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Another dissatisfied consumer. I have had 2 samsung products to fail and received no support from Samsung. I purchased a samsung television over a year ago and it stopped working after a year (wouldn't turn on). Around the same time, I purchased an LG and Sony television for my kids both less expensive than mine but theirs are still working. Samsung stated that my warranty has expired. Also I purchased a samsung infuse phone as a Christmas gift 6 months ago and already there is a problem. The battery wont charge. Samsung has voided the warranty saying the problem is due to water damage but the phone was not exposed to water nor do the water indicators (on the phone and battery) reveal water damage. I predicted they would say this. The funny thing is, the phone still works when the battery is charged outside of the phone. I had the same exact problem with my iphone but when I took it to Apple they replaced it, so for now on I will stick with Apple when it comes to mobile phones. In closing I would like to add that I work at one of the big stores that sell TVs, tablets and appliances and I am very honest when asked about my recommendations. I don't hesitate to share my stories and advise consumers to stay away from Samsung products due to poor customer service and products. Please note that even the comments with 5 star ratings are dissatisfied with samsung products as well, it is apparent that they didn't realize that they needed to change the rating before they submitted.

I have never experienced like this b4, I have purchased Samsung refrigerator week later the ice machine doesnt work, Fine they replaced it, 4 months later computer is not working weell, Pc error, called the company they said technician will be there on monday between 8 to 12 pm, when \i called 12 pm where is the tech, they said that is a mistake, we dont have the part we have to order for you, these has been 3 weeks, They contacted me and said that your order is still backordered, we can send you a replacment, I didn't want Replacment because is 2nd floor and they will scratch my door somehow. Thay said ok we will keep continue with the service, 2 hour later receive an email my order is been councel.I have called them again for hours and hours over the phone, Thay gave me a repair center to contact, I called them few times no response, left few mesages no response,I dont know what to do with this horrible Service and those people are the worst to deal with, No respect and very very low quality customer service, I hope they will go for bankrupt dont deserve to be in the business,I never knew such a big name will have such a low quality pruduct and service,

I will never buy a Samsung product again. The microvwave I bought broke down three times in 18 months. I had to have two repairs by Samsung and when the appliance broke down a third time, Samsung would NOT admit that their microwave was defective! I called a total of eight times and was even given an incorrect address by two different people at Samsung for me to get in touch with Customer Service. I mailed a letter to Customer Service and I kept being told that "the letter was never received," only to find out today that I was given the wrong address! I asked what Customer Service did with the letter if it was supposed to go to Corporate Headquarters and the supervisor couldn't even give me an answer! They're all reading from the same script that only says "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, blah, blah, blah." I went to the Samsung official website and tried to call the 973-601-6000 number to reach Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey and even that IS NOT IN WORKING ORDER!! I am telling everyone not to buy Samsung products because Samsung does not stand behind their products and would not take repsonsibility for a defective product. I just had to go out and buy a new microwave; have been without one since May 26. I bought a GE and in the future, won't even buy Samsung electronics,nevermind a microwave or any other appliance.

as u read about there bad service, tell every one about them when the bucks stop then maybe heads will roll, i;m sure it will get there att; when sale slow down if u are going to spend your money go some where else.that s the word for today on samsung, now tell aleast 3 people today and 3 to morrow,the word will spred like fire,if they dont want to do right let them no and tell other to let them no dont buy from them,there problem is they think they have got to big,money hungry, your hard money

Dear Sir I have pleasure in informing you that with Mobil Samsung GT-S5230 I take the picture of Venus when crossing the sun on the sky of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I wonder the mobile camera of this apparatus for the reason of taking picture in 100 thousand kilometers away from the earth.. If your company needs this picture please contact me by the following email address solohouse@ymail.com Addis Ababa Ethiopia Mobile number +251911860068 I am the witiness for Samsung Mobile have the best camera and makes the best bicture Solomon

LED screen failed after 2.5 years. Customer service says "Sorry to hear that." Offers no help. SPent several days trying to resolve problem. No joy there. Refused to refer to higher level. Refused to give contact at corporate level. Samsung makes a fine product as long as you don't have a problem with it. Out of warranty? Yes. But a high-end LED screen should last a lot longer than 2-1/2 years. I replaced the TV which is unviewable, with a 55" Sony. Sorry Samsung!

I just received a call from a Samsung representative after complaining to online feedback. I found it troubling that they came up with yet another reason not to help me. I had originally sent my computer in because of keyboard problems. They found that there was water damage to the keyboard. I told them to fix the keyboard at my expense. I totally understood since it was my fault. They then informed me that there was also a problem with the charge port. The charge port was seperating from the motherboard. They were surprised it was still charging and working. I did not even have a clue there was a problem with the charge port. I was orginally told we could have fixed the charge port but because there was water damage the warranty is voided. I then began to complain from department to department. I finally after two days of being disconnected and unable to get a call through. I actually had to use another phone to get a call through. I think they had my number and was automatically disconnecting me when I called. I finally received a phone call back from a samsung representaive that had read my complaint online. After waiting a few days for the representaive to talk with someone then call me back I was told the charge port was cracked and they could not help me fix it. They were sorry and thanked me for my time. "OK Really"! Sincerely thanks for all your help customer service. I do understand you are only following Samsungs policy. Samsung looks for ways to protect Samsung NOT their customer.

samsung SUCKS woooooow just spent 64.41 min on phone with them trying to get a cell phone fixed or replaced. just found this site, and im less impressed with samsung. SEEMS TO ME IT MAY BE CLASS ACTION LAWSUTE TIME???

I HATE SAMSUNG and there stupid refridgerator. I will be selling my refridgerator as soon as it gets fixed. My refridgerator is not even a year old and the fan for the freezer is making noise. In order to have the fan replaced we have to defrost our whole refridgerator. Which means I have to find someplace to put all my freezer and fridge food. What am I suppose to do with all that food???? This is the third time someone has been out to fix our refridgerator. What a piece of crap. I tried calling Samsung corporate office and you can't even get a hold of anyone there. It's a busy signal......which means it is not the correct number or they had it disconnected. I will be selling my refridgerator.....I would rather take a loss of a couple hundred dollars then deal with Samsun products. What a crock. Very very dissatisfied with Samsung and will never buy another product from them.

I bought a 60 inch plasma TV for my son's birthday, no problem with the TV, but, with the company in which I bought it from. I went into the store in good faith to buy a TV, The salesman took us over to what they called, an open box sale, it was priced at 1,497.00, which I thought was a good deal, I told the salesman to hold it until my son could get there to see it. When my son got to the store he liked the TV, so I authorized the store to put it on my credit card, Well, I didn't get it at the price promised, but for 200.00 more, since I wasn't there, I didn't realize what had happened. I just returned from H H Greg, and they said it was because of Samsung, He said they would omly allow 15%. I am very angry, I bought the TV in good faith at thew price I was told. If something isn;t done about this, I am taking the TV back to the store I feel I have been taken advantage of, and I want what I was promised. I would appreciate a call. Paula 904- 200- 7039.

Hi guys, I have been victimised for buying a samsung galaxy s2. Here is the story. I bought a Samsung galaxy s2 from a shop in Bur Dubai. In spite of me repeatedly asking him if the phone has warranty from Eros Group the agent says yes it does have warranty from Eros. I ended up speaking with the sales agent from Eros just to reconfirm the the phone has eros warranty and I was told yes the phone has eros warranty. Now after few months when I wanted to update the OS to ICS 4, I was told at the samsung service centre in Al Barsha that this phone has only three months warranty. Apparently Eros group has two policies for its standard warranty. Some phones have 1 year warranty while others bought from local shop in Bur Dubai have 3 months warranty. This is something which neither the local shop, Eros Group or Samsung informed me. Also the phone contains the document about standard support from Eros but no mention about the tenor of the warranty. Hence guys pls pls be aware and make sure you ask the dealer whenever you buy your next samsung phone and check if it does have a Eros warranty then ASK them is it 3 months or 1 year warranty that you will get. Avoid being victimised as I feel I have been. This policy of 3 months / 1 year warranty is not published in any advertisements of Samsung, Eros Group or the local dealer. Simply very unprofessional.

My family and I was sitting on the couch watching the tv we bought not even a year old and a black line came across the tv. We got to looking at the tv and it had a crack in it, we have a 3 year warranty and we can not get any help from anyone at samsung. Samsung is a JOKE. They said it was physical damage but it is on the wall and nobody touched the tv. The black line and the crack just came up. SAMSUNG SUCKS NEVER BUY SAMSUNG.

To make a long story short Samsung customer service was a dead end "We're sorry mam" and would not help me or direct me to someone who could help me. Went back to Wal-Mart where I purchased my Samsung Notebook and filled them in on Samsung's "sorry mam story" and received an apology for Samsung's poor customer service. Wal-Mart was disappointed with how my service problem was handled since my computer was only 5 months old. Wal-Mart gave me a fair discount toward a new purchase. I decided on a HP notebook in place of the Samsung. What a difference much better system. I think I paid thirty dollars more but beleive me it was worth it. I think I am over the whole Samsung anything for the rest of my days. Well Samsung you have lost my business and I plan to keep sharing my story. The Wal-Mart by me will not be suggesting your products as one of their better products to purchase. They will be recommending Dell or Hp for a notebooks when asked which product is better.

Good luck with customer service, Samsung has the worst representation of any dealer we have ever dealt with. Bought two refrigerators, apon delivery we noticed the freezer door insulation was protruding out due to a tear in the plastic shell, contacting Samsung get one no where. Samsung gives you the run around when it comes to customer service. THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH A PROBLEM!!! If I had seen reviews on this page regarding their customer service, we would have bought a kitchen aid instead. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SAMSUNG, if it breaks good luck getting it fixed or replaced!!!

Helo i have been using portable harddisk and lately it is giving me a hard problem ..... and i cant acess to it. SAMSUNG HM500JI ATA Device Manufacturer SAMSUNG Business Unit/Brand Mobile Model Capacity For This Specific Drive 500GB Heads 16 Cylinders 16383 SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s Device type Fixed ATA Standard ATA8-ACS LBA Size 48-bit LBA Power On Count 2413 times Power On Time 10.4 days Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM, NCQ Transfer Mode SATA II Interface SATA Capacity 488GB Real size 500,107,862,016 bytes RAID Type None S.M.A.R.T 01 Read Error Rate 001 (001 worst) Data 00000171CF 02 Throughput Performance 252 (252) Data 0000000000 03 Spin-Up Time 089 (089) Data 0000000D16 04 Start/Stop Count 098 (098) Data 0000000983 05 Reallocated Sectors Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 07 Seek Error Rate 252 (252) Data 0000000000 08 Seek Time Performance 252 (252) Data 0000000000 09 Power-On Hours (POH) 100 (100) Data 00000000F9 0A Spin Retry Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 0B Recalibration Retries 100 (100) Data 000000018F 0C Device Power Cycle Count 098 (098) Data 000000096D BF G-sense error rate 100 (100) Data 0000000040 C0 Power-off Retract Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C2 Temperature 064 (052) Data 00000C0023 C3 Hardware ECC Recovered 100 (100) Data 0000000000 C4 Reallocation Event Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C5 Current Pending Sector Count 006 (006) Data 0000000AAF C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count 252 (252) Data 0000000000 C7 UltraDMA CRC Error Count 097 (097) Data 00000006A0 C8 Write Error Rate / Multi-Zone Error Rate 100 (100) Data 0000000DB5 DF Load/Unload Retry Count 100 (100) Data 000000018F E1 Load/Unload Cycle Count 070 (070) Data 000004B0F4 Temperature 41 °C Temperature Range ok (less than 50 °C) Status Good Partition 0 Partition ID Disk #1, Partition #0 Disk Letter G: Size 0MB Used Space 0MB (100%) Free Space 0MB (0%)

I am the proud owner of a $750 Samsung DISHWASHER. We purchased it 15 months ago. The control panel failed and was repaired in a week. On Easter Sunday, it failed again. THEY CAN'T GET THE PART. There's been such a "run" on this part, the repair company can't get it. We got one! It was defective! I've been washing dishes by hand for 6 weeks now. We heard today that the part will leave Korea in a week. It my be at the local distributor in another week and installed in yet another. IF IT WORKS, I will have a dishwasher ONLY 2 months after it broke. Of the 15 months in our home, we have had a working appliance for 13 1/2 months. I guess we didn't pay enough!!!

I have bought one Samsung Mobile Model No. 19001, Galaxy S Plus on 8th April 2012 from M/s Alfa , MUmbai, India under Bill No. B/198 dated 8.4.2012. Within next 48 hours the Instrument started giving problem w.r.t message key pad not functioning. The instrument was given to your service centre at Mobile Cool services, Andheri(West),Mumbai on 14th April 2012. There aftyer we have visted 4 times to the said Service centre and everytime the instrumnet is kept for observation for 2-3 days and returned to us. The engineer have accepted that there is a fault in the Instrument. Till date the same problems exists with no final solution. The services of your office in Mumbai is pathetic. I have now zero confidence on the samsung product. Sony and LG are more better in terms of after sales service. This mail is to call upon to direct your Mumbai office to replece this defetctive instrumnet with immediate effect. I have already experienced lot of inconvenience in this matter. I have been left with no other option rather than take legal course of action on Samsung. I am sure your timely intervention will help ion sorting this out and save time and money all the parties involved, Please do let me know you require any supporting on this. There are dozen of mails which i have written to your Mumbai Customer satisfaction team with no end result. Regards, Rajiv Gupta

your rating is poor, because i have a samsung product, LCD, gifted by bharti airtel, but i have no bill, now problem is new LCD not working properly, service centre wants bill, my number is 9815049915

I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer July 2011. I recently moved to an apartment which doesn't have the washer and dryer side by side to hook up the hose from the dryer to the water for the "wrinkle preventer".. I was surprised to find out that my dryer will not work at all unless this is hooked up! Who would design a dryer with a feature like this?! I called Samsung yesterday when I discovered this, as I'm so behind with laundry because of this incredible move, and was transferred 5 times with no answers of a remedy of deactivating this feature. I was then given a service date which is two weeks away!!! So, I have spent $800 for a dryer that will not work, and I'm now finding out that the service for Samsung is absolutely horrible! At this point, I will never purchase another product with the name Samsung on it again. I have never heard of such a design flaw in my entire life! So, I"m now having to take my clothes to the laundry when I have a set of useless machines worth $1600 sitting in my apartment. Kim Pedersen kpedersen2@yahoo.com

I am so frustrated in April of 2010 I purchased a 55" Samsung TV, a refridgerator, and a front load washer and Dryer. I registered on-line and received confirmation of a 3month extention on my warranty on my washer and Dryer. The warranty states that 1 yr. parts and service and 2 yr. on control panel parts. With the extention on the warranty the 2 yr. warranty will expire on July 3, 2012. The control panel on the dryer went out and Samsung says that I am out of warranty. I have the print out of the extention on the warranty. I have called numerous times and get the same run around you are unable to talk to a supervisor and you can not get through on the corporate phone line it is constantly busy. My next step is a letter to the president of the company, Ca. consumer advocates, and possibly small claims court. I will never buy another Samsung product if they do not resolve the situation. I will also tell all friends and relatives to do the same. I can not believe the treatment of a customer that purchased so many of their high ticket items. Please consider this before you do business with a company that treats its customer like this.

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