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I've heard Yoda being described as a litlte green ball of flying flubber in the new trilogy.This time though (revenge of the sith) he looked more real sometimes.My biggest gripe with Yoda in the first two movies was the fact they CGI'd him as opposed using the puppet (this had to be done of course so Yoda could fight in light saber battles).In Sith, they use a combination of CG, the puppet, and the puppet with CG over top, so in some scenes he looks a bit more real. Other scenes he looks like the cartoon fakery like in Ep 1 2.Hopefully in the next 10 years, this CG over puppet style will improve to the point where a movie goer can believe that the CG character fits in to the movie as oppossed to now where you feel like your watching Cool World or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? all over again.That's my rant for day.

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