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I contacted your on-line retail folks regarding an issue with a pair of Reebok tennis shoes i purchased. They were very nice and responded as promised within 24 hours. However,they were not helpful. I have sworn by Reeboks for the last 3 years and they have served me well. I wear them exclusively at the gym. The last pair I purchased split on both shoes within 3 months. When I contacted the on-line company, they referred me to the local store I bought them.That is not helpful. The store I purchased them from did not manufacture the shoes and should not be responsible for reimbursing me. I will be surprised if anyone contacts me at pamalat@hughes.net.

I bought a pair of walking shoes less than a year ago. The shoes are so torn, I am no longer able to walk in them They have (had) mesh material on the outside of the shoe, but they are full of holes. I am a female 60 years old, and only used the shoes for my daily walk. I notice them tearing within 6 months of use. I have never washed them because after discovering the holes in the mesh material, I was reluctant to put them in water. I am so disappointed in the shoes and will never purchase another pair of reeboks again. I would like to get reimbursed for the shoes. They cost slightly over $60. Is it possible to get a response from someone in the corporate office? I would like to be compensated. mlc1211@yahoo.com Thank you.

I bougth my granddaughter a pair of Reebok Classic only worn them a few weeks and they both of them are tearing apart. They want me to pay to forward the shoes back to them and them it's going to take 4 to 6 weeks before i even get a respond. I see what Daniel wrote they told me the same thing about not being able to get corp. address. So I'll take that as a lost but quess what if we all start doing the same thing it will be a lost for them.

I purchased a pair of the Reebok Womens Easytone Trend Trainers Black/Berry/White in Australia and would like to provide some feedback. The "round" part on the heel doesn't promote a very healthy walk and the angle isn't protected very well. It give a "wobbly" feel and I've always been scared to fall when wearing those shoes, which I've been doing on a daily basis to and from work including walks during lunch for almost six months up until I started to develop pain in my ankle and I completely stopped wearing the shoes. They are not very uncomfortable to walk in but also do not tone butt and legs in any way. It's a shame that you are allowed to make false claims in your advertising and get away with it. It's certainly my money gone down the drain. I won't be spending more money on the brand Reebok! Regards, Mel

Hello Reebok Im a sneaker collector and I wanted to know why reebok has not released all the throwback Allen Iverson sneakers, you don't know how many people are looking forward to that release, WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING over there. I remember back in the 90s reebok was the second best company next to nike but it like reebok does not care about it's products anymore, get your shit together and start becoming the company everybody respected in the 90s, I remember the line up the company had back in the days Shawn Kemp, E Smith, Allen Iverson, and D Brown, I hope someone is reading this and help reebok get back on it feet and start becoming the company we all loved at one point in time. P.S. Bring back each and every sneaker reebok had released in the 90s (pumps, the question, the answer, and so on Thank you O. G sneaker head

I bought my first Reebok in 1995. Even though that pair lasted over a decade I have recently sworn off Reeboks forever. In the last three years I had bought four pairs of Reeboks for my family, and all of them have had the soles come off. Those four pairs were bought in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia which goes to show Reebok's quality had gone to the s**t* in a widespread way. With very little recourse to Customer Service, and no response from an email I wrote them, Reebok has lost four customers in my family. That's not counting the people I'll be spreading the news to. If Reebok doesn't care, does it's parent company, Adidas, know the PR harm it is doing? lslau23@yahoo.com

I bought the Reebok Zig-the Black and Purple in size 9.5. Within 2 months the left shoe started to fall apart. I went to the store where I bought them it was out of business so I was S.O.L; a hundred dollars down the drain. I am a single mom going back to school and don't have the money to buy new shoes. Now 9 months later both my shoes are falling apart and there is nothing I can do about it. I had to start saving for new shoes all over again. DON'T BUY REEBOK ZIG THEY ARE WORTHLESS SHOE!!! PS the shoe doesn't even deserve the one star.

to the guy in charge; if you are a standup guy, who urinates in an upright position, from the age of five to the present day, like me, do you particularly care to change that whole thing just because most sweats an other similar type sports wear have NO FLY. Personally i resent dropping my pants and sitting on a bowl to relieve myself, especially if you're in a hurry...get my meaning. for an old timer like me it could be downright unhealthy and unsanitary and extremely annoying. please...go back to the design drawing board and come up with sweats wit a zippered fly. you would an old man very happy to once more whizz standing upright. thanks anthony

Dear sir bought a pair of your shoes a complete of weeks a go and they are falling a part champs said it manufacture problem and would not honer there return policy in Florida with a reciept I only use the shoe to walk in and I paid a 100 for them that took me for a loop when to find out you guys don't onhner return policy .j_roadking@yahoo.com , I wanted to exchange them for the same type .

I have been struggling to get my broken shoes replaced since last two months but no response from reebok customer care. There is no ctc available in mumbai. Can anyone help me on 9321128558 -

I bought my son a pair of the Zigs less than a year ago. For the past few months the tops of his shoes have been coming apart on both shoes. The tops of his feet are now showing. The place where I purchased them said there was nothing they could do. I really hope you will stand behind your product and make this right. I would like a replacement pair. I can't afford to keep buying these shoes to have them tear. If you can't help me, I will have to look to another shoe company for my next shoe purchase.

As instructed by a Reebok rep, I returned two shirts to the correct address with a given return # on JUNE 2,2011 and boy, have I gotten the run-around!!!! Three months later; no shirts, no refund, but lots of empty promises. This is the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Customer Service reps won't give me a corporate address or phone number. But I have it now...!

Hi there, I would like to know why the sole come apart in Reebok shoes. I was thinking the climate is a problem.But after reading all the posts it seems to be a manufacturing defect. What do you think is the rweason why soles come apart.

Purchased Reebox leather walking shoe rb910pye in 2010 and a pair in 2009. On both shoes the sole had ripped across. I contacted Reebox and they told me to bring them back to where I purchased them. I did this- Tangiers outlet in Ft. Myers, Fla. and they said there was nothing they could do. I am now a new owner leather Rockports. You have lost a loyal customer.

Usually Reebok is a very good shoe, but about 4-5 months ago I purchased a pair from Hibbits sporting store. A size nine women's Reebok Zig, black with purple. They are starting to tear. I have one tear at top left about a inch and half long and the right one is starting to tear now. I really like this shoe. I work at a hospital and walk alot. Everybody likes these shoes and are always asking me how comfortable they are. But I can't afford to keep buying them for them to just fall apart on me.

These piece of crap running shoes fell apart in no time, about two and a half months. I was looking them over and was amazed to find out that they aren't even leather anymore, but the price is still high at about 86 dollars. I was telling a friend about it and he said all the sneakers are doing that now. In other words they are not leather anymore, high priced and falling apart in short order. Nice country America! Used to be anyway. I used to tell people how much i liked Reeboks, but now I say you might as well go to WalMart and get a few pairs of cheap sneakers for about 15 bucks a pair and they will last over a year.

I bought a pair of ZigPulse and within 1 week of just wearing them in the gym and never outdoors the sole starting coming apart. there are two strips which started tearing away from the sole and eventually were hanging off until finally it had to be pulled off. very cheap structure for these two strips. How do I get this replaced?

i bought a pair of the zig techs for the first time last spring. I loved them so much I got another pair in the fall. They feel great on my feet, very soft sole for comfort, my favorite sneakers so far in years. But, one day the second pair I bought got a little hole in the side, and the hole got bigger every time I wore them. To this day the hole is about the size of a dime and now the other shoe is starting to tear as well. I would expect that when you spend over 100 dollars on sneakers they might last longer than a few months. I have had sneaker that fell apart before, but never so soon. Before I bought the zig techs I only wore nikes and thought I would never wear them again, I was a reebok fan and pretty much changed sides, but then the problem with the shoes happened. It's not like the nike sneakers never broke down, but they certainly lasted a lot longer than the reeboks. I am no longer a reebok fan and my next pair of sneakers will be nikes. Not that it matters because reebok is a billion dollar company and upon reading the reviews before mine sounds like sending them back won't do any good, but I will never buy reeboks again. I'll suck it and wear them until my toes start to stick out. p.s I would've rated them 0(very poor) stars, but since it wasn't an option I chose the lowest rating.

To whom it may concern, My name is William Andrews of 64 Shepton street, Dorchester Center, Massachusetts, 02124. Please help me with my return and locate my walking shoes I returned. I have always would wear Reebok shoe's ever since my mother bought them when I was 19 yrs old and always bought and would wear them to this day. I bought a pair of Reebok Walking Shoe's in less than a month they started to come apart by the seems it was only the left shoe and I called customer service explained what was going on and was sent a return label around August 2010 and I sent them back and never did hear anything back. I'm sending you this email to see what happened to my shoes and to see if they didn't get misplaced. Thank you for your attention on this matter have a nice day. Thank you William Andrews 64 Shepton street Dorchester Center, Ma, 02124 home-617-970-8241 or cell 617-=970-8241

Do you believe that if you call customer service they refuse to give you corporate address? When doing any type of business, employees should always be able to refer corporate headquarters to provide feedback AND be able to provide you with an address and telephone number. IT IS PUBLIC INFORMATION!

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