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if she had used a bank machine or on line they wudlon't have any way tracing it and it would probably still be under investigation.At least this way I can be present when they make a mistake and get it fixed right there. I've had some pretty interesting tellers helping me lately. Also because of the issue with my sister, I have a message on my account that requires them to ask for photo identification from me before any transaction. You'd be surprised how many tellers disregard this, when you explain to them you put it on for a reason and they brush it off, the second you ask for a manager to explain the situation and the improper handling of the situation, the teller realizes that they should have been doing it all along. I also have them require a signature from me before any transaction like in the old days so everything has more than one check. it gets them flustered and makes them complete work that they have tried to do away with by using debit cards to sign into your account at the teller now. All of this I pay them to do so it's the least they can do I say.The other reason I still use tellers is because of the size of m my paycheck it inevitably has a 5 day hold on it if I put it through a bank machine. I'd like my money to start working for me before that and most tellers require a managers signature on the amount. Plus with having my bf's eye surgery loan coming from my account, it's the only way to get his money in to pay for it.Though this is a very good discussion on why it may be something I'll look at in the future.

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