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I am glad that there are people who have complaints regarding Sephora other than myself.I have experienced things on a level of passive aggressive racism from employees not to mention cattiness,being made fun of laughed at as well as lies told on me by other employees on a level that is just frankly astounding.I have experienced this on a number of occasions more than i can count.The employee that is the main person whom has created a very uncomfortable experience for me each and every time for more than a year now is now management.I did absolutely nothing wrong to anyone and do not deserve this level of defamation.The uncomfortableness is so terrible that other employees have noticed,but say nothing.I arrived on a day that corporate was visiting and they did everything they could to keep me away from them in case i would complain.

Hello, I am a Sephora customer who has now introduced the store to my daughters. My youngest daughter's birthday request a few years ago was to take a friend to Sephora & get their make up done. My 13 year old has now started wearing make up so I gave her a gift card this year for Christmas. Which leads me to my story... I had taken my daughters to the Sephora at Westfield Mall in Lincoln, NE on 1/22/2011. While my older daughter was shopping my youngest, Peyton age 10 started feeling dizzy, hot and like she may pass out. I sat her down in the middle of the floor in Sephora with the expectation the employees may not be too thrilled about this little girl on their floor. (I might add the store was pretty busy). The reaction I got was beyond my expectations. I had the first Sephora employee come over to see what the problem was. She immediately went & grabbed some kleenexs that she got wet to give Peyton a sort of cold compress. The second Sephora employee came over asking if we could use water so she left to get that. There were three girls who came & were very willing to help us. They offered to have my daughter sit in their break room & offered her different foods & candy to try & get some suger in her. Once we were in the room I explained to one that my older daughter was out in the store shopping & being 13 really was oblivious to what was going on with her sister. She said she knew exactly who she was & that she would go help her. They let Peyton stay in their break room as long as she needed. I must commend your staff. We were never to be made feel like we were a distraction, a problem or anything negative. I have always enjoyed your store & I want to let you know the professional attitude of your staff. Thank you so much & if you have any questions regarding our visit please don't hesitate to call. Deborah Taylor 15800 NW 30th Street Raymond, NE 68428 402-580-2255

Hi Michelle,I was just wondering if you are African American I am asking for a good reason. Because Ive seen a lot of racial profiling in Sephora that I feel needs to be addressed.

Thursday Dec.9,2010 I took my aunt to stanford for a doctors appt. She has cancer and starts radiation in 4 days. She said I want to get a new lipstick to feel new and fresh to help keep my spirits up. Crazy but I said lets go to Sephora they have everything. We went to store #116 in Emeryville,Ca. Around 2:30pm we entered the store and started shopping. I needed a few things for myself and needed gift cards for friends for a bday and christmas. My aunt found a few items and her redlipstick she wanted to get get. A contracted security guard byt he name of "Abdulla" or that was the name I was given runined my sephora experience. I have shopped at sephora for years and Im sorry but today was the last time I will ever step a foot in a sephora ever again. I was followed byt he security and then he yelled at me and brushed his self against me and told me to leave. He invaded my personal space and said if i dont get out he will throw me out. I asked if he was going to put his hands on me and hurt me and he said he will if he has too. I am a nurse and not a thief! I stole a pack of gum when I was 6 and my mom made me take it back to the store and give it to the manager and tell him what I did and to apologize.I have never felt so violated and disrespected at a retail store. I understanmd he was doing his job, but doubt being hostile and threatening violence is not in his job discription. This needs to be addressed. Im sorry he is the cause of you loosing a loyal customer and between my aunt and myself sephora missed out on 400+ dollars today. Im a little concerned that you may not care about the safety of your customers and going to sephora is a unique experience and he ruined that today for my aunt and I.

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