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I took down 26 white linen drapery panels that I purchased from Restoration Hardware to have them dry cleaned which were the instructions on the panels. They came back around 13" short each. We immediately blamed the dry cleaner who immediately blamed RH. We then sent them out for an independent analysis which determined that the dry cleaner did nothing wrong and the blame is with RH. We forwarded the analysis to RH but have received no communication since. I have been without draperies for about 2-1/2 months now and am getting fed up.

Delivery Sucks

I am sending a two page letter to RH detailing the horror that their shipping department is; however, after reading this email, I think it's probably a waste of effort.

Dishonest marketing practices

I go out of my way to avoid purchasing products made in China. I recently purchased the stonewashed linen sheet set- top of webpage says "The best linens are made in Italy". Item page says "imported". When the sheets arrived the tag says "Made in China". This is a VERY dishonest marketing practice. I will never shop at Restoration Hardware again. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! Wish I could rate you a MINUS number.


I bought a chair that I was told is returnable if I didn't want. Now I am trying to cancel the order and they say no cancelations.....BUYER BEWARE! TOTAL RIP OFF! I am out $350 !!!!,!,! Do not buy from this company!

How bad can it get?

Every time I try to place an order I get a new "quotation" with different pricing for the same items. They tell me they can change their prices every 24 hours. How could a member of their trade program function like that? It takes them 24 hours to get the quote out, then it has to go to the client, who has to approve and send the funds for purchase. Then we place the order. Except the prices are always different. Maybe they don't understand that we are not in business to lose money and can't keep going back to our clients every 24 hours with price increases. Now I'm reading about the pathetic deliveries. OMG. I have a reputation to maintain. I don't want to ruin it at the hands of Restoration Hardware. Maybe I should rethink this order...

Horrible delivery time

I ordered a duvet cover October 1, 2012. I have yet to receive it 6 months later. Each month I'm told, it will be another month. Each time I speak with a customer service representative, I'm told a different story. I ordered my duvet cover last October, yet on the Restoration Hardware website last week (March 22, 2013), the delivery date posted for the same item was April 4. I just received an email telling me that my order has been delayed again until the end of May. Seems like false advertising if new order are to be delivered by April 4 and orders placed 6 months ago have still not been delivered. I do not plan to place another order with RH. Companies fall out of grace and go out of business for poor customer service. RH takes the prize though. RH is no Nordstrom.

the worst of the worst

i have never experianced such a bad service for products that are marketed with such hype the poor sales ladies have zero controle on both there brand or there product ...they are selling an illusion of quality and service which they can not deiliver .today is the last second i will allow this company to waste my time .i am very sad for all the good folks that have found themselfs in this position ...the only way foward is cut your loss dont waste any more time ..they dont listen and they cant dilliver on there commitment ..........zip you wallet and dont trade with them is the only medicine they may understand .

Wish I would have seen this site earlier!

I thought it was just my experience but it appears I'm not alone! This certainly is no Nordstroms of furniture! Their poorly communicated emails and total lack of ownership of their deliveries is pathetic! And to find out their overpriced furniture is manufactured in China is terrible. WHEN I get my order, that will be the last item I ever purchase from this company. Buyer beware!!!


Today I got my 11th delay for a duvet cover I ordered in early October. The situation is so pathetic that I don't know what to say anymore. Lies after lies after lies. They blame the manufacture and cite "ship dates are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen circumstance.." If they can't manage their manufacturer, perhaps they -- one of the largest companies in the world -- should find a more reliable choice. I just hate dealing with them. I have never experienced such mismanagement in my life. It is just unbelievable that they find it acceptable to treat their customers like this. And then blame the manufacture as if they didn't hire them. Four and half months later, I have yet to be given an honest reason other than legal disclaimers designed to protect them. Absolutely shameful.

Not happy

The local store is nothing more than a showroom. They disappear and go somewhere to see if what you want is in stock, which it rarely is. Visited today, found one person working, she was with someone and no matter how long I lingered she would not make eye contact with me. Beginning salesmanship! I have made many purchases over the years and am furious at the total disrespect I encountered today. If I had stock I'd dump it!


Can you give less than 1 star? The delivery process for Restoration Hardware is outrageously bad and their head of operations should be fired for being completely incompetent. They are a retail business, yet it takes them months to fulfill every single order - whether it's a pillow case or a piece of furniture. And even when you know up front that for some reason it is going to take 4 months to deliver a light fixture, when the 4 month period comes, they delay it again...and again...and again... and then they send the wrong item and you have to start all over. I will say that their customer services representatives are really great but they can't pull a rabbit out of a hat and if the operations, delivery and fulfillment systems are shockingly incapable of arranging deliveries, they unfortunately, have no more control over that than we, as the customers, have. Ridiculous company. Ridiculous operations. Absolutely not worth it. Go somewhere else.


You send out huge, fancy catalogs (which by the way are a waste of precious resources) and then the items are not available for months, what kind of business are you? Your gift certificates can not be redeemed online or by phone, they have to be mailed to you??? Instead of spending all that money on your catalogs, spend it on customer service. I love all you offer and have ordered frequently from you, but I think from now on I'm shopping elsewhere. I have to agree with another reviewer - I'm afraid crappy customer service will eventually get you!

sexist bedrooms - welcome to 2012

just finished looking through fall 2012/ baby and child. You have got to be kidding!! Just because the furniture is from another era doesn't mean we have to continue the stereotypes! Boys rooms: astronauts, adventurers, builders, racing car drivers, etc etc.. Girls rooms: butterflies, flowers and chandeliers. god help us all. Last time a set foot in the store and the last time I open a catalogue!!! Wake up people!!

Unbelievable, in this day and age, to receive this HUGE catalog. Any catalog should not be sent unless requested, but this one wins the Grand Prize for OVERALL BAD TASTE AND WASTE.

I received your HUGE catalogs in the mail last week. What an absolute waste of time for our postal service, our resources, AND my valuable time!! It takes 100 years for "slick copy" to decompose! I would love to mail your books back to you, for you to handle them, but I have a feeling you would not dispose of them properly. I will shred them and start the break down of this worthless material now!

I just received a phone book size catalog from RH!!! Apparently all my neighbors did. What a huge WASTE of resources. Come on RH, EVERYTHING is on-line these days, no one needs a catalog. As an environmentalist and a concerned citizen, I am shocked that you would be so irresponsible and send such a massive piece of landfill to every home. I am calling your corporate headquarters today to voice a complaint. STOP with the catalogs, mine went straight to my recycling bin!

To whom it may concern------------ Last week I was extremely dismayed to find 3 of your catalogues in my mail box. What a waste of money not to mention our environmental resources, what were you thinking ???? Your company is not only responsible for the destruction of our planet, but for also potentially placing our mail delivery person on disability due to the weight of your mail out. ALL this to sell a couple of bathroom fixtures how sad, PLEASE do not send any more packages like that to my house in the future. Thank you Arthur & Marion Woosley

Apparently it doesn't matter how much you spend on furniture, you can't influence the delivery date. Bought most of the furniture for my new house and they subcontract the delivery to some company they apparently have no control over. Am typing this while on hold, have been on hold for twenty minutes waiting for the store manager to give me some assistance. The products may be nice but crappy customer service will eventually be the death of this company.

You need to go to TMO and ask. Those websites are not alwyas correct and TMO will have the latest rates. The rates are not just based on your pay grade, but also where you are going and those rates change based on the ability of the receiving area to handle shipments. For instance, if you were going to Misawa, Japan, you would not get anywhere near your max allowance. Even a family's allowance is cut in half from what is on the charts on those websites. Also, since you are going overseas to overseas, your allowance is different. Even leaving Osan is different since you were there unaccompanied. Like I said, go to TMO and get the latest.

I ordered a Flatiron desk, was given totally wrong measurements by staff member from what was on internet. So cancelled order. Did get good customer service and did get every penny refunded. HOWEVER, WHY DO I NEED TO PAY $125

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