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This website allows incorrect info

We have tried to communicate with this website to no avail. The reviews here are for a credit card or fitness center. Our company is a highly respected, local quick service restaurant chain with 73 years in business.

This website allows incorrect info

The reviews here are for a credit card or fitness center. Our company, Rush's, is a highly respected, local quick service restaurant chain, 73 years in business. We have tried to communicate with this website to no avail.

Not The Rush Fitness Complex

The contact information found on this page is for Rush's Food Systems, Inc., not The Rush Fitness Complex. We are in no way affiliated with the Rush card or Rush's gym.

This is the phone number for Rush's Food Systems in West Columbia and NOT the Rush Card. Rush's Food Systems is a restaurant chain and has nothing to do with this card.

Don't use

My husband and me joined the gym but found in more of an inconvenience. We had to cancel. 6 months later I find out they were still taking money out of our account a month. One month they took it out twice. We call and tell them and the say sorry he didn't note it correctly. We called corporate and they told us nothing could be done. All they are is crooks.

On Oct.22, 2012 I deposited 120.00 on my card it still hsnt been posted they blamed greendot and greendot had me call thn 3 way they changed there story thn why does a company want 2 steal frm the poor or middle class shame on them.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have never been treated so poorly by a card company before!! Someone fraudulently used my card for 3 transactions, all 3 companies said they credited the money back to my rushcard account on various dates however the money still has not been deposited into my account. I have been back and forth for 7 days, hung up on, and told several different things in regards to how long it takes to receive the money. I regret transferring to them, I'm closing it today and I would never recommend them to ANYONE! BEWARE

My girlfriend had someone take her ssi check off her card using a card to card transfer.She called and did everything that was asked of her by unirush to get her money back they sent her only $18.00 back. refused to give her her other $680 the guy toke. then tried to say I might had something to do with it. The worst part is they closed my account wirh them because I told a Ms. Kim Mctoish yall need to stop lying on me and give her back her my that was taken.

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