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We sailed on Monarch of the Seas for our honeymoon cruise with 6 other couples. We gave our bags to the porter and boarded the boat. My bag never made it. When we went to the service desk, we asked them who was responsible for getting our luggage on board. They told us that they were responsible. Well, that never happened. It ruined the entire cruise for us. Trying to even get the $300 they offered us (which never covered the cost for what we lost) was a nightmare. They took customer service to a new low. We filed a police report. The news agency contacted us. We are one of many police reports filed. Seems that the cruise lines keep that quiet, as they don't want bad publicity. I can't wait till my story airs. So much for being a Crown and Anchor member. Loyalty doesn't account for anything in their book. We and the 6 other couples will never cruise again. Worst experience for us. Whatever happened to a moral or ethical obligation to make us whole again? The indignation is that we keep getting emails from there to book our next cruise. Maybe we will if we had luggage to use!

i booked a cruise in aug of 2012 paid 329. per person plus taxes and fees it is a 4 day inside cabin today 10/02/12 they are offering new booking a balcony for 299.00 per person I am an emerald member an was told tough luck its only for new we already have you be careful when booking I had to pay an addit 100.00 for a balcony plus the difference of 50 per person I am out 160.00 BE CAREFUL

been with royal caribbean 5 times cant fault it at all brilliant times best times ever THANK YOU SO MUCH

Hi how do you do,,we are indonesian ,, one month ago we were organized our files to one of agency in ocho rios saint.ann west indies, jamaica, for working at Royal Caribbean Miami,, the name of CEO agency is GLADSTONE THOMPSON , link FaceBook (http://www.facebook.com/happyrock.thompson) his jamaican number is 876 562 3629, there is something we want to asking is,,,were we had organized there ( Royal Caribbean)??? here is our personal files : INDRA HENDRIANA NO passport U684866 INDRA DARMAJI NO passport U657174 be cause on august 23rd, we went to USA embassy in jakarta for interview VISA but our files unregistered we are really need every information from you. thank you very much for attention please confirmation to my email indra.hendriana@yahoo.co.id

NOt yet on this Xmas Cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas Sydney/Pacific Isl 2012. I cancelled our family trip worth 25,000 with P and 0 bc heard and saw horrendeous ship reviews. I lost my deposit with P and 0 bc told R of S a better deal...was concerned to then read after paying the deposit no laundry facilities (not good with families)WHY?? extra costs for laundry and that for families may not be as good as P and 0..friend back from PP and R of S sais buffet food awful on R of S but better ship. The itinerary not as good as P and O COULD ROYAL CARIB'perhaps change the itinerary and add Isle of Pines and or Vila??? it sais on brochure itinerary subject to change! C'mon lets do better islands thank you kind regards Pamela Howard (we are spending alone 25,000 dollars) to celebrate Xmas and my 70th birthday and wish it to be memorable especially for grandkids.. My husband and I first time Royal Carib have been on many other cruises bc we are addicted to the lifestyle Pls feedback from Royal Cab asap many thx PJH

Rhapsody of the sea. This may be a bit long. This was our first cruise with RC. We have been on 17 different ships and a total of 6 different cruise lines. The boarding, was not RC fault because we had to be bused to the ship in Singapore, but when we did get to the ship there was a line that was very long, and because I had back surgery I asked for a wheelchair. They told me that they would get me one. After waiting 15 minutes I told my wife that I will try to go through this line. While we were waiting we notice that this was an old ship and needed to be painted. It was dirty and noticeably rusted. Under the tent there were no fans or air circulation. It took about 1/2 hour and we were both sweating and when we finally got to our cabin, I needed my pain mediation and had to lay down. We met our stateroom attendant Sulasma Iwayan, he was just as nice and helpful as could be. We were in room 3602. I will tell about the outstanding people and good things about the ship as well as not so good things. The windjammer was very well manage by Cosmin Andries and the food on different pods made it run smoothly and never a line. The service in the windjammer could not be better and Eric and Maricel were great. The My Time Dining, the food was not as good as we have had in the pass on other ships. The service was far from being what it should be, eg when myself and another guest were talking a waiter came in between us to reach across the table to get my wife' s plate interfering with our conversation. We only went twice to the main restaurant (I do not even remember it' s name). The second time only because they had kangaroo. The service was better and I wondered if it had anything it do with a server card they wanted us to fill out. I explain that I would send mine into corporate. The food service was the worse at the Park Cafe, we had a server at the food bar handle food without having gloves on. This happened the first 2 days on the ship. We then met Cosmin and explain to him that there was a person at the Park Cafe serving and touching food without gloves. He wanted to know who and we said to just come in the morning and I am sure that you will see for yourself. The next morning he arrived as he stated he would and see for himself that there was indeed a server handling food without gloves. He took care of this problem immediately. Thank you Cosmin. This practice as you know will spread any viruses real quickly. The room service could not be better and our Stateroom Attendant went out of his way to assist us, a big thank you to Sulasma. He is the first stewart that we have given extra money to for his services. The TV, I like to know where we are and where we are going. Every ship we been on there was a channel to tell us all this information. This is the first ship that did not have this service, as we were told by different people at guest services. My wife on day 9 complained again about it to a different person at guest services and she told us to tell our room steward and he would set it up for us and he did without a problem. The point here is that not everyone is informed and on the same page. We were told that this ship was in dry dock for 30 days prior to our arrival and that there was about 52 million dollars improvements to the ship. We could see a lot of them and it did make a difference. The problem that I was able to see was that the new carpet was leaving a lot of carpet fuzz balls all over this ship and it took in someplace up to 5 days to vacuum them up, and then they still did not get them all. I have never seen carpet do this so I was wondering about the quality of the carpet. This is day 13 and the fuss balls are still in the gym. When I told Julie in the gym on day 5 that they are not cleaning the gym she got very defensive and said they vacuum it 2 times a day. I told her that I do not think so because there are these fuzz balls everywhere (100's). She got even more defensive by saying that it is being vacuum twice a day. I felt to just leave it alone because this discussion was not going anywhere. The entertainment was the worse that I had seen on any ship, it got good on day 12 I believe with Danny Elliott. The Aussie Boys were above average as well. We would like to commend you on the ships policy of no smoking on the ship except in smoking sections, thank you, but you did not enforce your policy. There was smoking a lot of places that were not designated smoking areas. As the cruise progressed the smoking got more and more in no smoking areas because of the no enforcement of the rule. The excursions that we took were above average and we enjoyed them all, we still talk about the one to The Great Barrier Reef. Getting us on the wrong ship to the Reef and then having us get off and wait until the correct boat came alone side to take us to the Reef took and extra hour from our time at the Reef, there was a lot of joking with Mr. Patrick (activities director)and the crew on how they called the wrong boat over. This did not go over well with the guests, one guest told them that we are loosing time from our excursion because someone called in the wrong boat. We were assured by Mr. Patrick from Canada (activities director) that the time would not be lost and we would get the hour we lost, or the ship would make it right to us. WRONG!!!!!!! Guess what, we did loose that hour of snorkeling and left the Reef the correct time and nothing has been credited to our shipboard account. The one time I was not happy with our excursions. For a ship that just had a month of dry dock, there were just too many out of order signs around the ship. The ice cream machine, elevators, electric doors,ice machines, juice machines and a lot of work out machines in the gym (6). Also one manual door on deck 5 did not have a handle. I do want to say that the new TV screens around the ship with a lot of information about the ship was a great addition. Never have we seen that on any other ship and I do hope the other ship lines follow your lead. To be perfectly honest about this ship and RC polices I have rate it as one of the worse that I have been on. I was very disappointed with RC, because we heard a lot of good things and was greatly disappointed. We believe that the only way that we will cruise again with R C is that we can not find the ports of calls with another cruise line that we enjoy. I feel that you should have someone to cruise these ship who are not on the RC pay roll to get an honest assessment of the ship and crew. A big thank you to the captain Sullivan for his daily reports ( never seen on other cruise lines) and making himself available to the guests on a regular bases. I would like to say in closing that this is the first time that I have written any company. We did so only because we feel it may do some good. Thank you sincerely Karl M. Kuhn Sr. and Donna Desmond-Kuhn Royal Caribbean International 1050 Caribbean Way Miami Fl. 33132

Submitted a letter with our displeasure for the Monarch of the Seas recent cruise on 4/9/12. Our bathroom facilities were inadequate due to the fact that it did not work all week thru no fault of our own. Received a letter back from Royal Caribbean with a Certificate for $78.00 which was an insult to my intelligence. I am a Gold member and Crown and Anchor. The amount you offered will definitely not bring us back to RCL again. I was in total dismay when I say the amount that was offered. Last year and in years past I spent thousands of dollars for Royal Caribbean cruises which was the only one I would take. Now I am rethinking my position with my next cruise in the near future. If I do not get satisfactory results, I will send back the Certificates for future use. My 3rd passenger that was my sister received $49.00 which added insult to injury.

My wife and both applied for RC Visa cards based on the ability to get 10,000 bonus points on our criuse that begins Saturday. After several calls to Bank of America they are refusing to give us the 10,000 points until a couple of credit card billing cycles are completed. Well, that helps us none and we are very upset that RC puts these false offers on their website. We did everything the offer requires and were denied the points to use on our cruise. Very disappointing.I hope RC will pull this offer off your website or update it to say get 10,000 points in 60 days. We have been cheated out of $200 in onboard credits. Roy and Karen Wood Royal Caribbean Visa Card The Choice is Yours. Create New Moments with Royal RewardsSM Introducing the Royal Caribbean Visa® card, the perfect card for people who love to cruise. Earn Royal PointsSM with every qualifying purchase you make - points that add up to onboard credits, stateroom upgrades and even cruise vacations.§ Use it for everyday purchases, and earn one Royal Point for every qualifying purchase dollar you spend. And earn double Royal Points for every qualifying purchase dollar you spend with Royal Caribbean International®. Enjoy a low introductory APR†, no annual fee†, plus 10,000 Bonus Points after your first qualifying transaction.§§ So start cruising and get closer to your cruise vacation. Call (800) 932-2775 (800) 932-2775 to apply today. Apply Now to save on your next cruise, receive 10,000 Bonus Points, the equivalent of $100 Onboard Credit after your first qualifying transaction.§§ Ready to redeem your Royal Caribbean Reward? Now you can conveniently order your next Royal Rewards online. When you are ready to make your selection, go to RoyalCaribbean.com/RoyalRewardsOnline.

It is difficult to rate our Bahamas cruise on the Monarch of the Seas because the cruise itself was fantastic. The staff, in general, were very pleasant and attentive. In particular, our waiter, Imade, was wonderful. My children really enjoyed his pampering at the dinner table and his wonderful sense of humor. The cruise activies were also fun. My biggest disappointment (and reason for the low rating) came at the end of the cruise. My purse, zipped inside my suitcase, was stolen while we were out of our stateroom for an hour and a half. Keys and wallet were in the purse. Upon arrival back at Port Canaveral, we had to have a tow truck tow my vehicle to the dealer just to have a key made for the car to get us home. Royal Carribean didn't seem too awfully concerned. Told me to sit tight and wait for a response that could take approximately 48 hours. Not possible when we had a 15-hour drive to make to get back home. Towing bill, lost purse expenses, vehicle key programmed, extra hotel stay, etc. You can imagine how the back-end of this trip quickly escalated in price. The cruise line's attitude about the incident totally amazed us. Obviously, an employee is guilty of theft since only they have a key to enter a locked room. BEWARE OF THE LACK OF SECURITY ON BOARD!!!

Recently sailed with RC to Bermuda and the Caribbean. The cruise was fun; we had a good time. Experienced just a couple of minor issues but Cust Svc. checked on us quite frequently afterwards. Food ok, nothing spectacular...pools too small for the size of ship. Towel policy should be upgraded - for as many towels that lie around, anyone can take yours and you will definitely be held responsible. Can't wrap my mind around the mandatory gratuities policy - never could. I guess it's b/c they pay their crew so little in wages, we, the clients, pay their salaries. Would I cruise again? Sure. This time, I'll try another line for comparison. If I have more fun, better food and less issues...I'll be back (in my terminator voice)

we went on a trip with Royal Carribean to the Baqhamas with my family to celebrate the wedding of our oldest son (kind of went on his honeymoon with him)We had the time of our lives. We felt that we were very important to each and every employee that we met. Our waiter Putu was the best waitor we have experienced. Calling us by name and wondering where the girls were the second night when they didnt come to dinner with us. There was a small issue with the massage and after mentioning it to the staff there was a letter of apoligy and an offer for 35% off our next cruise. Thank you ROyal Carribean we are saving for the next wedding so we can all honeymoon together again. Luckily we have 6 kids!!!

Left behind a bag of souveniers with a sundress, t-shirt, jewelry and some boxes plus I stuck my camera charger in the bag also. We were in a rush to get out of the room and my husband being in a hurry never saw the straw bag on the floor by the mirror and we left it behind. I realized it after we left when we were packing up the truck and I asked security if I can get back on the ship and they told me no that I now have to deal with the Lost & Found in Miami. I called Lost & Found immediately and they told me I had to wait a few days which I did. They called me after about 4 days to tell me they never found my bag. I will be calling again this week to see if it has been found. I don't have any faith in this system. I am so mad that they didn't help me out right at the port. I don't know if I will ever cruise RC again. The ship was Explorer of the Seas out of Bayonne, N.J. I learned my lesson to check the room after I leave.

As a loyal Diamond Royal Caribbean customer and a stockholder I felt the need to address some issues I experienced with you on a recent cruise. My husband and I booked the February 20, 2011 sailing on the Voyager of the Seas out of Galveston, Texas to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This cruise was plagued with fog issues both coming and going, and I do understand that weather conditions are not something that you can control. My concern is the inept way the situation was handled. I was aware another cruise line was delayed because of fog the day before and immediately tried to discern the fate of our ship that was returning to Galveston. Your website stated your ship; Voyager of the Seas would be delayed by fog and to check back for an update on the situation at 9 am Sunday, February 20. Packed and ready to drive to Galveston I began checking your website the morning of February 20, only to find the website was not updated and provided your customers no information. I called Royal Caribbean directly and was told to check back at 3 pm for an update, but given no other information. I informed your employee that I had about a three hour drive to the port and really needed more definite information as to when to board the ship. When we finally left home around Noon your website had still not been updated. Arriving at the port at 4:30 pm, we pulled up to the ship to unload our luggage and were given a letter stating that boarding would be approximately at 6:30 pm and that we would each receive a $20 onboard credit to compensate for the late boarding. Since we had nothing else to do we decided to stay at the terminal, but we were not allowed inside. The crowd outside grew and people became very frustrated with the situation. We were never told why we couldn’t enter the terminal or what was going on. As time wore on people began to push and at one point I was crushed against the building as the crowd saw the door opening. I feel this was a very dangerous situation…in this crowd you had small children, frail elderly people, people with various medical conditions, and several people in wheelchairs. We finally entered the terminal a little before 7 pm only to find that our Diamond status meant nothing, everyone was just trying to get on the ship. I fully realize that you cannot control the weather, but your company should have a plan in place to handle this type of situation. I know it has happened before, and will happen again. Your website which in this day and age is a great communication tool with your customers was not updated. Email which was used before the cruise to constantly sell me something could have kept all your customers sailing on this ship up to date on the delay. Even having a speaker system of some sort would have facilitated communication with the crowds at the terminal. Your company should make every effort to see that a dangerous situation that we experienced will never happen again. Another issue that I found extremely disturbing was that my husband, age 67 was not allowed to snorkel with me on an excursion (BEB2) in Belize. After questioning the policy by phone with Royal Caribbean and on board the ship I was confused by the answers I was given: it was a Royal Caribbean policy, it was a vendor policy, and it was a vendor insurance policy. I find this to be blatant age discrimination…..not allowing a fit, healthy man who is an experienced snorkeler to participate is absurd. This policy affects a large portion of your loyal cruise customers and is totally ridiculous. If the truth is that it is a vendor policy, then Royal Caribbean should sever ties with this vendor immediately and find a vendor that does not discriminate because of age. Nowhere did it ask participants about pre-existing conditions, the ability to swim, and although it did have a 250 pound weight limit imposed on the excursion, passengers were not weighed before the excursion. As an experienced scuba diver with a PADI C Card and 200 dives in my logbook and quickly approaching my sixty fifth birthday I would be able to scuba dive on a Royal Caribbean excursion, but not snorkel…makes absolutely no sense! The final issue was that during disembarkment we sat comfortably in the dining room reserved for Diamond status guest until an employee of your company instructed us to walk down one flight of stairs to leave the ship. The line was not moving and we stood on the stairs for over approximately thirty minutes, again with no explanation of what was going on. We had elderly that found standing in the cramped conditions difficult. It seems the self assist people were still in line to disembark and we were to be combined with them to leave the ship. This was to be our first cruise after achieving the Diamond status and we were deeply disappointed with the whole cruise experience. As a loyal customer and a stockholder we felt totally abandoned by your company, The Nation of Why Not.

the high pressure fog system pipes broke above our cabin and it was completely flooded out. with water pouring down from the ceiling an ruining everything in the room an flooding out into the hallways it took over a half hour for help to arrive after making 3 calls to the desk about this. it was so bad they had to completely gut out the room an some of the rooms around ours. i spent so much time on the phone and at the dest trying to get all our belongings back. i took time out of school and my husband out of work, also leaving my 8 month old baby behind to finally get a break for once. also this was my husbands first chance for a vacation since hes been home from iraq! i dis not feel this was a relaxing vacation, it more stressful than anything! to top it off one of the ports were closed and we had to miss an island and spend another day at sea! only offering a 50% discount twards a future cruise! i do not want to cruise with royal carribbean again! they refuse to give us our money back or offer another chance for a vacation paid in full! we even have a video of the incident an i am considering taking it to the media, because thats how bad things were!

I paid a some of money to an agency in St.Vincent and the grenadines and up to the present time I havn't received a cent. please tell what to do before i consider going to my lawyer.

I took the Baltic Sea cruise, the actual cruise scenery (saw some) was great- the stops were small but great for the time spent. Luggage was late till after midnite as I had to go identify it as they stated they thought I had needles/scissors - I didn't! My first idea that it wasn't going to be that fun was the fact Our cabin which was an upgrade still I had to climb on the bed as I didn't have a path to get by the door. This along with the stop where I actually fell on the tour bus that had 2 feet deep steps- no safety for handicapp people- still recovering 3 months later as I tore the cartilage from my ribs!!! However, I missed one as I was told I had to be confine to cabin for vomiting due to food poisoning. I am a nurse and had no other symptoms and called to see if they had any meds for vomiting. That was a mistake!!!My card on board was deactivated and I was refused to be deboarded to get off. For a short 5 day cruise, I wouldn't take RCL again as they didn't have any empathy.

We recently returned from a mediterranean cruise. This is our third cruise RCL. The service was impeccable from the Stateroom attendent to the wait staff in the dining room. The ports of call were ideal and filled with a variety of excursions. The only dissappointment was that there were too many areas on the ship that allowed smoking to include the casinos and most of the lounges. There was even a non smoking nite designated in the casino and while the attendent tried to curb other passengers from smoking, they still did. I dont know whether this was because this was a foreign cruise, but the smoking was overwhelming at times.

We have taken five cruises with RCL and they were all great, we just booked our sixth cruise and are Crown and Anchor members. This cruise we are movin on up to the Grand Suite! Yahoo! Try it, you'll love it.


The captain of Grandeur of the Seas apparently thinks he is a stand-up comic. During our August 9-15 cruise, he sprinkled his public messages with lame attempts at humour. OK, but when he described his crew as containing about fifty nationalities, he made the comment that they all spoke one language---broken English. Insulting to the crew and to the many foreign born paying passengers aboard including my daughter-in-law who is from Taiwan.

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