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I did not see an option for NO STARS!!! I am very disspointed and mad at nimrods who work in the rado shack stores. As stated above by another wronged individual, I will not return to any radio shack store and support their non-existent customer service. I have never been treated so ugly over $30.00. Maybe because their non-exisistent customer service is so bad they are doing poorly financaly... GOODY GOODY :). My husband purchased me a motorola bluetooth. I have had several and really like the motorola. I took it home turned it on and the on/off switch fell out. I took it back exchanged it for another one, on/off switch fell out same day. I took it back and the nimrod sales associate said this is your last return. I said excuse me, this is not a me problem this is the second one in a week, same problem, I exchanged it for another brand, needlees to say it is rubish, crap, whatever as well. Still within 30 days, have original packaging, and receipt. What's the problem? Phone rang for over 5 minutes for corporate, left message for regional manager, not response. Would love to drive thru the front door and do a little damage, $30 versus the bail money is just not worth it. Crazy such a little ugliness can cause you to snap. I too will tell everyone that I know how unsatisfied I am with radio shack, word of mouth goes along way.

I bought a phone from radio shack to a Samsung moment cuz the EVO was Not out @ the time the manager told me I can come back in a week when the EVO come out & upgrade so I came back.. They were out of the EVO.. They have been lieing to me for goin on 4 months that they have not recieved Any EVO's I've called Corporate several Times Im still stuck with this phone!!.. That I dont want but I needed phone service for that week!!.. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!!! & I WILL EVERYBODY I KNOW NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!... It was within the 30 day of My contract too!!.. This is NO WAY to do BUSINESS!!.. I will NOT let this go I will continue to see what I can do!!.. PEOPLE BEWARE!!!! -Shaquille shaq29@live.com -Thanks!

I bought a phone from Radio Shack with a 30 day guarantee saying in writing I could return it for whatever reason if I did not like it 100% within the 30 days. I discovered after using it the keypad was to small for my fat little finger pads and it was a challenge for me to push button the correct numbers let alone texting. With my 30 days still in force I returned it to where I purchased it at my local Radio Shack. The employee told me he could not take it back so he would go to the back of the store where his manager was on the phone and get permission. Whence upon return he told me his manager would NOT take it bacvk as therer was a scratch and this made it not able to be re-sold as new. Beleive me there was NO scratch. He told me he could see what I could not. Hence I took my phone and feeling ripped off and discouraged went to Best Buy and purchased another phone. While there I showed him the phone and he assurred me there was no scratch and so soon I will go back to my local store and be more firm insisting to see in person this Manager who would not leave his back room to come out and face me in person. Also to have him show me once again this scratch he said I have on the phone which is non-existant and you guessed it...ARGUE!!!!!!!!!! This 30 day agreement I have says 100% satisfied. I was NOT. Poor Managerial Skills and False advertsing, confrontation and no way to do business. I will NEVER go back after today. To much aggravation. Upset? Who wouldn't be.

I received a Radio Shack Radio Scanner as a gift and have been trying to get someone in the organization (either in the 3 stores I called or Radio Shack HQ) to advise me on downloading local police/fire/etc. ferquencies. No one in the stores has been able to help and the phone number for the headquarters provides only menus that never allow you to get to customer service. Therefore, it is my opinion that Radio Shack either doesn't have a Customer Service department or if they do, they don't really want to talk to their customers. Therefore, I will return the scanner to Radio Shack and purchase one from a company that does have a customer service department. If I sound upset, it's because I am.

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