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Ritz is the worst

Horrible customer service. They said service would take 2 weeks to diagnose the issue with my Nikon after a month I began calling. Finally at 6 weeks they said that they were getting the part and it would be fixed within a week at budget. A month more of calling they want 300.00 more and it's still not done.

What a loser company!

First, all of the stores in my area go out of business. Then it is impossible to contact anyone to eliminate billing for my prepaid RitzPix card. Your phone numbers have been disconnected or just aren't answered. Pathetic! so, I'm turning my dispute over to the Attorney General of my state. Can't give a negative five stars so they get one.

Stop payment

II had a contract with Ritz last year. I called in November 2012 and cancelled the contract for 2013 and the auto payment that went with it. I still am receiving the auto deduct and have contacted the company three times beofre 2013 and have written documentation from them that they cancelled but they still bill. If you are having htis problem the only way is to put a stop payment on it. This company has misled me since last year and I suggest that everyone bring their business elsewhere. Rating should be negative.

Ritz might as well be out of business

I gave them one start because I couldn't give them zero. I ordered a photo book on 12/10. I had expected to pick it up at the local store within 1 hour as it was a gift. After spending hours making the book I learned that the local Ritz store had closed so it would have to be shipped. I have Emailed and there has been no response and called Ritz camera repeatedly and after holding for 10 minutes one time was disconnected. Now after finally getting through to someone I am told that she can't tell me where the order is or when I would receive. I cancelled it - after spending hours making it and hours trying to track it down that is not what I wanted to do but Ritz is not reliable. DO NOT ORDER OR BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

We did enjoy going to Ritz Camera store in the Moorestown Mall, Rt 38 , Moorestown, NJ. Now that they are closed we are very disappointed. Are The Ritz Camera people going to open under new management? Are they going to reimburse those who have had money taken from their accounts?

Whoa, things just got a whole lot esaeir.

It's very nearly imirlctpcabae to manually fire a flash to coincide with critical a shutter button. Flash duration is so fleeting, you'll rarely get the timing aptly.If you trigger the flash optically (from the flash on the digital camera), then if the flash has red-eye reduction or TTL metering (any or both highly liable in a compact camera) it fires pre-flashes. What happens is that your slave' (open-air) flash fires off on the pre-flashes and doesn't have time to re-payment in time for the main flash.To trigger a flash you need to disable the red-eye place the flash into blue-collar mode, so it doesn't fire metering (TTL) pre-flashes you may not be able to do this on your camera. The common way to trigger flashes on DSLR's is to use a touchtone phone logic trigger on the hotshoe or to use an optical logic.Incidentally, compact camera's DON'T have leaf shutters, they sync at any speed in view of the fact that the shutter' is electronic it's the feeler life turned on/off.It is doable to fire your flash manually during a long exposure (ie a few seconds or longer) but I am assuming this is not what you want to do. 0Was this answer helpful?

My wife and kids purchased a Nikon D7000 from the Annapolis store for my birthday as a surprise. The store told my wife as part of the package that we got 4 free "trainings" on the camera. I attempted to sign up online only to find that their is not anything offered at the Annapolis store. I went to the store to confirm this and they said the"training" was only offered at Columbia or Bethesda. On top of that I was offered an opportunity to pay $100 an hour for training there.....funny how I need to drive away from my area for help unless I want to pay $100 an hour which they can gladly do locally. Funny that in this economy spending $2,000 for a product and everyone at the store could care less....guess they are really focused on reprints. i used the camera for the first time to record my son's soccer game only to have it not record. I took it to the store and they said the card (that they installed for my wife) had not been formatted. When I asked for the contact information for Ritz corporate i was told the could not give me the contact information. If I could take this camera back i would in a second. The shame is not with the product but the company who sold it. I will not give Ritz another penny in my lifetime and will do what ever possible to steer folks to any other company.

Rating should be zero since Ritz delivered not at all. I preordered an Olympus EM-5 in March. I wanted to pay cash and Ritz made me put the entire sum down - $1000.00 PLUS TAX. I do not think they would have charged my charge card before the item shipped, but for cash they required the entire amount. I'd have been OK with that since the camera was due for release in April. Olympus was a little behind, but released in May. It is now August. I have been to the store many times and asked status. They have told me time and again that they cannot get status. Nothing is known. I wrote to Olympus. No response. I contacted corporate customer service for Ritz and they told me that they cannot give me status. It is no secret that Ritz is now in Chapter proceedings again - bankruptcy. It is "only" reorganization, but that basically means that they have sought shelter from creditors in the courts. I do not blame Olympus for not shipping to them, and in retrospect I should have foreseen this. I will go back to the store and ask for a full refund. It will be complicated since they already delivered a flash for which I will now have no use. Ritz, are you listening? I will never, ever use you again. Big box and B&H/Adorama here I come. Olympus, are YOU listening? Panasonic, here I come. That GH2 is pretty much all the camera the EM-5 is and it has better video. Save yourself some time and effort. Pass go and proceed directly to Adorama.

This is completely out of control. I too, feel like Ritz Camera has robbed me. I bought a Nikon D7000 from them about 6 months ago. It was not reading the memory cards properly. I had it sent to the Ritz Service Center for warranty repair. They quoted it at 4-6 weeks. 7 weeks later, I just got my camera back. They replace a chip in the camera. Now the camera battery indicator is not reading correctly. I called the shop and asked them to put me through to the repair shop to get an exact idea of what was happening. They said they can't even call their repair facility, so I can't either. They said my only option was to bring it in and send it out for repairs again. This shop is currently closing out their inventory and shutting down. They won't be there in another 7 weeks. So I have to be without my camera for a total of over 3 months and drive a city away to pick it up the next time? This is completely unacceptable, I feel entirely ripped off.

They're closing. Their corporate management could be the worst in the nation. Three bankruptcies in three years. Nice.

Ritz camera has very dedicated, caring employees who are also Photographers and hard working citizens who are trying to make an honest paycheck. It's too bad that so many people like to bash them when I personally know how hard they work at making their customers happy. After seeing these comments, I'm sure they will also complain when all local camera stores go out of business. so sad this is our country

Ok, I guess I'm joining the club of unsatisfied customers with Rtiz Camera. My story goes... my husband bought me a Fujifilm XP20 camera (shock proof, waterproof, dust proof, etc.) for Christmas as we like to take Caribbean vacations and we like to get wet and I like to take vacation pics. The camera was 5 months old and the door where the battery goes does not close properly and stay closed... which would make it not water proof. I call the store where the camera was purchased to find that they were no longer in business. I then proceed to call the next closest store who tells me to bring the camera in. I let the gentleman know that 27 days I would be going on vacation, and he tells me he doesn't think the camera will be back by then. I let him know that the whole purpose for buying that camera was for vacation. He tells me that if the camera isn't back and I have a credit card, they could loan me a camera out of the store. I called 15 days after dropping off my camera to check the status and was told it would be another 6-8 weeks! I call today to make sure that manager was going to be at work tomorrow so I could pick up the loaner and he informs me that as of today he has to ship every camera in his store out and there would be no cameras there tomorrow. A camera store with NO cameras! Sounds curious to me. I asked if that store closing also and he replied not that he knows of... I did say he was the manager right? Called the cooperate headquarters number and was stopped twice by Tim who I apparently was disturbing, and told he would transfer me to someone else, who's voice mail transfered me to someone else who of course had a voice mail. NO resolution!!!! NOT HAPPY WITH RITZ CAMERA...NEVER SHOPPING THERE AGAIN! Hopefully I will get my camera and it will be fixed.

i purchased a Tamron 200-500 telephoto lens less than 1 1/2 yrs ago from the Ritz Grossmont store, La Mesa, Calif in which I also purchased the warranty. The lens was sent in for repair in Feb and I have been getting nothing but stories from that shop. The only employee from that shop who truly seems to care is Peter. The Repair order # is 483816 and I would like to know the status of my lens, for now it is going into mid-May 2012 and I "feel" as if it has been stolen, please understand that I have consumer protection and I do not want to take this to small claims if it can be resolved satisfactorily in-house. Thanks kindly, ~Bonnie Flach~ cell 619-726-2019

I have been calling, visiting and writing customer service for almost three months about an photo album order that I placed and never received. I placed several orders this past year for a memory book for may mother who passed in July. I got the first few orders but one had the pages reversed and I was promised a replacement. I then placed an order for 6 more books (mid December) and they never arrived. I was promised the 7 books were on the way several times but it is now March and I can't even get a response any more. To top it off my projects have been deleted! I just called and talked to Tracy and she couldn't even tell me if it was safe to try to recreate the book. She said she could not tell me anything without an order number, which was in my car at the time.....along with the book that has pages reversed. I ask her to look on line for my emails or check my name but she said she could not do that. She had a VERY poor attitude. At this point Ritz has had $286 of my money and I have nothing.

As both a digital and film user, for many years I have used Wolf services. Wolf was always my go-to place for expert service, photo knowledge, and products at a fair price. At the Highlands Plaza Marietta, GA, 30066 store, their previous manager, Phil, and I have an agreement he would develop and create high resolution scans for $9.99 on any 135 roll. Phil does wonderful work very much it was a pleasure to work with him. He gave me his card with the agreement written on the back. On 1-16-12 I took a roll Kodak's new Portra 160 that Wolf store for development including high resolution scanning; they said Phil was at another store. The person there said that they would do a regular scan for that price. When I showed them Phil's card they insisted it was regular scans not high resolution; card reads high resolution. Again I showed them his handwritten note then they said they would do high resolution scans. When I arrived home with the CD the scans are not high resolution. Some files as low as 867 KB up to 2 MB files. No, these were not the thumbnails, these are the larger files. Today I called them back explaining what happened. He sounded as though he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Though he said he set the scanner to the high resolution setting I explained Phil provided me with five to six meg files. He suggested I bring them back in to be rescanned. Why should drive back over there? Should Wolf customers check behind your workers making sure they do it correct the first time? Yes, I declined their offer instead chose to scan them at home on my film scanner. Another time at that same store, different workers, a worker thought it was strange I shoot film then almost berated me when I explained why I shoot film. He then went on telling me why digital is so much better than film, again questioning why I would choose film. That stunned me, here is a photo store being critical of me for using film all the while I am bringing business to them. For the record I have purchased many DSLRs, lens, and the like from Wolf. Though I shoot with a DSLR I much prefer film shooting film 95% of the time; on a monthly bases that makes me a repeat customer. After the conversation about the scans I informed that worker I would not be back in that wolf store again. My reason, I do not trust them. Walgreens across the street provides better service at a lower cost.

Yesterday I called the Ritz store in University Town Center in San Diego to determine if it had a white JMV-207 photo album and refills. They did not have white. I asked if it could be ordered. Vincent said he wouldn't know where to find it. Maybe he needs to be educated. I found on-line information (ordering and catalog) in about two minutes. Based on Vincent's POOR customer response it is not a surprise that Ritz has so many POOR REVIEWS. Roger Newell San Diego

Will never buy from a Wolf Camera/Ritz store again. Purchased a camera the sales associate said was what I needed, 2 days later come to find out it wasn't, so I returned the item back to the store and they said any purchase over $50 would be refunded by check. Fine, I can live with that. The sales rep said it should be about 4 or 5 days til the check comes in, but because of the Christmas holidays it may take longer. Okay, I can live with that too. I called on 12/21 to check the status, and the lady at Accounts Recievable said she was mailing the check on the 22nd. Fine.. the receipt said 7-10 business days to process the check, so even though the retail rep lied to me about the 4 days, I can still deal with that. Now here it is 12/27, no check, so I called to check status and they said the check would be mailed "sometime" this week.... okay what happened to mailing it on the 22nd? I will never purchase another camera from this store, since the employees feel the need to lie to their customers, instead of being honest. I in all honesty would have take the refund check, cashed it, and went back to the store to look for another camera I needed, but not now. I'd rather purchase from a lesser known retailer, then deal with their employees ever again.

These guys are terrible... just found out the Ritz Headquarters has nothing to do with their website.... DON"T BUY FROM THEM... I have been waiting two days to return something... they wait to get a RA# from their warehouse then they are going to charge me 15-25% restocking fee for an item being returned within their return policy time frame... this company is a joke... and shame on Ritz Headquarters not caring about their customers. When I called their HQ in MD... he just passed me on to the separate company... Ritz Interactive.... STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

I went online and purchased 2 cameras from their website, which said they were in stock. 5 days later I get an automated email that says they are on "backorder" and to pick other items. I did not want other items so I cancelled the order with one of their cust service reps--or so I thought. That was on 12/5/11...the order had infact been shipped on 12/4/11??? Really???? So after about 5 phone calls and I got the pleasure of speaking with their Customer Service MGR. Debbie...WOW if she is a manager I would hate to see what their execs are like....she agreed to refund my money, here we are 3 days and still no $$$ My next step is the BBB, nextag.com. I will make sure everyone knows how poor their company is. NEVER AGAIN>>>>>

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