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Hawian Rolls- sweet

Terrible!! We always have these for special dinners- and "after meal snacks" bit these were awful!! I don't think they were fully baked. They are so doughy. I bought 3 of the large packages and 2 of them are inedible! Waste of $$$$$

12 Grain Bread

Who is the numbskull that decided to stop making the 12 Grain bread?! It was the best seller at our store.....Multi Grain does not compare, as it is dry and not as tasty! You may be corporate people, but you are stupid.

Sara Lee is anti-gun along with Obama

heard and read that Sara Lee is ANTI-GUN, as is our admin and I will NOT BUY SARA LEE CAKES/PRODUCTS EVER AGAIN. GOOOOOOOO 2ND AMENDMENT!!! Our God given rights in the United States!


has anyone thought of 2 person or 1 person households that can't eat 8 buns have you ever thought of making a 4 pack possibly . Love the brand but my birds get more out of a package then we do

Outlet stores

I have purchased Sara Lee products all my life. Very often, I would visit an outlet store to purchase stock-up goods in quantity. I was very disappointed to hear all outlet stores are closed. These stores were such a convenience, especially for seniors who live on fixed incomes and could purchase your products at very reasonable prices. I speak for thousands who will miss you terribly. Thank you!

this is absolutely brhnietaktag! I wish you'd come stay with me and teach me to bake these amazing foods<3I've been meaning to tell you, there's a person on my LJ friends list you took one of your self-portraits and made it his icon..it's a bit weird and I tried to kindly ask him why he did that/if he talked to you about it. It's just strange because I was thinking, "alright that's my friend..and that's just weird." hahah I hope you're well lovely<3

Okay, that's a winner in the sepitc stories! Duct tape and binder twine keeping the mower running up here. We finally had to replace it because it was spewing such foul fumes it nearly killed the beloved. And yeah, the grass keeps growing... stupid grass. We look at people who water their lawns in disbelief. If you water it, it doesn't go dormant in July and August! If it doesn't go dormant, you have to keep mowing it!


It was a pleasure speak to you on phone today.We would like to introduce ourselves as below: We are manufacturers of all types of Knitwear's (Sweaters / Flat Knits) for Children, Ladies and Men's for the past 2 decades and export to renowned Brands, both in Europe and USA, such as Adams, Lola Et Moi, Gap & TCP etc. We have the capacity to do any type of Value addition work including Hand/Machine Embroidery, Appliqué/Patch work, Sequence etc and can produce even small quantities for Fashion Designer Brands maintaining Highest Quality standards.We are enclosing our Co.Profile alongwith few pictures from our recent productions for your kind review. If you currently have any enquiries, pls let us have same by return, so that we can do costing and make samples when necessary. Further, can you pls advise the buyers your organisation represents. We would like to start working with your organization and, therefore, would appreciate your prompt response by return. Best Regards, Sanjay yadav FASHION DIFFUSION A-83,Sector-2,Noida- 201301.U.P. (India) Cell no.09958012770 Phone no.0-120-4575208/4228210 Email:dpltd@airtelmail.in knitwears@vsnl.net

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