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Be ashamed of yourself

I booked online rooms at the Red Lion Inn & Suites, Cathedal City, California. It was 11:30 at nite on Memorial weekends. We arrived and was horrified at the condition of this place. Dirty, Dirty and Dirty. everywhere. I'm familiar with other Red Lion Inns, that's why I booked, thinking it would be a good choice. I'd rather sleep in my car. I don't write reviews, but this place should not bear your name.

we stayed at the Bellevue wa hotel, great price nice hotel, a bit old air conditions were loud kept us a wake a lot at night, very hot in the hall,s we ask to change rooms as there were three teenagers next to us an they kept slamming their door . we were told they were all full for which we found they were not. to bad this happened as we really like the hotel an location. at night about 8pm teen boys were out around the pool not swimming but causing a lot of may hem, we took our granddaughter an left the pool we did report it but nothing was look in to. the hotel has a lot going for its self but need better staff an take care of their guest needs. july29 2013

horrible place=oakland, ca

Letting people drink on the premises and in small hotel lobby is really unacceptable. All hotels that are reputable have bar rules; this hotel has a bar in the dining room and it was closed. So i guess people can bring their own bottles of beer and drink in the lobby congregating. Security is nonexistant and has no concern with customer complaints of noise.

Horrid to disabled vet

I am a service connected disabled vet, my family had a house fire and we stayed in a Red Lion in Olympia WA. The hotel lost a packet hand delivered to them by our insurance company that contained our social security numbers and banking info. After we filed the police report in case of identity theft, the staff began to harass my family in the hallways and refuse to make copies we needed for our insurance claim. Housekeeping ignored our do not disturb signs and entered our rooms without our permission.We had small items go missing including my toothbrush. Management did nothing about it. They refused to give us a handicap equipped room from the start. My family has stayed at many hotels and never have we been treated like this. This is the worst hotel experience We have ever had and it has only made the trauma of losing our home that much worse.

My Mother and I made a reservation through Hotels.com several weeks before her trip. We initially had made a mistake on the correct Red Lion in Spokane we made the reservation at and ended up contacing Hotels.com for help. They directed up to the Red Lion Spokane downtown. Way out of our way, but Mom is elderly and didn't want to try another place. When she arrived she was immediatly nauseated by the smell in the entire Motel. She then went to her roon which she also described as very smelly and that is was very outdated with an air conditioner basically in the middle of the room, stains on the bedspread and VERY outdated!! She could not stay there. She immediatly told the front desk and the man there agreed that the Motel was outdated and not kept well. She left and found another Motel. I contacted Hotel.com to ask for a refund. They contacted the manager at Red Lion Downtown Spokane and they refused to give a refund even though my Mom never stayed in the room and there were very aware she did not sit in the room at all. I contacted the manager myself (said his name was Jay...would not give his last name or the owners name) and again would not refund my almost $100.00 for this aweful room!! He lied and said they could not rent out the room because my Mom was in it for over an hour. Not true. I was with her on the phone at the time and she was in another Motel within 30 minutes. He said he could not sell that room!! He also lied about what my Mom looked like saying he was there and saw "my foreign speaking parents" and that they were in the room longer than an hour. My father is passed away and my mother does not speak in a foregn accent!! I would like a call from someone in the corporate office regarding a refund!!! I'm sure it will never happen!! Yuck. Don't EVER stay in a Red Lion!! They left me with a poor taste in my mouth!!!

Stayed at this hotel last 7/25 - 7/27 with our 2 kids.....First of off when checking in the front desk lady tells me I should change our reservation for the buy 2 get one free night offer, but it can only be done on the internet. So I go out to the car get my laptop to change our reservation, but can not find this offer. Go back up to the front desk she calls reservations and finds out the offer ended June 30th. So this visit did not start well. There were no kids cartoon channels, big stain on carpet, tub stained, no crayons at the restaurant, very rude cleaning lady when I asked for some towels. Not very kid friendly, which you think it would be with all the hype of the pool with a slide. When we called down about the cartoons they sent someone up to 'fix' it. He did nothing so they sent another person he also did nothing. Someone was in our room when we were not there. They ran a card audit. It was a worker that come into our room to change out the remote "just in case that was the problem". We do not go on vacation very often so this was a big disappointment. I chose Red Lion because of the name. The Red Lion DID NOT live up to the name at all. So it may seem trivial about no kid tv but when driving in the car for 5 1/2 hours and going to a hotel with no tv for my children to watch, YES this is a big deal.

I'm not even sure where to beginning on how unhappy I am. My husband travels with his company we stayed at the red lion in new Mexico, first off we had things missing out of our room. Nobody at the front desk did anything. House cleaning doesn't know anything about there cleaning products if you ask, they don't have MSDS on there cleaning supplies. There cleaning spray is in plastic bottles you get from walmart with no labels. We found a crock roach and put it in a bag and took it to the front desk. I asked about what was being done, and no one could tell me. One of the other guys with my husbands company had black mold in there room and had to call there company to call and make them change there rooms, because red lion didn't want to move them. I have called my husbands company already to see about changing hotels all together, these guys stay here about 6 weeks each time. Red lion raised there rates and didn't inform any of the guys staying at there hotel. The cleaning crew only speaks Spanish so you can't talk to any of them. If you are staying longer then a few days and want your tub cleaned, you need to move all your shampoo and stuff or they won't clean. I asked the phone desk for a phone number or web site to call and talk to someone, they didn't have a clue. I hope someone gets this. I really feel like calling the health department about the cleaning chemical's and I still might.

i stayed at the red lion in eugene oregon last week for a week. i would bet a few years ago it did look better however the wonderful and personable staff more than made up for the gently used hotel furnishings. they entire staff made eye contact with me and always greeted me with a smile and seemed genuinly happy to be doing whatever their task/job was. i would and do reccomend the hotel and do look forward to my next stay. my one and only complaint...........no screens on the sliding patio doors. weird. i did kill a few flies and bees! thanks everyone for your smiles.

Dear Red Lion Hotels: I am writing you to make you aware of a recent situation I experienced at your hotel in Columbia Center in Kennewick, WA. I am a Flight Attendant for Mesaba Airlines (Pinnacle Airlines - recently bought us out) and stayed at the hotel on 9 May, checking out on 10 May. During my stay/at the end of it, I encurred an unfortunate circumstance that the hotel staff was ABSOLUTELY NO HELP IN RESOLVING. Earlier today, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of E.Washington, N. Idaho & Montana. I intend to, further, file a complaint with our Hotel Board because this potentially can happen to ANY FLIGHT CREW STAYING AT YOUR HOTEL ON A SIMILAR LAYOVER. The details of the situation are contained in the BBB Complaint and can be relayed to you by your Red Lion Hotel Columbia Center staff. Thoroughly Displeased, Harvey Jones, IV United States Navy (Retired); Flight Attendant (MEM), Mesaba (Pinnacle) Airlines

I have enjoyed the Red Lion Hotels, for over 50 years. I remember when it was Thunderbird Red Lion. The carpet in the Hotels, all had Lions Heads. To this day you are still the Best. Your Staff and Management have always, been Excellent. You have a great Hotel Company. Your the Best. Respectfully, George Farmakis gfarmakis@yahoo.com

Red Lion Hotel in Grants New Mexico, it recently switched to a Red Lion, had a horrible experience here, the rooms were very nice. The pool was closed and the front desk clerk didnt know why nobody had spread the word. This was very disappointing we were not told about this when we made our reservations. Then when we checked out the young lady working was very nice we didnt tell her we wanted to put it on two cards until we were already checked out. She said she would have to call her manager he is the one who is able to fix credit cards she talked to him on the phone and he told her to just write my credit card number on a piece of paper I was already upset, but when I was told this was being done I became even more unhappy. I wanted to know that my number was going to be safe and not roaming around. The manager lives on property and wouldnt even come up to help his employee fix this situation. TALK ABOUT PLAIN LAZINESS, YOU NEED TO FIND YOURSELF A NEW MANAGER I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO ANY REDLION HOTEL!!!

I stayed at the Red Lion Hotel in Salem, OR on February 21, 2012. I reserved a room using the Corporate Lodging Corporation credit card issued by my employer. When I checked in, thay took my CLC card and my MC Credit card for incidentals. When I went to my room, I received a call from the front desk telling me they needed my CLC card again. I came down to the front desk and presented my CLC card again. When I checked out the next day, my receipt said bill to CLC as it should have. On March 6, 2012, I was laid off from my company and my CLC card was taken back as it should have been. I then received my MC credit card bill and noticed that the Red Lion Hotel also charged my personal card for the room. I called the Salem hotel and received a very snotty response from the employee and she said she would fix it and hung up on me. She did not fix it so I send a dispute to my MC credit card company. My MC credit card company could not do anything since they needed proof that CLC paid the hotel for my nights stay. I again called the Red Lion in Salem and I was told that the CLC card was no longer active. I said that makes sense because I was laid off. I was told there is nothing the Red Lion Hotel could do. The issue....Why didn't Red Lion bill it immediately, or did they and at the same time, bill my MC card so the could double dip that room for that night, inflating the February numbers. I will never stay in a Red Lion Hotel again. They lost a Red Lion Club Member all because of $56.54. I hope you choke on it.

On February 25th 2012, my friends called the Red Lion Boise Downtowner and reserved two rooms while we were travelling from Pocatello to Boise. When we got to Boise, they gave their credit card to pay for one room (room 105-I think) and I gave my credit card to pay for the 2nd room (room 106-I think). When I got home on Sunday, I checked my checking account to find I had 3 pending charges from the Red Lion in the amount of $230.88. A $150.88 charge and two $40.00 charges. When I called the hotel I got the front office manager, Beth Mathieson. Beth explained to me that the $150.88 charge was to reserve both rooms, however I explained to Beth that I didn't reserve any rooms, nor did I give my card number while the reservations were made. My friend made the reservations and gave her credit card, therefore the charge to reserve the rooms should have been on her credit card. Beth also explained that the $40.00 charge was actually not a charge, but a hold for amenities. She couldn't see that I had two $40.00 pending amounts, although I could see them on my end. I tried to explain to Beth that it appeared the amenities hold fee for BOTH rooms were put on my card when in fact one $40.00 hold should have been on my card and the other $40.00 hold should have been on my friends card. The only charge on my friends card was the actual room charge of $75.44. It would have been nice if Beth would have admitted that the Red Lion screwed up, but all she kept saying was how I signed the note saying there would be a hold on the reservation and an amenities hold. Yes, I did sign that note ... but not for TWO amenities AND I never reserved the room so the $150.88 should NEVER have been charged to my card. I was treated very poorly from Beth and will not stay at the Red Lion again. When I sign a paper saying I will have $114.00 charges on my card and then find out the amount was actually $230.88 and I call the hotel I expect the manager of all people to get it straightened out AND admit fault. I'm just hoping my additional charges to my card and these Red Lion mistakes don't overdraw my account. I will be sure to pass my terrible experience with the Red Lion along to all my friends and family.

labor Day weekend 2011 my youngest son and I traveled down to medford oregon to visit my oldest son who lives in Medford, and is a teacher and coach in nearby rogue river. I didn't think it would be all that busy so I didn't make reservations ahead of time. But I did check with Expedia and hotels.com for good rates. I was correct it wasn't busy. As i entered the lobby I asked for a room, by the pool...the woman at the desk said she had a room for $133.00 per nite, for a total of $399.00 for 3 nites plus tax .And I pointed out that I'd checked and Expedia had a 3 nite stay for 1 nite free and it included the labor day weekend in that offer. The lady said since we did not have a pre reservation under expedia they would not honor that. I asked what was the best she could do and she said the $133.00 was it. I promptly excused my self...got on my smart phone and within 10 minutes booked the 3 nites for 1 nite free for 220.00 and a pool side room. I walked back over to the desk...and attempted to give her the reservation confirmation number. she abruptly turned around and walked away from me. A man that had been on the phone dealing with another customer then asked very nicely if he could help me. I then explained what I wanted and that I'd made the reservations thru Expedia and he was very prompt and helpful. The other woman totally ignored me and glared at me and my son while we finished our check in. What a bitch! The room we received was very nice, and clean! however the door had been evidently kicked in, as you could see day light through the lower panels of the door. We visited my oldest son, and went to dinner with him and his fiance that night. When we returned that evening, We could not find a space to park within 100 yards of our room. A men's softball team was staying in the rooms nearby and they were having a party in the parking lot. They had dozens of white plastic chairs and coolers out in the parking area taking up over a 1/2 dozen {{{empty}}} parking spots...partying yelling and drinking beer & cocktails until well after 2 in the morning. the staff did nothing. This went on every night until we left...nothing was ever done! I won't stay there ever again.

Below is what I sent to Red Lion Corporate, of course I havent heard back from them... To whom it may concern, I will start this with saying what I thought I was going to get. For me and my wifes 29th wedding anniversary, I was searching online and came up with Idaho Falls for the 4rth of July celebration there. I called the Red Lion on the Falls and proceeded to book a room, probably close to a month in advance. What I booked was a first floor poolside room. My reservation was done over the phone directly with the hotel. After driving over 700 miles to get here, what I got, was far from what I reserved. I am currently typing this from room 273, which is on the second floor facing a parkinglot and street, no pool to be seen. This is the second room given to me today. The first room was on the second floor also over looking a lovely view of a roof with mechanical equipment all over it and once again no pool to be seen. The following has also made this stay very mememorable: 1. Prior to getting into my room, I had to stand next to it for 30 minutes while the maid cleaned it. Which was after the 3:00pm normal check in time. 2. I have to keep going from the Red Lions internet to the Best Westerns, due to poor connectivity. 3. The map on the door indicated an ice machine downstairs. After going there, no ice machine to be found. The closest ice machine is about 100 yards away in another building. 4. While checking in, one clerks vocabulary consisted of "no" and "we cant", while the other clerk, who has only been working here about a week, was trying all she could to help us out. 5. While at the pool, 5 individuals came in with 2 large dogs. The dogs took over the swimming pool. These dogs swam in the pool for about 2 hours. Later we see these individuals getting into 2 pickup trucks and leave. I do not believe they were even guests in the hotel. Hotel staff did nothng about this. 6. Kids running and diving into the pool, some appeared to be unsupervised. 7. We just got back from eating at Chili's. We tried to eat at the Westbank Lounge in the hotel, but after sitting at a table for over 30 minutes, we never got addressed, served, or anything. It was like we were invisible. Once again we reserved a 1st floor poolside room and now I will have to take this one for another night. We are scheduled to check out on the 5th and I do not want to go through the hassle of getting another room, that is even if one was available. This hotel and stay has been very upsetting so far and now I cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I would move to another hotel, but after contacting a few, they are already booked due the the 4th. Red Lion Hotels will definitely not be in my vocabulary for our 30th anniversary... Firemandave@yahoo.com

Recently stayed at Red Lion in Yakima, WA. How disappointed were we? Pretty much, at the dirty conditions, filty bathroom floor, food left in the refrigerator, a coffee pot with no where to plug it in, a closet that you had to hang clothes sideways, as they wouldn't fit a hanger hung traditionally. We went out onto the balcony to sit, and one of the chairs was completely broken out! Front desk had horrible service. Others in our convention party, had coffee makers that didn't work, air conditioners that didn't work, etc. During a lunch break from our convention, I came over to eat, to find the restaurant closed! Why on earth wouldn't you want to be serving food for a state convention?? We did eat a couple of dinners there, but the service was very poor. Food seemed okay. Had to do a self service at the bar...no waiters! Poor service all the way around, we won't be staying there next year, even though it is convenient to the convention center! Many other of our friends have stated the same. What happened to pride in your workplace? We also did not get the "special rate" that others in our group got? At this point, we don't even feel like making an issue of it. We did fill out a form sent via email from Red Lion, regarding our stay, but never even heard back from them! What's the point? Shame on you, Red Lion Hotels!

I stayed one night at the Red Lion Inn in Pocotello, Idaho. (last evening, Sunday, June 21) I was given Room 137. The bathroom fan roared very loudly. It was obviously not functioning. The mold around the fan grate site and all around the ceiling was obvious. When I checked out, the desk clerk said she would inform housekeeping. I explained this looked like a long standing maintanence issue. I did not also add that three of five bulbs in the bathroom were out. I will never again go to any of your chain, since this was my first stay, and my complaint was not addressed. I also had found the welcome at registration cool. The breakfast room odor was overpowering, so I walked across the street for breakfast. I rarely if ever complain, but your chain is on my no-no list.

We recently stayed and ate at Red Lion Coos Bay. We ordered paella for dinner. It arrived hot and white. Asking the server why certain ingredients were left out, she reported that the restaurant was out of the "saffron." Paella may have many ingredients in it but is never, ever without saffron. We will not return to another Red Lion. As seniors, we pay for and expect full service.

We made reservations to stay at the Red Lion in Richland WA for a recent soccer tournament there, and I have to say that our stay there was exceptional! The room had an awesome view of the river, and check-in/out was so quick and easy. We did experience some difficulties with the air conditioning unit in the room, and although it wasn't terrible, it was uncomfortable trying to sleep at night. When we got home we received the customer satisfaction survey, and I had indicated on it that we did indeed have a great stay, but that the A/C in the room was kinda weak, and the General Manager, Ian Napier sent me a nice email apologizing for my "inconveniences". I'd like to personally thank Red Lion and Ian Napier for going above and beyond by ensuring that my comments were not just sent to some "black hole" of customer surveys. His response exemplifies what it means to give GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! My family and I would like to thank you all again for a great stay while we were in the Tri-Cities! Marv Broadbent, 12103 NE 74th St. Vancouver, WA 98682

I called a week and a half ahead of Mothers day for a reservation at your restaurant at the Quay in Vancouver, Washington for 1:00. We arrived at 1:03 and signed in. we were told it would be a few minutes, But being that my reservation was for window seating along the river possibly a few minutes longer. 30 minutes later we were still waiting and others without reservations had been seated. I noticed that others were being asked if anyone was over 55,(obviously for a senior discount) I was not. as we were not offered coffee or tea that was on a table. After walking to the dining area on my own noticed that there was a buffet line. I mentioned to the waitress that we needed to order off the menu, only to find out that they were not taking orders from the menu and my wife's bad knees did not allow that amount of walking NOR did mothers day seem fitting to the person that cooks and serves others having to get her own food seem appropriate.The Manager offered NO assistance in anyway. His code of conduct was almost rude. With a company signature of STAY COMFORTABLE OR WE PAY,RATE GUARANTEE , and no assistance from management we left after almost 55 minutes. Oh yes, A waitress was following us then that a table had come open, But we had lost our taste for more from that facility. It is a shame to, as a few weeks a go, for my wife's birthday we rented the corner room in your river front hotel and were Very pleased with all the staff and the room. We would probably go back,especially that we are now the R&R club. We could have used our time share in a similar facility. I hope that things improve and become as customer friendly as your other locations. Roger Reschke, 6616 S.W. Sussex St, Beaverton , Oregon, 97008

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