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San Quentin lookin for save mart employees


I want oakdale scenic pelandale raleys for Walmart 99 cent winco costless i lox cash offer 100 billion


My wife has been trying to get a butterball turkey at the coalinga California savemart store and the Manager said he would find out if he could get one from Lemoore store and he won't let her know if they even have one,so she called them and they said no one had called about one.This has been going on for 2 days plus he never has called.Head butcher also said he would try.Nobody is any help,so I've been trading there for years but its about to stop


I love save mart winco 99 cent publix jungle jim

Save Mart in ROSEMONT, Sacramento is horrible. There is no shelf life for vegetables & produce. The store is in a great neighborhood community and use to be a wonderful anchor store like the Albertsons & Lucky's back when there was PRIDE IN AMERICA. The employees are great, but that doesn't fix bad food quality. Now I wonder about meats?

Mis-information, high out of stocks /availability of weekly ad items, highest prices in LUCKYs , savemarts over Safeway on most items

Recd bad service, info, at both store level n their corp HQ office, also Buy one get one free ads prices not in effect during ad period, so make sure you check your receipt printout before leaving the store! Problems or complaints with incorrect pricing should be reported to the state or county weights and measures dept! Goodluck, better to shop at Safeway n or. Trader Joes. For better service, pricing etc if not. The local area 99 Cents store where almost everything is 99.9 cents each, a very easy n inexpensive shopping experience, which is seldom the case at LUcky SaveMart stores!


High roller welfare


Who wants to work at save mart if there rich


Meccan hustle rip people off drugs


I hate save mart company I'll buy it cash


We baller and journeyman


Breyers ice cream was 2.99 in store St Mark Sunnyside ice cream with 4.29 isn't it kind of ridiculous cause its an in store product in Fresno California on West


Your Savemart Rosemont Sacramento store used to be the best store until two years ago! The new manager came in chased a the employees out! It was our family store and has been destroyed! Does your company not even care about their customers or their employees?


Closing all save marts and food macs down


O briens has lower prices than you


We are taking your business better prices


Lets open some more 99 cent stores


Walmarts by all save marts taking business to shut them down


Publix, wegmans, Winn Dixie, woodmans want your company to help economy pay taxes


I like Winn Dixie money in a grocery bag

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