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My complaint isn't customer service; it is the stockroom supervisor, believe her name is Diane. She is a nasty person and is so insubordinate towards the manager of the store. She has been observed on a number of ocassions arguing and just being plain rude and nasty to the manager. She shoild no longer be employed by Ross. It is associates like her that gives Ross a bad name. I have spoken to others in the store who works there and she acts like that all the time and she even lies on the other associates. She does what she wants when she wants and gets highly upset when it not done her way. It doesn't matter to her whether Ross wants it that way. She could care less. She just brings the store down. I am referring to the store in Catonsville, maryland 5800 Baltimore National Pike 21228. She needs to be fired immediately. This is the third time I have witnessed her going off on the Store Manager because she don't like what the Store Manager is doing per Ross's direction. She constantly calls the manager a liar to anyone who listens. the associates say they are tired of hearing her complaints.

I just wanted to say that this past Monday, 7/4/2010, was my second experience at the Tamuning, GUAM Ross Store that I was told to hang up the clothing I had tried on BACK onto the hanger before giving back to the clerk to place back on the storeroom floor displays. The first time it happened, the manager at the time was apologetic and said they'd speak with that particular clerk about it. This last time, 7/4/2010, I again brought it up to a Supervisor whose name is "Virginia" and she told me when I questioned if this was store policy that "yes", it was the Ross store policy to request that the customer hang clothes back on hanger if they weren't going to buy it and hand over to sales clerk upon exiting the dressing rooms. I have NEVER in my life been told, asked, requested to place store merchandise that I decided not to purchase back ANYWHERE. Usually, store staff will OFFER to put it back for me. Isn't that how you keep customers coming back? CUSTOMER SERVICE? Look, if I had wanted to WORK for Ross, I would have applied. Lastly, I realize that Ross offers the Guam people really good deals in their store, which is why there is a realized high influx of customers, but when you establish bad business practices such as this as a norm among your staff, you may start to realize a very consistent decline of clientele at some point. I suggest that someone from Corporate HQ's call the Guam Ross store and ensure that the staff knows that it is NOT the store's policy to hang CUSTOMERS hang their clothes back on hangers, nor is it our (customers) responsibility to do your jobs for you.

I am writing this review because I was very disappointed when I got ready to check out tonight at store #0435. I understand there were technical difficulties with the credit/debit card machines people were trying to use to pay for their purchases. I didn't have a problem with that at all but,I do have a problem with rude employee(s). I asked Ms. Viviana was she taking customers with there credit/ debit cards and if not, I would let the people who were paying with cash go in front of me since the system was not fully running correctly. The problem occurred when Ms. Viviana co-worker Ms. Elizabeth decided she wanted to intervene on the question I was asking Ms. Viviana at the time. Ms. Elizabeth was not giving the customer in front of her fully attention because she was to busy exchanging negative words with me. Now I can understand if she was the manager but, this conversation had nothing to do with Ms. Elizabeth but, she took defense about what I was asking Ms. Viviana. Now I will admit I was very upset when I noticed that Ms. Viviana was about to let a customer behind me use there credit/debit card when Ms. Elizabeth stated they are only taking cash. This was my reasoning for letting people go in front of me so I wouldn't hold up the line until there machine started to work right. Now I had let two customers already go in front of me and pay cash but, the point I am trying to make is that Ms. Viviana did not make herself clear as to whether I could try and use my debit/ credit card to see if it would work. I let two more people check out with cash ahead of me and when the fifth person came up in the line she swiped her credit/debit card you can imagine how upset I was. Ms. Viviana did not even say would you like to try and use your debit/credit card to see if my transaction would go through. Now is this what you call good customer service? I will admit you have good deals at your store but, if you don't have good customer service to go along with it you will loose loyal customers; especially with today's economy. I love to shop at your stores but, I don't think I will be visiting #0435 again. The managers did not even come out to explain to the customers what was going on and explain to the cashiers how to address the situation. I guess that is why Ms. Elizabeth took it upon herself to address the situation but, her demeanor was very negative.

I worked for Ross stores for about three months at store 835 as a "store Protection specialist" and I have to say as a veteran that served his country in war i have never been treated like this at a job in my entire life...i have experienced racism, dishonest from the managers, betrayed by the employees, and more...i have spoken to the Loss prevention district manager Rosario, i have spoken to the Store manager Victor, the assistant manager yvette, about numerous problems with employees and the overall security performance in the store, it has gone to the point that i had to just leave and quit this job...nothing has been done to resolve the mistreating of myself and others there...there have been several customers that have come up to me personally complaining about store employees that have said the customer service was horrible. i have gone beyond the limit of trying to help the store and employees to get them on track, but it has fallen on deaf ears. i wonder if i should call my lawyer and ask to file lawsuit against ross stores.....feel free to call me

I just got a call back from Ross stores for a second interview and respectfully declined because I found a better job in the mean time and the manager said "thanks for wasting my time you little jerk. Goodbye!" Very unprofessional

plz concern the issue the one is on rote 50 on lee Jackson i went there to return the bag the value of the bag is $16 and it,s new i did not use it and still it has tag on it but they want me to give only $10 they should,t do that they should issue me store credit that my right i will be appreciate if you could plz solve this issue

I think u should hire people that speaks English or at least understandable because every time that i call the mailing room at corporate office in Pleasanton CA, there is a lady that works there her name is Myriam she CAN NOT SPEAK English at all i wonder who will hire people that customers can not even understand what shes saying, hopfully the manager will hire somebody that speaks English, i dont know how she did the interview (problaby she did no) but if i was the interviewer she would not have a chance with me, we really need a person that we can understand at least, im not saying that she has to speak a perfect English understandable will work so a dont have to guess what shes saying to me and i dont waist time trying to translate every time i talk to her. Thank you

I agree with everyone who's written a review on this page. I've been to a couple of Ross stores in the Pasadena and La Canada area and they are exactly the same. The employees are unresponsive, confused and at times, rude. They usually don't know where anything is located. They are socializing instead of working. Most of all, I think they are RASCIST. I am looking into filing a discrimination complaint with their corporate office. Or should I go to the state civil court?

I had the worse experience ever the employes are really rude they dont greed you when you walk in the store they look at you with a big ol grinch in their face they dont even smile bak at you it is like they dont want to be at work. this is at the Chico store the manager her name is katrina she is the most rudes people i ahve ever known i whent shopping for mothers day with my sister and my 2 month old niece, so the baby started crying and sister tried to pick her up but we had all this clothes on the cart that she couldnt so we started putting somethings on the shelves next to us and katrina saw us so she walks to were we were and started grabing everything from the shelves and asked us very rudely to not to leave clothes were they didnt belong then she asked my if i still was going to get what se had in her hand so i got upset and told her to take it and that it was what she was getting payed to do she rolled her eys at my and walked off and now that i go to the store she is always talking to other employees and pointing at me and following me around the store i have never stollen anything form the store i dont do that kind o stuff and they know because i have shopped there for years and spent hundred of dollars and i dont tink i am going to shop there anymore because the manager Katrina makes me feel uncomfertable and hopefully coorporate will do somthing about this cause everyone i know dont go to ross because of the way employee are with people. I would hate for you guys to go bankrupt you guys have the best selling prices. Thank you

I had an horrible experience at the Bayfiar Ross Store. The cashier was talking about customers to a customer and then Ross worker rolled her eyes and yelled at the customers to form one line. The store is very unorganized to begin with. I tired to talking to two store manager and they did not the time to talk and even contacted the corporate office. Paul is the districts manager for Ross stores and he never called me back. I have shared my horrible experiences with all family memebers, PTA memebers,fellow co-workers, friends and other groups i am part of and they all said the same thing. None of them shop at Ross because of the POOR cistomer service. They rather shop at the comp stores such as DD's and Burlington Coat Factory. I will NEVER shop at Ross again more for the fact of NOT receiving a call back for the manager.

Ross Tamuning Guam, lines are backed up from the cashier to the oethe end of the store. not enough cashiers on duty. I witnessed 4 staff members yapping away,giggling have a good time behind the cashier stand with no regard towards the customers in line. spoke with one of them Ms Tiah Mariah and asked her about the awfully long wait in line customers have to go through just to buy something, her reply was (oh,its just like that here) and I asked her if she felt it was okay for customers to have to wait so long in line while the 4 of you are yapping away in a group visible for all to see that you are not doing your job. I said I guess ill have to speak to the manager, she replied I am the manager(Tiah Mariah). I said Ill have to spaek to someone higher up in position, she replied go ahead! Thats it!! THATS THE SERVICE I EXPERIENCED AT ROSS ON GUAM!!! ITS AMAZING YOU WOULD HIRE SOMEONE SO UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE AND A PERSON WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY!! SHE IS REPRESENTING ROSS STORES. SHES GETTING A FREE PAYCHECK FROM YOUR COMPANY AND MAKING YOU LOOK VERY BAD AT THE SAME TIME!!! AWFUL AND SAD!!!

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