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It would be great for a Santa Monica corporation to have a WORKING PHONE NUMBER 310-393-4647 is never in service. WHY????????





I was contacted by one of your advertising people, Jonathan Paul about wrapping my vehicle and sent me a bogus cashiers check, is this the way you treat all your customers??

car rap scam

i emailed by a mark fish saying i would get 500.00 to put a redbull promo on my red honda crv . the he was to email me back i didnt get a respons from mark fish . so i contacted redbull about it i glad i did.i hope they come to adress i am well armed and have secuity cams on my house.

Ridiculous Hiring Practices!!!

I proudly would like to give you RED BULL a big fat "F" for hiring practices! I was denied within 45 minutes of turning in my application online for a position that I have 10 years experience with. Complete joke of a company!!!

Auto wrap

I found an ad on craigslist for a driving promotion. They are suppost to send me a check for $1380.$350 for me. And the rest for installation and maintnance of the wrap. The minimum length of time I can partisipate is 1 month. The promo goes for 3 months with a monthly payment of $350. I didn't have to give them too personal of information, just name and mailing address. They emailed me a phone number to text if I have questions so I texted and have not got a responce. Is this legitimate?

I would like to know if you have a ginger n thomas that is working with the luxemburg branch from europe...I was sent a email from this person about wrapping my car and she is sending a package to my house with information???? Thank you for your time....

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Looks like the scam artists are up to their tricks again. Getting "Auto Wrap" emails wanting people to advertise their products. They offer to pay you and then ask u for money later. Dont give out any information to these crooks!!!

To all of you. I found out about the "car wrap" scam. my girl friend's bank caught this. I called "Red Bull" about this they do not do car wrap advertising. The car I saw with this advertisment (Impressive}was a representative. I was also told the FBI is aware of this. THANK YOU "red bull" for this imformation !!

ever since using your product my penis has been flaccid. no matter how beautiful a naked woman is in front of me , i can't get excited at all. I don't want to blame it completely on 9/11 but it certainly didn't help. I also did receive wings once drinking your product, bravo.

For those people receiving emails regarding car wrapping and being asked to send money, after they send you a larger amount of money - is definitely a scam. I suggest sending a copy and file a complaint at IC3.com, this is a website for Internet fraud provided by the FBI. It's the only way to stop these type of scam that might happen to innocent people who think they are gonna make a honest dollar. NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE OVER THE INTERNET AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - NEVER GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE INTERNET!!! A Concerned Consumer

I had received an email regarding advertising Red Bull on my vehicle. Thank God my son found out that this was a scam. I would like everyone to know if you receive anything, please disregard this and DO NOT CASH THE CHECK THAT THEY SEND YOU. If you cash it, you are going to be without almost $3000.00. I wish these people could be caught and have charges filed against them. When I tracked the check, it was sent from Hawaii. Here is the email that I received regarding the check and the instructions that they sent to me: Hello Mary DiPonio, This is to inform you that you will be receiving the payment envelope for your first assignment which will be delivered today or tomorrow by USPS. Below is the tracking details. Kindly be on the lookout for the delivery today or tomorrow. The check is for $2930.90. Tracking Details : EO 913 902 105 US ------------------------------ ---- Tracking Number: Website: www.USPS.com You will make use of the funds in completing your first assignment, it also covers part of your weekly salary. Upon receiving the cashier's check, you are to go ahead and have it cashed at your local bank and deduct $600 which is your upfront payment for the first week and have the balance sent to our new specialist who will be responsible for the advert placement on your car who is presently in Dubai UAE waiting to receive funds in other to get the materials needed for the advert placement ready. You are to send $2144 to James Edgaston, the head of our carwrap department worldwide. Name: James Edgaston ADDRESS: 124/122 Riyad Road City: Dubai Country: UAE There is always a charge for any funds sent through western union, you are to deduct these charges from the balance, send as Money-in-Minutes and get back to me with the following information : Senders Name: Senders Address: Total Amount Sent: 10 digit MTCN number : Our specialist shall contact you as soon as he receives the funds, ensure that you include the 10 digit MTCN Number given to you after sending funds through western union so i can get it across to the specialist in due time. Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately. Kind Regards, Scott Moore Advert Manager, Red Bullâ„¢

is wrapping your car or truck a scam? recieveing a check(thats coming from hawaii) taking out my 600 then rest goes to someone in phillipines is this real??????????

Hello I just want to say I have been drinking red bull now for 11 years and I love it... I rate it 100. I have one every morning. Love the smoothness and the taste. I promote it every chance I get... To me I feel it's never one of the energy drinks.. Thank you for your time.. Debra Moore P.o. Box 585 Edwardsburg Michigan 49112 574-904-6301 Again many thanks Deb

I have been contacted via email to place your advertisement on my car and have been offered $600/week to do this. Is this an offer you are currently making available to the public? Please advise if this is a scam. I wouldn't mind the advertising, I just want to make sure this is legit. Thank you. Contact me at mrtyprty5525@yahoo.com.

Can't seem to buy Red Bull in Corpus Christi, Tx. Why isn't it being sold in Walmarts or any where else?

I've been trying to find a direct number for the HR department, but no one can find it for me! Between my wife and I, we go through about 160 16 oz Red Bulls per month, and just like wine tasters, we can taste subtle variances between batches, countries of origin, even times they were taken off the production line(just a heads up, there are HUGE variances)! I have been trying to find out who I need to talk to to possibly start an end-line quality control division, but I can't get a number!!!

Red Bull , recently ran a commercial to promote their drink. This commercial showed a cartoon character making a confession to a priest. Later the character states he found two new contacts for loose women. I think this commercial was distasteful and exhibited poor judgment in regards to the sensitive towards and admiration many have for the Sacrament of Penance. What is the correlation between such a private matter and the sales of an energy drink? Red Bull, this commercial is SHAMEFUL and Offensive!

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