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I just saw your commercial on oxygen network and it is the worst commercial you have ever done. The guy bending over with shorts shorts and his butt showing was totally out of line for television. I think you can make better commercial than that. For that reason I will never rent from rent a center again...

poor service

i was gone from my house one Day, & my 16 year old Daughter told them i wasnt there & they would have to wait until i come back,& he comes on in the house & took my tv, even though i was two weeks behind, they werent suppose to get anything without my permission, & i was very upset with them & on top of that i dont owe but $390.00 on the tv, but he was rude & very disrespectful & i should've had him arrested for trespassing.

They keep BREAKING!

This company is awful, don't ever buy or rent anything from them. We re buying a washer and dryer from them and the washer has broken down about 3 different times and the dryer about 4 different times. I am paying $2,000 for the set and they are the biggest piles of junk. They won't give me new, only used. The only reason I am keeping them is because we've already payed so much money and I am too stubborn to let them have all of that money AND the washer and dryer just to sell to someone else and make even more money. We are in Columbus Ohio, and I will NEVER buy anything from them again!

"Get - It - Now" Corporate Also!

This is also the corporate number for ( Get - It - Now Stores ) RAC is the parent company for Get - It - Now!!!

extremely rude behavior

I rented some items from the Rent A Center in Aberdeen, SD and was behind a little on payment. The manager of that said store came to my work place and pretty much demanded payment or pick up. It wouldn't have bothered me if he would have taken me aside and talked to me privately about my personal business with them, but he shouted it across the counter at me. Now all my co-workers and. Customers know about my financial difficulties. He was very rude toward the subject of my children and my situation. I would really like to see something done about this. I will say that I will never be going back to Rent A Center again.

Was I just discriminated against???

My husband and I have been in the market for new kitchen appliances. We received a flier in the mail from RAC advertising 50% off appliances at there 35th Ave and Glendale location in Phoenix, AZ. When we got to the store they didn't have a whole lot of selection on the floor so we waited to speak tone of the salesmen, both at there desks in the back office. At first we waited near the sales counter for assistance but after about two minutes finally said something and they still ignored us!? We finally have up and left the store but as we were getting into our vehicle parked in front, a mexican family entered and we noticed that they wernt in the store for 10 seconds before one of the salesman got off his chair and went to help them!! I'm wondering if this has anything to do with us being white!? I don't think RAC is a place we would ever want to give our business to!!


Rent a center should seriously take a long look at their employees and who they hire because today after my experience with the employees at the Mt. Clemens store I will never ever buy anything else from there or any other store from their lack of respect for people.


Paid for furniture had not yet got my appt a week later and getting charged 1 day later again for furniture.


I am extremely disappointed with your company. You have salespeople in your Audobon N.J. store that are not trained properly. I did not receive my correct order that I was told. When the delivery people came they shattered the glass on my end table and I had to go to store to pick up replacement. The Manager of the store was extremely rude. And to top that off the coffee table they sent has roaches in it and has to be returned. I came to RAC because I like their products I had dealt with them years ago. The operation has changed they are not who they use to be. Customer Service is horrible. I would not recommend this organization ever again they lie about what they say and do not put the customer first.

customer complaint

Rent a center cut my cable wire cuz we weren't home for them to get their stuff not only did they damage my own personal property they were trying to open my door and they almost broke my window they lied to me that my tv was brand new it was not used had been previously owned for 7months they are liars just looking for a way to stew people's they'reunprofessional harassing their customers


I'm not a customer but yet they sent some goon to harass me at my job just because I know the customer. Had to call the police to get them to leave. Not only are these people stupid but they also think they are above the law. Something needs to be done rac is out of control.

the worst place to rent from

My husband and I rented from rent a center and they suck. All they did was hang around my house and harass us, leave 10 or more messages on our house phone, extremely poor customer service, the prices are out ragious. I will never rent from rent a center again and I will be sure none of my friends or family do either. I am going with Aarons . They are cheaper and you save more. My whole house is furnished by Aarons.

Gaylord. Mi.

They lie right to your face! I switched washers and they told me everything I paid would switch over to the new one, now they say they can't credit all of it WTH!!!!! Last time I checked when something came to you new, it came in a appliance box!!!!!

Infested and Unsanitary

They delivered me a bed infested with roaches and I have an extreme phobia

pick up

why is it ok to pick up a product when the only one was home was a minor to let them in my 15 year old son

the rent a center is the worst furniture place I ever rented furniture from, they harass you talk to you like trash, say un necessary verbal language to you tell your business to neighbors . I would never recommend any one to rent anything from there especially the one on 199 and 441 in Miami gardens,fl

Misleading pricing

When I called into the store here I. Warrensville Ohio I was quoted one price and charged a much higher price once washer and dryer was delivered

rac sucks

RAC #2237 in houston sucks i was trynna do same as cash but it didnt happen i paid off furniture and end paying for my dryer for over a year got all the way dwn to $48 and they came topick it up for being 7days late i paid off but will never do biz again horrible cs!!!

un lawful behaviour

we rent from rent a center and they came to pick up some stuff but left some some stuff flipped off my room mate gave a certified letter to contacted them in 3 days or have serious consequence the same day we got served with a summions to go to court for the bunk beds that were broken when they bought them to us and sayed we olny owed 175 dollars and they are suing us for 3745 dollars and 45 cents my wife health hasn't been good and her dad at Gillette is dieing and they didn't give us pitty

Never again

Worked wit me at 1st was great and friendly then they worked out good deals for me then my payment way for may 8th and they said it was for may 4th and said if I don't pay they will take my stuff and i said its due the 8th they said no u are late i said I will be there to pay it today and guy said thank god I don't have to waste time calling you anymore will be call to return

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