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scholastic in st charles, IL

I have just experienced the worst verbal and emotional abuse imaginable while working with this company. They treat their new employees with the ruthlessness of an abusive military sergent. The loyalty of some of the employees includes lying and conspiring together to get you to comply to whatever their older employees state about you. Stay far away!

Hey, come on if it's anything like the rneect ones, this Harry Potter probably cost at least $25 in paper alone.I suggested that it should be entitled Harry Potter and the Vanishing Canadian Forests , but no one in the publicity department seemed excited about it And, sure, toxic toothpaste sounds like a bad idea on cursory examination; but if you consider the issue more closely you realize that the FDA might approve it anyhow. Use only as directed.

This is such a fun idea! How sweet that your daughter is so eicxted about this fun way of counting down to Christmas.I am hosting an Advent calendar link up as part of my 12 Days of Christmas series at my Christmas blog. I sure do hope you can pop by and link up this wonderful post!Best Christmas wishes,Natasha.

You should always REVIEW anything you give your child, You do it on a restaurant placemat

My daughter is a 4th grade student in a public school in Virginia. She checked out the book "House of Sand and Fog" by Andre Dubus III in her school library. She came across some very explicit content and alerted me to this. This book is a pornographic book!!! I've never seen such graphic and sexually explicit material in a book!! It belongs in brown paper in an adult book store!!! But when I notified the principal of the school, she said they ordered the book from Scholastic Books and they trusted Scholastic to provide them with age appropriate books. They did not know the content of this book when they received it. The way I see it...both are at fault..the school and Scholastic. This book should have never been sent to a school system!! My little girl read these things and I feel like a piece of her innocence had been stolen from her because of it!! She still believes in Santa for petes sake!! It's a shame that so many other kids have been exposed to this book for at least 10 years in that library but they've never told their parents or shown anyone of authority. The book was removed from my daughter's school along with another book from Scholastic ...the book named "Hoot". It also contained inappropriate content. These books were listed as Accelerated Reading Books!! Does anyone from Scholastic or the schools not read these books???? Scan the books??? If it's an Accelerated Reader, someone has to have read it in order to come up with questions for the AR tests. I was a big fan of Scholastic until now. No apology can give my daughter back what she lost. Everyone should get this book or just pick it up and look through it....the "F" word is on almost every page as well as sexual encounters. Would you want your daughter doing an AR test on something like this?? IT's not the children's job to inform us of this kind of content!! It's not the parents job to scan these books...and I plan on making sure every parent is aware of this so that it doesn't happen again to some young innocent child.

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