found out that I will not receive my photo book until the Monday AFTER Father's Day. Thank you Shutterfly for COMPLETELY SCREWING UP my gift. I paid $21.99 EXTRA to have it shipped. I spent an ENTIRE HOUR on the phone with someone in India that can barely speak English trying to find out what the status of my order is. No one will answer the phone at the corporate headquarters in California. No one has even bothered to return my email. Guess what guys? I'm one of the scrapbooking, photo ordering soccer moms, and I am going to tell everyone I know to order their photos/ photo books, etc. from one of the countless other places that offer the same services. In addition, if anyone is reading this who cares, I AM ALREADY IN THE PROCESS OF FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB for FALSE ADVERTISING.

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