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Screwed Up

Redbox doesn't even deserve a damn star!!!!! They are rude, over charging and awful crooks!!!! Ugh, I can go on and on....I refuse to ever use there crappy services ever again.


I was charged the full price for a movie I returned. The kiosk for some reason didn't pick up my movie return. I'm still trying to get my 24 dollars back from them. I've faxed over paperwork, called customer service several times. Which I've always been told corporate will call you, which I never heard back from them. I will never use Redbox again. And if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, I'd love the info.

Excessive and Exorbitant charge

I was charged $60.90 for a video game rental which only cost $28.87 brand new!!!! Redbox's excessive and exorbitant charges for game rental beyond the new cost of the item is extortion! I'm working with the local authorities and newspapers to bring attention to their bad policies and practices.

Nothing can ever go wrong, because Redbox is not prepared to help its customers with anything. This organization really needs to integrate some type of customer support.

Charged $12.67 for one movie

I was sent a code for a free movie; at 11 pm on 7/16/13 on my laptop I tried to use the code; instead it charged to my credit card. I picked up the movie 7/17/13 - when I got home it had the WRONG movie in the jacket - it was AVENGERS instead of ERASED. I phoned REDBOX that I was charged and was given wrong movie. They gave me credits and told me if I wanted ERASED I should go to kiosk and order movie FIRST then return the movie marked ERASED which was actually AVENGERS - I did that on 7/18/13. I also discovered that I was being charged for extra day on the AVENGERS movie because I had reserved it at 11 pm on 7/16/13 even tho' I picked it up the next day 7/17 & returned it 7/18 when I picked up the CORRECT copy of AVENGERS. I was not happy about being charged an extra day and was again given credits. Then yesterday I see that your computer system did not register that I returned AVENGERS (ERASED) on 7/18/13 but instead your system said I returned it on 7/25/13. My credit card was charged $12.67 for late return. You need to update your computer system. I have closed my account and will not be a customer of REDBOX again.

screwed me.

Do I went to check my bank today.apparently redbox charges me for each return? Every time I have returned a movie I have been charged an additional $2.57. If it is because I use my debit cars there should be a warning on the first screen. HEY WE CHARGE FOR RENTING AND RETURN ON ALL VISAS. HAVE A GOOD DAY! Bring a regular renter at least once out twice a week. This is a scam

Credit Card Scam

Copy of the letter I just wrote to my Attorney General: Redbox does not notify it's customers when a movie is kept out for an extended amount of time. Instead, on the 30th day after rental, they charge you the full amount. There is no fair warning, and a forgotten rental, goes undetected and fully billed for. I was just charged $64.20 plus an NSF fee. I contacted Redbox, and there is no recourse or any way to get the money back. There is also no measures in place to prevent the over-charge on a forgotten movie. Even though, we are regular renters. They collect the email address upon check out. Wouldn't it be a fair consumer practice to notify the renter of an unreturned rental? They have no problem billing for it. This seems unfair.

So this makes the 3rd time I've done online reservations and get up to the kiosk and the touch screen won't work...they keep offering me credits each time, but what the use when I can't get the movies!!!!!

you guys suck

When ever I use your redbox movies you guys over draw my account I rented two movies returned them the next day early and found out I am overdrawn 30.00 and I only used you guys? Should I get a lawyer to sue you guys?

Horrible customer service

Spoke with Red Box crack managers Jesse and Shannon they refused to refund me for movies I never received. When calling they were the rudest people I have ever spoken with. I don't even know why they answer the phone, they are not helpful at all and got nothing resolved. If your company chooses to be like this you won't be around long. Something bigger and better will take you over that's karma.

Redbox steals!!!

If there is a class action or any other kind of suit I desperately want in. I will go so far as to post my email address because I am beyond sick of the thieves at Redbox randomly charging me for movies I returned months ago and refusing to refund my money or give me a corporate number.

Awesome Service

I love redbox. Never charged incorrectly.. Soo many movies.. Just for a buck !! I love everything.. their customer service is awesome as well.. Very cooperative and always gives out free dvd codes.

Poor Customer Servic

Red Box is nothing less than an accessory to theft by conversion. They will take money off your credit card without authorization every seven days until they regain what they feel is justly theirs. I spoke with a customer service today and they were completely unwilling to help. I was completely considerate and professional. The individual on the phone was completely unprofessional and actually said if I would have "Kissed their butt", They would have helped me. Red Box are thieves. Run Away from Red Box. They Suck the blood out of you, and your credit card.

Redbox took my money

Redbox just took over $20 out of my account with no explanation. This is unacceptable and I will file a Better Business Bureau complaint

Banking Fraud- Class Action Lawsuit

Your company is an illegal operating entity that repeatedly charges theccredit cards of numerous customers with erroneous fees that are against the law. Returned items are often not recorded just to run up these fees. Even if the credit card has a zero balance, your illegal tactics cause over drafts forcing customers to pay applicable return draft fees. I have joined with other customers to request a class action lawsuit title in order to help thousands of former customers re-coup their loses with damages.

No Problems With RedBox

I am astonished at the amount of Negative Reviews on here. I have never had an issue with RedBox and when I have they have been quick to correct it. Love the RedBox Low Price !


i accidently returned magic mike thinkjng i returned silver linings and when i called Im really not happy with that i would like my movie back. i know it was my mistake but i forced it to go in the box because i really thought i was returning the right movie, i was in a hurry to pick my daughter up from school. she told me the movie was still in the dvd player. I grabbed the wrong one . I would really appreciate if you could give my movie back . My address Thank you

Refund issue

I had a terrible experience with Redbox. I got 2x $25.00 charge for mobies I do not have because their system do not read it correctly. I told them I never keep any movies more than 24 hrs even if I don't watched it. I told them I am not willing to pay it and they said there is nothing they can do to assist me with the issue. Poor customer service and company over all...since I am not satisfied got calls disconnected three time with their customer service. I will never recomand anyone to use them at all!!!

There seem to be so many complaints about returns not being credited. It seems to me that a printed receipt system at the rental box could solve the issue. The current system of sending an e-mail does not seem to be solving the problems. E-mails are not always received when DVDs are returned. Also, Redbox needs to learn to be customer friendly. It is impossible to get a live person on the phone, typical corporate America.

BILLED after not using them

cancelled acct 3 months later billed on card getting a big run around will never use them also telling others and sending copies to news and the BBB also writing the news paper.on what screwed up service they have and no one taking care of my problem. talked to my attorney going to sue them what a rip off they are ...............

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