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Dismal service

Cannot download the program. On hold for over 1 hour yesterday. No help. Repeated attempts to correct situation on my own unsuccessfu. How can they stay in business?

Worst Company Brand Ever

Worst Company Ever!!! I Wouldn't Buy From Them and there Made in America VERY POOR!

BAD customer service

I only marked one star because I didn't have an option of giving them ZERO. Customer service is HORRIBLE! Spoke with one very kind person, who tried to help but like myself got NO RESULTS. Do NOT purchase, if you do make sure you understand exactly what your purchasing and don't expect any help.

Unbelievable. The very first day I used my RosettaStone product the headset failed. I contacted them through the chat function of the website, and found myself conversing with someone by the name of Ranganath C. whose English was atrocious, even in written form. His only comment was to go to a random store and buy another headset, and then he terminated the chat session. I was livid. This is hardly what I expect for the kind of money they charge. These people are thieves. Vote with your dollars, and take your business elsewhere.

The worst! The password they sent did not work and took me hours (literally, hours) of waiting to contact someone: no phone, no e mail no chat!!!!

If there was a way to give Rosetta Stone less than one star I would! I have been on hold for over 30 minutes for tech support to no avail. The corporate office is useless. Once, when I did get someone in tech support, they actually didn't speak English well enough to even help me.

Worst Service! They cannot solve problems or help in any way.

I would have offered a lower rating, but there wasn't one!!! I called to ask for the free CD to learn more about the product and the guy insisted on pressure selling it to me...I asked, again, for the free CD to learn more...before I decided to commit my money to the program. He said you can get that 'on line' and HUNG UP ON ME! I was polite and friendly throughout the entire conversation and his rudeness was unforgiveable! Such a bad 'reflextion' on the company he represents, as well. I won't buy from them because they hire people like him... SHAME on them!!!

hi there,i think there are alot of Americans that would like to see on one of your commercials for rosetta stone, is a mexican that is trying to learn English and not the other way around. thank you

Check that off the list of things I was cofsnued about.

Hey, youÂ’re the goto expert. Thanks for haingng out here.

Hi I been a costco custumer for year i visit costco at leat once a week but lately been realy mad becuse twice in the last two week we were charge twice for the same Item and one time we were charge 3 times for one item i'm sure that this moey people steal it for them self please do something to stop this kind of prictice going on at some costco store thanks so much JD

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