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Hostess without the mostess

Went to Red Lobster on State Road in Orlando, Florida and was humiliated by Ashley F the hostess. She was rude and uncooperative. Will choose a more pleasant atmosphere in the future.

Bad managemet

Went to Red Lobster at 35 in San Antonio Texas around 3 was told wait would be 25 minutes and it turn into 45 and the place was almost empty.

went in for steak and lobster. No steak, yet a Publix Supermarket, inc. right next door to Red Lobster

Experience at Lakewood, California location

My husband and I went to the Lakewood California location around 1:30 PM on Tuesday March 19 2013 for lunch. They had many empty tables so was very surprised when we were told to sit down and wait to be seated. We waited 10 minutes and when there was no sign that we would be seated soon, we walked out. The restaurant appears to be very run down and dark and dank, the waiting area smells (and not from the lobster tank), and the carpet looks dirty. We wrote Black Angus off our dining list for similar indiscretions and will do the same with Red Lobster.

Billings, MT

We took my 9 year old son to Red Lobster in Billings, MT last night for his birthday. It is now 2am and he has been vomiting for a couple hours now. All signs point to food poisoning.

Bad customer service

My family and I went to Red Lobster the other night and arrived about 40 minutes before closing, when we got there the waitress, look at us with an attitude, stared at us for about 5 minutes before coming over to serve us, then we her scrap paper/order paper was smacking it in her hand as if she was pissed off because we came at a late time, her attitude was awful, and disrespectfull so we ask for another server and tuhe manager never came to see what the problem was.,,how are they allow to even work, and do customer service, the managers are just as bad.,,

deceptive business practice

Red Lobster offers Atlantic Salmon on their menu. When I asked where on the Atlantic side did it come from, I was told it was Farm Raised and was not Atlantic Salmon as stated on the menu. It is deceptive advertising and people should know what they are eating not what you want them to think they are eating.

need better management

Took my wife out for lunch at redlobster in Bradley I.l our food was cold and tasted like rubber asked for a manager the sever was very sorry and went to get a manager l heard her yelling in the kitchen that she was tired of giving out free meals did not want a free meals just wanted a good lunch with my wife l will never go back

where is crew respect

I want to begin off with my family and i really enjoy the food we do our best to make it there once a month the only problem is there is not alot of crew respect a few time my famliy and i have gone to eat for a while now we have had the same server not going to say her name but its just she can be so happy until she has to go ask for another item we ask for which we pay for it every time we dont want nothing for free we just like to add on some times after we get our food. my daughter is good friends with this young woman and my daughter tells me the things she says about how the cooks talk down on her more like they get very rude with her and the other servers pretty much every time. that being said it would make a bigger difference in your work place if your cooks had more respect cause the servers that start off happy will stay happy.

Just plain bad service

We had my sons birthday celebration at Red Lobster (White Marsh Md). Having a party of 10 we had a member of our party arrive at 5pm in order to have a table ready by 6pm. Upon his arrival he was told it wouldn't be a problem having the table ready for us. I arrived at 5:35pm to witness a group being told that there wasn't any table that could accommodate their party. The man and his wife kept on and on making a scene. Evidentially they were seated but it was a hush and follow me deal. Well wouldn't you know that not 5mins later we were told we no longer had a table. Red lobster used to be one of my favorite restaurants but no more. The a service staff was not only rude but completely unfair and the food wasn't worth eating.

Red lobster franklin tn

We had a dinner party for 6 at red lobster in franklin tn Oma tue evening at 5pm. I suggested red lobster,I had to apologize for the food and for the service. I think captain d's was almost as good at one third the price. Add we would have not have had to have listen to a weightier talk t us like he was our superior .i won't suggest red lobster again to anyone.

Dont bother to call for a reservation

Called at 4pm for a 6pm call ahead reservation or whatever they are called at the Crestood MO location. Don't bother we waited over an hour to be seated. Why bother to call ahead....I thought the poor hostess was going to get killed, there were so many angry customers. She called for manager back up, but no one showed. This location does not deserve any stars

Can't Believe It!

03/3/13 I took my kids to dinner at the Red Lobster in Orlando near the Florida Mall .After waiting 25 minutes to be seated we finally sat down .The lighting was so bad that we could barely read the menu.After recieving our food my Niece who is Pregnant had Ordered Walts Fried Shrimp ..She attempted to eat it and Immediately had to Spit it out!! The Shrimp was half cooked !! I told the waiter who took it back.He came back with her food about ten minutes later and I happened to look over and Notice that there was A Shrimp Tail on her Plate !!We counted her Shrimp which was supposed to be 12 and Tottaly Flipped OUT!!! The Kitchen took our Plate and Dumped her food back in the Fryer To Finish Cooking it and brought it back to her !!!HOW UNSANITARY CAN YOU BE!!!! That should have never been put in the grease where anyone elses food is being Cooked We ate out of That!!!

Should be called Shrimp Feast

We went to Red Lobster for the Lobster Feast. It should have been called the Shrimp Feast meaing that almost everthing has Shrimp in it. My husband is allergic to Shrimp. So he couldn't get anything of the special Lobster Feast menu cause it all contained Shrimp. When asked if they could remove the Shrimp from the Bar Harbor dish and substitute more Scallops we were told no! We won't be back. They should also take into consideration that some people have allergies and can't eat certain seafood. If it is the Lobster Feast then it should be just that and not the Lobster and Shrimp Feast.

not so good service

I took my family to dinner on a Sunday night and the service started off okay, but towards the end is when it took a sour note. The server took the money I left in the bill fold to put towards the bill and put it in her pocket and charged the entire balance on my credit card and when I asked her where the cash went, she pretended not to know I even put it in there. Then after I was insistent on her crediting the cash, she takes it out of her top pocket where she kept her tips. I'm still waiting on the corporate office to return the refund that was promised to me by the manager on duty, almost a week later.

Bad Food

Red Lobster in Clarksville Tn. At first I was accuseing the resturant for selling any thing to the public and thye keep comming back.The lobster Feast couldn't have been any worse if I had bought it a gas station. The most sorriest excuse for a seafood pasta salad that if I had the money I would sue for false advertisement. The so called salad was old tasteing,stale,keept in the prepackaged salad bag to long. $35.00 is a splurge for some folks and I'm one of them.Please correct yourselves.Eat some of that stuff you serve.

Very Unsatisfied

My Husband and I went to Red Lobster for Lobster feast. I was very disapointed I ordered lobsters dream and my Rock Lobster tail was so small that my live maine lobster tail was bigger. The presentation of the meal was horrible my pasta was dried out . My Husband had Lobster and Shrimp pasta. It had 2 pieces of Lobster and 3 shrimp I had more pasta on my platter then he had for his meal. It was the worst meal I have ever had At your Franchise. The meal was not worth the money we paid.

Bad Food

My husband and I went to the Red Lobster on NW Barry Road, in Kansas City, MO at about 4:30 pm, in February 17. The restaurant did not see that busy. Our server was very nice and attentive and told us she had worked there for five years. I ordered the lobster/shrimp platter. Waiting on the appetizer, then our salads, and then our mean were very long waits. I went to cut a piece of the lobster and I could not even chew it. The entire tail was like that. We spent $75.00 for our dinners. We won't be going back.

I just returned home from the worst dinning experience of my life. Told at check-in at 6:30 PM that it would be 90-110 minutes or "maybe longer" I sat in your lounge and spent $35.00. At 9 PM I noticed some people being seated who came in after me and when checking with the host/hostess was told I had several people still ahead of me because of call ahead/priority seating. I hope I have an opportunity to return the favor and apply the same logic to you in a similar situation maybe like when in traffic. How you can seat someone ahead of me after I have been there for over 2 hours and while I am a paying customer already is fuzzy math and not very smart! I assure you that I will tell all my friends on-line as well as otherwise about this experience and you have lost my business-I guarantee you that!

bad bad bad

I was going to write a review but after reading all the others you know what I am going to say. went to the one in Mesa Az. countryclub rd. with wife and two grandaughters. Whan a child of 7 and 5 tell you the cook needs to be replaced that should say it all. PS both girls love sea food even oysters on the 1/2 shell. GET WITH IT RED LOBSTER Wannabe restaurant.

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