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Bought a LCD Samsung TV for 2'600 euros and have been told they cannot get parts. Will never buy a Samsung product again......

Never again will I purchase another Samsung product. The Blueray player I got has have 4 software updates over the past 9 months. This is the pain in the you know what as it takes time to do the downloads which I seem to have problesm with. Spent another 2 hrs. on the pnone today with the tech and she could not walk me thru the process. So here I sit and can't use it to stream Netflix now. I talked to 3 different techs and they honestly can't talk me thru step by step. Why so many upgrades in the software? I have friends who have different types of Blue Ray players and none have had to do these updates on the software. If they did it was maybe one in 15 months. Samsung has horrible techs helping on the phone. They are worthless and I will never, ever buy another samsung product. Grrrrr!!!!! I will talk to all of my family and friends and tell them to avoid all Samsung products as it will be a problem and they can't tell you how to fix things.

I HAD TO CALL THE POLICE!!! on SAMSUNG TECH!!! I had to report the tech! who tried to extort money out of me!! Alan and Sons Appliance repair in L.A... sent an undocumented, UNTRACEABLE illegal Russian SUB-CONTRACTOR into my house ! THEY LIED AND SAID he was THEIR EMPLOYEE!!! HE LIED AND SAID HE WAS THE LICENSE HOLDER 'VIC' ! When He INSISTED I GIVE HIM A LOT OF MONEY FOR THE REPAIR saying he would come back with the part tomorrow... no way!! I suddenly realized I had to get out of my house and call the POLICE because he wouldn't leave without the money!!! I was on the phone waiting... and he got scared and took off!! SAMSUNG will NEVER see a dollar of mine ever again! Then... the CEO's office called me and got furious with me on the phonE, CALLING ME NAMES FOR CALLING THE POLICE!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!??? I BOYCOT SAMSUNG AND AM POSTING IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET, AND YOUTUBE!!!!! UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR AND PRACTICES!!!!! SAM-SUCKS!!!!!

WE purchased our Samsung refridgerator on March 1, 2011. Before the year was up I discovered water accumulating in the crisper drawers. I called customer service and after much hassle Samsung agreed to have the serviceman of their choice come to our house. He had to order a part and came back in a week. When he left, he said--they will pay for this one but not the next one. I said "you mean it's going to break again?" He shut the door and left.Two more service calls later --same problem.Unloading the fridge and freezer is getting old. I don't think it can be fixed. It is something to do with a panel that is inside of the back of the fridge and the fact that it doesn't defrost itself properly and goes into the drawers. We thought we were buying a quality product. WRONG We will never purchase another Samsung product.Their customer service is a nightmare and they don't care at all.

SAMSUNG is DANGEROUS! I had to call the POLICE!!! My fridge broke. Customer Service sent an ILLEGAL person INTO MY HOME who tried to EXTORT MONEY OUT OF ME! It was a DANGEROUS SITUATION! I had to get him out of my house! I called the company and they put me on hold! I went outside and called the POLICE Then I sent an email to the SAMSUNG CEO... They called me and WERE FURIOUS because I called the POLICE! They said I had no right to ask the guy if his credentials were legit!! The woman, Stephanie, verbally assaulted me and attacked me on the phone...FROM THE CEO OFFICE OF SAMSUNG!!! What is this world coming to???? MY ADVICE IS TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT HAPPENED. REPORT YOUR ISSUES. Make YouTube videos and record your conversations when talking to SAMSUCKS! TELL STORES THAT SELL SAMSUNG what is going on !!! Once they have your money, it's all over! BUYER BEWARE!!! THIS IS UTTERLY HORRIFIC!!!q@!!!!!!

I will never buy another samsung product either. I had a DMD chip replaced in my television only to have the repair man cause my screen to be off kilter with a 2 inch gap at the bottom and a 1 inch gap on the right. After making this problem known to both the tv repair company and samsung i was told that any further action to fix it would be on me to pay for. The television didnt have this problem until they so-called fixed it and now I'm screwed. Thanks for nothing samsung you can Kiss My Ass.

Wish there was an option for 0 stars. The refrigerator quits and they refund me but not enough to get a new one and I have to cut the cord on my old one? Hello? That is horrible customer service. DO NOT buy Samsung!!!!!

Samsung does not even a one star rating. Their customer service and executive customer is virtually worthless. I have been trying for days to call their corp offices in New Jersey. 973-601-6000.....that number won't even work. I have had operators try and they tell me the line is out of order. Samsung is beyond terrible. AVOID ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS !

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator model # RF4287HABP. Our kitchen was remodeled around this refrigerator. Our cabinets were built around the refrigerator. I have had to make 5 exchanges on this refrigerator due to many problems regarding the front panel not working. The refrigerator will turn off on its own, and then turn on again, or the panel will not respond to pushing any of the features such as ice on/off, child lock, cubed/crushed ice etc. I stuck with this model and believed Samsung was a reputable company. I do not feel this way any longer. They sent a company called Video Tech to my house to fix the front panel once again. When the technician came to my house he received a bulletin from Samsung stating their were issues with the front panel. He rewired the entire front panel, and the refrigerator seemed to work fine for a few weeks. When the panel started not responding once again, I called Video Tech and they were going to send a senior tech to my house to resolve the problem and have him install a new front panel. When the tech (Mark) arrived, he installed the new panel, and my refrigerator went into demo mode. He called his main office to get guidance on how to get out of demo mode. He was not able to resolve the problem with their guidance. He deemed my refrigerator not repairable. I asked him to call Samsung and he said " I am not here to rally for Samsung, I work for Video Tech". I then proceeded to call Samsung while the technician was standing in my kitchen. When Samsung started speaking to me about deeming a refrigerator unrepairable, I thought it best to hand over the phone to the technician. The technician was told what to do, and then handed the phone back to me. He left my house with my refrigerator on demo mode, and Samsung stated he needed to submit a 7000# to deem a refrigerator unrepairable. I told Samsung I knew nothing about this, and that I was concerned I was going to lose all my food in the refrigerator for a second time. They advised me to call Video Tech, and tell them the tech needs to submit a 7000# for an exchange. When I spoke to the owner of Video Tech he stated the technician that came to my house never deemed my refrigerator unrepairable and that it must be the main panel that does not work. He also stated his company can NEVER DEEM A SAMSUNG PRODUCT UNREPAIRABLE , and he can NEVER ISSUE A 7000#. HE SAID ONLY SAMSUNG CAN ISSUE A 7000# FOR AN EXCHANGE OR REFUND. I had NO SUPPORT from SAMSUNG OR VIDEO TECH, and my refrigerator stopped working because the technician left my house after putting my refrigerator in demo mode. Later on I discovered the video tech technician did not push the front panel in all the way. I was desperately trying to get the refrigerator to turn on so I wouldn't have food loss. I called Video Tech when I discovered their mistake, because I needed instructions on how to get out of demo mode so my refrigerator and freezer would work. It is now 1:05 the following afternoon, they still have not responded to the message I left last night. I called Samsung at 11:50 p.m. last night to get some guidance on how to get out of demo mode and I was hung up on. When I called back the office was closed. I stayed up until 4 a.m. writing an email to the President of Samsung, and have not received a response and it is now 1:30 the following afternoon. I tried calling Samsung this morning for help and someone picked up the phone, but never acknowledged me and never spoke to me. I called back and explained the whole situation and everything I had been through. SAMSUNG TOLD ME SINCE MY REFRIGERATOR WAS IN DEMO MODE THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO FOR ME. WHEN I TRIED TO TELL THEM VIDEO TECH SENT A TECHNICIAN OUT THAT CAUSED THIS TO HAPPEN - THEY DIDN'T CARE. VIDEO TECH TOLD THEM THE MAIN BOARD NEEDS TO BE REPLACED, BUT THAT IS A LIE. THE TECHNICIAN FAILED TO PUSH THE FRONT PANEL HE REPLACED IN FAR ENOUGH, AND LEFT MY REFRIGERATOR IN A DEMO MODE WHICH CAUSED MY REFRIGERATOR TO TURN OFF. NO ONE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OR HELP ME. I THOUGHT SAMSUNG WAS A REPUTABLE COMPANY, BUT THEY ARE DISHONEST AND UNPROFESSIONAL. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CONSUMERS AT ALL. THE COMPANY THEY SENT TO MY HOUSE SENDS TECHNICIANS THAT HAVE NO EXPERIENCE OR ANY KNOWLEDGE OF SAMSUNG PRODUCTS. I WAS HUMILIATED AND TREATED TERRIBLY BY VIDEO TECH AND SAMSUNG. I HAVE LOST ALL MY FOOD TWO TIMES BY NO FAULT OF MY OWN. I WAS TREATED WITHOUT COMPASSION, CONCERN, RESPECT AND PROFESSIONALISM. IF THE PRESIDENT OF SAMSUNG DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS COPANY, NO ONE ELSE WILL.

hello.........i m rajender singh from faridabad.i wanta service center in n.i.t faridabad.so plz tell me obaut the prosses of samsang service center...... i am wating u r positive responss ....thank u

Bought a Samsung point and shoot digital camera a few years ago. The camera has been great, and I have no complaints about the product. But during a trip out west last year I lost my charging cord. I recently ordered one and was surprised to find that a replacement charging cord cost nearly half the original cost of the camera. I've tried in vain to express my disappointment to the corporation. You cannot locate the appropriate email address, and when I used one related to cameras, I received a response saying that they would forward to the right people. That's been weeks, and still no response. I intend to write to the CEO . . . not to complain about the cost of the replacement cord . . . but to complain about their apparent lack of concern for customer problems.

My Complaint #8443416871(registered on 17-Jun-12 [Sunday]) My 43"PLASMA power supply went off (not even a year old, still in waranty) its 9 days now still no information on the spare part availability, which as per their information was to fixed last thursday... Misery Continues...Escalated via all channels possible including the CEO link, No progress If this is the state of After Sales Service of SAMSUNG; leasons learnt...never buy a SAMSUNG product ever again...

your recent products are good infact the competition you brought to the world is great

Another dissatisfied consumer. I have had 2 samsung products to fail and received no support from Samsung. I purchased a samsung television over a year ago and it stopped working after a year (wouldn't turn on). Around the same time, I purchased an LG and Sony television for my kids both less expensive than mine but theirs are still working. Samsung stated that my warranty has expired. Also I purchased a samsung infuse phone as a Christmas gift 6 months ago and already there is a problem. The battery wont charge. Samsung has voided the warranty saying the problem is due to water damage but the phone was not exposed to water nor do the water indicators (on the phone and battery) reveal water damage. I predicted they would say this. The funny thing is, the phone still works when the battery is charged outside of the phone. I had the same exact problem with my iphone but when I took it to Apple they replaced it, so for now on I will stick with Apple when it comes to mobile phones. In closing I would like to add that I work at one of the big stores that sell TVs, tablets and appliances and I am very honest when asked about my recommendations. I don't hesitate to share my stories and advise consumers to stay away from Samsung products due to poor customer service and products. Please note that even the comments with 5 star ratings are dissatisfied with samsung products as well, it is apparent that they didn't realize that they needed to change the rating before they submitted.

I have never experienced like this b4, I have purchased Samsung refrigerator week later the ice machine doesnt work, Fine they replaced it, 4 months later computer is not working weell, Pc error, called the company they said technician will be there on monday between 8 to 12 pm, when \i called 12 pm where is the tech, they said that is a mistake, we dont have the part we have to order for you, these has been 3 weeks, They contacted me and said that your order is still backordered, we can send you a replacment, I didn't want Replacment because is 2nd floor and they will scratch my door somehow. Thay said ok we will keep continue with the service, 2 hour later receive an email my order is been councel.I have called them again for hours and hours over the phone, Thay gave me a repair center to contact, I called them few times no response, left few mesages no response,I dont know what to do with this horrible Service and those people are the worst to deal with, No respect and very very low quality customer service, I hope they will go for bankrupt dont deserve to be in the business,I never knew such a big name will have such a low quality pruduct and service,

I will never buy a Samsung product again. The microvwave I bought broke down three times in 18 months. I had to have two repairs by Samsung and when the appliance broke down a third time, Samsung would NOT admit that their microwave was defective! I called a total of eight times and was even given an incorrect address by two different people at Samsung for me to get in touch with Customer Service. I mailed a letter to Customer Service and I kept being told that "the letter was never received," only to find out today that I was given the wrong address! I asked what Customer Service did with the letter if it was supposed to go to Corporate Headquarters and the supervisor couldn't even give me an answer! They're all reading from the same script that only says "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, blah, blah, blah." I went to the Samsung official website and tried to call the 973-601-6000 number to reach Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey and even that IS NOT IN WORKING ORDER!! I am telling everyone not to buy Samsung products because Samsung does not stand behind their products and would not take repsonsibility for a defective product. I just had to go out and buy a new microwave; have been without one since May 26. I bought a GE and in the future, won't even buy Samsung electronics,nevermind a microwave or any other appliance.

as u read about there bad service, tell every one about them when the bucks stop then maybe heads will roll, i;m sure it will get there att; when sale slow down if u are going to spend your money go some where else.that s the word for today on samsung, now tell aleast 3 people today and 3 to morrow,the word will spred like fire,if they dont want to do right let them no and tell other to let them no dont buy from them,there problem is they think they have got to big,money hungry, your hard money

Dear Sir I have pleasure in informing you that with Mobil Samsung GT-S5230 I take the picture of Venus when crossing the sun on the sky of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I wonder the mobile camera of this apparatus for the reason of taking picture in 100 thousand kilometers away from the earth.. If your company needs this picture please contact me by the following email address solohouse@ymail.com Addis Ababa Ethiopia Mobile number +251911860068 I am the witiness for Samsung Mobile have the best camera and makes the best bicture Solomon

LED screen failed after 2.5 years. Customer service says "Sorry to hear that." Offers no help. SPent several days trying to resolve problem. No joy there. Refused to refer to higher level. Refused to give contact at corporate level. Samsung makes a fine product as long as you don't have a problem with it. Out of warranty? Yes. But a high-end LED screen should last a lot longer than 2-1/2 years. I replaced the TV which is unviewable, with a 55" Sony. Sorry Samsung!

I just received a call from a Samsung representative after complaining to online feedback. I found it troubling that they came up with yet another reason not to help me. I had originally sent my computer in because of keyboard problems. They found that there was water damage to the keyboard. I told them to fix the keyboard at my expense. I totally understood since it was my fault. They then informed me that there was also a problem with the charge port. The charge port was seperating from the motherboard. They were surprised it was still charging and working. I did not even have a clue there was a problem with the charge port. I was orginally told we could have fixed the charge port but because there was water damage the warranty is voided. I then began to complain from department to department. I finally after two days of being disconnected and unable to get a call through. I actually had to use another phone to get a call through. I think they had my number and was automatically disconnecting me when I called. I finally received a phone call back from a samsung representaive that had read my complaint online. After waiting a few days for the representaive to talk with someone then call me back I was told the charge port was cracked and they could not help me fix it. They were sorry and thanked me for my time. "OK Really"! Sincerely thanks for all your help customer service. I do understand you are only following Samsungs policy. Samsung looks for ways to protect Samsung NOT their customer.

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