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Transaction #4116425846 - Samsung service has been to my house to repair water dripping into my vegetable and fruit bins 3 times. The same problem is happening making it 4 times and I am now scheduled for a repairman to come out on Friday. Obviously this is not repairable as the same problem keeps happening. How many times does a repairman have to come out to try to fix the same problem? Obviously there is a defect in this model or my refridgerator. I am requesting that I be refunded my full amount that I paid for my refrigerator or get a new refridgerator that is not defected. I called 5/29/12 trans #4114983084,7/5/12 trans #4115466694, 7/18/12 trans #4115937871, 8/21/12, 8/24/12 trans #5104032269, 8/27/12, 9/5/12 trans #5104097712/4116147086, 9/7/12 trans #5104110167, 9/10/12 trans #4116147086/4116187029, 9/15/12 - left msg leaking into bins again no call back, 9/29 spoke to Tiffany about the leaking into the 2 bins also spoke to Tiffany on 10/1 and 10/2. Is this the way Samsung handles all their issues? Same problem, no solution.

if I could put 0 stars I would, I bought top of the line washer and dryer, thousands of dollars and the metal dials and all the metal is actually painted plastic and all the paint is peeling off the dials and on any place that is metal. I would not suggest to anyone that they buy their front loading washers and dryers, mine is just 2 years old and looks horrible, also have had problems with the way the machines work

Would you be able to list a map of 10 of your factors thank you

I received a Samsung Home Theater Model # HT-Z310T for Christams and it went out within a few months. Samsung web site wouldn't allow me to register it without a receipt and therefore wouldn't repair it. Samsung web site also wouldn't recognize the model number on the Samsung R540 notebook but through persistence and threatening letters they finally registered it manually using a scan of my receipt. I am glad I was persistent because the hard drive crashed after 9 months. Best Buy first tried to give it back with a new hard drive with no programs installed. After reloading it with original programs I asked them what caused the HD failure and they said regular use. I asked them if 9 months was all I should expect this one to last and they said they didn't know. I am so tired of being taken advantage of by big corporations I am ready to move out to the woods and live off the land. I am pissed.

I would rate this company -5. I ordered a trender cell phone. The day I hooked it up. I started getting tex mess that were dated from the future. My cell would choose the person it would want to send all my calls & tex to and that lucky person would get tex or call repeatedly all day. 1 day it chose to send all my tex messages to my FaceBook. That was a fun day when I realized that. I tried to make a call & tex one day & my cell told me that it was not activated. I took it sprint 2 times in Tyler & 1 time in Dallas & they tried to fix it. Everytime on the way home the same thing would happen. Sprint told me at both locations that there has been several other people with this cell having the same issues. Sprint was great even though they couldn't get my cell to work correctly. I called Samsung & explaned that I was handicap & that I needed a cell that was going to be reliable. I also asked them for a replacement cell while my cell was gretting fixed as, it was going to take 5-7 day to get there, 7-10 days to be fixed, & 5-7 days to get back to me. They would not help me with a replacement cell. I sent my cell to Samsung and they sent it back to me & said that the unit was repaired. The same day I hooked it back up again it did the same thing. I sent it to Samsung again & they assured me that this time it was fixed. I received it back. I hooked it up again. Guess what? It started doing the same thing on the way home AGAIN. So, I called Samsung. I told them I needed to speak to a supervisor. But, they wouldn't connect me without me explanning everything. They left me on hold for a long time before the supervisor got on the phone. They said I had to send it in for repair. I told them that I had done this 2 times already & I told them I wanted a new cell. They said they couldn't do that. I would have to speak to corprate. 3 times in a row. I had to explain & be left on hold & every time while waiting for corporate to get on the phone I would be disconnected. I was so frusterated that I sent them an email on there website. I received a note back that said thanks for the inquiry but that I had to call Samsung again. I have used so many of my minute in my plan that I feel they should not only give me a new cell they should pay for the minutes I used while calling there company to have this cell repaired or should I say not repaired. I got on line to get the corporate number. That is 973-601-6000. I have been calling it repeatedly. It is either buisy or circits are buisy. so, I'm going to send them an email to "officeofpresident@samsung.com", thanks to a previouse post on 8/14/12 from UDAYAN DALAL, and mail a letter to 105 challenger road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660. This is suppose to be there corporate address.

Samsung has been a huge disappointment. Last year my 42" flat screen TV kept clicking on and off, and would not click 'ON" and stay on. The problem was BAD CAPACITORS. Many people have had the identical problem, but Samsung did not offer to help with replacing them. I was told the TV was a few months out of warranty. Look up online and see how many hundreds of customers this happened to. Now, my two months out of warranty over the range Samsung microwave spontaneously caught FIRE. My touch key pad showed the SE message. The keypad was "dead." Samsung didn't care. I left it unplugged for weeks, then plugged it in one day. I got a message to set the clock, so I did. A few minutes later the microwave caught fire, all by itself. I happened to be home when this happened, so there was no loss off life or property, but what might have happened if I was not home. There are also numerous incidents of microwave's catching fire. Samsung was not concerned with my fire. How can this many people have issues with their appliances and this company SAMSUNG just shows no diligence in fixing their products, or keeping their customers? One good thing, I have an old Samsung window air conditioner that is still humming along. Maybe they should have limited their product line to air conditioners.

I have a dishwasher model DMR77LHS. The basket assembly adjuster has plastic clips which hold it in place. The clips keep breaking and the basket slips out of place. The clips should have been made of metal, which would stand up better to hot water, during the washing. I had to replace the units three times to date. I hope Samsung will make the necessary upgrade. If the upgrade is not made the clips will keep breaking, and I will have to change these basket assemblies on a regular basis.

Purchased a sound bar to accent my samsung TV $291.00 (9/18/12). Brought product home and discovered necessary cables not included (not indicated on box). Purchased cables, attempted to connect, instructions confusing. Did not work so called tech support. Heavily accented and unable to figure out how to connect after several minutes, rep stated he was discontinuing my call and hung up. Called back and rep helped me connect. The next day did not work so called tech support again. During this process was told that I need a different cable (not supplied) in order to hook up to my satellite box. At this point I opted to return purchase but unable to return cables since opened and packaging discarded. I want this amount refunded to me (64.55 with tax). As a side note if a company is selling merchandise to the US customer, should be able to provide US tech support. There was ongoing issues with comprehension during these calls which probably contributed to this issue. If the company is not supplying all items needed to install please state clearly on the box so multiple trips are not needed.

I can't give you a rating other that F-. Your customer service has been the worst I have ever seen and yet you are still in business! We purchased all new Samsung appliances for our renovated kitchen and purchased a extended warranty in January 2012. Our refrigerator/freezor has had to be repaired once and the second time it was declared unrepairable by a certified Samsung Tech rom Appliance + in Gastonia,NC.This was over a week ago! I have lost food again plus the rug that was in front of the appliance is stained with water spots! I have repeatedly called your customer service center in South Carolina. I have been inconvenienced and am furious with the whole situation! You do not seem to care! We purchased these appliances from HHGregg in Gastonia, NC. They had no problem taking our check in full for the items. After that, they continue to say it is Samsung's problem. I am putting this problem on Face Book and also advising my friends of the poor service you have. I suggest you get JDPower and Associates to give the whole organization a clinic on customer satisfaction. You certainly don't know how to even give "good" service much less exceeding expectations of the customer!! Sondra Katzenstein

I would give less than 1 star...I bought an expensive front load washer and in only three years it was rusting and they won't do crap about it. They said that it was due to moisture...NO SHIT IT'S A WASHING MACHINE. DON'T EVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS....THEY SUCK....

Had a sever isssus with my TV. Broke suddenly after only a year of purchase. Bought it when it first came out. Sent a technician to my house 3 times, all 3 times with refurbished broken damage units. TV is more messed up then ever. Still waiting for my refund and they take 5%!!! They don't even give you full refund. I deserved that after they broke my tv 4 times! Customer service is beyond horrible !!!!!!!!! Called for 2 months straight this issue is still going on !!!! Will never buy ANYTHING from Samsung ever again !!!!!! Horrible company, business and people working for them. Do your homework before you purchase anything from this company. I will never again!!

Samsung has terrible customer support. I purchased a dryer for $850 and eat sestoys clothes due to a defective dryer lint trap. All of my tank tops, bras, etc. are getting stuck in the lint trap and getting destroyed!!! I tried to get the part replaced and they are completely unwilling to help. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE SAMSUNG AGAIN!!!

I bought a 42" Samsung projection tv in 2007 for $900. I have only been able to enjoy watching this tv for approx a year during the past 5 years because it keeps going out. wtf are you making such inferior products for Samsung, you should be ashamed. I have a 13", 20 year old jvc tv that's still working! Phil j., Los Angeles

I am so disapointed with samsung becauce I thought they had such high quality of product. We were watching TV and heard something and when I got up My microwave door was open. We called repair man ,$75. to come out $125. to test and see what was wrong, then probally replace the whole door.. Having a smart husband that I do, he took the door apart and the little piece that that held the spring had broken, mind you this little piece is a thin piece of plastic that works every time the door is open. Any nitwit would know it will not take to many times for this to break. We went on computer and bought the part for $1.38 shipping $5.95 tax .52 total price $7.85 I do love my microwave and it works well but I am giving Samsung 1 star just because of the poor quality of workmanship, me I donot know to much about repair I know you cannot use a tiny piece of plastic to hold a sping. I tried to get in touch the company to tell them of this but was not able to find any , so I hope they get this and respond to me. thank you

Bought an over the range microwave oven, after 4 visits it is still not working. I asked for a replacement, and they denied my request. I will admit that they are easy to contact, and get back to me in a reasonable amount of time, but they have no concept of the inconvenience they make their customers endure. This will be visit #5 to attempt repair. I'm very frustrated that I have to leave work each time to meet an incompetent Samsung repairman at my house.

This is one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. I have called the company numerous times and they are constantly connecting me to a voicemail. The company keep saying that I will just have to keep calling back yet I am stuck with a 50" TV that isn't even 2 years old that is not working. The TV keeps clicking on and off by itself. I am so frustrated that this has happened and I refuse to foot the bill for this faulty product. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samsung galaxy s 4g, without a doudt the worse cell phone out there, had the phone a month and am returning to costco, bluetooth problems along with ringtone issues, won't buy another samsung product ever, clearly a choice this company makes, send out infior products then let your support team take the heat this will catch up with them in time,you can't escape this

Bought my mom a Samsung fridge as a gift. She's now mopping up water twice a day that is collecting beneath the two crispers inside!!! It's an expensive french door model. Repairman says it's defective!!!! Samsumg knows it!!!! He'll need to come out every couple of months at $100 to defrost it. There is no repair kit or repair option yet from Samsung. The issue is the "defrost drain is freezing over". I will get some answers or drop this thing at corporates front door!!!

Bought an air conditioner in March of 2011. It stopped working in Sept 2011. Called Samsung who told me yes it is under warrenty. Well that didnt matter to them because they sent me on a goose chase that went into late fall. I was told to call back in spring of 2012. Against my better judgement I called back and was told yes we can schedule someone (that was after 6 calls). I get a number to call and was then told this unit, which I paid 500.00 for, was discontinued and that I could get 100.00 towards another unit. Unfair. Such poor service. Although I thought they had other good products I will not purchase any product from them. I jsut recently bought a large screen television. The salesman advised I could get a Samsung at a better price than I would have for my Sony. No thanks.....I will go with quality and integrity or lies and a company that doesnt stand behind their products.

Both my daughters and I bought Samsung TV's thinking they would give us trouble free service for a long time. All three of the TV's on/off switch quit working. I'm still trying to get mine resolved after several phone calls. Today I got a new Ticket number. I don't know why the old ticket number didn't work anymore. We don't have a repair service where I live to come and look at our TV's. This is the second time now that Samsung will call around to find someone and will get told the same thing. This is the worst company I have dealt with. All three of us will not buy anything with Samsung name on it.

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