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This man has poor service who claims to be the District manager over Houston,Texas. He is a coward and uneducated. Obviously it doesn't take much to find work in low end jobs.

I purchased a $2000 TV from the store in Whittier, CA a few years ago and they refused then to give me a bill of final payment. The corporate office in TX wouldn't issue one either. I am now in a property dispute and need a copy of that final sale and ownership and RAC makes an easy task impossible. Any suggestions?

I have been a customer of RAC for over 10 years. I also have noticed negative changes. I ended my last account because there is obviously a thief in their office. My daughter is presently on the phone with the Corporate Office because she is also getting ripped-off. When trying to rectify the situations with the managers, we were both fed a line of BS, like we had no IQ'S. Being a paralegal and my daughter having EXTENSIVE retail experience, believe me, both of us could do a better job at the numbers. If there enough people who think they have been financialy ripped-off by RAC then I will (again) start a 'class-action' lawsuit. If anyone is interested then please call me at (585) 494-0134. NOTE: every CLASS-ACTION I have started, has won..

I, too, am a diamond club holder and was not notified until I went back into the store to purchase an air conditioner that they no longer accepted the Diamond Club Card. I showed it to the person who was waiting on me, I believe the assistant mgr., and I don't have it anymore. I guess they kept it. Anyway, I did buy the air conditioner, didn't lease, bought. After 2 payments and 1 to go, the air conditioner seemed to go on the fritz. On May 25th I called the Market Street store here in Bloomington, Il. and told them the a/c didn't seem to be working and they said they could come out right now. That would have been o.k. except I had just gotten home from town and was tired and worn out and asked them if tomorrow would be o.k. and they said it would, between 12 and 2, Saturday May 26th, 2012 being the next day. Nobody showed at 10:00 as discussed and nobody showed all that day, yet, on the following Thursday after not paying the last payment, they showed up for the a/c or the money. I told them to give me back my 2 payments (260.00) in a cashier's check and they could have their a/c back. From there it has just gone down hill. I called the corporate office and apprised them of the problem and thought it was settled with their division manager. There would be someone to come out on Saturday June 6 to bring another and they would service the one I had. I didn't see anybody on that Saturday either. I again called the corporate office and got ahold of someone over the division manager. He tried to call the store as I had for the last half hour and he couldn't get through either, so he lodged a complaint, himself, to the division manager who called me back again. He and I, apparently, had a break-down in communication over the second visit. Things got testy and I ended up hanging up. If they can't answer the phone and take care of people at the same time, maybe, they should hire a phone person. Letting the phone ring and ring and ring is no way to run a business. Now my business is no business with Rent-a-Center ever again. This story hasn't ended yet as my husband is highly annoyed and is going to put in his own review. I wouldn't even give this store and their people 1 star except how are you going to get out of it. I have called Whirlpool and they emailed me instructions in hopes to figure out if we can get this thing to work properly.

I'm dealing with RAC in Kamuela, Hawaii. About a year ago, I paid off a Compaq Laptop costing me over a $1k (due to late payments). I take the hit for that but, come to find out I paid for a laptop that has Windows 7 that is not genuine installed on it. To me, I take this as "FRAUD" on part of RAC Mgr, for passing on a used 3 year laptop to me as a consumer. I addressed this situation twice, and was only told to call the hotline and they will prepare trouble ticket; and he as a manager did not have the authority to reimburse the customer but conflicting I may say because he can and will send his staff to COLLECT payments. Come to find out the RAC in Kamuela, do not even have internet capability, intranet but not internet. How the hell can you run an efficient operation without internet capability in your store. If you sell electronics, computers, etc, why is there not an internet capability in that store??? The store sucks and Windows will be notified for piracy issues because someone from RAC did not activate real Windows 7 and possibly taken the Windows 7 software from another HP computer (Pavillion) and installed a copy of that onto my laptop. Serail number of Windows 7 is 1234567890, and product id is invalid. How criminal is that. Anybody else have the same problem?

-100 stars rent a center in lagrange ga sucks, big fat ones, payed 43.00 dollars, on the first they came and took my air,saying i was behind my next payment was not due untill the 14 june,but they took my shi----

Let me begin and tell you my story. Our store in Concord, NC is run by a ruthless manager. He is a smart ass and does not do customer service very well. We have had many problems with this jerk! We have been great customers of RAC for a very long time and in a few states as well. Have rented a couch and chair, paid off in Iowa, bought a Computer in FLA and paid it off, here in Concord we bought a washer and dryer and paid it off. Now have a flat screen TV and it has been a nightmare to do business. His name is WILL..at one time they had they best gal there, her name was Sarah. We always bought from her as she was honest and caring. We were never notified that they NOW charge $1.50 for over the payments. WE usually pay by the month, so was shocked to see they added that to our payment. Never sent us a notice or called to tell us. Waited for the transaction to go through and then said "by the way we added the xtra money for over the phone contact"!!! Never again will be rent a THING from RAC and it looks like there are alot of unhappy folks on here who feel the same way. You would think that they would not want to chase away the good cusotmer who pays on time and then argue over $1.50! Was it worth to argue over the dam $1.50 to loose a GREAT customer? Guess it was! So to DOUG in the CONCORD,NC office I say to you..YOU are the biggest IDIOT I have ever come across and I wish nothing but bad things to come your way! I will be calling Corporate to let them know of your Actions and BIG mouth.And you do get the "RUDE DOG" award for this month! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

I BOUGHT A RENT-TO-OWN ASHLEY COUCH (COUCH & LOVESEAT)IN DECEMBER 2011 ($167.00 PER MONTH). However, due to financial difficulties, I could not afford the high payment(due on the 3rd of each month). So I called Rent-A-Center ten (10) days prior to June 3, 2012, and was told by Tony that they would pick up the couches on June 6th. On June 6, 2012, I get a call from them that they could not pick up the couches; we then settled on a date of June 11, to pick up the couches, and do you know what the hell they did????? THEY CALLED UP EVERY ONE OF MY CREDIT REFERENCES (5) AND INFORMED THEM THAT I MISSED MY PAYMENT. THEY ARE SO DUMB THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO CHECK THEIR NOTES THAT I HAD MADE ARRANGEMENTS TO PICK UP THEIR DAMN COUCHES. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.....YOU WILL REGRET IT. MARIE

I've rented from them for 7 months so far, EVERY PAYMENT ON TIME! Why do you feel the need to call me EVERY MONTH to remind me of my due d ate like I don't already know? Very irritating so I just ignite their call now :-) Chicago illinois

They had me paying almost 5000 dollars for a 60in tv that i later seen the same one in walmart for 800 dollars sent it back went to rent 1st got a tv everything going good til the end of the year i got a letter in the mail saying that rent a center has taken over rent 1st now after the first 6 months with rent 1st and half my bill payed five months later with rent a center they still saying i owe half my bill still

the store in gastonia nc is charging 1.50 when i make a payment with my debit card are they suppose to do it?

RAC used to be a good company with good customer service. I rented bunk beds from them which broke. They were suppose to be brand new but they arrived used, slightly bent, and paint chipped. There were no instructions. No bolts. I questioned them several times on this fact and they had their own people put it together. Three weeks later the beds collapsed when my child was climbing the ladder. No one was hurt but they could have been. RAC wants me to pay fr that bed and offered to sell me another one They had no apologies, no responsibility, and come to find out consumer reports say that type of bed is unsafe.The manager has now banned me from coming into the store after being a customer for 6 years and have paid for everything I have ever bought there. I went to a different store and have been treated much better. I will not ever do business with them again.

This rating is for the Hwy 303, Grand Prairie, Texas store. I have been an RAC Customer for a few years, and purchased/paid off many items; in fact; every time I go in there I get compliments for making my payments on time(and I pay monthly). I went ahead and purchased an iMac from them last week. When I got home I noticed it was missing a cable, and a Magic Pad. I called that store to let them know about it; Gus Carrizales III gets on the phone and immediately starts using a condescending voice, and giving me a "BAD VIBE". I commenced to give him a dose of his own medicine by reminding him that he has a job due to customers like myself; who pay his salary, and he should be more respectful.......He didn't get the picture!!! The saying "You can't argue with an idiot" is soo true in this case. Needless to say...... this will be my last purchase with this company. There is to much competition out there to receive this form of behavior, and this is why I will give another company the opportunity to earn my business.

Well....Rent A Center was good at first for me and my in-laws. I was renting from Aaron's along with Rent A Center. I been with Aaron's since 2008 and I have had no problems. My in-laws had nothing but problems with Rent A Center. When their computer was broke it took them 3 months to fix and plus they charge us to fix it. Another thing is my in-laws got 2 king size beds from them the first time they delivered at 6:00 at night and the second time was at 8:00 at night plus all they had was the box springs. So my in-laws had to sleep on my kids bed for 2 the nights.Rent A Center has gotten alot of money from us. My mother-in-law was paying $255.00 every 2 weeks. I finally talked her into going to Aaron's and they charge her 300.00 a months for a king size bed, washer and dryer, computer and these are all new in the box on the truck from Aaron's and the delivery was an hour early. I give Aaron's a 10 star rating. Plus nothing came new from rent a center. they shouldn't even get a 1 star rating.

I just want to say that I have been a loyal customer for almost 2yrs now and since the new store manager took over mid to end of 2011, the store has gone down hill. once my stuff is payed off i will NEVER rent from them again, there employees are rude and one proceeded to try and make me out to be a liar when they didn't tell me something they said they did which really made my blood boil and he did that because his boss was there. Then I tell them when my paydays are and they try and make my payments before that so that I will have to pay the late fee. The old manager they had named Shawn O'Hare was the best manager I Ever dealt with.. If they bring him back then I will probably rent there again. Oh and another thing I hope that anyone that reads this and lives in Mena, Arkansas.. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM..... go somewhere else PLEASE cuz they will make your life HELL.

I am harassed by Craig in the west akron store in ohio every week. I have rented and paid off things. His attitude is so rude. I have never had a problem before and now he feels the need to poke his chest to a woman cause im 3 days late. He has turned his professional attire into a personal affair, really for no reason. I'm quite sure he has seen plenty of crazy and rude customers(which was not me) before so I ask, why am I harassed now with phones calls, bad attitude, no customer friendly attitude. I'm a very friendly person so I take any unnecessary bad character to be very disturbing. So, what's next???

Rentacenter once was a pretty decent place to do business; but all that has changed it seems. Once upon a time they tried to make you feel like they valued their customers, giving them cards depending on how your business was with them-silver, gold, etc.. These would give you matched payments up to a month, or so much off your initial transaction. Now they look at you like a joke if you even mention your "valued customer" card. They are worthless, as is their new policy changes. The District manager for our store is rude, even the employees make unflattering comments about him. Now, the Corporation is charging an additional fee (which we were never notified of) to take your payment by phone. If they would be intelligent enough to break the accounts down on their website so people could pay each account as due and not all the same time, then it would be easier and we wouldn't have the fees. How blasted hard can it be to do that? Even their "Customer Care" is rude, no help at all; and have a snotty attitude. And for Bob Frank, sounds like you work for them, My payments are always on time, and paid ahead of time, with one being paid on the actual due date..so plbbbbttttt to you. You assume way too much, covering up the bad policies the company has made. If you cannot break the accounts up to pay individually then you should not have to pay to have them fix it and take the payment over the phone!! Why should I pay for you to take my money? Seems to me RAC says how much THEY do for the community, I think they try to get kudos at the customers expense. I've been a customer a long time, saw many good managers come and go. I guess the good business practices went with them. Through RAC I have purchased stove, fridge, freezer, 2 washers, dryer, T.V.; plus rented other items. What I have now will most likely be the last I will get from RAC since customer satisfaction is NOT what you are about. Shouldn't even get one star, but it was the lowest we could give.

I Walked Into A Rent-A-Center Located On Crescent Street In Brockton To Inquire About Renting Something From Them. No Sooner Than Reaching The Front(BACK)Desk I Witnessed A Horrific Sight. An Employee I Later Found To Be (GET THIS) The Store Manager (Chris G.) Was In A Fit Of Rage, Using Profanities, Throwing Items Such As Phones Around Absolutely Out Of Control Acting Like A Spoiled Child All The While Yelling At Another Employee In Front Of Not Just Me But Paying Customers At The Register Over What Sounded Like A Minor Lack Of Comunication.I Could'nt Believe What I Was Whitnessing And More Importantly Hearing. This Man Showed A Complete Lack Of Respect And Professionalisom.I Was Appauled! I Emediately Turned Around, Left, Went To Aaron's Across Town And Had The Most Pleasent Experiance I Could Have Imagined. I'm Aware That This Is Just One Experiance By One Possible Customer But I, Nor My Family, Friends Or Anyone That Comes Within Ear Contact Of Me, I Assure You. Will "NOT" Do Business With That Specific Store, EVER..!!

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