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They suck big time!!!!

I went to Rentacenter in Peekskill ny and was supposed to get a new table, delivery was delayed like 4 days and they showed up late with the table "assembled in the truck" supposedly, they left and my husband was inspecting the table nd noticed it was dinged up and the table was chipped, clearly not new so I called the next day and spoke with the manager and almost a yr later I've had about 20 convos none noted by the way and the situation remains unsolved I overpaid for the table that is now broken due to its cheap quality screws and no one will respond to me about why I signed a new contract for a New table and received what I believe is the display model it's disgustingly terrible how they operate. Do not even waste your money on them!

Blowing up my phone.

The guys at the nearest Rent-a-Centet are extremely nice and I appreciate them being nice when I call to make my payment, but what I don't like is my phone having 12 missed calls. I don't appreciate that! I hope they understand that with cell phones now a days we can see all the missed calls and better yet we can hear our voicemails, All 5 of them. I know they're doing their job, but so am I. And I can't do it when my phone is ringing every 30 minutes. I need the job to be able to pay in the first place.



all they do is blow up your phone when you have already told them that your wife has taken , daughter an 1 week new born to the doctors an they still blow up your phone on a item that is all most payed off

poor service

i went to a rent a center for a bed set, i made payment and they told me i had to wait a week for them to bring it to my home, they said between 3-5pm, its 6pm an 2 delivery ppl from rent a center just now arrived, 1 in uniform an the other in plain clothes,i dont know about anybody else but if your not in uniform your not stepping foot in my house i dont know you, so have to wait for them to get uniform, also when i spoke to the assit. manager he was rude and told me what do i want him to do about it, and kept assisting to give me a refund. He yelled and spoke over me, nobody should have to go thru the troubles esp. when their paying money for services like this, crappy service on my end. minus a star for me

sexual harrasment

my wife works at a rent-a-center where we live and is sexually harrased alot by her 4 co-workers and one of them is her boss..she is afraid of saying anything because of her job...her co-workers also talk down to their customers behind their backs all the time...my wife is also pregnant and they still make her move furniture around especially while still delivering to customers

poor service

to whom it may concern, i went to pay my bill at store and employee came from around counter and jump in my face due to suggested please dont call my job periodically due to gettn fired, he laughd and i didn take that to perfessional. and it escalated from there..


Yes i went to a rent a center and the manger told me I can put a hold on a washer and dryer for me and I went and did that and they charged me for the stuff And how can they do this when I did not even have the washer or dryer. Well now the tell me I can not even get my money back!! So if anyone wants to go thru a rent a center don't go to the one here in Philadelphia pa over on island Ave cuz they will rip u off!.

rac/get it now

sell use hard work people Brookfield,wi/ junk! don't stand by there junk lie to you right to your face and cant get there lies straight, want us to pay and loss money at exspensive price Waukesha, wi. talk sexual to you when they come to your home there skould be closed down all of them scamming business.

Urinating Employee

I am not a customer of RAC, however I live in Chenier Apartments in Mandeville, LA where furniture is currently being delivered as I type this. I just observed one of your employees urinate right outside of the RAC truck in broad view of anyone who happened to be looking. Then, he proceeded to handle the furniture that was being delivered to a customer. I would be quite upset about paying for furniture that an employee had just handled with his dirty hands after using the bathroom on my sidewalk. Something should be said to this employee if he lacks the decency and common sense that even my five year old son has.

For 2 weeks I have been waiting for a delivery of a "KING" size bedroom set. Notice the "KING", not Queen. This is the 2nd time I have been brought something that is not what I ordered, but yet I am expected to pay for something I do not have, I already made my first payment, but still no bedroom set.

I been trying for two weeks to get two recliners from your store on 16th in laurel,ms and I still aint got them and they told me it would be two to three days and we asked for any color and everytime I call they said they aint got them in it

Go somewhere else

the Rent-a-cente in Russellville Kentucky Sucks! The store and merchandise is dirty most of the time and all they have is a bunch of used junk that they want to sell at full price. The Mega Rental and sales, the only other rental store in our town, is much better. The employees are respectful, nice and professional. If they stay in business they will put ya'll out of business. I would much rather buy from them. Plus, they have better merchandise and it is always cheaper! Rent-a-center get out of town. You suck!

employees not honest

i am a property manager and rented a house to one of your employees. the owner of the house is a captain in the army and is stations overseas. your employee left without notice and broke the lease. this isn't saying much for your employee. this owner is risking his life for us and he won't pay him for shamr


rent of center is no better than these check cashing businesses that rip off people in hard times they overextend and overcharge for generic equipment

RuDE RAC location

Yes I Rent from a RAC in the state of NC and they are very rude. They call you and talk junk when your a day late they call your job they threaten you. I only owe around $150.00 on my account and when I pay them off. I'm not recommend none of my family and friends to them. They need to just shut them all down. There ripoffs that's what kinda company they run..Im getting a lawyer to handle my complaint against the RAC in my state....

Rude Employees

The first thing im going to say is yes im behind on my payments but do not think it's right that your employees come to my house an knock at my door for 30 minutes an look through my window an wave at me if i don't answer my door then need what is your policy an i know it is not this plus today when i spoke with tim i told him when get paid i would come make a payment and mind u i paid them 300 monday so what's the problem he can't wait til i get paid again

I'M not very happy with Rent A Center Bowie.I bought a refrigerator from them it messed up,they came and got it when I got it back,it was damaged.The Manager was suppose to take care of it but,he never did and hes lied to me and said they were on there way with the door they were going to replace but I haven't got it taken care ,it's going on for about a month.I'm over it.


i rent from the store in enid ok. i have only positive things to say, especially about the lady that works there. she is very helpful and has never misled us. when you do rent to own its usually because you have credit problems and when you sign your contract you are agreeing to pay on or before your due date, if you are late on your house payment you'll get evicted, if you are late on your car payment it will get repo'd. i read alot of the complaints on here and most of you can't even spell, i have to say that i had a very good experience with rent a center and will continue to do business with them.. and to the lady that works at rac in enid,ok. keep up the good work, my family is so happy you came back to work there.

Poor Customer Service

I visited a rent a center store in Auburndale, FL to take advantage of a promotion they had going on. I was quoted a price and agreed. When I came back the next day to purchase the items I was told to pay a different price double what I was told in the beginning. I paid and was told it would be delivered in 4 days. On the day of the delivery the store clerk called me and told me I was not approved but could not tell me why. She was very rude and unprofessional. After that experience I am glad that I didn't start a account with rent a center because they are liars and are unprofessional.

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