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I live right behind your store at Lexington Ky at Polo Club. I always go there but tonight i was very upset. My sister and I went to buy some beers for my husband but my sister didnt bring her ID because I've told her not to bring her purse because i didn't want her to pay. So Paula asked for our ID, which she had never asked before and gave us the attitude about us not having our ID , we understand. But when we came back while she was saying to one of the employee about something, my sister said softly said" i don't know what it is", Paula got mad and told us to leave and go somewhere because she had an attitude with her. She didn't even let me buy it even though we both had our ID and told me to leave. Another time my sister was in the line to pay but Paula let her friend behind my sister pay first. It's really sad that i don't feel comfortable to come back there anymore. I used to love to go to Rite Aid but now..... I've never had anyone treated me like that before. It was very inappropriated.. I hate to complaint but this time she's going to far.

I live in Rochester, NY & am irritated with the bad service at the Rite Aid at 1490 Lake Avenue in the PHARMACY, especially Angel & Chris. They aren't familiar with what good customer service is & it's irritating. If you call about a prescription, they'll tell you one time frame & take WAAAYYYYYYYYYYY longer. No apology for your wait, no apology for the time fram being inaccurate, not even a SIMPLE thank you have a nice day, nothing, just rude. Today, after being lied to on the phone with no apology, I was told "we only move faster if you come inside", rude again, smh. So I did. As my script is packaged, it's placed on the counter in a red basket & she says my name & that your ready, & walks off. I question is this for me to take? She ignored me. I ask again, she says "No, I was waiting on the register." SO SAY THAT, don't leave my meds & walk off, then ignore me! Ugh! And they don't ever ask if you want a consultation. The pick up window door doesn't open & close & there's usually someones paperwork left in there with their NAME, just ghetto. One time, I was given another woman's birthcontrol meds, not my own. We both use Nuva Ring, but our first & last name & address weren't even similar so I don't see HOW that happened. I turned back around to drive through & returned it & THAT day I did get an apology, but that was SCARY, hand to God. I dread coming here, but it's right by my house & I was loyal to the Eckerd that was there & Rite Aid bought them, so I thought service would be the same. WRONG! My sister has been telling me to go to the CVS for years, that's across the street. I think I'll go there from now on. I'm done after today thanks to the lack of customer service at the Pharmacy at this location in Rochester, NY.

I called local Rite Aid to inquire about my Januvia discount savings card. The pharmacist, Drew informed me that my card was used 1 time and for the past 3 months I was charged $35 copay. I told him EVERY time I request a refill I remind them to use my discount card and assumed they were. Today I found out they have ripped me off of $75 in the past 3 months because their employees are NOT using my card. Then he snipped at me and said, next time I should double check them to make sure the discount card was used. Excuse me, isn't that their job ????? I can not be more proactive unless I go up and hold his hand while he fills it. I called the manager and complained of his rude attitude and am awaiting a call from some one named Donna who "handles these things". I am expecting a $75 refund from Rite Aid and an apology. I work with the public and know that is NOT how you talk to customers... at least those you want to keep. I will move my business if this is not resolved satisfactorily.

Hello H.E.R.B and whom it may concern I am writing this letter to talk about an employee (Sonia Murphy)that has worked for Rite Aid store 5762 in Fountain Valley California as a cashier for 14 years. This 55 year old woman has been dedicated to the company and strives to be the best and most honest caring employee at her store. She has always been dependable and hard working, going in to work when called because someone did not show up or call in for work. She treats all customers with respect and kindness when ever in the store or when seeing them in public. She helps customers out when they are short on money by making up the difference for them from her own pocket and not expecting them to repay her. She is a very honest and caring person that customers have come to love and trust, some saying they come to the store because she works there! When a second cashier opens they stay in her line because they trust her and like her. She has spent many, many hours over the years finding and cutting out coupons to give to her customers to help them out with saving money. She has even given customers rides home with their groceries because they are older and not feeling well enough to go it alone, so she takes her break and takes them home and helps carry in their goods. She has made friends with most of all the surrounding businesses and spends many personal hours every year collecting donations and gifts for the children's network and doing a barbeque in front of her store on her own time (husband cooking) to raise money for the charity, using all donated food and drink items she asked for from Ralph's and Albertsons. She herself has cancer and identifies with what these kids go through. She gets gifts and prizes donated for the use of her give away prize board she made for the store, so that people may give more donations to the charity. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life and a real asset to Rite Aid. She even made the news paper for her great job for the Children Miracle Network. Unfortunately 14 years, she made an innocent mistake at work on 5-15-12 when she herself was short 17 cents to buy an item from the store. She discussed it with two other employees that she did not want to go all the way home and get 17 cents and come back so she mentioned that maybe she would borrow the 17 cents from her donation jar and put it back on 5-17-12 when she came in to work. Well one of them did not have a problem with that knowing her, but the other whom she has worked with for 13 years and that had mentioned to another employee that he was going to get her fired decided to turn her in to get her in trouble. He has apologized for his actions saying he only wanted her to get talked to and now feel bad it went this far. She admitted it freely when asked about it from loss prevention and did not think of it as doing something wrong. Her boss told him that Sonia barrows money from employees and even himself on occasion and Always pays them back. Her boss and another employee spoke kindly and well of her and were told that it would be taken into consideration. Well she was suspended and she talked to HR in her district and HR for her store. I spoke to Jody at Corporate HR who was sad to here about this and gave me the district Sr.HR (same name) manager Jody's number who my wife spoke to. Jody gave her the HR person for her store by the name of Mia and said he would email her that she would be calling. My wife spoke to Mia and so did I. Well instead of a warning for her innocent action she was fired! 13 days later... I was to say the least very taken back from this decision. After talking with Mia about this action she said that Rite Aid must be beyond Reproach. I stated that I myself and her for that matter have not been beyond Reproach in our lives and that we all make mistakes, she laughed an agree with me and that she would have to own up to that one to. Please pass this on to everyone. She did not deserve this Action and to be made to feel such a bad person. She is a wonderful woman and my wife of 30 years and a credit to the Rite Aid Team. It would be justified to reinstate her job with a warning, though it is not needed at this point. I am sure she gets the point. Please forgive her this innocent mistake. Her Loving Husband John Murphy 714-334-0185

I can not believe what happened to me today. I went to Rite Aid to get me two scoops of ice cream as I have done for many years always pleasant and friendly service. Today I went to the Rite Aid downtown Sacramento on 9th. The worst service and atmosphere ever! They had an empty Brandy bottle on the front counter to start off with that looked ridiculous. I walked over to the ice cream area to buy ice cream and no one was there. That's not a problem the lady in the front who had customers up to her neck kindly asked me did I want I cream and I said yes so she page someone for assistance. No one came. So I waited, then the second lady at the front register busy doing her job took a second to call on the intercom to ask for assistance for me to no avail. I stood there for about a minute or two more and then walked away two retrieve a drink and some cookies. When I get back like 2 mins later still no one was there. By this time I'm a little annoyed. I ask another employee would she going to get me some ice cream and she said no. Very rude. I'm livid by now but I just use some annoyance and call out can some one get me some ice cream please..Ice cream! By then a young woman comes out and without apology nor concerns tells me that she is going to get me ice cream but that it isn't her job, she says quote on quote, "I'm just doing you a favor." So at first I said thank you. Then I was like can I get...she cuts me off and says, "what a minute hold on etc..By this time after cutting me off like for the 3 time from ordering my ice cream this fat little round half manager steps up and says, "who was yelling for ice cream"? I told him, "I was." The young woman goes back in about how she is doing me a favor and then I just loss it because of all the dumb excuses and lack of responsibility and professionalism. I told her to take her favor and shove it! As I walk away and get near the door the manager calls me crazy out loud...I yelled back at him about his misfortunes of being short, fat, bald and ugly. The security or loss prevention I take it then approaches me outside the door. I can't believe it! I'm like dude I'm outside the door, gone don't say anything to me. He follows me outside down the street!!! OMG! Waiving to the police like I was a criminal on the run all behind words he wasn't even there for in the beginning. It was pass ridiculous. He told the officers that I tresspassed onto the property! I was like what! Your a fucking lie! The officer of course instantly took his side because he is always in the area and knows the jerk. I was furious but calm and respectful to the authorities and cooperative. But should I have been? I told him I did not tresspass and that the loss prevention officer or employee followed me out the door. He never even got the chance to ask me to leave because I was already leaving. It wouldn't have even went that way if the people there hired had been actually working. They were MIA in the store for about 7 minutes while it was busy. If the lam manager wouldn't have called me crazy I wouldn't have told him about his short comings. The loss prevention employee ego was hurt also so he wanted me to pay and he knew his friend cops would help him. I kindly tore up the dumb paper in front of them stating that if I tresspass at Rite Aid I would be arrested. I never tresspassed nor needed escorting out. I left yes arguing but it takes to. That same store has had several complaints about discrimination so bad that it was supposedly aired on the news..I'm going to look into it but I did call corporate so hopefully they care enough to look into the matter...But right now I'm feeling victimized and humiliated...very disgusted.

I live in Rochester, NY. I recently had a store manager accuse me of trying to commit fraud by returning something that had an UP reward. I had purchased the item for my daughter and she told me later on that she couldn't use it because it irritated her skin. I had already used the UP reward and explained that to the cashier when I gave her the item and receipt. I told her I would take store credit if it was going to cause a problem even though I paid in cash. She called over the store manager who said "you realize you're trying to commit fraud by returning this". I was stunned as there was someone behind me in line who could clearly hear what he was saying. I said I didn't buy it with the intent to bringing it back, my daughter can't use it and I didn't care for the scent (body wash). After using the fraud word AGAIN (because I'd used the UP reward), I said I'll just take the item and receipt, call customer service and ask them what I should do. At that point he said, no, that he'd give me my money back but that normally I would've had to return the UP reward first (news to me and news to his district manager who said hadn't he heard about that policy). After getting my money back, I went to buy some candy and he said excuse me, I know what you're doing. I said WHAT in a loud voice as now I was really irritated....he then said "you're bring things back to this store all the time and it's fraud". I told him he must have me mixed up with someone else as I only recalled ever bringing back two boxes of hair color that I didn't use and that was over a year ago. I was so angry at that point that I left and called customer service immediately. Now my question for everyone is - can Rite Aid be sued for something like this? Not only was it harassment but it was clearly out of line for him to accuse me of something that I didn't intentionally do. He could've said I can refund your money this time but next time if there's an UP reward attached to it I don't be able to do it. By the way, this was a $3.99 item.


The three of us live in OceanCounty,n.J. and What a mess ,Rite Aid is the worst,they mix up medication,they are rude,one of the techs was screaming at us about asprin based drugs,they make a mistake and its your fault,they seem to be always miserable and just pissed off..it was a matter of convience that we went there,CVS here we come,all of us spent app 23,000 for meds ,we as coustomers that pay their salaries..Maybe us as consumers would be better off if they hire Americans!!!!!instead of paying less to techs that are NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS!

i went to buy some york pepermint pattys at the riteaid and they were supposed to be on sale for 49 cents or something i stand in the line for like a hundred minuts causwe they onkly have 1 cashier way to go ritewaid and i finally get up there and they go do you have a wellness card WHATS THAT DONT MAJKE ME JUMP THROUGH HOPS JUST TO GET YORK PATTYS AND THETY WATCH ME LIKE A HAWK EVERY TIME I GO IUN LIKE I M GONNA STAEL SOMETHING I DONT EVEN WANT YOUR PATTYS THERE FOR MY WIFE EFFF YOU RITEA AID ADN BTW MAYBE YOU COULD STOP THIOSE KIDS FROM GETTING HIGH AND DOIN IT IN YOUR PARKING LOT ALL NIGHT you skuc

My husband has been a public servent for 35 years, 24 of those years as an elected official. To my surprise your store not only backed but let our opponent campaign thru your store without giving us the same chance. My family and I spend over $15,000/yr in our area Rite Aid. We pay the salaries of your employes while you helped take out of the mouth of mine.

I have a complaint about only receiving sale prices with a wellness card. I think the sale ads, and in store posted sale prices are false advertising because unless you sign up and use a wellness card, these sale prices do not apply. I think the ads get you into the store, then the priced items in the store encourage you to purchase them but when you check out, the items all are full price. This bait and switch method is totally unacceptable. When I as the cashier why I did not get the sale price, it was because I did not give her a "wellness card". I feel that the patrons of Rite Aid are being screwed and most of them are unaware that the store is taking advantage of them. Penny Martz, Salt Lake City, UT

I started as a pharmacy tech and work as a LPN. My pharmacy manager smacked me in the head and was very rude to me. I was demoted to cashier, because they hired someone with no medical or pharmacy experience because she was prettier than me. I was told this directly. As a cashier I see employees stealing all the time, I am cussed at, and shoved in the back as I am attenting to customers. I was told by regional manager to forgive them or I would be fired. Rite Aid is a terrible place to work!!!!!!!!!!!! I never get a break and we do not even have a break room. I am always left alone in the store as others smoke in front of the store all day and sit in their cars, or they're talking on the cell phone in the rest room.

If I could give less then one star I would. Rite aid pharmacies are the worst chain of pharmacies. I worked there for 4 years. I went above and beyond my expectations and got treated like crap on a daily basis. Upper management couldn't care less about the people they have working for them. They say customer service is their #1 yet the people who treat customers well and help them with whatever they need and consistently go out of their way to make their shopping experience 100% don't get any type of appraisal or even acknowledgement. Instead in order to move up in this company you have to suck up to your DM and your work ethic does not matter. So if your a customer and wonder "why is this customer service so bad" it's because upper management is petty and only promotes people they like personally. Even after quitting they made me jump through hoops to get my w-2. This is a terrible company and I couldn't be happier to be rid of it!

Bought a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond gift card as a gift for my sister in law, and it didn't get activated. My sister in law tried to use it a month or so later and couldn't. I no longer had the receipt. I brought in the card, my CC, the date of purchase, full amount, etc. to the store. They have nothing on file. They won't do anything about it. I was charged the $50 and now I'm just out the $. I can't see them staying in business with this kind of customer service.

First Incident : They lost my prescription and told me just go back to the doctor and get another one. No considreation for me tha patient that required the medication immediately ofr the fact that my doctor only sees patients once a week and that it would require my taking off another day of work to obtain this. Second Incident: My husband had surgery so at the pre testing the doctor sadministered prescriptions for post surgery. We put them as instructed only to be topld 36 hours later that they were still not ready. When asked how much longer by the cashier she was told " dont put me on the spot I dont know when they will be ready" Third incident One of the post surgery prescriptions was not covered by my insurance as per the pharmacist, I contacted the doctor he called the pharmacy of which I have the date and time with a new prescription, when I called to see if it was ready I was consistently hung up on and or put on hold by just laying the phone down on the table. I know this because I could hear different transactions in the background. When I finally got a call through I was told that there was no prescription called in for me. These incidents may seem minor to some but they are enraging me. Their lack on customer service is despicable to say the least. Please Help

i went to the rite aid in cleveland ohio the [superior ave] and they were harrasing another employee over the loud speaker what kind of stores allow this kind of harrasment to another employee i'll never step a foot in that place again

I first started out in the pharmacy as a tech... It took rite aid 2 months to get paperwork sorted to let me start working. The pharmacist is great and pays attention to the patients and goes above and beyond for customers and employees. However the pharmacy manager is...well I dont know a word for this person. One day the rx manager got mad at the phone and decided to just start slamming the phone on the receiver causing it to break. We finally get a new phone and again slamming it and cussing at it. Customers were around and its very embarrassing, I wanted to walk out. What really pissed me off about this person though is, the district pharmacy manager was there one night making sure we were doing things right and whatnot, and told the rx manager to fire the other tech since rx manager was complaining about not having enough hours to keep both of us. The rx manager said no bc the tech was good with patients and knew the system. Well the system is not hard to figure out and by then I knew it better than rx manager did...to end my story the rx manager called me the next morning and asked if I could come up there. I knew right then I was about to be fired. All the rx manager said was im sorry I have to do this to you and I hope you understand. Never once said you are fired or I dont have the hours to keep you on, just im sorry I have to do this and walked off. Im a single mother who gets no child support and 20%of my check goes to student loans. The other tech wanted to get fired so they could finish school and not have to deal with that crazy person. Instead I get fired. So I go to the front end and told them and they were shocked and angry. I ended up working as a cashier for a couple months up front then became a shift supervisor.i do still work inthe pharmacy when they really need me. But i make sure that person knows they messed up by firing me. I am a very fast leaner and to have moved up in less than

Is there anything lower than zero. I this case there should be. One one occasion I told the person who answered the phone that I wanted to use my debit card The pharmacy has the number. Lo and behold when thr delivrty man finally showed ( I live less tha two miles away) the Rx had not been charged. I tried to call the pharmacy but after about 20 rings I gave up. The delivery person did not speak English. I wound up using my last available cash. I have no car. Ican't get out and have no one yo go to the store for me. The next time I said "I'll pay cash. Of course yhey charged it and cost me a $35 overdraft. I"m on a fixed income. I can"t afford that; I don't know anyone who can. Now I'm ill. I dropped off the Rx yesterday. Gave them the correct phone number, yet again. told the to put it on my card and to deliver it. It didn't come so I called and was told they called and nobody answered. I asked what number was called...I figure you can guess it was the wrong one.. and that the delivery person had gone home. I was less than pleasred. After taking names and raising a BIG rukus the are going to dekiver the Rx. Funny how they magically found someone to deliver it. The Rx was just delivered by the "Wellness ambassesdor. He was nice. I let him know about this missive. He wasn't surprised. I wish I had another option.

your store on superior ave is the worst managment you guys have if it wasn't for the one manager there [chrissy] that place wouldn't be open so sad to see her go to a bad neighborhood because of jealousy in your store

Don't ever go to work for Rite Aid, they treat their employees' just as bad as they do their customers. After a relative of mine was employed there for over 17yrs, they made life a living hell to the point she ended up having to quit. This person was only 3 yrs shy of mandatory retirement pay for life from rite aid, so of course now they won't have to pay a dime, even after all the years of service. How they stay in business is beyond me.

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