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Kelly summers is using. Methamphetamines and should be drug tested

Sir, l'm a G4S-Douala-Cameroon employee. My company is correnly a contractor with Schlumberger. Schlumberger as a high standard company,which both employees and contractor are surposed to meet-up with their operational standards and ethics, has forgotten to play its roll with G4S Douala-Cameroon. We've very low salaries incomes of fifty thousand (50,000 FCFA) with no social benefits and bonuses.Our working hours also stands at 12hrs and more daily.We've dificulties to live with our salaries and this is a serious SECURITY RISK. PLEASE HELP US THANK YOU.

You got to push it—this essetnail info that is!

Well put, sir, well put. I'll cetrianly make note of that.

'Started calling 713-513-2000 at 8:00 AM< Monday 06/27/2011: no one answers the telephone. I need reference to REDA ESP service and since the office I used previously has been closed. Your Cisco Unitity Connection System really is less than 1 star.

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