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poor service and outright lying by your store employee and manager in your Clinton, Md. store.

I have a bad cold and was trying to buy cold products when your employee asked for my date of birth. I responded that I don't give out personal information. He told me it is the law! I asked to see the manager who backed him up and said they couldn't get past the computer prompt if I did not give it. I left very mad and said I may sue over this. I then proceeded to Wal Mart and purchased the same items cheaper with no hassle.


I called to see if my prescription was ready at 3 PM. No, not yet. Went to the pharmacy at 5 PM...thinking they had enough time. At 5 PM (after the doctor's office is closed), I am told they did not receive the prescription. After badgering the answering service for an hour, I finally spoke with someone at my doctor's office, who assured me that the prescription would be called in that moment. At 8 PM, still no prescription. It is going to snow tomorrow so I will have to wait until an extra day to pick up the drugs. Done with RiteAid; Wish I would have known how many unhappy Riteaid customers there are....we could start a support group.

went to rite aid @ 20th & fairmount ave phila,pa and was humiliated by the manager she accused me of stealing never go to a rite aid again.date oct,29th,2012.

Very poor customer service. Unless you wait right there, and watch them, they do not fill your RX until your asking for it. I transfered all of my Medications from this pharmacy, and I will never be back. They will not get one red cent of mine ever again.

Went to Pharmacy in a town called Dowagiac, MI, and asked for the "super" flu shots for persons who are 65 yrs of age or older. Lady hands us a clipboard and tells us to fill it all in and come back to her. Even on the paperwork, we write that we are there for the "super" flu shots so we get the extra protection that the CDC avails to us via Medicare. There was no other communicatiom with these pharmacy people until they called my name and gave me the shot. Then, my wife did the same. When we returned home to see the bundle of paperwork that they handed to us, it seemed to me that they gave us the wrong flu shots. I called their pharmacy and asked about all of this. The lady who answered told me that this Rite Aid only gives the high dose shots to people who are over 75 years of age. I asked to speak to the store manager, Carolyn Jones, who told me she did not know the rules. I advised her that persons aged 65 yrs and older were to be able to receive the higher dose shots according to the CDC web site and that her staff should know the rules in her pharmacy. She wanted time to check it out and called back to share that Rahid, the manager in the pharmacy, wanted to speak with me. So now we are talking and he tells me that IF we had asked for that higher dose shot, we were to be given it. I told him that we did that and did not get it. He explains that Rite Aid is in short supply of these shots and so his policy is to save it for those people who are at higher risk, such as with respiratory problems. I asked him if he was a physicain to be making these rules when the CDC position was different. He is a pharmacy manager and he does what he thinks is right. He gives shots, he decides which shots he wants to give to you, and that is what he knows. I was also told that the District Manager, "Ed", for Rite Aid was going to call us and he never did so. I was told that the Regional Manager (Mr. Ken Dickerson) was going to call and he never did either. Called Corporate and got more run-around. Rite Aid stores appear to NOT know what they are doing. They their staff are apathetic and lazy and they just do the job or NOT and make the rules as they go. I suggest that people NEVER go here for any possible health care needs as you will not know what you get and they resolve nothing at all. Rite Aid has been struggling to exist for years. If we all stop going there, maybe we can put them out of business for good and save health care problems for all of us in the future.

Your store in Lexington KY Tates Creek Center is malpractice. They labled my child meds bottle 4x a day when it was auctally once a day. I noticed when the bottle was empty the second day. I called up there and first they said it was due to insurance that they could only give me one day at a time. Then I told her I was on the way up there to get more and she told me that he should have some left. I went up there to show her and over heard her talking to another employee and she said they labled the dosage wrong... When I confronted her about it she said that they couldnt read the doc hand writing, so i asked her why didnt she call them? she replied they were close, so i asked her why didnt she just tell me to wait until in the A.M. to pick it up so she could get a hold of the doc and all she could say was " sorry, we will refund your money for the meds and give you a 30.00 gift card". I dont want her gift card or her refund. They OD my 12 month old baby. I took him to ER and Doc... My attorney will be in contact.

Please be advised, the store on Liberty avenue in south richmond hill queens is very inconsiderate and horrible. My wife went in there with a prescription for syringes as i am insulin dependant. They held onto the presription for three days, only to tell us that they could not fill it because it was not properly filled out. Note: I have been a customer for over 15 yrs and they have oN record i am diabetic same medicine, same dose of insulin, but refuse to accomodate me. There number is 718-843-7001. all they had to do is call the Dr which i gave them his number and they did call but refuse to fill the prescription. I today will moved all of my prescriptions to cvs or walgreen, maybe even Duiane reade who would have human compassion for the sick in need of their prescribe medicine. Very horrible!!!! REVCENTENOJ@AOL.COM

Employee for 10 years just been diagnosised with 2 differnet disease no support for the so called caring people at rite aid. Wondering If a lawyer is what I need/

the Rite aid in Binghamton New York has a Manager that is truly the poorest excuse for a Human being I have ever met. HEre it is. I was waiting for my New Bank Account at NBT Bank to send me a ATM card. I have just arrived here from los angeles. I went in the store and purchased a green dot 100 card, I take it to my insurance company to pay for new insurance. I try and activate the card? and they put me through to a manager. The guy gets on the phone and says this card is linked to many accounts and cannot be activated. IT IS A PREPAID CARD!! THERE ARE NO ACCOUNTS WITH A PREPAID CARD. I take it back with the receipt and the manager at rite prints the original receipt goes in the back for a half hour, comes back and says i cant activate it! I said yes! and? then they tell me that some people copy the number and use it on other cards!! and they dont take green dot at the store and don not give refunds! I said so you sell me a fraudulent card and wont take it back?

So a phamarcist from ny queens 4499 name by marthahall ramadan calles me a slut!! Why ? I dont know because i havnt done nothing to her or disrespected her at any time. Also i wasnt the only one. Her pharmacy techs always complain about her on how rude she is and always behaving as a teenager because she would always have someones name on her mouth. Always talking bad about someone. Always trys to get into someones bussiness. Like if an employee has a boyfriend for example she would ask around to find out how long they been together or if the person is cheating on him or her . She isnt proffesional and i find very unfair for every one on the store because she alwaysakes everyone uncomfortable even to the workers in the back. She ia very loud. She litrary screams to them so loud to grab customers attention. She would be on the phone for hours talking and talking. Loud !!! Its unfair for rite aid to be paying someone like that. Very unprofessional. No one wouls speak up because of the fear of what she might do but honestly. No one wants her there. She is rude to customers and a person with no pacience. I also find it rude how she would talk on her own language with one of her related nationality worker. Very disrespectful because it makes everyone in the back feel uncomfortable because we dont even know if they talking bad or laughing about someone. My opinion is i think she should just get ether transferred or fired.i even had my own managers telling me they dont like her ether because of the same reasons. I said enough. Guys please make a change on this lady with two kids and married because honestly she should know best seens shes an adult already. Let her know to leave these jokes for teenagers. It makes me very uncomfortable n i am looking foward to speaking with the dm of the pharmacy.

Your store in Grass Valley Ca. sucks....The first time I went to buy your vitamins, buy 1 get 1 free, you had to give out rain checks...thought no big deal...went back later for the vitamin deal again....rain check. I brought this up to the manager, all they do is apologize. Last week I went in to buy vitamins again, buy 1 get 1 free....again I was offered another rain check...this time I said "NOPE". You guys pull this to get people back into the store. Well, went over to new Walgreens right across the street, bought them there, will do so in the future, won't set foot back in that store, you pull it to many times and by all the complaints I see here on line...goodbye.

I work for Rite Aid and I hate it. Because, the upper management like DMs are nothing but hateful, rude, and stupid people. Also, I hate the store policies. My store has a western union terminal that has proved to be a pain in the butt. I hate working under union rules. We don't get annual raises but, when you do get the raise, so does the person who just got hired of the street two weeks ago. I also think the customers are rude and ignorant drunks because, my store sales liquor and every single customer that comes in, buys liquor. What happened to the people who just want to buy a gallon of milk? Also, we have a bunch of people who live behind the store that shop lift all the time and steal everything they can get their hands on. Rite Aid sucks to work for but, I do feel like we have an excellent team of associates.

rite aid in victorville ca on 7th and lapaz use to be a great Pharmacy. The pharmacy girls were always plesant to be around, they know almost every customer by heart, a great team they used to be. I have been with rite aid on 7th st for almost 14 years. They received a new manager named tony. I see he is ok with the customers if he takes the time to actually help them instead of the girls doing his job. The girls now look sad or mad even depressed half the time now. Actually only 2 girls are left in the department that i knew from the start, all the others are new, and new doesnt cut it in that busy store, something really baffled me the other week. I heard tony saying the f-word and the b-word and in a very foul way. He was talking about one of the long timers there, and saying he wanted to fire her and calling her those awful names. I have no respect for this so called man any longer, and suposably I am a star pt here at this pharmacy. I will not suport a pharmacy, any pharmacy chain, that treats any employee the way I heard him speaking. If this employee takes a stand against you, if anything happens to her, I will make sure to stand behind her and be a witness to how she is treated. someone needs to speak with tony about how to treat his employees, especially uninion working employees or your comapny is gonna have a huge lawsuit, if they know what they r doing

I have been complaining about your stores in Jersey City NJ forever. Lack of Customer Service and if your use Coupons your going to get the run around. I was at the Dales Avenue Rite Aid,when I tried to use a coupon for a Glucose Monitor( Your Pharmacy Techs called it a "sugar machine") The Techs wouldnt even scan it!They called some supposed Manager over she said No you cant use it I stated yes I can! She proceeded to get on the phone with someone and loudly tell the person that if she takes the coupon I would get the item for free!! The mysterious phone manger told her to take the coupon. She tells the tech to take the coupon and gives me attitude I ask to speak to a real mananger and noone can locate one. I was livid!! Who hires these people??? CVS is a viable choice and Walgreens and Duane Reed my point I dont have to use our store!

Perscription was suppose to be delivered today. Important medication that I am not suppose to miss taking EVER. Called the pharmacey to find out why my perscription had not been delivered. Pharmacey said "I dont know, it's still sitting here". Will be transfering all my medication to Keer Drugs.

There is a particular rite aid in delaware new castle county, whose managers and supervisors may be practicing abuse of their privileges and om afraid the employees are so afraid of losing their jobs that they remain quiet. I can attest to this because they often times are not too polite or patient with customers

Mount Washington Kentuckys pharmacist is pathetic . She needs to go. Shedoes illegal stuff and is rude to the employees and customers .

July 10.2012, 10am. store location 4844 Eaglerock Blvd, Los Angeles,ca 90065.. your office needs to have an employee check to ensure that each and every employee can read,write,speak and understand the English Language. it is unfair to have customers come to your stores and have to guess what there Pharmacy staff is saying. a customer should NOT have to repeat ones self more then once because your Employee's don't understand whats being asked of them...

I work in a Rite Aid, the management there sucks! All they do is talk bad about their employees. They are sneaky, and leave when they want and have their employees to punch out for them so they can get paid extra. The pay sucks, and the hours sucks, and the employees do nothing but talk bad about the others. They don't want to work, but leave the extra workload for us to do the next day. I hate working there, but where else can you work, where there are other workplaces are not pleasant to work and you're feel unappreciated when you do so much for them. The customers are downright rude and nasty, and if you're that way to them, they will call the corp, and make a complaint. Rite Aid should go out of business....

i am livid with the rite aid store in myrtle beach. my son goes there all the time (works across the street and walks to work, no transpo) i sent him some money thru western union and put a test question on it because they always seem to have some issue with his id. when he tried to pick up his money the girl said the test question was spelled one letter wrong so she couldn't give it to him! so he called in the manager who said no they did everything by the book. he told her that was a little dumb because they know him and there is not to many people with his name and id that knows that question. so i said fine iwent back to my store and had it corrected and they STILL would not give him his money. then the manager said he triewd to tell her employee not to do his job right. so i called the district office and the guy tells me my son threatened the employee! i was on the phone with him the whole time and it never happened. so i ask the regional mamnger what exactly the threat was and he couldnt tell me! said he would get statements. still havent seen em and when i ask who his boss qwas he said they werent allowed to give out his number and i could call the complaint line at 1 800 rite aid. he gave me some bogus name of his boss and said he would tell him to call me. ARE YOU KIDDIN ME? gonna try to speak with someone at the big corporate office but from the way we were treated i doubt it will do any good. the manager in that store wasnt but a young girl that didnt know crap about how to treat a customer. ill never go in another rite aid again and neither will my son. unbelievable.

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