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My family and I was sitting on the couch watching the tv we bought not even a year old and a black line came across the tv. We got to looking at the tv and it had a crack in it, we have a 3 year warranty and we can not get any help from anyone at samsung. Samsung is a JOKE. They said it was physical damage but it is on the wall and nobody touched the tv. The black line and the crack just came up. SAMSUNG SUCKS NEVER BUY SAMSUNG.

To make a long story short Samsung customer service was a dead end "We're sorry mam" and would not help me or direct me to someone who could help me. Went back to Wal-Mart where I purchased my Samsung Notebook and filled them in on Samsung's "sorry mam story" and received an apology for Samsung's poor customer service. Wal-Mart was disappointed with how my service problem was handled since my computer was only 5 months old. Wal-Mart gave me a fair discount toward a new purchase. I decided on a HP notebook in place of the Samsung. What a difference much better system. I think I paid thirty dollars more but beleive me it was worth it. I think I am over the whole Samsung anything for the rest of my days. Well Samsung you have lost my business and I plan to keep sharing my story. The Wal-Mart by me will not be suggesting your products as one of their better products to purchase. They will be recommending Dell or Hp for a notebooks when asked which product is better.

Good luck with customer service, Samsung has the worst representation of any dealer we have ever dealt with. Bought two refrigerators, apon delivery we noticed the freezer door insulation was protruding out due to a tear in the plastic shell, contacting Samsung get one no where. Samsung gives you the run around when it comes to customer service. THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH A PROBLEM!!! If I had seen reviews on this page regarding their customer service, we would have bought a kitchen aid instead. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SAMSUNG, if it breaks good luck getting it fixed or replaced!!!

Helo i have been using portable harddisk and lately it is giving me a hard problem ..... and i cant acess to it. SAMSUNG HM500JI ATA Device Manufacturer SAMSUNG Business Unit/Brand Mobile Model Capacity For This Specific Drive 500GB Heads 16 Cylinders 16383 SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s Device type Fixed ATA Standard ATA8-ACS LBA Size 48-bit LBA Power On Count 2413 times Power On Time 10.4 days Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM, NCQ Transfer Mode SATA II Interface SATA Capacity 488GB Real size 500,107,862,016 bytes RAID Type None S.M.A.R.T 01 Read Error Rate 001 (001 worst) Data 00000171CF 02 Throughput Performance 252 (252) Data 0000000000 03 Spin-Up Time 089 (089) Data 0000000D16 04 Start/Stop Count 098 (098) Data 0000000983 05 Reallocated Sectors Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 07 Seek Error Rate 252 (252) Data 0000000000 08 Seek Time Performance 252 (252) Data 0000000000 09 Power-On Hours (POH) 100 (100) Data 00000000F9 0A Spin Retry Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 0B Recalibration Retries 100 (100) Data 000000018F 0C Device Power Cycle Count 098 (098) Data 000000096D BF G-sense error rate 100 (100) Data 0000000040 C0 Power-off Retract Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C2 Temperature 064 (052) Data 00000C0023 C3 Hardware ECC Recovered 100 (100) Data 0000000000 C4 Reallocation Event Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C5 Current Pending Sector Count 006 (006) Data 0000000AAF C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C7 UltraDMA CRC Error Count 097 (097) Data 00000006A0 C8 Write Error Rate / Multi-Zone Error Rate 100 (100) Data 0000000DB5 DF Load/Unload Retry Count 100 (100) Data 000000018F E1 Load/Unload Cycle Count 070 (070) Data 000004B0F4 Temperature 41 °C Temperature Range ok (less than 50 °C) Status Good Partition 0 Partition ID Disk #1, Partition #0 Disk Letter G: Size 0MB Used Space 0MB (100%) Free Space 0MB (0%)

I am the proud owner of a $750 Samsung DISHWASHER. We purchased it 15 months ago. The control panel failed and was repaired in a week. On Easter Sunday, it failed again. THEY CAN'T GET THE PART. There's been such a "run" on this part, the repair company can't get it. We got one! It was defective! I've been washing dishes by hand for 6 weeks now. We heard today that the part will leave Korea in a week. It my be at the local distributor in another week and installed in yet another. IF IT WORKS, I will have a dishwasher ONLY 2 months after it broke. Of the 15 months in our home, we have had a working appliance for 13 1/2 months. I guess we didn't pay enough!!!

I have bought one Samsung Mobile Model No. 19001, Galaxy S Plus on 8th April 2012 from M/s Alfa , MUmbai, India under Bill No. B/198 dated 8.4.2012. Within next 48 hours the Instrument started giving problem w.r.t message key pad not functioning. The instrument was given to your service centre at Mobile Cool services, Andheri(West),Mumbai on 14th April 2012. There aftyer we have visted 4 times to the said Service centre and everytime the instrumnet is kept for observation for 2-3 days and returned to us. The engineer have accepted that there is a fault in the Instrument. Till date the same problems exists with no final solution. The services of your office in Mumbai is pathetic. I have now zero confidence on the samsung product. Sony and LG are more better in terms of after sales service. This mail is to call upon to direct your Mumbai office to replece this defetctive instrumnet with immediate effect. I have already experienced lot of inconvenience in this matter. I have been left with no other option rather than take legal course of action on Samsung. I am sure your timely intervention will help ion sorting this out and save time and money all the parties involved, Please do let me know you require any supporting on this. There are dozen of mails which i have written to your Mumbai Customer satisfaction team with no end result. Regards, Rajiv Gupta

your rating is poor, because i have a samsung product, LCD, gifted by bharti airtel, but i have no bill, now problem is new LCD not working properly, service centre wants bill, my number is 9815049915

I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer July 2011. I recently moved to an apartment which doesn't have the washer and dryer side by side to hook up the hose from the dryer to the water for the "wrinkle preventer".. I was surprised to find out that my dryer will not work at all unless this is hooked up! Who would design a dryer with a feature like this?! I called Samsung yesterday when I discovered this, as I'm so behind with laundry because of this incredible move, and was transferred 5 times with no answers of a remedy of deactivating this feature. I was then given a service date which is two weeks away!!! So, I have spent $800 for a dryer that will not work, and I'm now finding out that the service for Samsung is absolutely horrible! At this point, I will never purchase another product with the name Samsung on it again. I have never heard of such a design flaw in my entire life! So, I"m now having to take my clothes to the laundry when I have a set of useless machines worth $1600 sitting in my apartment. Kim Pedersen kpedersen2@yahoo.com

I am so frustrated in April of 2010 I purchased a 55" Samsung TV, a refridgerator, and a front load washer and Dryer. I registered on-line and received confirmation of a 3month extention on my warranty on my washer and Dryer. The warranty states that 1 yr. parts and service and 2 yr. on control panel parts. With the extention on the warranty the 2 yr. warranty will expire on July 3, 2012. The control panel on the dryer went out and Samsung says that I am out of warranty. I have the print out of the extention on the warranty. I have called numerous times and get the same run around you are unable to talk to a supervisor and you can not get through on the corporate phone line it is constantly busy. My next step is a letter to the president of the company, Ca. consumer advocates, and possibly small claims court. I will never buy another Samsung product if they do not resolve the situation. I will also tell all friends and relatives to do the same. I can not believe the treatment of a customer that purchased so many of their high ticket items. Please consider this before you do business with a company that treats its customer like this.

As per the sentiment expressed by others below, 1 star is 1 too many for this reprehensible shower of corporate A-holes. Purchased a Samsung laptop in Australia with so-called "international warranty" and have had no luck getting a major defect remedied. There is no limit to the ways in which this billion dollar empire of money sucking scum will attempt to avoid an estimated $200 in warranty repairs. Pathetic is the phrase that comes to mind - and their cheap rip-off products are no better. My fight for a just remedy (or any sort of remedy for that matter) has only just begun. In the meantime, my advice is to avoid Samsung and pay the few extra dollars for products that are way better, or are manufactured by companies with ethics and business models that include customer service.

This Conversation to mial team samsung Dear Sir/Mam I have received called 14 may 9:45 pm regarding complain no 8425385644 this and talk to Mr.Inderjeet and as per accoding him my LCD was repair to out side and he was to conifidation. 1 of your Enginner was came to 1st complain and he say i just closing your complain i dont think so your taking to serius my consern. without any conformation your empolye say repair to out side i think this is right time have to take some legale action to your company and your fu****** empoly. 1 thing also he say if Servies engineer will came to repair my LCD you have to pay 850rs amount but my LCD was naver rapair to out side so why this amt paid to my side you have to 2 choice now 1 changed my LCD Now and 2 i will handel to your advocate in consuemer court. And i have to much enoufg time to written mail call to Customer caer some other Work so don't worry I am not leaving this issue very simply you have to suffer also...... Call to Me only this No 9911111263 R"S Narbir Chauhan 9911111263 On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 10:29 AM, deepak chauhan <narbir85@gmail.com> wrote: Dear Sir/mam Really Same on this kind of serves you have Samsung no 1 brand i am complain last 2 week and still my issue not resolved. You mean to say you are( continuously following up with the concerned Branch Service Center ) last 2 week i think your followup with Korea team... very good services plz share this feed back with your senior i love yor serves Do you know what is the meen of bold black world in mail.....just conform other wise i will tell you in next mail bcoz i know i have written again to no 1 brand Samsung. ha ha ha ha ha R's Narbir Chauhan On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 3:41 PM, SUPPORT INDIA <support.india@samsung.com> wrote: Dear Mr. Chauhan, Samsung Namaskar! We appreciate you giving us this opportunity to assist you in resolving the concerns you have with your Samsung product. With reference to your e-mail, we would like to inform you that we are continuously following up with the concerned Branch Service Center and will be updating you the exact status as soon as possible. We do apologize for all the inconvenience you have encountered on this occasion and appreciate your patience. We look forward to your support for allowing us to assist you in resolving your concerns. Warm Regards, Surya.R.Kurup Customer Satisfaction Team - Support.India Contact Numbers: MTNL/BSNL Users: 1800 110011 (Toll-free) Others: 30308282 (Chargeable - To dial, prefix your local STD code) ------- Original Message ------- Sender : deepak chauhan<narbir85@gmail.com> Date : May 09, 2012 12:58 (GMT+05:30) Title : Re: Re: Un expectable customer services from a respectable brand "Samsung" Dear Sir/Mam why no Buddy came...i have complan on 4th of may and today 9th of may this kind of services you have.....lealing brand samsung.. IF u think really about Customer plz solved my issue R's Narbir Chauha On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 6:29 PM, SUPPORT INDIA <support.india@samsung.com> wrote: Dear Mr. Chauhan, Samsung Namaskar! We are delighted to have you as our esteemed customer and thank you for taking time to write to us. As per our telephonic conversation, our engineer will visit at your place very shortly to rectify your issue. We do appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Warm Regards, Gulshan Kumar Customer Satisfaction Team - Support. India Contact Numbers MTNL/BSNL Users: 1800 110011 (Toll-free) Others: 30308282 (Chargeable - To dial, prefix your local STD code) ------- Original Message ------- Sender : deepak chauhan<narbir85@gmail.com> Date : May 05, 2012 11:25 (GMT+05:30) Title : Re: Un expectable customer services from a respectable brand "Samsung" Dear All concerns, I am Deepak Singh Chauhan, writing this mail with sheer frustration and agony and after struggling fro last 2 days. I want to have the patience and few minutes of your precious time of all of you whom so ever has been marked this mail and intention for writing such big mail to highlight the issues at every step when I tried my level best and left no stone unturned. Why is it such a humungous deal to get any little thing sorted? I’ve purchased the Samsung TV inspite of having endless option available in the market just because of the impression I’m carrying since childhood. I bought 81 cm. Samsung LCD with serial number LA32c480h1lxl from VINOD ELECTRONICS, Pul pehlad pur New Delhi and the amount I have paid for the this transaction is INR 29500 (twenty nine thousand five hundred) on 24th Nov 2011. With this I was also provided with one year of warranty. (Still I am having 6 months warranty period left) Now fom last 2-3 days back real phase of struggling journey started when I observed that the uppur screen guard has detached from the screen. After having this clear observation that something is wrong, I registered a complaint (no. 8425385644) at the customer care on 02 may 2012. It was good to observe that the Enginear (contact no. 9250540669)came well on time the very next day but i was surprised to know that the plastic covring is not under warrenty and will not be replaced also what he had to say that I should have complainted earlier 2 or 3 months. i have failed to understand that what dose the word WARRENTY means to you people when some short of part can not be replaced which is also the very much part of the body of the t.v. set, also how could i had loged complaint before when the issue is just from the last 2 days. I again dialed your customer care today, i was promised that some senior will call me after 2 or 3 hours but no one has turned up yet. So hope this is my last stint with Samsung and shall not intend to buy any product in future and shall not recommend Samsung to anyone. But surely post this blog to all leading website and file a case. This e-mail justifies the pain and frustration I gone through and hence my last effort for justice. Now, I strongly requires a visit from some well qualified enginear who have the knowledge of the product and could understand the pain of the customer to repair of my television free of cost. Failure of above mentioned point would surely lead to a legal contest with the publication of this experience to all leading website. Regards, Deepak Singh Chauhan Contact number - 91-9911111263

i bought a samsung american style fridge freezer 3 years ago and now its not working it took 7 calls and 8 days to get an engineer out to have a look at it. then i was told it was going to cost another £350 to fix it but at least they came out free of charge(thanks so much for that) im already £100 down due to all the food that went in the bin and when asked about if they were going to compensate me for this i was told sorry we dont do that . well samsung im sorry .sorry for ever buying ur dodgy product sorry for giving you £800 thats the last product im ever going to buy from you guys . ur service is second class and ur products are even worse than that. what really sticks in my throat is that my old fridge freezer is 16 years old and i gave it to my inlaws and guess what its still going great unlike ur one id like to see what would have happened if i sold you a fridge for £800 and it broke down in 3 years i bet you wouldnt put up with this treatment your a bunch of amatures.

I purchased the PN50C450B1DXZA plasma tv and it is the single worst purchase of my life. I've had numerous tvs that lasted years upon years. I opted to not get extended warranty for that reason and thought Samsung made some of the best stuff... wrong! 14 months and three tech visits later the tv is toast. Of course it's out of warranty and Samsung refuses to do anything about it. The tech said screen is shot and I may as well part it out on ebay. And for anyone thinking about one, just search the internet for Samsung tv problems and lawsuits. BEWARE! DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG!

Hello! Samsung car, SM3, 2 months old. Worst experience of my life. Reps in Chile operate as gangsters. Lost the whole wheel on the road, high speed. Samsung Chile did not allow me to check the problem. Them 3 weeks later the said that it was my fault. Amelia Izquierdo ameliaizquierdo@yahoo.com

AMELIAIZQUIERDO@YAHOO.COM I would appreciate very much, if you could advise me the name of the CEO of Samsung Cars, for the United States. In Chile Samsung Cars, operate as gangsters. Thank you very much. Please replies to AMELIAIZQUIERDO@yahoo.com

Don't buy Samsung. Purchased refrig in Nov 2009. 53 weeks later would not cool. They could fix problem. It would happen about every 4 months and I would unplug for 6 hours, plug back in and work for another 4 months. Finally went out for good after 2 years, my cost 454.74. Called Samsung Executive Customer Assistace and they would nothing for me. I should have kept my GE that was 12 years old and still working. TAlk about a company not standing behind their product!!!!!!!! What they basically say at Cus Ser is, " to bad you are on your own andwedon't care.

I have recently had two Samsung products fail (Galaxy S Vibrant GT i9000 phone and a Samsung microwave). The phone was bought while travelling and Samsung, though an international company, will not honor the warranty in the country where I live. They expect me to mail it back to South East Asia which would involve hiring a translator and international shipping there and back. The Canadian head office of Samsung would not even acknowledge my letter in which I described the problem and sent them all relevent receipts and proof of purchase. The microwave was a month past warranty. The onboard diagnostic program had identified the problem as a board problem so we ordered a new board. That was not the issue and the supplier would not take the board back. We next orderd a new keypad which fixed the problem but I was out almost $200 for service charges and cost of the board. A new microwave, similar model, would have been only $299. Overall, dealing with samsung is frustrating and they are rigid and unyielding regarding warranty and cutomer relations are lousy. The customer it appears is seldom right in their books.

I will never buy a Samsung product again. Their support is a joke. I have a three month old LCD TV that I got as a gift. This morning the picture went and now the sound. I have a broken toe and cannot take this damn tv in myself. They will not send a mobile repair service out even though they have authorized dealers that are willing to come out. They have told so many lies. I hate this company.

Poor customer service- 2 wks llater after my dryer won't heat, I had to call sears repair' cause there was a mix up with the service appt- as it turns out it was the heating unit. My old whirlpool lasted 15 years w/o a problem. I gave the old unit to my sister in law and it's still working. My Samsung isn't even 3 years old and I spent $300.00 to repair! Not a good showing.

I can NOT (in good faith) tell you to buy a SAMSUNG refrigerator. We made the mistake & bought the french door lower freezer model...under 10 months old it stopped cooling. MANY MANY CALLS TO SAMSUNG, 3 service calls (several missed days work because of "No Shows") and 6 weeks later Samsung finally said they'd honor their warranty & replace it.... You can guess what it was replaced with...ANOTHER SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR. Hundreds of dollars in wasted food (only a fraction covered by Samsung) MANY missed work days (unpaid) AND A TON OF PHONE TIME....DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG! The replacement makes more noises than the original one but made the one year mark still cooling.(TV customer service isn't too far from the refrigerators) B E W A R E ! ! !

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