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Poor management!!!

I am an employee at the Garland Tx location and I received a call from one of my managers telling me that my check didn't come in with all the other checks. I personally think that it is absolutely ridiculous that management forgot to send in my hours and try to blame it on the computer system. I think if management makes a mistake they should own up to it and so what they can to fix the issue as quickly as possible.


This is for the Ross on Guam, I really do not see how the employees cannot get a pat on the back for trying to do such a great job in processing boxes, The employees are to process 10 to 12 boxes a night and even after processing 8 to 9 they do not get the compliment of " at least I see you trying" instead they get written up for poor productivity and then they are told that they have one month to improve and if not you are out........I think the SOD and MOD are such selfish people who only want employees to go at their own speed and to top it all of even the ones who have been there for less then a month got written up....

Customer Service Stinks!

Purchased a bed set on 5/6/13, it didn't match my decor. Returned it on 5/13/13. Paid for said item with a debit card - in other words, CASH! Upon my return, I no longer have the debit card and am not associated with the bank. All I was offered was either a creditr on my debit card or a store credit. I don't think that highly of Ross and just want my money back! I phoned their CS# and wasn't given any chice. I asked for someone in management to speak with There isn't anyone! If I don't receive my cash back, I will file complaints with the appropriate agencies.

Rude Associate

Just left Ross store in Eastgate Plaza Wichita Ks Your sales associate Jocelyn was very rude no greeting dropped my items on the floor which I had to pick up no apology no thank you. A little Customer Serrvice goes a long way. Very Poor service I'd rather pay full price and get decent customer service. Definitely wont spend money at this store again.


My daughter works at Ross. She has been there for three years and it has been nothing but issues. There are girls there that don't like her for honestly no reason at all. My daughter helps with special needs kids in her spare time. She is not by all means a mean girl. The managers there don't do nothing about it. She has come home crying numbers of time. I for one don't think it's right! My daughter has depression and is a beautiful girl who give her all and for these girls to be toying with her and her job is not right!

Never so dissapointed

I went to store 0573 on 4/23/13 at 11:38 I was checked out at reg2 and accoc 485936. I have been to Ross and I love it! We do not have a Ross in ri so when my family came to visite I took them. There were 3 registers and one woman in line I was asked to go to the back of the line when my two kids and I could have just waited. Then my family did get in a line (there was no one in any line at this point) they were told to walk threw another line because that was for returns only. There was no line labeled there was no one else who needed to be rung out and the cash ears were very rood. No one knew how to do a credit card authentication and told my mom she had to do it. When I did make the comment to my cash ear that the comments were made rudley she procided to explain why we were wrong. A I'm sry would have been fine. I'm very disappointed.

Run around

After calling your s. king st , Honolulu store 4 times,and your buying office in NY. i am getting the run-around big time. i lost my rhone in your store. they found it and have it. no one will help me get it back even though i will gladly pay for overnight delivery or any postage. isn't customer satisfaction important to you?

No public restroom?YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!

Honolulu,Ft St Mall location is a nice store however, I am frustrated because I had been shopping in there for about an hour and had about 300 worth of merchandise I was going to purchase.I am 9 months pregnant and had to use the restroom.I was told that they don't have a public restroom!!!!! That is just crazy to me.I left the store and will not be making anymore purchases at Ross in the future.Thats a lot of money to miss out on because I used to frequent different Ross locations about two times a week.

Kudos to security guard!

On the evening of March 28th I was leaving the Ross, Mountain View store. The female security guard held the door open for me, and said she would watch me walk to my car as there were a couple unsavory characters in the parking lot. She watched until I safely got in and drove off, and she waved goodbye. Stellar service! She also did this with other female shoppers leaving the store. I commend Ross for hiring this excellent employee.

horrible management operations

The Ross store located in st.Louis Missouri off lindbergh road needs to not only keep high attention to customer service but al so needs to fire the manager. Watch the cameras as I wait for service at the register for 15/20 minutes and he continued to hold a conversation with who knows who and failed to assist any customers. Watch two customers walk out on your cameras at 2:40. Horrible service and unacceptable to have a company look so unprofessional. Embarrassing. Period.

Upset Customer

Very unhappy with Ross's return policy. Went to Ross to return merchandise with tags with no receipts. For a pair of shoes with tags, not worn they wanted to give me .40 cents. The tag said $15.99. That is truly taking advantage of customers. Was not looking to get cash back just to exchange for another pair. Just so you know TJ Maxx takes back returns and gives credit for the amount you paid with no receipt. Which means in the future I will only shop at TJ Maxx. Incase something does not work out at least I know I can get something else. Your company should look into this policy more. It will cost you more in the long run when customers are unhappy.

Most Racist store managers and employees!

My sister works at a ross in San Ysidro, CA and they refuse to give her anymore than 8hrs a week because she is black, everyone there speaks spanish and they told her that maybe she should learm the language! When she went to the manager to ask for more hours they told her that they arent going to give her more hours because they want her to quit, she gets less hours than every other employee and it is because she is not Mexican and because she does not speak spanish when it was never a requirement to get hired there. Her counts are good her numbers are high and apparently that is irrelevant because they are trying to get her to quit......I use to shop there all the time and now I refuse to even go near the store! This is her first job and this is how she gets treated ! SUPER UNFAIR! I am trying to get her to file a fomal complaint and if nothing gets done then I am going to get her to file a law suit against the store!

Poor Service

I was at the Lake Worth, TX store and I can't believe how rude the cashier was. I went to the only person at a checkout and the girl was having a very personal conversation with her friend. I stood there for about 2 minutes and I finally asked if she could check me out. She told me to go to register 5. I told her no one was at that register. She said the girl will be back soon. That person was clearing baskets from in front of the door way. If there had been a fire it wouldhave been very difficult to exit and I think that girl was correct to do that. That girl asked the first one to check me out. The first one said she was going to lunch. FInally after the girl cleared the baskets from the door I was checked out. I don't blame the girl clearing baskets. The second girl called for help because by now there were a half a dozen people in line. I was told she was a assistant manager and asked if I could speak to her and she told me not now. What kind of store doesn't care about the customers? I've had several friends tell me similar bad experiences and that they no longer shop at Ross. I think I will be joining them. This was my last visit.

Pittsburg Ross

I always shop this store, however I will not longer shop at any Ross stores ever again. I bought an item that was $7.99 I know without receipt it's a store credit which is acceptable, what is not acceptable is the only wanted to give me $2.99 for the item. I left the item there and told them what they could do with it.

Ross Stores need friendly and helpful Employees

i shop at Ross stores because they have great prices but everytime I shopped at Ross I always have a bad experienced especially the employees are rude. They are not helpful and the cashier are not friendly at all. The store in Lake Worth Florida store# 1192 the employees there are not helpful and they are not friendly.

No Stars to Ross Stores. Horrible service from the Managers on down to the Staff. Shop at TJ Maxx where service is a priority. Ross is no longer a store for me, my friends or family will ever shop at again. HORRIBLE customer service!!!!!

store needs help

went to douglasville ross saturday, the store was a mess, approx 20 people had to wait in line. The atmosphere their was un friendly, Please get help for this store. Go to the carrolton store if you want friendly service and managers who are present to help the employees. It is clean to, doesn't seem like a thirft store. Douglasville you need help ASAP

OMG...How frustrating it is to stand in line (on your short lunch hour) and be ignored by two employees who feel it is more important to clean up the front of the store, return hangers, make sure the shopping bags are at all the stations and put on hangers all the clothes items that have been returned all while there is a line of about 20 people on one of the only two lines available. Meanwhile, the store is in total shambles. Everything is thrown on the shelves and it looks like total mayhem. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I had to just leave what I was going to purchase right there in the middle of the floor and walk out. Had I stayed one more minute, I don't know what may have come out of my mouth; and believe me, I am not one to hold my tongue. ROSS is one store I will NEVER shop at again.

Horrible- watauga TX

The returns and exchanges of perfumes are not allowed which was NEVER told or made aware when purchasing the item. Especially if I wanted to exchange because I got the wrong one for the correct one. Horrible policy that was made up suddenly and not on receipts. Even mall stores would allow u to open it and return it. Even stating that- this item had no packaging and return/exchange policy was not warned prior to purchasing.


I shop Ross all the time....all my family shops Ross all the time...in fact even when we are away, my husband makes it a point to stop by the Ross stores anywhere in the country. Some stores are better than others....the Clearwater, FL store is degrading by the minute so I do not go there any more...now lately my favorite Ross in Citrus Park, Florida has finally gone down the tubes...will not go back there...the people do not care and the store feels like it is a third world country. Today I saw 5 employees walking around, but there was no store manager and one return goods cashier and one regular cashier and there was a very long line...I asked for help was igonored...even though I had a whole cart full of things, shoes for me, shoes for my husband, shirts and homeware, I left everything and left the store...what a shame...

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