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I came in and ordered a side salad for carry out. I work in the mall so I got a discount. The total was $3.32 and I did not leave a tip on my receipt because money has been tight and it was just carry out. The person who helped me was named Hamilton. He was friendly enough. I looked at my bank statement today however and a tip had obviously been added for me as the amount that came out was $10.00. That is very upsetting for me because they lied. "It's fine", I thought, "I'll just call them and clear it up." Well I talked to a manager named John and I was very polite- assuming a misunderstanding and asked of it was fixable and to inform them of what happened. John was not very friendly and acted as though I did something wrong and that I was inconveniencing him. He told me they probably couldn't do anything about it because I threw away my receipt and I'd have to make sure to come in very early in the morning or at 3pm for them to TRY and look it up. I told him I was sorry for inconveniencing him and he just acted even more rude. I'm not trying to cause trouble. I just don't want to be ripped off and then blamed for it. I'm going down there today to try and fix this mess. Hopefully they do the right thing. I work in a store right next to them for goodness sake. Thank you to whoever is reading this rant! :]

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