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Will Never shop here again

I was so excited to get my new bedroom furniture. The first delivery, all the the items were damaged but I still had hope. I'm now at my 4th delivery and ready to get my money back.

I will never buy anything from Rooms To Go again. You can't make a payment at the store. They won't let you change a due date but they will put a late payment on your bill even if you're one day late and call their bank.


Purchased furniture in February for March 7 delivery. 3 deliveries later and still do not have all the UNDAMAGED furniture. It will take 2 more deliveries in APRIL to hopefully get the bedroom and living room correct. INSANE.

What A Joke!

SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! They sent me broken furniture and I have been getting the run around for 2 weeks. They didn't finalize our redelivery in their system and are now telling me I have to wait until May when I should have had the furniture tomorrow! Already contacted BBB.

Delivered to wrong address!

Took the day off. Delivery guy never showed up. Called customer service and was treated like I was a burden. I paid cash. Will never shop here again.

Horrible Horrible Horrible

RTG have damaged my property; they keep promising empty promises. Getting lawyer.


I went into the charlotte store to purchase 4 rooms of furniture. After choosing the first package for a living room they told me there was a mistake in the ad and refused to honor it. The chose to lose the sale for 4 rooms over an end table and lamp. Very poor customer service.

The Worst Ever!

OMG! Just contacting the site to send a letter to corporate. I cannot believe all of the negative ratings! Total disaster. Guess I need to contact the BBB as well. They should be put out of business


I am completely pissed right now. I just brought a platform and that me and my wife have yet to sleep on. Sitting on the edge of the bed the support railing in the middle brakes in half. The wood is so fickle it is ridiculous! I hope after contacting corporate I get satisfaction because the lower end in chain of command is really upsetting me.


Worst, worst, worst, worst experience I have ever had. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ROOMS TO GO. PERIOD.


We live in the South and are not use to the icey weather and snow. the manager called my daughter to be at work at12pm. so at1015 she left to have enough time to get there. The manager has still yet to call her back and let her know they are closing. If she wouldnt have texted another sales associate she would have been sitting out there.This is not acceptable and should never happen! Managers should be a little better then that! that is playing with peoples lives.

Bought a bedroom furniture set. Three months later still waiting for the whole set. Today the delivery truck came at 7 am with yet ANOTHER broken chest. If you want to be aggravated and ripped off purchase from Rooms to go. Save your money and go elsewhere. ROOMS TO GO IS A JOKE!!

Destin store closed without call to employee

My son just started working at the Destin store. We just had a bad ice storm and nobody called him to tell him the store was closed!!!! He showed up and is now stuck on the island because all of the bridges are closed!! What kind of management doesn't contact a new worker and tell them not to come in??? He wasn't given any phone numbers to management or anyone to contact! This is so not good. With accidents and bridges all closed he is stuck there.

Arlington, Texas Store

I purchased a living room couch (leather...haha) that is cracking and peeling. Very disappointed in the quality. The couch cost more but they gave a big discount...now I know why. Saddened that they could not be honest about the leather. I even bought the protection plan and wouldn't you know...it just expired. Leather shouldn't do this so please be honest with people and let them know that this is NOT true leather. It's hard to say blessings at the end if this comment.


The worst customer service I have been trying to fix my couch since last year june 2013 and until today 1/21/13 still waiting they are such a liars they said they are gonna call back and nothing!! the tell you they are gonna send you something and u get a totally different thing I try to put a complaint and I have to pay 25???!!! only thing I know I wont buy anything from you again I lost a customer

Beautiful Store/Horrible Service

It's a shame that the store here in Harker Heights Texas is so beautiful. They should have pumped more money into customer service and customer relation training. My first and last time buying from this retailer. I had my eye on a set of leather theater chairs but after the fiasco with my first purchase and delivery you can bet I will not be spending the thousands of dollars for this. I almost purchased on the same day but it is a good thing because I see the true nature of this company. 20 thumbs down!


Disaster... Disaster... Disaster. Filed with BBB!


Rooms to go! what a joke of a company. I will never set foot in your store again! I will let everyone I know not to do business with you. first of the sales person tried to sneak a leather protection kit in the sale when questioned about it he got upset and said it came with the sofa set. I said NO and he said he was going to talk to the manager to remove the charge but it was still billed to my account and I was told after I got my bill it would be removed. spoke to them about me picking up the order and they said that they only deliver and picking up the item was not an option had to pay a delivery fee. I have a truck that I could pick up the item myself. RTG poor service. scale of service and sales from 1 to 10 is a 0!

Poor Customer Service

I have called customer service and asked for a transformer for my sofa, I have been sent a plug and a paper asking what cushion I needed. I then asked for a return envelope to sent the plug back and ask for a refund, was told to return to my local store, my local store is 20 miles away. I live in a upcoming community and will not recommend your store to my neighbors. I will sooner sit and sleep on my floor.

Horrible service

I had a bed delivered today that was broken. I refused delivery and called customer service. The lady on the phone was rude and didn't care. She told me i could order again and wait for the original charges to be taken off my card and my visa. Then she told me it would be over a week for another delivery. I cancelled and will not spend one more dime at their store after spending thousands. Bye, Bye losers.

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