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We have Samaritan's too and although we haven't had a need yet, we look fowrard to sending our monthly check to someone else's need. We joined almost a year ago when we heard of it from Vision Forum. And Alissa, yes, you don't submit a need if it is under $300. And you always pay the first $300 of any need that you submit. They base this off of the Galatians 6 passage of both bearing your own burdens and also sharing your burdens. They thought $300 was a fair amount that a family could bear themselves. We think it's cool though, because if you have had to go to a variety of Dr.'s for one problem, or something like that, you submit it altogether as one need. And for a pregnancy, the entire thing is considered one need even though that need lasted 9 months, and even if there are unexpected complications from it.Part of Dough Phillip's plug for it was also to not need to rely on the government for help, which resonated with us. We had government help with previous pregnancies and now know this is so much better because it is relying on God and His people to meet our needs instead of the world. Now, we didn't have the $$ to pay for Samaritan's when we were relying on the gvt., so I am not sure what was the best thing then, but now we squeeze it in our budget because we believe it's a wonderful biblical thing. AND the other awesome thing is if you are part of a sharing ministry like Samaritan's then you are exempt from getting mandatory insurance with the health care reform, so you are not paying into the abortion industry.

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