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customer Service

There is a problem I feel that the spoilers are the new graduate employees that have their expensive certificate want to be as experienced as those of us that have the thirty years of customer service but can't get hired because they don't have the certificate


I rented a truck today from Ryder in Binghamton for a cdl road test test was going well until the inspector checked gvwr 26000 lbs you can't use this truck it's not 26001 any one can drive this vehicle needless to say I have to reschedule my test told Ryder and they said that's truck we issue for all our road test and we can't help you something is wrong and I'm at a loss any information would be helpful

Horrible customer service

I rented a truck from the Auburn Mass office from TJ, as a IO for Synder-Lance Co. Picked the truck up at 3:00m pm and brought it back at 2:30 the next day. Told it was a 69.00 corp rate plus Insurance. They lied on the pick up time and charged me over 225.00. And will not fix the bill.

Hi Ian,Glad to see that you are doing so well. I always tell ppeole that I grew up beside the amazing Doig family. And just recently there was Carolanne and Cam on The Dragon's Den! Congratulations.Susan

I give the kid a ton of credit. The eaisest thing in the world for him to run out the string and hope the ax didnt fall on him as a bland jobber like Yoshi, Primo, JTG, Hawkins or any number of other guys. He got himself over, and if they book it right for Survivor Series he would get a massive pop at MSG. Ziggler can easily drop the belt to him, put him over clean and slide up the card into the main event scene. Is it just me or does Morrison show more life and personality in Ryder's video then he does on TV? Awesome site, very much enjoying it. Job well done.

Consider yourself warned. They have more hidden fees than you could ever imagine! The truck and mileage was xviii $65 by the time they added fethe balance due was $132. All fees! They are a rip-off!

We are a large coorporation who lease from Ryder. To all procpective lease customers do not use Ryder. Go with Penske or Idealease. There service is horrendous and takes weeks if not months to get issues corrected. Their subs are trashy old trucks and should be put out of service. To be perfectly clear Do not use Ryder!

I work for a company that leases ryder trucks as well from the ryder location in Norfolk Virginia I have been to different Ryder locations up and down the east coast,But I have never experienced anything like the Ryder in Norfolk Virginia a very unprofessional crew working out of there management should look into this location and make necessary adjustments for a better work relation between company leasing trucks and getting service from this location and the very unprofessional crew that works out of this location when you go in for service you are treated like you are not suppose to go there for anything, Specially the new fuel attendant,Argo this guy is so overweight he is not capable of atleast cleaning your windshield does not check your oil and always makes an excuse not to wash your truck management please take care of your crew in Norfolk before you loose the biggest account there thank you very much Hope to see the change specially the fuel attendant Mr Argo the new hire they can not wash your truck but yes he takes his personal truck in the wash bay and washes it Ryder you need a new crew for this location the existing crew is not to excited to work thank you the reputation is so bad lots of companies know about it and is choosing Penske over your half put together location in Norfolk Virginia

I work for a company that leases Ryder trucks from the Ryder location in Norfolk, VA.on Princesses Anne Road. Everytime I take my truck to the shop if there is a problem with it. And I need it to be worked on or looked at, I get a very "rotten/negative"..."non-motived-attidude" about wanting to fix my truck? They always act like it's a "big-deal" to work on my truck or like they have better things to do? Than to work and service mine and others people's ryder trucks??? Hopefully you could call them and tell them to act a little bit nicer and do their job in a more "expeditious/shop-friendly-manner" Thank you for your help!

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