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Abortion sponsor

Shopko has an annual fund drive for United Way. The organization has given millions to Planned parenthood. I now never support or shop at Shopko.


The one in twin falls ,Idaho Needs the long white for the back when you shower. It help \remove the dry skin


I used the Pharmacy at the Wautoma, Wisconsin store and I am very disappointed in them. Very convenient 2 minutes from house but I would prefer to drive 30 minutes for better service. Waiting and still waiting for a refund check for 5 months better business bureau called promised me a check this week still never received it. I had health insurance coverage with my medications for asthma and they didn't grant me the prescription price or right med when it clearly stated from the doctor I get ventolin not pro air. I want my refund check back switched pharmacies due to poor service, people with poor attitudes that it's so bad their personalities are rude, Not helpful there at all.

Poor Pharmacy

I transferred my prescriptions from Hy-Vee to Shopko. The very first prescription I had filled was wrong. It was for 20 mg instead of 10. The PHARMACY MANAGER,Melissa, in Chariton, IA, said it was her fault the prescription was filled wrong, she had input over 30 prescriptions that day and she was on auto-pilot. I'm sorry, that's not an excuse and as far as I'm concerned!! I think she should be disciplined!! If I hadn't a noticed a change in the mg, that COULD have caused me many trips to the Dr., etc. Needless to say, I'm transferring my prescriptions elsewhere!

TV Commercial

I just saw your TV commercial featuring a group of men without trousers shaking their butts and b____s to the tune of some Christmas song. I found it absolutely disgusting. Whatever degenerate approved that commercial for airing should be taken out in the woods and shot! I spell puke pyuuuque!!! Cordially yours, D. N. !

I live in Livingston, MT. This store doesn't carry the necessary items for school supplies. Also I went there tonight to buy birthday plates, napkins, table cloth, basically birthday supplies. Can you believe they have nothing besides cards!! I couldn't find any customer service until I finely went to the check out to ask for help and they were rude. I had to go to Albertsons to get my birthday supplies tonight. To bad you lost out on yet another sale from us.

Shopko Corporation should be ashamed. Being from Wisconsin and Shopko based in my state is sad. Shopko stores are selling Coby electronics to customers even after the Coby USA was sold and they are not backing the warranties on products sold. Warranty telephone numbers are no longer in service. Shopko knows this and still sell the product. What's worse is the store does not disclose this information to the customer. Shame!

The shopko in Brooklyn Mi. Has the worst costumer service ever! You can't get any help until you get to the checkout, then when it's finally your turn the workers are rude! They have terrible service and do not seem to care. I hope it fails in Brooklyn so that we can get a store that understands what customer service is.

Shame on You!

Shame on Shopko for being open the morning of Thanksgiving! Making people work on their "day off" is unfair, plus if they are fixing dinner they have no time to do it. Opening in the evening is one thing - once everyone is done with dinner, but 6am? Shame on you for having money come over family. I will not shop there in the morning - I'll be working on Thanksgiving dinner - infact, I don't think I will do Thursday at all now.

I fell at the Shopko store in Alliance, ne

I had to beg for a tissue while blood was poring out of my nose. The clerk handed me a torn piece of brown paper towel and said oh you fell then went back to work ignoring me. I was dizzy and light headed but I left. I called the manager then received a call from some lady that handles claims. I told her I didn't want anything but would they pay my medical because the ER said my insurance wouldn't pay. I was informed Shopko pays nothing. No one ever asked how I was and it is obvious no one cares at Shopko.

Wrong prices

I went to shopko in Torrington, WY and wanted to buy some items that apparently were marked with the wrong price (ha yeah right, right?) well after being yelled at as I left the store I contacted the corporate office and was called back in a timely manner. The man who contacted me was nice and offered me to go back and get the same items For the price advertised. Overall, shopko' s staff is very rude and disrespectful, but i got what I wanted in the end.

the shopko store in ogallala,ne. i thought it would be better,then it was when it was pamaida,but it's not!! they have wrong prices up,and when you say something about it,they get pissy about it.they talk back to you and tell you,that you don't know what you are talking about.

you suck

4 weeks ago we received our order and a part was damaged. we ordered a replacement part and it arrived a week later only it was the wrong color. for the last 3 weeks, 7 phone calls, 4 promised return calls from management and still no word on resolving the issue. They keep telling us that corporate is not responding to them or that it is out of their hands and in the manufacturers hands. They have no idea when or if the replacement part will ever get to us. They keep giving us the run around for the last 3 weeks. The dresser is for my nursery and we have a baby coming in two days and no place to put her clothes. This is the worst experience i have ever had with a company.

Poor employees

The store manager at the Montpelier OH Shopko store is rude and demeans her employees during their morning meetings. I have entered the store a couple of times over the past month, and as I pass the main customer service counter I over hear her state how the employees are not doing their jobs correctly. I have known many of the employees for some time, and a lot of them are working hard to do their jobs. This manager should choose her wording better or possibly move the location of the morning meetings so customers cannot hear the rudeness and demeaning comments.

Poor Service

the new store in Valley City is an absolute joke the service is terrible the attitude of the employees is that they would rather be anyplace other than at their job. the prices have gone up on everything,and the selection has gone down. Everytime I go in the store I leave upset and the only way to fix that is Never go in the store again and that is exactly what I plan to do.

customer service

The lady in the customer service at the bountiful ut shopko was very rude to me on Sunday March 21 I went there and tried to get the ad had twin pack pillows for 7.99 she tried to charge me 7.99 each even though they were wrapped together and she wouldn't believe me that the ad said twin northcrest pillows for 7.99 I said fine, I'll go to sugarhouse but gas is expensive and was out of my way.

USAgain my tail, I have seen the news and have googled these criminals on the internet. I ask the manager In Glenwood Mn why they had these clothing boxes in their parking lot and she told me that it was a corporate decision and didn't know anything about them. they are tied up in an international money laundering scheme with cult ties to a danish Cult, the Tvind group. I know that St Cloud does not have these boxes , why are they in my home town taking away from legitimate charities? are they in other towns? states? you say "Home Town" large corporations like you and Walmart are taking away from Home towns

Way overpriced

I was excited when the Pamida store closed in Centerville TN and Shopco opened until I went into the store . First it looked no betted than the Pamida did and when I went around pricing items I usally buy I was shocke by the prices . I don't mind paying a dollar or two more but when you get up too the 5 and ten dollar mark its a bit much . For example a Nylabone I buy regulary cost me 7.99 it was 12.99. Those lite Brite pets that shine the light on the ceiling was 39.99 and it was 29.99 in Rite Aide , we are not even talking Walmart. Most of the as seen on TV items too were far cheaper in Rite Aid and Walgreens your better off with the TV. Hickman is not an affluent county, this store will not do well and probably close. Wish Pamida was back

Will never shop at shopko again

Shopped at shopko for years. Tv's clothes cribs you name it I have bought it. Always take advantage of there great sales. Never again. Ordered 3 items online they charged my card. Never shipped so I called them. They said items were not available. False advertising. So you charge my card even when you know the items ate not available. Then I cancel my order and was told did not know how long it would take to credit my account. Merry Christmas to me. I will so advocate to make sure as many people I know will be told not to shop at shopko. What a horrible Christmas season way to treat a very loyal customer. Thanks shopko for failing me and holding onto my Christmas money. Will be filing a comlaint with the BBB.

Shopko lies on the sale tags like for instance i looked at a dresser and the sale price was like 139.99 then i saw that the regular price was 349.99 now where did they pull that number from?? Ive gone to nice furniture stores and even their regular prices were not so ridiculous so shopko is using deceptive numbers to make people think they are getting a great deal on their flimsy furniture and other items ive looked at. I cant rate them when they are using deceptive tactics? I see them as liars.

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