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your new commercial

When I saw your thanksgiving commercial I thought it was the best thanksgiving commercial I seen in long time. A company that thinks thanksgiving should be for family and not money is nice to see. I think your company is one of the best and I'll do most of my sporting goods shopping with your company. And inform my friends and family that your the best.

Staff at the Sioux Falls store replaced my year old Keens that were damaged at a very fair rate; no questions. Very kind and helpful. Thank you.

I have been a customer of Scheels Sporting Goods for over 30 years. They have the best customer service of any large retailer in the country. If you buy something from them and something goes wrong, they will replace with no questions asked. The employees own the company and each has a stake in making customers happy.

The worst

Worst customer service ever. At scheels it's deffinatly not about the customer or customer satisfaction but about putting a dollar in their pocket. They work on base plus commission competing against each other over who gets to rip off your dollar. Do yourself a favor, if you can buy it at bass pro,gander mountain,or cabelas , do it....

That's really srwehd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

I don't know what happened betewen the last version of Office (which I despise, but use) and this new version (which I also despise, and finished up deleting and going back to ancient version) it is completely unstable. This is not new to MS Office for Mac earlier versions (2004 etc) also crashed regularly, without saving your data, causing heartache and loss of data. That was generally fixed with MSO:M 2008 but guess what, the problem is back in MSO:M 2011 Very unstable frequent crashes, and ultimately I had to delete this completely from my mac and reinstall my older versions of MS Office. Not ready for prime time (even though it looks nice once you open Word or Excel). I would avoid this for now until we hear if this is fixed in future updates.

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