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very poor service, they stole 26.00 dollars from me . all there customer service rep. are very rude and uninformed .

They charge you for more than one movie when you rent one and then they charge your account when you haven't rented a DVD. I had a charge for one movie 4 times on charge card. They need to be put out of business. Called company no one will help you.

Rent one get one free

Of all the times I used to code to get a free rental, I always pay for two. Redbox better change this or they are going to be sued. This is false advertising

Hi I would like to see a red box go up at the stripes in odem Texas 78370 . It would be very convenient for so we don't have to drive very far .... Thank u so much


The Redbox kiosks break down all too often and the technicians take up to a week to repair them The company offers credit good for a month but what good is credit when during the course of those 30 days, the machine will be not function again. Don't use Redbox.

Horrible service and stole money from my acct

I rented 2 movies returned them 3 days later and redbox took 63 dollars from my acct over a course of time before I realized and are refusing to refund my money!


So far so good. Rented movies and no problem. I do return on time. I do put the disks in the cover the proper way so the redbox can read them.

I'm charged for 5 months for 1 movie

I returned the movie the same day after watching that. It was “Ironman" and they charged me five months and I owe $70 for it after I should've been charged for the 21 days.

Don't call Red Box Corporate

If you see a problem with your bank once you returned the Redbox movie call the Redbox Customer Service “at your location.” If the Red Box Customer Service Assistant can't help you then ask for the Manager tell Manager about the problem.

No longer a customer

I will no longer be a customer of this company due their support of these horrific Horror films. I should not have to look at such evil, demonic images when I go to purchase a movie nor will I support a Company that sells such things.


Redbox is the worst ever customer service sucks they charged me full price for a movie I returned same day I rented it and refuse to credit me my 30 dollars back I'll NEVER use them again

If you think the customer service is bad with the company, wait til you hear what they do to employees. Employees are expected to work off the clock. Most put in sixty hours, but can only turn in 3 to 4 hours over time a week. One of these days Federal wage and labor board will catch up with them. I will see to it personally.

Screwed Up

Redbox doesn't even deserve a damn star!!!!! They are rude, over charging and awful crooks!!!! Ugh, I can go on and on....I refuse to ever use there crappy services ever again.


I was charged the full price for a movie I returned. The kiosk for some reason didn't pick up my movie return. I'm still trying to get my 24 dollars back from them. I've faxed over paperwork, called customer service several times. Which I've always been told corporate will call you, which I never heard back from them. I will never use Redbox again. And if anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, I'd love the info.

Excessive and Exorbitant charge

I was charged $60.90 for a video game rental which only cost $28.87 brand new!!!! Redbox's excessive and exorbitant charges for game rental beyond the new cost of the item is extortion! I'm working with the local authorities and newspapers to bring attention to their bad policies and practices.

Nothing can ever go wrong, because Redbox is not prepared to help its customers with anything. This organization really needs to integrate some type of customer support.

Charged $12.67 for one movie

I was sent a code for a free movie; at 11 pm on 7/16/13 on my laptop I tried to use the code; instead it charged to my credit card. I picked up the movie 7/17/13 - when I got home it had the WRONG movie in the jacket - it was AVENGERS instead of ERASED. I phoned REDBOX that I was charged and was given wrong movie. They gave me credits and told me if I wanted ERASED I should go to kiosk and order movie FIRST then return the movie marked ERASED which was actually AVENGERS - I did that on 7/18/13. I also discovered that I was being charged for extra day on the AVENGERS movie because I had reserved it at 11 pm on 7/16/13 even tho' I picked it up the next day 7/17 & returned it 7/18 when I picked up the CORRECT copy of AVENGERS. I was not happy about being charged an extra day and was again given credits. Then yesterday I see that your computer system did not register that I returned AVENGERS (ERASED) on 7/18/13 but instead your system said I returned it on 7/25/13. My credit card was charged $12.67 for late return. You need to update your computer system. I have closed my account and will not be a customer of REDBOX again.

screwed me.

Do I went to check my bank today.apparently redbox charges me for each return? Every time I have returned a movie I have been charged an additional $2.57. If it is because I use my debit cars there should be a warning on the first screen. HEY WE CHARGE FOR RENTING AND RETURN ON ALL VISAS. HAVE A GOOD DAY! Bring a regular renter at least once out twice a week. This is a scam

Credit Card Scam

Copy of the letter I just wrote to my Attorney General: Redbox does not notify it's customers when a movie is kept out for an extended amount of time. Instead, on the 30th day after rental, they charge you the full amount. There is no fair warning, and a forgotten rental, goes undetected and fully billed for. I was just charged $64.20 plus an NSF fee. I contacted Redbox, and there is no recourse or any way to get the money back. There is also no measures in place to prevent the over-charge on a forgotten movie. Even though, we are regular renters. They collect the email address upon check out. Wouldn't it be a fair consumer practice to notify the renter of an unreturned rental? They have no problem billing for it. This seems unfair.

So this makes the 3rd time I've done online reservations and get up to the kiosk and the touch screen won't work...they keep offering me credits each time, but what the use when I can't get the movies!!!!!

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