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This review is for location 5051 Auth Road Suitland Md. on Monday, March 19, 2012. While dining in this establishment I experienced quite a few horrendous things. My husband and I arrived around 930pm. I don’t know if these things occurred due to time, but nevertheless these things should never take place in a dining business. Basically straight to the point my mashed potatoes were so thick and dry they wouldn’t move from my fork, my rice pilaf was stale, the biscuits were burnt and my chicken breast had blood in it. My server was great and of course the things wrong here were no fault of his. I spoke with the manager Tasha and her suggestion was to comp my meal which I didn’t consider an apology due to the fact that if anyone thought I would be paying for stiff mashed potatoes, burnt biscuits and bloody chicken was insane. I was dining there celebrating my birthday and it was ruined due to this horrible customer service. I to work in the customer service field and although I am in the corporate offices I still; whenever in contact with our customers, exemplify grade A service that will keep the customer coming back. I feel I was unjustly treated and my husband and I are outraged by the service and lack of consideration (management) that we received.

My husband and I went to the Red Lobster in Augusta, GA and had the worst experience and food we have ever had at Red Lobster. To start with the server was not that great. He brought our salads and you could actually smell the lettuce, which is an indication that the lettuce is old or had been sitting out for quite some time. I asked for a Caeser salad and it was not any better. My husband for the clam chowder, was brought out potato soup that was cold. The shrimp and lobster was overcooked and tough and the baked potato was cold that it would not even melt the butter. The manager came over and asked how our meal was and said it was awful and told her what was wrong. She left and the waiter came back and said that "I have more bad news, she (manager) is not going to adjust the bill." We paid the bill and was leaving and I saw the manager going out, and simply said I quess you were not able to do anything, and she said she was working on it. I told her the server said that you were not going to adjust the bill. In the end, the bill was adjusted about $10 but felt that was not enough for what we had gone throuth. I had taken my husband to the VA in Augusta and on the way home decided to stop at Red Lobster to eat, we will not EVER eat there again. The food, service and the management has a lot to be desired.


We had a surprise party for my son in law at the Two Notch location in Columbia SC, my daughter called the week before to find out what we needed to do to reserve the room they have there. Was told they didnt take reservations but have someone there about 30 to 40 minutes before the 6 oclock party. Called the day before to confirm and then I stopped by the day of the party at 2 oclock to make sure on the time to be there. Was told again 30 to 40 minutes before time. We arrived at 5 oclock 1 hour before the party and waited for the room to empty out so we could get it. At 6:40 we were finally seated in the room, after taking there time to clean it up. We will never return to a red lobster we will go to CAPTAIN D'S were the food is just as good if not better ( and they have hushpuppies).

To Whom It May Concern, I thought I was taking a survey for Red Lobster to win a dinner for two. It turned out to be a disaster. I signed up for a trial period for $1.00 and they are charging my account $128.32 of which I dont have for make-up right now. You sent me an e-mail to win $100.00 towards Red Lobster. I love the resturant. But after this scam I will not go there nor participate in your web-site. It seems like a scam to me. How can a company say they are going to take a dollar, then you print out the info and its $128.32. There are other seafood places to eat at and im sure u wont miss me. But I will tell my family and friends what happened to me. I'm not looking for a free meal. I have spent enough money at your resturant. I think you need to rethink about putting these surveys on your site you make enough money without it. I will contact my bank and this company tomarrow too see if I can get these charges removed. I'm sure im no loss to you but I will go to Blakes at Crocker park here in Ohio.

Were do I begin! The server was so nasty she came to our table and asked us what we wanted to drink. Didn't even say hello ,and make sure to tell us not about the food or anything on the menu, but about the juice for my two year old was not free refills, when my two year old won't even drink half of it. Then she decided for me the portion I should have, and order me the half portion instead of what I ordered. The food came cold and so very salty , I asked if that was a full order and she said: Noooo Go a head and eat that, I will bring you the other piece of salmon later ... I lost my apetite after tasting the food and what the half wit said.

Red lobster in Owings mills, Md is staffed with immature unmanaged children. We were waiting very patiently for over the 20 minute promised, with several other parties. While the waitresses and the host complained about how busy they were and dicussed there party plans. after 35 minutes we asked how much longer it might be they said any minute now, after 45 minutes the manager came over apologized and said he would be right back. after an hour watching him avoid us for 20 minutes. we asked for the managers names and corps. number we were giving the wrong number to corp. and the waitresses was giggling and complaining about the people she was serving. I will never eat at another Red lobster, nor will I arrange for any of my companies meeting to be held there again. Honesty would have been appriciated, even if I was told at least an hour wait time I would have made a choice based off of honesty and respect for my time. my sugar dropped so low and I became dizzy. Horrible management and a disfunctional staff at best.

Just wanted to say whom ever idea it was for the new dishes need a raise. Ive had the opportunity to order two of them and i must say the one last night was the bumb. The pasta lemon butter sauce, with clams, shrimp, mussell and lobster tails OMG the only thing missing was crablegs. I visited the location in smyrna georgia cobb parkway waiter Greg E was excellant. I had stopped coming to red lobster because it was becoming like a fast seafood restaurant but now im back..

What happened to the lobster rolls that were on the appetizer menu?? I was very disappointed when I went into my Kissimmee Red Lobster to have one of my favorite's and found out it was no longer on the menu. I, along with my co-workers used to order them at least twice a week. Pleas bring them back!

What happened to the quality of the food at Red Lobster??? The food tasted institutionalized. The salad I ordered was made with Iceberg lettuce which was horrible. The portion size of my fish was like eating scraps. Will not go back to Red Lobster again. With the way the economy is today, I am not wasting my money on this restaurant. The restaurant I ate at was on Carpenter Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The last time I had stuffed flounder at the Anderson IN location it looked liked scraps off someone elses plate..secondly how stupid was it to remove the ultimate fondue from your menu. I guess like other restaurants if it does not come out of a can your so called cooks can't prepare it---thanks Earl Mayhew one very disappointed customer

Red lobster in Montgomery Alabama is horrible!!!!! Even the manager Teresa as well as her hostess Ricique or how ever you spell. We asked for napkins and the hostess keeps walking by and says you'll have to wait on your waiter. Really!!!! Then the manager states well we only have two hostess right now!!!!! Really?!?#$%@/?! On top of the fact that we waited 15 minutes for drinks another 15 minutes for appetizers and another 30 for our meal. I have to go to the bar and ask the bartender to refill kids drinks. So maybe the waitress is busy but the thing that blows my mind was the hostess can not get napkins and the managers response!!!!!!!!!!!

I called take out in Lawton okla and they got the order Wrong. Instead of plain flounder they stuffed it. The order was for someone that's allergic to Shellfish so I had to wait another 20 min then My order was cold so they told me they could Make my order over. I just sat on my car 20 more Min. This isn't the first time that they've made My order wrong or left something out so I rarely Here. IF YOU GET TAKEOUT CHECK IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

So much info in so few words. Toltosy could learn a lot.

I have been going to red lobster for at least 20 years and it is my favorite restaurant. I was never unhappy until 2 weeks ago my food was awful my shrimp Alfredo was dry and tasted fishy. My husband sent his food back twice and it still wasn't right when the manager came over I told him about our experience and all he did was give us his card and tell us the next time we came he would treat us like VIP we should've been treated like VIP will we were there especially when we told him we were out of town guests. I will never go to another red lobster in laredo Texas.

Your restaurant located on washington rd in augusta, ga. is the very best in how NOT to give good service, and how POOR management works at its best. 9-11-2011 8;10 my daughter, granddaughter, and myself was told by the hostess there was a 15 to 20 min wait. I ask her why do we have to wait when there are 3 empty tables sat up. The hostess explained they were 2 severs short, and that there are 2 couples ahead of us. We watched 4 parties leave before the hostess called one of the waiting couples, the 3 more parties leave before she called the next couple. After another 5 minutes, she called us. we waited 20 minutes in total. After being seated, we waited another 8 minutes without a wait person coming to take our drink order let alone our food order. Enough was enough. We got up and asked for a manger and she said she could not explain why our time was wasted. I explained to the manager that I own my own business and I am glad I do not give my customers this type of service. The restaurant did some costumers, but we felt this type of service is unacceptable. My Honey and I ride my Harley all over the East coast and have had nothing but good experiences at other Red Lobsters. I will never go to this one again, and it will be a long time before I even think about stopping at any others along our travels.

Red Lobster bullboro, newnan worst rest ever manager scott eats while approaching tables

Avoid the one in Oceanside, CA at all costs! They used to be superb, but in the past 12-18 months, they have gone downhill bigtime.

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