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SeaWorld - San Diego CA

Visiting SeaWorld ($84/$78!) implies that I endorse the barbaric business plan to exploit orca whales. But until SeaWorld halts the program and humanely releases their captive whales I cannot, in good conscience, attend the San Diego park.

I love Sea World!

Excellent park and they're very good to the animals! I'm very upset with PETA's lies!

Annual Pass

We Purchased two annual passes for 2014 knowing we are only able to use Jan.thru march. The main attraction,Shamu Show will be closed for renovations during this time,which we werr not informed. We asked for a 3 month extension into next year and got a flat out "NO". So we can't get a refund or credit and will never visit or recommend this park again.

Solution to Sw Airlines Sponsorship

Have them sponsor rescue . Just add rescue under the seaworld logo in the SW planes, And partner in rescue. With links showing all successful res yes Ask Sam Champion to spokesperson


When I watched blackfish it changed my mind on the captivity off killer whales. Not that I was ever for it, but I didn't care. Watching blackfish have me the facts about this industry that every one should know. Educate yourself and others and don't support sea world or any park like it. There intelligent mamals that deserve better. I'm ashamed there's sea world and I hope it goes bankrupt.

Orca whales

Orca whales should live free lives in the ocean not in an aquarium. At Sea World they are never free to exert free will. Their lives are on a times human schedule and they are response driven with fish. This is wrong. Sea World please return the Orca whales to the ocean so thay may be reunited with their pods and live out the rest of their lives with dignity.

Sea World Parks

Hi There!!! Along while back ago, there was a "Sea World" of OHIO, in a small town called "Aroura". Sea World provided: Entertainment, Economy, and Jobs. Sea World had collided as a Business Venture, and ventured in with Geauga Lakes Amusment Park but Sea World had changed it's venue a little bit and the sucess of the two Ventures, it did not happen. So I am asking of You to bring back "Sea World of OHIO", but to bring it to the Columbus area, where i think that it would be a big success, not only for Sea World, but for the City of Columbus, too. Think about it. It will bring Entertainment, knowledge of the Sea Life and to preserve such wonders of the World, It will make Capital, and taxes, and jobs to the community. A Win-Win situation for everyone!!!---Respectfully, William Rosen (US Navy Ret.)

Bad Customer Service

I am beyond upset with SeaWorld. They refuse to give me a refund. I had an annual pass and it already ended last month so I thought I was not going to be charged automatically again for this month. Well I was 100% wrong! They charged me for this month and now they refuse to give me my money back because they said that even though its an annual pass I have to call and cancel by phone. How ridiculous is that? If they sold me an annual pass, how does that convert into unlimited pass unless I cancel? I am never buying a Seaworld pass again! My bank said they are able to refund the money but when I called SeaWorld they refused to do so.

Unprofessional individuals work here and for this company. I will never frequent this place again. Do not buy a membership.


We are beyond upset!!! My kids are crying. I'm beyond PISSED. Four weeks ago we purchased ANNUAL passes for the Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Aquatica parks. Today we called to add on the VIP tour and we are told that we're not able to use those passes because we're not Florida residents. Upon further investigation we find out that we shouldn't have even been allowed to PURCHASE the tickets being as our billing address was not Florida. We had planned this vacation in advance to coincide with our budget. So here we are planning for a monthly bill rather than a HUGE!!! upfront cost. Now we're stuck with no vacation because Sea World isn't willing or able to assist us for THEIR MISTAKE!! The tickets shouldn't have been purchasable.. but they were... Now my kids are expecting a Florida vacation to Sea World and Busch Gardens and we have simply don't have the funds to do this. This is ridiculous and SEA WORLD should be able to apologize way better than they did. Offer us some free passes or free VIP or SOMETHING. But no help whatsoever!!!!!


My family and I had planned a fun filled day at the water park. Having never been there before we were very excited to go. The park is very misleading in their advertising. I went through the slide to see the dolphins & it went way too fast - you can't see anything & then when I hit the pool at the bottom I nearly drown due to lack of response by the lifeguard. My daughter, husband & son-in-law saved me. I have told everyone I know NOT to go to this park. Very traumatic for me & my family!!!!!!!


Had a problem ordering on line so the lady on the phone tells us to come to the park and they will take care of it drove 5 hours to get turned down because we wanted to purchases year passes and because we had a pre paid card they wouldn't take it so we were sent away with 5 kids that were veey disappointed

Good Times

I wanted to share my family's positive experience with SeaWorld. We had just spent three days at Disney, what a joy and pleasure it was to go to a park with employees that do care about people, assisted with whatever needs we had, and care about their jobs and the animals that they work with. It's sad that some people on this page have decided that keeping animals captive is a bad thing. What do you say to the hundreds of zoos all around the world? I believe that keeping animals safe, especially when they are being hunted at a surpassing rate, is completely fine. I applaud these efforts. If you do not agree, simply don't attend any of these attractions. The state-of-the-art facility at SeaWorld is simply amazing, and provides care for their animals like no other. By the way, all of the shows at SeaWorld are a class-act. We had absolutely no issues with their guest relations and/or customer service. We will definitely return with all smiles.

Sea Lions

To whom it may concern, We just had a fabulous day at Sea World in San Antonio, TX. We LOVED the sea lions and wanted a memorabilia token of the wonderful animals that they are, to take home with us. No, we did not witness pure white seals in the shows we watched. They were displayed in every gift shop in the park....not the lovable, adorable, cute, blackish, brownish, grayish, and spotted sea lions who were so incredibly enjoyable to watch. We asked ourselves and the personnel behind the counters, "Why aren't these animals represented in your gift shops?" No one could tell us. We implore you to create a stuffed animal for all the fans of your fabulous sea lions. We hope that we see in the near future sea lions aundantly gracing the shelves within your stores!!!


As a person who loved SeaWorld as a child I am disgusted now to think I ever allowed myself to go. What kind of facility continues to have wild orcas in their facilities for the amusement of people? It's bad enough that SeaWorld has bred orcas in captivity to live their long lives in such small, artificial enclosures completely cut off from their natural world. These animals are too large to be kept in captivity! Just when I think how far the human race has come, I am reminded of small-minded company's like yours that profit from the exploitation and slavery of animals that can not speak for themselves. Shame on you. The legacy of SeaWorld is a dark, ugly stain on humanity, through its long established slavery and cruelty to animals. Enjoy your legacy

school trip

I just found out that I will be a chaperone for a school field trip to seaw world. I was also schocked to find out that Sea World charges the chaparones $25. I never heard of such a thing. My son went to Bush Gardens and his school was not charging chaparones. Sound like Sea World is not managed as well as Bush Gardens. These trips are for the children not the adults. I mentioned this to Karena at their office and she was not willing to accommodate any complimary tickets to the chaparones. Down right by the book and not friendly. Sea World new motto can be the unfriendliest place on the earth

what i thought was the best idea, turn out to be the worst ive ever made in my life. i made a payment using the seaworld web site only to find out later that my payment wasnt processed that day and that another card was used instead of the card i orginally charged. now im paying double because seaworld will not refund the amount back to my debit card and charge my creditcard the one i authorize them to use for that month. i spoke to a customer service rep. concerning this issue (debra) refuse to let me speak to a higher authority and hung the phone up on me. i will never recomend seaworld/ bush garden ezay pay to anyone. the custmer service is horrible

I hate seaworld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My father bought me and my sisters annual passes never got a chance to go so i asked for a refund and they refused.If i never went why do you feel the need to keep my money!!CUSTOMER SERVICES SUCKS!!!!!! VERY RUDE PEOPLE!!! SIX FLAGS NEXT YR FOR SURE!!

SeaWorld San Antonio On 8/20 my son I went to Dolphin Cove to feed the dolphins. The line was long as it typically is for feeding time so we waited on the other side until the line dwindled down. We got in line, purchased our fish plate and proceeded to find a spot in the crowded feeding area. My son had just given his last fish off the plate to the dolphins when I was immediately approached by Candice (SeaWorld employee). Candice asked if we had any fish remaining which I replied he just gave the last one. She asked that make our way to the other side if we had no remaining fish. Without hesitation I asked my son to follow me to the other side where she asked us to go. On the other side of the viewing area (the non-feeding side) I noticed that many people were not feeding the fish and were not asked to leave as we were? I immediately made my back to the other side with my son to interact just as everyone else who PAID. Not more than 30 seconds after walking back Candice approached again asking us to go back to the other side. My question to her was “why” as I pointed out people that remained there had no fish? “We paid just as the remaining people why was NO-ONE else asked to leave”? She immediately said she was “calling security” and “this is how we are going to do it”? Really?! This is how SeaWorld would like to leave an impression on an 8 year old? Making a scene and embarrassing me and my son in front of a crowd people? You have to be kidding me!! When I was approached by SeaWorld security they could not figure out why we were asked to go to the other side either! I did not catch the security officer name but he witnessed the countless people interacting with the dolphins without ANY FISH in their hands. I had to replay in my mind if we had done anything to violate a SeaWorld policy to provoke a singling out of my son and I at this attraction and I can’t come up with a single reason! Candice acted inappropriately and without provocation! Her lack of professionalism was uncalled for and she does not represent your park well. For the remainder of the afternoon I was left to explain to my son that we did nothing wrong and Candice made a mistake. For the past three years coming to the park I have never encountered anyone less than professional until now. This young lady (Candice) should not be in any position of customer service and has marred my opinion. After reading these posts I am convinced SeaWorld doesn't care and my filing of Guest Comments will mean absolutely nothing! GOOD LUCK GETTING MY MONEY NEXT YEAR! YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY THEME PARK IN TOWN!


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