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Bad service

Unbelievable not only did I pay $10 for a cheeseburger that was mediocre at best, but my server had a personality of a wet dishrag. I would have to say that the Ruby Tuesday at Willowbrook Mall is horrible! This used to be one of my favorite restaurants but honestly if I'm going to be spending that much on food I'll just go to the city.

very bad all around

My husband and I went there to relive our night that he proposed to me. Well we went in and there were only four of us that walked in amd the only four that even needed to be waited on. We sat there for 15 mins finaly our waitress came and got our drink order only because another server went and got ours. Then they messed up on our order but by the time we got our drinks when we were seted first when our server finaly got there the other tables already had thete appitizers. Our food wad poorly fixed my stake was not cooked right. And my husband asked for no pickles on his sandwich and what was there pickles. This company has gona down hill. The resterant in Cape missouri. Is not a place you want to eat. We will not return ever.

False Advertising

I just spend over 20min filling out a "customer appetizer survey" online to receive a $25 gift card. It took me to a coupon website and after I clicked into that, there was no continuing. This is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I will most definitely report your company on Monday. I work two jobs, have no time, no money, and only did this because I was trying to get my parent's something. I will look into this on Monday and report this site.

Waited soo long

We visited the Fort Gratiot MI location in October to celebrate my teenager's awesome report card. Well she also had a game ( marching band) but one would think 60 minutes to get one appetizer , one flatbread pizza and two hamburgers:( NO our waitress was so busy CONVERSING with a group of guys, she totally neglected us. My flatbread pizza cold and gross. Thankfully my hubby and daughters hamburgers were good. They had to scarfe down the food so we could head out...... Told waitress needed bill ASAP. Had to seek manager out. He did take off my pizza but that's it no apologie of poor service. Haven't been to Ruby Tuesdsy in 8 years and don't plan on going back .

Wonderful Service

We had a large group of around 30 people for our Monday evening get together and were at the Ruby Tuesday on Hwy 200 in Ocala, Florida. We had two servers Brandon and Angeli and they were amazing! The service we received was fast, friendly and top notch! The food was wonderful as always and the manager, Iggy went above and beyond to insure that we all enjoyed our dinning experience. Our group will be going back again and again!!


There is a waitress in Concord, NC who paid for 2 Female Service members meal the other day. I commend this young lady "Sarah" for being so thoughtful! As a Soldier, I can tell you; having this happen is rare but it so greatly appreciated. So, thank you Ms Sarah!!

Unpleasant visit

I love eating at Ruby Tuesdays usually I have great service.my past two visits I've had a server by the name of tiesha in the Trumbull ct store and both times she was very rude and unprofessional.she didn't know about anything on the menus and when I ask to speak to a manager on my second visit she told me that she wasn't there and if I had a problem with her service that I should call "corporate" I've never been treated like this any other visit all I can say is if RUbt Tuesdays in Trumbull ct are gonna have servers like tiesha I will never be dinning there or will any of my friends

A Chef's viewpoint

I am eating in Restaurant very often, since I retired as an Executive Chef from Hyatt Corporation. One of your Restaurant is in my neighborhood and I visit the location frequently. I love to eat Salad Bars. Your Salad Bar used to be dissent. I see a total absence of creativity now. My grade would be an F. Even with 800+ locations, Food is still your Product. A great looking Salad Bar costs little money! Maybe your chefs have little or no influence of what goes into that Salad Bar; input from employees and less regulations is needed to save your Restaurants.

Place is Headed for Bankruptcy

We used to be hugh RT supporters, dine in visitors. Today was the last time unless things change drastically. We quite going several onths ago because of drink and food issues but thought we would give it a try tonight. After ordering drinks before meal (and once again there were NO drink specials) we got our high priced drinks. The meal was nothing special as portions have been reduced from before and that is not a bad thing but many don't like that. What really got my dander up was after talking to the manager about the lack of drink specials I was told if you sat at the bar there were drink specials, are you kidding me!!!!! I have NEVER heard or seen this before. So I have to walk up to the bar to get a 3.00 beer that cost all those folks and me 4.50 as dine in....GOOD BYE!!!!

auburn Maine doesn't care

must say i went into ruby Tuesday in auburn Maine Friday august 2nd waited around 30 minutes for our food to arrive and this was a little after 3.00 in the after noon not busy at all. received our meals and they were very small portions figured well i should be ok not to eat until 11.00 pm at least. well my wife and son went out and got home around 6.45 and we were all feeling hungry again. long story short this also included salad bar too we called the next day to see if anything could be done for the wait and the small portion for the money we paid for a totaled amount of 51.00 including tip. went through the restaurant manager and the district mananger and then on to one of the owners. with no luck just a simply in nice words to bad. have put a complaint into the corporate office twice and no return call back i will try again and write what happens after that conversation.

strange employees

Ordered the seafood trio, cab cakes were less than 1/8" thick, almost nothing there at all. Looked like they stepped on them in the back. Worst service ever, ask or inquire about something and it was like you were asking for the world. Asst manger walked up and down starring me down during the entire meal. I own many gift cards I bought for myself, and I'm ready to give them away. MOST uncomfortable experiance ever in my 56 years. Would never recomend or go there again, I'ld rather go to Outback next door where I feel welcome. Corp should fire most of the staff. Former restruant owner, ...you should screen your help better.


I wanted to follow up again, as I did not see my post from yesterday. I don't know if CORPORATE is not posting these reviews or what is going on. Anyway, there were 2 cats who have lived at that restaurant for about 4 years, a son and mother. They always stayed behind the dumpsters and only came out when the caretakers came to feed them. They were spayed, neutered and had all shots. They were dewormed monthly! The corporate office decided they were a health hazard and made the caretakers get rid of them!!!!! The poor cats have had their lives thrown into a tailspin and are now physically hurt because they are so scared. DONT EVER EAT AT RUBY TUESDAY AGAIN! They shouldnt be able to get away with this! Those cats had a job there. They were taking care of the rodents and bugs! They weren't harming anyone!!!!!

Fleming Island

I think that it is poor customer service when we call to complain about having to move 2 poor cats from the Fleming Island Ruby Tuesday, leave a message and get no phone call back to discuss. I will NEVER again eat at Ruby Tuesday and will advise all of my friends on Facebook and by word of mouth, not to eat there again.

Poor management

I went for lunch and the hostess was slow to greet customers At the door , a line up began out the door and The manager complained to the customers that the employees We're to blame and even referring to them as ex enoyees and they he wanted to hire new servers. He was happy to complain but not accommodate the people , ma y left including g me and my guest. He said we could go on line to apply. He could have been more Productive opening up an empty section and jumping in. Poor judgment , poor service, poor management.!

drug dealers

the pigeon forge rubys is run by drug dealers and drug users. i would not recommend anyone eat there ever.. from what i can tell everyone there uses or sells drugs.. they do not test for pre employment drug screen and that is a huge mistake! the building would be empty if so.. if you care about your health and the ppl serving your food stay away from this location


what a bait and switch . saw commercial with lobster trio, was told at 5pm no lobster available , said commercial implied dinner for 9,99 starting but none noted on menu at that price. substituted a couple shrimp still charged 18.99 . food was bland and terrible , steak taste like liver wont ever go back. we went there after a 3 year absence thinking it changed, it did not. stay away

Ruby Tuesday in Cheektowaga,NY

I went to ruby tuesfay with my husband and stepson. My stepson likes his burger and sides. My husbands hamb. Sliders were burnt. He asked to send back. It was obvious they were burnt. I had squash spaghetti. It was a good idea but poorly executed. They compted my meal,however, manager did not come over to apologize. Server was not very good. We went at 2:00pm. Not a good menu. Alot of money for bad meals and service. That is our last time at RT. We were charged 28.00 for 1 burger entre and sliders with 2 drinks. I didnt want to waste my money on poor food. I wish i could get money back.


I was in ruby Tuesday in Florence on hey 52 Tuesday night and seen the bartender and mgr making out behind the restaurant during hrs while customers waited for service. If this is how the restaurant is ran I chose not to return with my kids


Ruby Tuesday of Alamo Ranch 5607 W Loop 1604 N, San Antonio My family and I pulled into their parking lot to meet friends and dine in at the restaurant. We parked near a red suv that was still running but no one in front. When I took a second look the two individuals were having sex in the back seat. The female was still half dressed in her ruby tuesday uniform. It was shocking, we continued on into the restaurant being that this was none of our business... minutes later the same female came In and later was waitressing two tables away from ours. I was so disgusted that I didnt eat anything on my plate. Later on found out that the waitress was a former stripper named andrea granado. This is what we get for choosing ruby tuesdsys you think they would have better hiring skills.

Newport's ruby tuesday

I ordered food to go today, i ordered a cheeseburger well done with fries. The cheeseburger was pink all the way through the meat, and the fries were nearly cold and stale. It was just money wasted and i will not be buying food from there again.

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