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It's about time you fix your showtimeanytime.com site to include DISH Network you are the only premium station that is not offering it to only some service providers such as DISH Network, and it has been years of waiting and showtime has done nothing.

parental control, really?

User-Friendly Features: – My List: Lets you organize and view your favorite programs – Add New Episodes: Automatically adds new episodes of your favorite series to your My List as they premiere – Play Shifting: Resume watching where you left off on another device – Live TV: Watch what’s currently airing live on both SHOWTIME East and SHOWTIME West and easily switch between channels – Closed captioning and parental controls available


Lighten up movies

The Uninvited

The movie that you keep showing on Showtime entitled "The Uninvited" is not said movie. I actually don't know what it is. Please correct the programming.


Have someone did a background check on showtyme of opelousas new manager ??

spanish transladetor

when are you going to get a real Spanish translator ,this guy that you are using is a joke, just translated have of the interviews and change the content of the interviews....we the fans here in Jacksonville Florida and my family and friends in Puerto Rico want to know how can I contact you to see what you have to say about it.

Canceling Showtime

You cancel wonderful shows yet keep a tacky program like Gigiolos? Criminals for actors and you promote prostitution. Have you done proper background checks on these men? I'll be canceling our subscription.

Cancellation of The Borgias

I can't believe Showtime cancelled The Borgias. It was one of the best TV series on the air. Francois Arnaud was outstanding in his portrayal of Cesare Borgia. I wish they Would reconsider doing additional episodes. The finale just left the audience hanging. I subscribe to Showtime only for its original series. Now they have cancelled my favorite one. I will rethink my subscription.


I will be cancelling my Showtime subscription. Whoever made the decision to cancel the Borgia's deserves the fate of Savonarola with out the notoriety.


Both my husband and I are very upset that the Borgias are being discontinued. I guess it is too intelligent for audiences that want to see Honey BOO BOO and the like. Please bring it back.

Oliver Stone

I will be canceling my Showtime service and i have convinced 8 more people to do so...I will continue to convince more people to do the same. This is due to your sick so called "history" special according to Oliver Stone....This is nothing but lies and Anti American propaganda! You people should be ashamed that you have contributed to twisting the minds of our youth , with lies by the communist Oliver Stone! Joseph Goebells would be proud of your accomplishment!

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I think it's hilarious that you people think that messages posted here will get to Showtime. This is not part of their website. This is a page put up by an outfit that provides contact information for corporate offices. It has no affiliation with Showtime. But if it makes you feel good to rant here, knock yourself out! :)

Your Current Indictment of Lawrence Taylor by Inside The NFL Wednesday was Totally Classless & inappropriate to address his arrest & conviction for lewd conduct with an underaged young girl. & I will not watch the show again!! What did it prove? I am particularly disappointed with JB & Chris Collingsworth whom appeared to be interrogating LT who help up pretty well considering being "Blindsided" which wouldn't have happened In his career on the field.

The only way to get more ethnically deverse shows on the air is to create shows and show interest. Hi! Please check out our new webisode "Rodriguez and Son" double click and go to the website and learn all about the show. www.rodriguezandson.com Please click the youtube button to view all 3 episodes so we can get hits and create a buzz even if you view them on the site. Our objective is not only to get interest in making "Rodriguez and Son" an 1/2 hour sitcom but also to show the "powers that be" that there is an audience for multi-ethnic ensemble shows. Please help us by not only watching the episodes yourself but to also pass the link and info to all your facebook friends, business contacts, family, e-mail friends, etc. and ask them to also pass it on. Thank you in advance for all your help. Yours truly, Mindy

i needed help brothers and sisters emmail nora4555@ymail.com

Well I was a Showtime fan and subscriber until you made the brilliant decision to cancel your best show United States of Tara. Yet, you are keeping such great programming as "The Real L Word" and "episodes" on the air??? There is no reason for me to keep paying $ anymore that's for sure.

Congratulations on your the Borgias TV series. Everything about it is exceptional, set, costumes, scripts, casting, directing, acting---History visually brought to life. Thanks for your hard work.

personally i enjoy showtime movies;seris;and shows.keep up with the drama and action titles.

Sirs, In all due respects, why should I pay for Showtime when you present some of the most remote and terrible movies ever presented on Cable? The titles are tragic (and never before heard of) and/or the movies are so bad as to hit the bottom of the barrel. Please, get with it or I shall simply cancel Showtime. Leonard Mazerov 6550 Castle Drive Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301 248 626 4777 lmazerov@mac.com

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