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I wish to report spotting your shopping carts, abandoned, at 649 Anita St, Chula Vista, CA 91911 I suggest all stores set up an email hotline for reporting abandoned shopping carts on the streets, so that you may economically recover them. Best, DJ

I will never shop at the Ross Kapolei ever again. I will shop at other Ross stores in Hawaii, But I advise every Army Wife to stay away form this Ross. The customer service is poor; and the hiring manger is supper rude.

How can they pay Ross $7.25 an hour??!! by LAW it should be $7.60 around there they should be check!

I am VERY upset with my experience at Ross in New Braunfels, Texas. A Woman working the fitting room on August 21, 2012 was extremely RUDE and made me so upset I left my items I was going to purchase, and I left the store immediately! She was NOT at her station working the fitting room, I, after trying on my garments, stood and waited 2 minutes and finally put the number up she had RUDELY given to me and walked away. There was no one working there so I took the two garments which I should've just thrown on the floor, myself, and walked to put them away. I look and see her texting in a near by area, and she quickly walked towards me as If "I" had done something wrong. This was an older woman, she questioned me in a very rudely, slightly arrogant manner,as if I didn't belong there. She's the type of TRASH that would be hired here at the Ross in New Braunfels! There's a very poor selection of individuals working. She told me to show her "where" I put the number, like she was a higher authority figure. I have NEVER in my life been treated with so much disrespect. She treated me not as a customer, but as some person at her garage sale. I will never, REPEAT never, SHOP AT ROSS IN NEW BRAUNFELS,TEXAS AGAIN! Hold that thought, I will never walk in to any Ross on this planet. GOODBYE ! VERY UPSET, I'VE SHARED THIS STORY WITH A FEW, AND THEY SAY THEY NO LONGER SHOP AT ROSS IN NEW BRAUNFELS DUE TO THE GROUP OF PEOPLE WORKING THERE, AND THE OVERALL FILTHY ATMOSPHERE.

i worked in jacksonville fl at the busiest store for about 5 months. when i was hired i was not trained and no one took their time to do so. the store manager and her buddy katrina didnt care either about training. no one ever explained certain company rules, and i also had trouble when i wa scheduled. i suggest that if you want to work in a place where people care about you, then do NOT work here. but if you like to not give a shit about your job look miserable and sloppy then go ahead. these people here didnt care about customer service. they want u to go as fast as possible at the register and they micromanage evrything on the computer system. how fast you can call someone else, how long it takes u to pull out the receipt, if you bag peoples items you cant fold them nicely you just throw it in the bag. this place sucks.

I shop at Katy store at normal,Bellshill and the team there is awesome ,before the store was a mess,now they have new mgmt and it is the best...I have shioppedd Ross in the Houston area and they are usually awful.....memorial has the best cleanliness and other locations need to check out what they are doing to catch up

I've been a Ross shopper for many years and love it. I have found many treasures and bargains. For some time I have seen the quality and amount of merchandise change. I love shopping Ross when the store is just bursting with goods. Now it looks like a department store, all vacant and not much to choose from. Living here we have many visitors, tourists and cruise ship shoppers to compete with so we need lots of merchandise in the store to shop for and for Ross to sell. Bring on the goods and lets go shopping.

I in the Ross Fontana Ca. Extremly!!! Bad customer service!! By the floor manager!(Amie) It's very sad that a manager could be rude and loud for asking the price... And just making up a price off the top of her head! Rude to her staff as well! The should never leave someone like that in charge!!!

This is the worst job I have ever thought about having. I stopped showing up and I did not go in to pick up my last check. I really hope they're smart enough for a while to send me the check, they have my address.

I had an experience at Ross Store at 4424 Oracle Tucson, Arizona on Sunday 29th of July 2012 My Wife return a pair of shoe for a different size number and one of your Clerk Michael was very rude in a way that he indicated that the shoe we bougth the pric was wrong, we have ask to bring other pair and it had the same price and sticker on the shoe. I have talk to the manager that why is your co-worker is marking the pricing wrong, two same shoe with the same price. I have purchase at Ross store for years your manager explaint to us that the exchange will be done but next time nothing they can do. The only thing i do not understand is why are your empoyee are puting the wrong pricing on the merchadized, the only thing I did no like is your clerk keep exisisting that next time this would not be exchange and I told him that I was going to complaint about this issue and he said go ahead. I ask him that I needed his last name and he said no. Plus the store is so dirty and smell I dont know how customer can go to that store, The Ross Store at Green Valley AZ. Are good person to deal with. If you have any questions, please feel to call me at 520-940-0854

Must give poor rating based on previous reviews. I have shopped Ross from coast to coast. Love the store because I am a bargain hunter. I shop high end, Gicci and the like but also will shop high end thrift if I see something I like . Money is not an issue. I am well educated with a great job. What I want to say here is that your Corporate office needs to take an indept look an investigation on what your current and former employees are alleging. Their treatment and that of customers. I am on my way to your Key West store. The stores in my N.C. Town appear to like their jobs. I am in the stores several times weekly. gIn, shame on management for not monitoring better. I will follow and may stop shopping Ross. Social media can send your corp. into bankrupt. Improve!

I am disabled it would be great to be able to shop at Ross, only need a store scooter for assistance.

Working for Ross is a sad disgrace!underpaid employees non english speaking staff,rude customers and staff.The store in Harbor city omg!management sucks all the way around the assisant manager says castermer instead of customer just a hot mess!no one gets there regular breaks and managers are toooooo lazy they put their work on already overworked employees!HORRIBLE everyone hates it @ that place its a ghetto place to work and to shop......!!!!!!!

I don't even know where to start. Worst place ever. I haven't shipped at Ross in years because of the terrible customer service and filthy dressing rooms it I thought I would give it a shot since I'm at my mothers and there are so few stores in this area. Never again. The twit who basically said we LLC shop there because we're poor and deserve to ensure rudeness is well, a twit. I certainly had low paying jobs as a student and don't remember feeling entitledentitled to do a crap job just because I was low paid. Of course there are always a couple of customers who act entitled to special privileges and that's unfortunately but that's part of working in retail. Sorry often best to can do is work at Ross but no matter where you work I would hope you would do a good job and maybe try to improve your situation like plenty of other single mothers. Why anyone would waste even thethe piddly amount of money for Ross purchases is beyond me. Save your money and buy quality products at quality stores where they having actual hiring standards. Breathing shouldn't be enough to secure employmw on my probably wouldn't be as mad if I hadn't just witnessed some witch talk to my gentle terminally ill mother like a dog. Shame on you people. When we politely reed to complain they threatened to call the police. For lodging a complaint? Pathetic. Good luck Waxahachie Ross, your going to need all the uck

I worked at Ross for only a month and had been very displeased with working there since week 1. When I started, the associates weren't very friendly. I'm Asian, and most of the people that worked at the Ross I was hired at, were Spanish or Caucasian. I've noticed that many of them talked behind each other's backs for no reason and I'm SURE they talked about me. When I was scheduled to work a certain job, I ended up doing every other job there was. If I was scheduled to be a cashier one day, I'd get called nonstop on the PA to roll (put clothes back) or cover the fitting rooms. I wanted to do my job well. But how could I do that if I was getting called to do everyone else's? ALSO, a lot of the time that I worked registers, I was the only one. When there would be a long line, I'd be the only one taking customers while my other associates were standing around chatting.. During my 2nd week of working at Ross, while I was helping to close at around 11PM, one of my associates and I got to talking and she told me that everyone hated our manager. We had heard that they were cutting payrolls and the associate told me that our manager did it so she could get a big bonus at the end of the month. She was also VERY condescending along with the assistant manager. Whenever we got unsatisfied customers, the managers usually took their side over ours even though we were just doing our job. I thought I'd love working at Ross, but it DEFINITELY wasn't worth $8 an hour. I now work at Rite Aid and am happy as ever!

On April 27, 2012, I put in a transfer notice from #582 Cartersville, Ga Ross to the Savannah, Ga store moving back to Savannah due to my mother having a heart attack. While I were following the proper procedures with the assistance manager(Cindy Griffin) she gave me the address and phone number book of all Ross stores so that I may speak with the manager at the Savannah store. Spoke with Ms. Diane (912-352-1419) of my transfer to the Savannah store she requested that as soon as I get settle come by and introduce myself. In addition to that conversation Ms. Diane asks to speak with Ms. Cindy, they were discussing my KSAO’S (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics) while they were talking things seems to be heading in the right direction. After they conversations I ask Ms. Cindy how long will the transfer take her reply were no more than a week are so, my last day at Ross was May 12, 2012. May 15, 2012 two days after mother’s day, three of the managers were fired (Ms.Christina, Ms Cindy, and Amanda) due to an employee (Ben) calling the hot line. Ben was very upset unexpectedly due to not getting the next opening manager position that everyone were talking of. He were very close to them all, meaning he married Ms. Cindy ex babysitter (China) who she hired as an cashier, Amanda, well all of them partied each week plus (Ben) kept her son on weekends at his house. Oh, did I mention that Ben work in Lost Prevention and China is a cashier gist that it is against company polices for husband and wife to work in the same store with having these jobs. During the firing Ms. Cindy ask Ken Collins (districts manager) a few questions concerning work related issues that she need to bring to his attention . One was about my transfer and he stated, “He will say that my work performance is mediocre” while the Lost Prevention manager (Jennet) said “oh I know the lost prevention manager there she is a good friend of mines” (with a smile on their face). Moved back to Savannah my job was to be transferred to the local retail on June 11 2012. Went there to introduce myself as I were informed a few days before start, Ms. Diane manager said that she have not received my transfer papers yet. She called the store that I was transferring from and the new manager said that she had sent my papers in for the transfer. I have not heard anything as of today when my start date is.


I can speak for myself and several more employees that I personally know and say how disappointed I am at not only a store manager but the people who are in the corporate offices. After working several years for Ross (from day one) and holding and learning all the jobs in the store I was terminated. Oh I know they say they had just cause but it's funny that all the problems occurred when we got a new manager. I have corresponded with Human Resource for six months and they just hide their heads in the sand. I have sent reports of what was done to me by manager and it seems they don't care. This tells me alot about Ross Corporate so now I'm aware of what this company thinks about their employees.

Ross has some great employees. I really enjoy working there, but there are some bad apples that essentially ruin the whole bunch. Darlene, one of the assistant managers, constantly talks down to employees. She should be fired immediately for degrading and humiliating employees. Leslie, another manager, gets things done, but complains way too much about it. She also talks down to associates. There was another manager who was having inappropriate relations with an associate. Yet another manager still has her job after constantly making racial remarks. There is no drug testing to get into this job. That is something I highly disagree with. This company could get some better employees and turn this company around if they implemented mandatory drug testing. My store has many non-English speaking employees who work in the morning in the stockroom. Seems fishy to me. These ladies have always been mean to me because I look hispanic and don't speak Spanish. They gossip and laugh about everyone who can't understand them. Also, getting far in this company is not based on how hard you work. It's based on whose ass you kiss and how often you kiss it. They unfairly play favorites. This job definitely does not pay enough! I have previous experience and am only paid minimum wage and I do too much for how little I get paid. I get thrown around like a rag doll. This job sucks.

I have gone into the Ross Store in Huntsville, Al and noticed that the employee's have never been issues a back brace for any reason. You go into any other retail store and they always have a back brace for safety reasons. And The new manager is RUDE at the store on University Dr., in Huntsville,Al. They need to change there safety rules before someone gets hurt!

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