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6/26/2013 Sucky service At Avenues Mall Jax Fl

Waited 10 mins. No one! Finally had to say something. We didnt stay. Our time sure wasnt valuable. This restaurant needs to close! Won't recommend this place to anyone. Strange atmosphere too. So glad there are others to pick from. This was 2:00 lunch hour. Not even that busy.

I am not usually one who complains about restaurants but my experience at the Ruby Tuesday off of Route 95 in Darien, Georgia was terrible. Stopped for a "quick lunch" on Sunday June 16th- was seated after 20 minutes only to find empty tables that were not cleaned. I saw at least 2 parties seated and ended up leaving because no one ever took care of them. None of the waitresses ever smiled. Never saw a Manager. Not at all a happy place to work with no supervision. Our meals took a very long time and not all our orders were correct. Food was just okay. I think our waitress tried but was clearly overwhelmed. With so many choices of places to eat I must say that this was my last experience at a Ruby Tuesday.

Wonderful Service

I had great service from the bartender.Kim Horton-Hensley.

Great Service

Dylan Laures at the Warrenton, VA location was very hospitable and friendly. He made our dining experience exceptional.


I haven't been treated this bad or had service this terrible in over 5 years

The Ruby Tuesday in Walterboro, SC very bad. The hostess did not acknowledged us, she barely said HI.The salad bar, we did not like it, veggies were raw, only the pasta salad & crushed eggs we could eat. My husband ordered a salad with grilled chicken, he got fried chicken instead, the rolls were hard & cold, we only got 2 at the time, they were size of cherries. We talked to the mgr, he gave us excuses, he ordered fresh & hot rolls for the road, we were upset, we wont go there never again. We used to go there before many times, it was good then, not now.


Me and my boyfriend wen to the ruby tuesdays in menomenee falls. We usually go to the 1 over by southridge mall, but were passing threw n decided 2 stop. We walked in and the host didt say anything 2 us we stood there 4 a few mins b4 I told he we need were here 2 eat. She sat us, the tables looked lik they had been washed....mayb w a dirty rag there was still residue on the table. We waited about 5 mins b4 our server finally greeted us.....smelling lik booze. She was sluring her words I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! it took her 4 ever 2 take our drink orders bring our drinks back and take our food order.....I was very annoyed and wanted 2 leave but sense me and my bf love ruby tuesday....4 the FOOD we decided 2 stay. I seen our waitress comming with our food as she stummbled and almost tripped :/ the food was cold and nothing lik the other resturants. I am extremely disappointed....I also called the resturant when I got home n asked 4 corporate s #. After this slow paced, drunk server, bland cold food.....I will never go 2 another ruby tuesday again.....ever.

worst food ever

the last 3 times I've went here the food & service has been TERRIBLE!!!!! I was excited Ruby Tuesday came to our small town in Darien Georgia... I given them many chances to correct the problem with food & service but things just seems to get worst! i will never go back!! TERRIBLE !TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE!

Great food & service but too HOT!

Hello, my name is Sara DelCostello and I am a loyal Ruby Tuesday customer in Amsterdam, NY. As you may or may not know, we have been experiencing somewhat of a "heat wave" here in upstate NY over the last few days (90+ degrees-unseasonable for this time of year). Last night, amidst the heat and humidity, a couple of friends and I went to Ruby Tuesday to eat, enjoy a couple drinks and of course to enjoy the air conditioning! Much to our dismay, it was almost as warm in the restaurant as it was outside!!! After asking the waitress if there was something wrong with the AC, we were informed that they can no longer control the temperature and that it remains 71 degrees in there. So, we were sweating throughout our meal, and for the first time, couldn't wait to leave. It's very disappointing to know that we aren't going to be able to enjoy our favorite restaurant during the summer months any longer. I'm unsure what the reasoning behind this change is, but it's quite disappointing. I know that we weren't the only ones who were upset by the heat, as other customers were talking about it, and fanning themselves with their menus! I guess I will resume my loyalty as a customer once the summer is over...

Cambridge Ohio serv sucked

We are here with mg dyes pipeline company ate here twice it took 3 hrs to get food will never be back and will spread word


Ordered the salad bar that said on menu comes with soup. We never saw soup at the bar so I asked the waiter who said that changed 2 years ago. then change your menu. He said they bring the soup from the back so he mentioned the choices as exactly the same as those listed on the menu, so I asked for soup assuming it was included in the price of the salad bar, but I was charged on my bill for the soup. I wanted the manager but my husband does not like confrontation so we left. What a cheat! I want a refund!

Someone help

I've worked for ruby Tuesdays for the past year an a half and I haven't had a raise. When I asked my manager about it he looked at me like I was crazy and said that there not able to give raise out yet. The management is good but not good enough to help employees with their needs. I feel like the managers feel like as long as they get a check they could care less about everybody else

Personal information

Last night I ordered carry out from your curb side, there was another lady there at the same time as my self. Both the other lady and I paid at the same time and needles to day the waiter got the credit cards mixed up. Both cards were blue and looked the same. Neither of us paid much attention, the other customer and I left at the same time. I called management to let them know what happened and the I only thing he offered to do was call me if the other customer came back in. Thank you Ruby Tuesdays I had to cancel my credit card and now get ahold of everyone hat pulls money off of that card every month for bills.

Watch Menu prices vs. check

False advertising, fraud, Menu prices are not the same as on the check. Both meals were $1.00 higher than the menu prices. Did not realize the overcharge until we were headed out the door. Could not find a single waitress and no person at the door. Had to leave, so took photo of a menu to show the prices and called and sent information to Corporate. This was several weeks ago. No response. Use to get ribs, then quality was real bad, waitress said they changed source and believe she said they changed source and they may come frozen from China. So don't order ribs anymore.


My wife and I just ate at your Bethlehem,Pa resturant, we both ordered your Shellfish Trio.The crab patty was less than a 1/4 inch thick and 2 1/2 inch diameter, 3 shrimp on a stick and a 3 inch lobster tail for $18.99 per person. this meal was overpriced by,was not even worth $10.99 yet alone $18.99.,but thats ok it was our last time there!!!!!!!!

Food going down hill

Past couple of visit has disappointed me, for one pasta very under cooked and very garlicky. Ordered chicken sandwich taste like fish must be using same oil to fry both . Keep going back but each time food is not good . Had the chef come over to apologize , he looked to be in high school and very dirty uniform

Unhappy customer

Horrible franchise. Will never go again. Corporate policy is no comps for horrible service, forgotten meal, wrong check. Managers are young kids with no experience


ruby tuesdays in salem, n.h. excellent wait staff. good manager. food done the way you ask. BUT, for the first time, a mouse visited the salad bar. told mgr. he gave us a discount on bill and complimentary dessert. however, the salad bar did not close down to take of issue.people still going up for salad.

My 1 yr old charged double

Wanted to let you all know how unkidfriendly Ruby tuesday is. My family went to ruby tuesday yesterday 4/13/13 at 1:30PM for lunch with our 3 kids. I got the Chicken breast and it came with baked potato and salad bar. I informed the waitress that my son was eating off my plate because he's 1 yrs old and cant eat food on kids menu. However, I did get my other 2 kids a kids meal. She said she was fine with that and it wouldn't be a problem because she understands babies. She came out after we finished eating and stated she was charging us for 2 kids meal salad bars just for my 1 yr old because he ate off 2 of my salad bar plates. I asked to speak to manager and he was very rude and said it was their policy even though i informed the waitress before hand. His name is chris and he said he didnt care that i was going to report this because it was not right because my son is only 1 years old. I was charged 3.99 x 2 so 8.00$ for my one yr old alone!! he ate a couple diced apple pieces and some peas. They also added $9.74, 18% gratuity for our convenience! We had that removed. Because after speaking to the manager the waitress never returned with drink refills or napkins we requested twice. She also ignored me when she walked past us to the table behind us. I had to get up and stand in front of her to ask for service. I'm ashamed that these people would treat anyone this way. we will not return ever!!! This is in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Your motto is freshness and quality, well my husband and I had lunch at Marley Station restaurant and the service was slow, they were not very prepared for lunch at 12:30 we ordered burgers and fries well the fries were not quite ready and the y didn't put mayonnaise on my husband burger and they took the whole plate back to add the mayo and his roll was hard as a rock on the bottom. He spoke with the Manager well she surely seemed like she had an attitude with us because my husband ask her if she would eat her roll like that and the Ruby Tuesday specialty biscuits were so doughy and flat and she said well sir that is our biscuits. So sorry to say we will not go back, our previously visit the fryer was down so we did not get fries. The only good thing is we didn't pay for his burger but my husband told her he wasn't she didn't even offer to take it off the bill.

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