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VERY VERY RUDE employees!!!!!!!! The ticket process is worthless. No wonder why they give you a second day free with the first day purchase. You stand in line 1/2 just to get the tickets straight. We drove over 6 hours and NEVER again will we be going back to Sea World! I'd rather spend my money at Disney World where memories are made than to waste our time and money at Sea World in Orlando FL!!

My wife and I work for the Volusia County School Board. Each year we are privy to theme park passes, this year is Sea World, Orlando; the Sea World "Study Pass" for teachers. We have 3 children, a 7 year old daughter, a 5 year old son (free preschool pass) and a 3 month old daughter. We go at least once a month, sometimes 2 or 3 times. We LOVE Sea World. I've read some of the comments about rude employees and unrealistic expectations (understandings) about the food pass. First, with any business, you cannot control all of your employees and I am sure any written complaints do not go unnoticed. Just because you do not get a direct reply does not mean you are not heard. Secondly, you are not the only one who waits in line for your food or beverage on the pass. However, you can walk in the exit of any of the participating food centers, show your wrist band, and get a bottle of water or 2. I am a little unnerved about one thing though. Sea World is all about saving the animals, earth, etc. But, most of the restaurants use styrofoam plates and bowls. Are these items recyclable? I am not a "Save the Earth" hypocrite, but my family does our best. We do not find the styrofoam offensive, but get a chuckle out of the fact that Sea World buys these products while their mission seams to go in the opposite direction. Also, it takes 4 employees to sweep and wipe off 1 set of tables (in the Terrace Garden Buffet anyways); while 1 works and 3 "supervise." One would think it may be a little more efficient to use reusable plates, silverware, etc. with 1 employee cleaning a set of tables, 1 picking up dishes and 2 cleaning them and restocking. There are way more than 4 people working in there at any given time, so maybe getting rid of 2 or 3 lazy employees for 1 or 2 great ones could go a long way. Again, we love Sea World; we just scratch our heads a lot. Oh, and who monitors the "smoking" areas? Better yet, the non-smoking smoking areas? It gets old walking behind Johnny Redneck smoking a cigarette, taking offense to your queries as to why he would do that in an unauthorized area... That's not my job, it's yours! Eddie Senez ERSenez@Gmail.com

May 24, 2012--Be aware of the San Antonio Aquatica scam. Website says that Aquatica is open when Seaworld is open. We bought the Fun Pass for all 4 in our family. After we watched the Shamu show and then ate, we headed over to Aquatica only to find it open only on weekends until sometime in June. I went to guest services and had the park hours loaded on my phone to show them and the lil guy said that those were for Orlando. I showed him the links I clicked from the San Antonio page and it went to the park hours for Aquatica San Antonio but he still disagreed. Nowhere on their website does it say weekends only until June. False advertising! Drove 450 miles to enjoy the water park and Seaworld. What a let down. And the food---- hamburgers and drinks for 4 people--$53.00. Complete rip off. Their should be laws against charging so much for food. The lines were short and we rode everything; just ticked off at the advertising scam. They will never compete with Schlitterbahn!

Sea World Corporate offices could care less about their customers, They will not answer their phones. They figure that if you tell your story too enough people in their service relations, that you will tier out and go away. Their managers and their service relations personal are trained to be rude and say no to any refunds. I think what Sea World and their Corporate Headquarters need is a class auction lawsuit. Sea world is taking money for services that have not been provide.

After moving to San Antonio, my family decided to buy a one year pass using the EZ pay option. That was in March 2011. Because the website says you will be charged the first payment then one payment for the next 11 months, I assumed that the payments would stop after 12 payments were made. Imagine my surprise when I noticed this month, May 2012, two months after the year was up that They are still debiting a monthly charge! I called Seaworld and was told that an EZ pass will then continue month-to-month after the year is up. I just looked on the website and NOWHERE does it disclose this information. I was transferred to the EZ pay account line, which had a message stating that they had a high call volume and cannot help me at this time - and hung up on me! So, you steal money from my account, then you refuse to take my call. Criminal.

July 2011 my family and I were in Orlando on a 16 day vacation. During our stay we went to Sea World. We attended the Clyde and Seamore show where there is a Pirate Mime that greets folks as they arrive. As were walked into the Stadium, my oldest son was walking infront of me. When the Pirate Mime seen my son he (the Mime) made a gesture of smoking pot, with his finger up by his mouth holding a joint. My son was wearing a band t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, he also has a skater boy hair cut. When I complained to the guest services office, they could of cared less. I asked to be refunded all or some of my money since my son, myself and my husband were so upset that our whole family was leaving the park ASAP and it was still early in the day. Guest Services refused us any refund at all. And only said they were sorry, which didn't really seem to be true and heart felt. My family will never return to Sea World ever again.

My family and I went to SeaWorld this past weekend and I am not impressed with the CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER! First of all, we came from AQUATICA PARK, it is ALL SEAWORLD, and they made us go back to our car, which it was parked at AQUATICA, to just put a t-shirt on! Yes! You read right! These RIDICULOUS STAFF at SEAWORLD made my husband, myself and our little boy go back to the car to put on a t-shirt, isn't this OUTRAGEOUS? This is an amusement park NOT a business dinner! It was HOT and a T-Shirt wasn't necessarily for a park likewise! Second of all, the guy who was at the checking bags DID NOT SMILE, DID NOT EYE CONTACT WITH US, DID NOT EVEN TRY TO FEEL US WELCOME! HIS NAME WAS JEIMMI! THEY ARE SO CONCERN ABOUT LETTING CUSTOMER KNOW WHAT THEIR RULES ARE, but THEY DON'T CARE HOW THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE PERFORMING! I request to have more SUPERVISION from UPPER MANAGEMENT! Send people to act like customers to TEST and CHECK EMPLOYEES at SEAWORLD AND AQUATICA. UNFORTUNATELY we purchased a yearly pass, knowing that they will be DISRESPECFUL to us I would not had purchase a yearly pass for myself and my family, but NEXT YEAR we are NOT RENEWING! PERIOD! Another employee at SEAWORLD, was the one who run after my husband and I to inform us that we needed to wear a t-shirt, then as we were walking back out, angry and frustrated by the behavior exhibited by the INCOMPETENT STAFF, they both got into gossiping, you could tell by just looking at them, and that is NOT PROFESSIONAL and TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. I called headquarters to place my mega-complaint and they are not able to take the call at this time. I wonder what a joker this place is and WHO IS BEHIND THESE TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNFRIENDLY and INCCOMPETENT STAFF. What a SHAME that a place like this one have IGNORANTS working for them. In my view these people needs to be sitted down and retrain them on the customer service or let them go, and maybe then, they can think to be nicer in their next employement opportunity. Unless employees looses their jobs, nobody learns the importance of customer service and the importance of how to treat customers in a place like this one.

I went to Sea World over spring break 2012, specifically March 15th. Based on information on the internet and signs posted around the entrance, I decided to purchased a 30 dollar dining pass. This supposedly allowed me to eat all I wanted to all day. No indications of any restrictions! How misleading that was! There were only 5 restaurants in the park where it could be used. Then, I could only choose one entree, one side OR dessert, and one drink unless I wanted to wait another 45 minutes to an hour to get additional food. According to the internet, if you had a dining pass, you didn't have to wait in line for a bottled drink, just get one from the cooler and show the chasier your bracelet. Oh no, they said we had to wait 45 minutes in a line for a bottle of water. We couldn't get water from a kiosk on our dining pass, so if we wanted to get it, we either had to pay more money or wait for close to an hour. That is totally absurd!!!! Never get a dining deal pass!!! Better yet, AVOID SEAWORLD and their VERY RUDE employees!

Last July I went into contract on EZPay to prepay for a year pass for my family of 8. It is so expensive that I figured this way I could get ahead for the following summer and have year passes paid for so my family could actually enjoy the park as we did 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I was unaware the passes become valid immediately and will expire in July 2012. We never used them! I was misled in thinking I was just paying in advance, like for a trip. I never new the passes become immediately valid. To this date I have now thrown almost $500 and still have the remaining balance to pay without even knowing if we will make it to the park. I tried with 2 representatives at the corporate office to explain the confusion and they said it was my mistake and there is nothing they could do. I asked if they could just start the year from today and they said no. So, for a multi-BILLION corporation, it is totally apparent that they don't care about their customers, only their money. It was a simple misunderstanding. I never even got a pass. Simple fix- validate it as of today and satisfy your clients. Customer appreciation can go so far and save so much negative feedback. It isn't like you will lose any sleep over it, although I will. Don't waste your money.

i have used your facilites and i thought they were great. I am now wondering where Sea World Entertainment keep there moeny? i need the information for a project at college. could anyone help me please. Thanks Chloe

I'm a fielding interests from your Corporate events coordinator of building a relationship with a elite Entertainment booking entity here in San Diego.I have over 30 years of extensive connections to show biz icons because of my father Harvey Korman.If someone from your corporate office can respond I would like to facilitate a dialogue with your corporate family with my Client.Please call me if your sincerely interested.619-328-6448.

They overcharged my debit card this month, screwed up my Christmas money. They refuse to give me my money back, offered me food voutures. What a joke. 3 food voutures is not worh $44. I hate this company. And Chris a supervisor for Busch Gardens Tampa ezpay crap, won't give you his last name, won't let you talk to anyone else. This guy thinks he's God. I really hope karma gets his ass this season. I will be cancelling these crappy over priced passes.

We bought 6 passes to Sea World SA in May. In June I found out my mother had stage 3 Breast Cancer and I had to Move back to Fl to help with her care. We have used our passes 1TIME!!! when i called Sea World Orlando they were RUDE AND HUNG UP ON ME! i WANTED an explanation of WHY they could not let me transfer the passes to orlando! The customer service superviser Toya was VERY RUDE! It is sad the way consumers spend hundreds on day at their park but when something unexpected happends they have no compasion what so ever!!! I will just start taking my kids to DISNEY!!!!!!

My family and I were visiting Sea World Orlando the first week of October 2011 and initially all was great. That was until we went over to the enchanted play area and encountered Shawn. At that time he was working the booth that you shoot water at a target to get it from point a to b. My wife, son, and I wanted to play the game but he refused to let us. Apparently there was another family that wanted to play by themselves; which is fine but we were never told this and had realized it only by deductive reasoning. While on the microphone the entire time, he was rude, hostile and outright offensive. This was a completely unprovoked attack; I could not believe that this was happening. His comments over the intercom included but not limited to: "They don’t want to play with your kid, go away!!!" When asked why he was being do rude "Because I have microphone, now go away!! SShhheeeessshhh" “When will you get it!!!” As my 5 year old son began to cry, he continued to banter us with "Oh great, here we go". We continually and politely asked why are you doing this, we were meet with only rolling eyes and smirking. This public embarrassment went on for what seemed like an eternity until we left with both of my children crying and asking why there was “a bully a Sea World". I went directly to the customer service area, filed a complaint that was almost two pages long. To date, I have yet to hear anything from anyone. DO NOT GO TO SEA WORLD ORLANDO!!!!! I would hate to have any other young family experience, go to Disney or even just stay at your hotel. It’s been over three weeks now and I am still having to sort out and attempt to explain the behavior that was displayed by Shawn (the Sea World employee).

Sea World has caused the deaths of at least 3 trainers since the 80s by continueing to force dangerous killer whales perform tricks in captivity. Soon, one of those whales may get angry at a crowd! You suck, Sea World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm totally disappointed, I, along with my twin six year old daughters planned this event for 6 months to celebrate their birthday.After standing in line from upwards of 30-40 minutes we were told the ride was experiencing mechanical probplems? Try explaining that to a six year old. Approximately 50% of the rides we attempted to get on were out of e service. The restuarant(Shark Encounters) was no bargin either their menue was very limited and when I ask the waiter if they sold sm. cakes to celebrate children's birthdays his responce was "we don't do that here" I was extremely disappointed,the day was a total bust.

We are residents, and have always enjoyed the park. Our last visit though, brought us a bit if a disappointment. While buying our new season passes, we found that at age 10, that our daughter was now considered an adult. But at age 10, she is not yet tall enough to ride some of the rides. This is wrong. If a child is to pay the price of an adult, then they should be able to ride the rides.

My son, my husband and myself went to Busch Gardens today for the first time in years. We rode gwazi and since it is a 2 seater ride my son rode first then me and my husband rode on the following ride. When me and my husband got off the ride my son was no where in sight. My son suffers from different mental disabilities so we were very worried about him. We were looking for him around the park for a little over a hour. We received a phone call and thankfully it was my son Brandon. One of your staff members (with the afro) in the desert grill allowed him to use his cell phone to call me. The employee even walked my son to the roller coaster right outside the desert grill so he could ride while he waited on us. When I got back to my son he said the employee and his coworker (a female) were very nice to him and gave him a free drink too. We had such a good time today in your park, my son wanted to get a year pass but we didnt have the money for it. Thanks to this experience with your employee we will definitely find the money to get a year pass. After my son got off the ride we went to the desert grill to eat, my husband offered the guy a $15 tip but he said he couldnt take it. I hope this email gets this employee a raise, he deserves it and much more. I can't thank him enough.

Rude Staff that look like they would rather be anywhere else in the world than working at Seaworld or helping anyone. Manta was broken so queued half an hour for nothing, then went to Journey to Atlantis, got on the ride only for it to break,after 20 mins, eventually allowed off the ride and had to get into a major argument to get a fast pass so we didn't have to wait again, ended up being called a horrible name by the employee in Spanish. The cherry on the cake today was paying 130 for an experience with the dolphins which was supposed to be training and touching, unfortunately trainer too busy having a lovely time herself with the dolphin to let my kids know the hand signals or to touch them. Overall I think this is a poor mans Disney , badly trained and horrible staff who really couldn't care less, I wont be back EVER

I didn't know my Ez-pay 2 yr. passes renewed automatically after the expiration date. I called and asked for 2 months of payments back (because my family stop going) Well, the sales rep said it will take 21 days or so for a refund. I forgot about it and NOW I just got billed again for the monthly fee. Really? So now it's 3 months they owe for and I better have my money in 5 business days or BBB will know. People take notice! My friend's credit card was being double billed MONTHLY for her passes for months. They had to pay her over $550. She did have her attorney friend call to get her refund quickly!

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