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My husband and I went to Ruby Tuesdays on August 4th. We'd never been to this establishment. The front of the restaurant had a lot of open seats but the hostess took us to the far back. I asked to be seated elsewhere so he grudgingly took us to a small 2 seat table right beside the doors of the kitchen. Again I asked if we could sit in the tables in front, He grunted, took us to a booth with a seat that had a split in the seat material and tossed the menus on the table. He was so rude that we just left. We will never step foot into this restaurant again.

Come back!

My wife and I LOVE ruby tuesdays. We used to have one in Springfield IL, but you left! We now have to drive 45 min. To an hour to reach the RT in Decatur or Litchfield IL. Springfield is bigger than both of those cities. Please come back to Springfield IL! We have friends who feel the same.

A well oiled machine

My husband and I were in Dandridge, TN this past weekend and dined at Ruby Tuesday. I have never seen a more well-run kitchen and staff. Both the manager and the kitchen manager were in complete control of the food going out. I have been in the food and beverage business before and this was one of the best operations I have seen. ;The food was also good, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Dandridge, TN staff could teach all the other chain restaurants how it should be run!

No good , No bueno

I wasnt happy with ruby tuesday on loch raven in bmore i know Jo n Taffer of bar&rescue i will call him about ruby tuesday!!!

Bad Place

Went to Ruby Tuesday last week with my 92 yr old Mother. Service terrible. Server nasty and rude. Food bad, tried to rip us off on our bill. Called to speak to Regional Manager. Got a call back. Explained my situation, He apoligized , said he would send out a gift card in lew of our problem. Guess what, never got it.

Restaurant - Roanoke Rapids, Ext 173 - I 95 Va

We went to dinner at this restaurant this evening. We were seated in the bar area. We ordered two entrees. After about 45 minutes, our dinners had not arrived!! The waitress even suggested we could go elsewhere. So at the 60 minute mark - we left Terrible service!!. The manager was very indifferent, as well.


Being at dandridge rts at the bar use to be a great experience now its a joke...no class at all..poor drinks and high prices..management made want to ever return...have complained to coorp...no change.

wine tasting

I and a couple of freinds went to you location in Pocatello Id, And asked to sample the wine that was on the menu with are dinner and was told the owner did not have to honer the menu. I didn't really care about the wine but it was faults adverticing. and should at lease black it out of the menu. I will not honer a place of that will not honer me

Service very subpar. Nice server but not a good server. They took my coupon wrote all over so I can not use it again and then tried to tell me I couldn't use it. After bad service, this is extremely unacceptable. This experience leaves a very bad opinion of the restaurant and I am past dissatisfied.

With the low quality food and service this place is a waste of time and money! I even got a guest relations person with a bad attitude. I think no one on this company cares!

Respect everyone!!

I will no longer be going to the ruby Tuesdays in poughkeepsie NY. Due to the Fact that my friend was mistreated because of her disability. I was a former loyal customer. I will spread the word out to my family,friends, and acquaintances. This will go on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . Everyone should be treated equally. 5 stars down 5 thumbs down. The manager wasn't any better by the way.

No service

My wife and I went to the location on camp creek pkwy in atlanta ga. We were seated immediately because there were only 5 cars in the parking lot, and after being seated, sat there for over 15 minutes without a single waiter/waitress to take a drink order or better yet even acknowledge the fact that we were there. My wife and I eat at ruby Tuesday once a week and after this experience I will never enter another one of their facilities.

no sweet chili sauce

I consistanty go to ruby tuesdays once to twice a month to my surprise I found out that sweet chili sauce is no longer available I find this unacceptable and will not be coming back until it's back on the menu. I also did not eat here on this visit.

not happy

Went to ruby Tuesday in mall in birmingham,waited for 35 to forty minutes,while everyone that came after us was seated.we were a party of 8 but there were plenty of tables .we where not even offered anything else until I lost it. This was Dec 8. My daughter was so mad she left just shortly after we were seated.my son got sick after he ate.they were short handed but no attempt was made to explain why we were the last seated.

Bad service

My server was named Hannah Rawson and she served at 1022 hospitality lane, Jacksonville, Fl. She was a very slow server who did not attended to my needs. She was rude and would disappear for long periods of time. I would look around to see her talking to other employees and playing around instead of tending to her tables. Other than that the good was excellent.


My friends and I eat a lot at our local Ruby Tuesday's and love it. The new Pretzel Hamburger Bun is fabulous. I have been trying to find some place local that makes them.

Horrible horrible service

I visited the ruby Tuesday store #4480 and the service there was the worst I have seen in a restaurant ever. Sadly the manager (mounir) made no attempt to apologize, when I confronted him about us not receiving drinks not even as water he looked me in my face and said rudly are you sure about that, our food was cold.. We received the wrong drinks and I asked him if it was raspberry lemonade he argued me down saying it was.. I will never go to ruby Tuesday again..

A word from the inside

I have been an employee at Ruby Tuesday for over a year. I have not had any problems with co-workers until about 5 months ago when we got a new manager. The Ruby Tuesday location in Joplin, Mo has the most disrespectful and conniving person I have ever met. She will talk about employees and guests behind their back. When she would "go to the bank" on company time she would also stop by her house to get stamps so she could mail her bills, go to Walmart to get nicotine gum, and go to the gas stations to buy lottery tickets. I would highly recommend not wasting your time at this failing establishment.

Horrific Experience!

We decided to dine-in at the Ruby Tuesday in Antioch, TN. The waitress came to bring us our drinks and as she went to sit them on the table, she dropped them on our two year old daughter!!! Of course this happened on one of the coldest days in November. Everyone in the resturant was horrified!! Unfortunately, the manager (Chris Thompson) and the assistant manager (Danyelle) could have cared less. I did not get upset with the waitress; it was an accident and she was very apologetic. However, not once did the manager or assistant manager apologize. My daughter was drenched from head to toe in coke and lemonade! Needless to say, we will NOT be back.

Poor professionalism from manager

A unsubstantiated response from one of the managers at the store in FuQuay Varina, NC reflects poor professionalism upon this establishment. I don't recommend anyone interested in applying to become a team member at this location.

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