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I sent my husband to your store today to pick up a prescription for me. He calls me on the phone at 10:05 am and tells me that he cannot pick up my prescription because the cashier for the pharmacy had not shown up yet. How is it that you have college graduates handling the scripts but they can't seem to operate the register? The lady behind the counter was very rude and yelling at my husband all because he asked for a corporate number. Your customer service is VERY poor in my opinion. While I'm trying to keep the business in my town I would much rather go to Walgreens even though it's farther their customer service is excellent.

Me and my fiance went to the pleasantville nj store and never felt more disrespected it made me sick and I will never shop there again. Thank yourt employees and Ignorant supervisors !

on 09/30/2010 I went to pick up my meds at the ronkonkoma rite aid in long island new york well I came out fuming because this was the third time this week that i went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and each time the answer was the same they have not ARRIVED YET . i GO HOME AND GET A PHONE Call from their automated system my husband and i take off to the pharmacy only for gina with lama like false lashes to snooty like say there not here yet!!!! i explain to miss gina that i have been called all wedek to pick up my meds to please take a look. oh yes here they are you know you have to come and pick them up earlier because we cant hold on to the for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well miss snooty gina i have been coming 3 times this week and each time i am told no they have not arrived, WELL THEY ARE HERE NOW ! SAYS SHE!!!! i LEFT BUT I WILL WRITE TO HEADSQUARTER ABOUT THIS , BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM !!! AND I CAN SEE CORP IS LACKING IN TRAINING THEIR EMPLOYEES THE CUSTUMER IS FIRST, I WILL BE SEEKING NEW PHARMacy carmen mercado

I am a loyal customer at rite aid store #10557 on union tpke in Glen Oaks Queens New York.I am writing to commend assistant manager Melvin.He is an asset to Rite aid Corp.He is always courteous,helpful,and goes above and beyond to satisfy the customers needs. He takes pride in helping you and always with a smile.You can see he enjoys and takes pride in keeping the store neat,clean, and organized.His knowlege of store items is exceptional,if they are out of an item he tells you when he will have it for you. His aim is to please the customer, and that he does with a smile.He is always well groomed and his attire is exceptional.Due to all of the above,shopping at Rite Aid is always a pleasant experience and I will remain a loyal customer. Prior to writing this review I spoke to Bob at the corporate office in Pennslyvania regarding the above today September 27,2010. Sincerely, Kathy Laufgraben

I am writing in regards to an employee at Rite Aid store 10557 in Glen Oaks Queens New York. I will also follow up with a phone call to the Corporate Office.The employee's name is Kenny. He is very kind, courteous, and helpful and because of him I find it a pleasure to shop in the store. He goes out of his way to assist myself and other customers should you have trouble locating an item. He is very knowlegable on store stock.He is pleasant and answers any product or other questions you might have. Rite aid is fortunate to have him as one of their employee's. My roomate and myself have been shopping at this particular store ten years,we shop there twice a week. We buy all our Holloween, Christmas and other holiday items and gifts there. Kenny alway's takes the time to say hello or give you a wave or see if you need any help. If my friend goes shopping without me he will ask her how I am. Kenny makes our shopping trips easier and we enjoy going there. Thank You, Dennis Norman

I want to commend the store manager, Brian, and the photo manager, Lisa, for their help. The photo department at the Phoenixville, PA, Rt23 Rite AId is outstanding, and mainly because of Lisa. Stop in unannounced when she is working, and see for yourself. It's rare to have someone in retail, especially at Rite Aid, go out of their way to help a customer, but Lisa always does. If Rite Aid had more Lisa's, they wouldn't be failing.

I would like to commend one of your store managers in Brewster, New York, store number 3656. The store is always clean and in order. I have never been in any other Rite Aid (or any retail store) that has the most friendliest, helpful, and courteous employees. I really think John DeSando should get a pat on the back for a job well done.

I spoke with "Dom", a C/S rep from Rite Aid Corporate HQ. My subject was my surprise to find that Rite Aid no longer price-matches prescriptions and apparently had not done so for a year or more. There was a brief attempt to discuss various business applications when "Dom" stated that Rite Aid "was loosing a ton of money" by price-matching. Although he did not appear to care he stood firm with the corporate decision. So allow me to share with the "einsteins" of business at Rite Aid that not only have they "lost" the pittance of the prescription purchase by not matching, they also loose the foot traffic and thereby the impulse purchases most of us are prone to make. I believe in the adage that I save the most when I spend nothing and thereby you make nothing while I save a lot. Sad to see another "good" place turn against serving its community for the almighty profit. There must have been an "enronesque" bonus in this decision for someone. Now that greed will see me move those prescriptions to Kroger. For me it is a win-win situation, get the drugs cheaper and get points towards dicounted gasoline. Does anybody want to re-think this move?

Today, Sat, Sept 28, I happened to walk down the food and candy aisle at my local Rite Aid store. I noticed a number of small signs placed on the shelves that read EBT and Georgia Peach. If I understand correctly, EBT (food stamps) and Georgia Peach are government program that Provide access to food for low income families. I was utterly dismayed to see EBT and Georgia Peach signs (13 signs placed at every conceivable children’s eye level on a short aisle) all over the CANDY shelves -- certainly the main thing that children from low income families need is not candy. What they need is healthy food -- proteins, milk and eggs, fruits and vegetables, not high-sugar, high-calorie, nutrition-less candy and gum and cookies. I was even more upset, verging on angry, when I realized there were far more signs on the short aisle of candy than there were on the long aisle of regular food. So, let me ask you, does Rite-Aid care about and consider the well-being and health of its customers and their children or is it concerned about increasing sales for companies and corporations that produce sugar products which do not enhance the health of our children? I hope that your corporate conscience and sense of moral responsibility and human decency will lead you to immediately begin to ameliorate this situation. The EBT signs (nationwide) and Georgia Peach signs (state-wide) ought to be prominently displayed placed on aisles and shelves that contain healthy food, part of a nutritious diet. These changes can be made only when the corporate leadership at Rite Aid, which is you, send a clear message to their state, regional, and individual store managers. Eliminating promotional signs which encourage families to spend their EBT dollars on nutrition-less candy is an initiative than any corporation should be proud to embrace. Whether the sign placement was accidental or intentional, is immaterial; it is simply unacceptable practice for any company or corporation.

I am a senior who attempted to purchase a 20 roll toilet tissue at a Rite Aid Store in the Ballantine area of Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, 8/10/10. The 20 rolls Cottonelle had a $1.00 off the flyer. In speaking with the manager, I was told while she held a 20 roll Cottonelle in her hand, that the cash registers were not programed to take this purchase and that I had to come back when new merchandise came in this coming Friday. I ask this India manager to repeat her absurd thinking of the flyer and the cash register to no avail. So Rite Aid, you no longer have me as a customer and as this writing I am forwarding this email to all my friends, neighbors, etc. (Incidently, there were only had two customers in the store).

Who do I contact about what I feel is the wrong way to handle a supervisor problem? I am an employee at Rite Aid in Brooks county ,Quitman Ga 31643. I reported to work one morning working my shift(I am part time) and when I went to leaave for the day I was informed I had worked the wrong hours and I was supposed to work that afternoon?? I had somehow copied my hours wrong from the employee above me? The supervisor told me I could go ahead and leave but I would have to come back that day and and work and help close?? and that i would not be able to clock in and i would have to work off the clock?????? Even though I thought this was wrong I did it anyway? I understand she has done other employees the sane way??? I felt the supervisor should have known I was not supposed to be working that day and sent me home?? I feel she liked me working because it meant less for her to do and handled it as I described? I feel I was mistreated and should not have been worked off the clock?? I am 65 yrs old in Oct. and believe me it is hard to work a shift and have to come back the same day and work another shift not to mention for nothing??? Please advise.

My name is Tiffani West I currently work for store 2017 on Johnson Highway in Norristown. I have a problem with the manager of the store her name is RoseMary Boyd. Ms.Boyd is a nasty, rude, lazy and snootty person. She does no work around the store. All she does is talk all day on personal phone calls and just stands around talking to people. She talks down and yells at her associates. She does no work but has the nerve to complain. When an associate needs help with something she gets an attitude and acts like she does not want to do it, or show them how it is done. The LP came Peter Vann came to the store and he asked me did I have a problem with anyone in the store I told hom that the only one I had a problem with was Rose he sai " well Rose is the manager and anything she says goes", instead of asking what my problem with her was and how it could be solved. If they cared anyhting about their associates they would ask what the problem was, but they didn't. She talks down and belittles others. All my former managers if I had a problem or at work I could talk to them and they would listen, but she is all about herself, instead of the job. I know that I'm a good worker, always have been, but she always find things to complain aout, instead of complainting her employees are saying thak you for extra help. I worked at another Rite Aid , but I was transferred becuase of school, I've been trying to get back there, I hope that I can. I can't work around a negative woman like RoseMary Boyd. Last summer I went on a leave of absenecs, my mother came to a the store to pick something up for me, and she was very rude to my mother and I did not appreciate that. I hope that this problem can be solved hopefully I can go back to where I came from, but something needs to be done about her.The shift superviors that work there named Lynette and Sue they are the ones that get stuff done. The manager and the assisant manager don't do nothing but talk to each other all day.

I would like to know who do i talk to about two managers A manager name Rose who is nasty to her employees. She always yelling for employees to do more work but she doesn't do more work. I don't know how she became manager she is always yelling at the pharmacist guy almost every day in front of customer how is this professional. The store is in terrible shape the store number is 2017 on east Johnson highway Norristown. The only time they really do work is when the know that some one important is coming to this store. Other wise she talk to the customer for hours or is talking on the telephone. The other manager name is Laronda she basicly does more work then Rose but she also talk to her in the office and does little work too. Some thing needs to be done about the both of them. i think that you need to come into this store to see for your self. This store is dusty and dirty. This store needs help! PS Don't even tell them that your coming have some one from corporate that they do not known show up and see for them self.

I believe I have been the victim of a HIPAA vilation and I would like to know who I speak to regarding this issue? Pat Jones Buffalo, NY

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