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I would like to state that I had the best customer service EVER when I visited the Radio Shack on University Drive in Denton, TX! I've been carrying a track fone for 5 years now and was tired of purchasing "minutes" and wanted the ability to budget my cell phone without a lot of hassle and contracts. The store manager Michael and a sales associate named Rebecca were the most knowlegeble and patient people you could ask for! My 16 year old daughter had purchased a no contract cell phone just three months ago from a big box store and had lost it recently. Rebecca offered much needed advice on what would be the best phone to suit her needs. I made a purchase for a new no contract phone that has been a vast improvement over what I had and my daughter is still mulling over her options. I will go back to this store and would recommend it to all my friends.

Radioshack does not need to be in the cell phone business. They do not train their employees properly for the sell and upgrade benefits. Luckily my carrier ATT honored the sell and corrected the problem. The manage of the Bartlett, TN store needs a new line of work. He is rude, unprofessional and I will not use this store again and will let everyone I know not to use this store. I also let ATT know how I felt about Radioshack selling cell phones.

I am endlessly amazed by the stupidity displayed by organizations in the retail industry. And Radio Shack is certainly on the cutting edge of jumping over dollars to get to pennies. Not only are their products over priced, but returning them is akin to attending a parole hearing. Today I tried returning an I pod (4) after having been assured that I could return it within thirty days of purchase. I confidently meandered in . . . receipt in hand, I pod re-bundled into it's casing, fully expecting a refund. Instead the I pod was thoroughly inspected by the all-knowing minimum wage employee . . . for? Get this . . . Scratches! Not on the screen mind you, on the silver backing. Anyone familiar with the I Pod Touch can attest to the fact that this backing gets scratches if you glance at it. After interrogating me, shaking his head in dismay, he announces that he will need to call the District manager to get a determination as to whether or not they will refund my money. And with a grace which could only be scripted, he proceeds to drop the I Pod on the floor. Hmmmm . . . that certainly couldn't have helped it's condition? And I must say . . . in the two and a half weeks I had the I Pod in my possession, I did manage to keep a firm grasp on it. If you have had any experience with Radio Shack, you probably already know the ending. I was not given a refund . . . in fact, they refused to give me an in store credit, even after the store clerk dropped it on the floor. I called the district office . . . imagine my shock when I didn't receive a return phone call! (Sarcasm) If you're in the market for anything that Radio Shack is willing to sell you at their inflated prices . . . go to a garage sale! In my experience most of them are run more professionally!!!

I feel so validated by all the negative posts here. What century is this company living in? I too have decided to never shop at Radio Shack again, and after twenty years as a customer, that is pathetic. No one seems to have authority to make any decisions but the corporate office, and they sent me to a district manager who had no voice mail on his phone. It took 6 calls all together to get someone to call me back, and then they tried to hand off the responsibility to At&t! Ridiculous.

I will never buy anything from Radio shack again. Poor return policy and athe one in Merritt Island Florida is worst than any words you can ever put together. Poor customer service and the rudeness is just as though they don't need you business. They spoke to me as go some other place and spend $400 dollars, you don't have to tell me put once. I am going to return everthing that I have purchased from them for Xmas. Please beware to POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM RADIO SHACK.

I am very disappointed in how radio shack treats its employees as well as customers. My daughter went to work for them for a temp postion during the holidays when at the interview she told them she would like to have 15 to 20 hrs a week. It took them over a month to get paperwork straightened out. then continued to give her only 4 hours a week. My daughter is not a quiter and stuck it out then was told they would keep her on after the holidays for 2 hours a week. ARE YOU KIDDING. she said no this would be her last day. the only day the had her work a full shift and that was 11 hrs was on black friday. I will not shop or advise anyone to work for this store. There is also only a phone number for the corparate office. no email. I agree they should have a place for NO stars!!!

I'm 43 years old and this is the worst custmer service I have ever expeienced. My local store ran a "one day sale" for 12/26/10 with published hours of 9 - 9. I arrived at 8:30 PM and the store was closed. I called the next day to get the sales item at it's "one day sale" price. When I told the "sales person" that I was there and they were closed he said they were opened. I explained the front door was locked and there were no cars in the parking lot and then he "remembered" they closed at 7PM due to weather. I explained I was able to make it there and I just came from the Best Buy down the street and then went to Target, also just down the street, and they were all opened. He explained that he closed the store due to weather and that it was a one day sale and that I could not get the "sales price". Way to treat your customers (or ex-customer in this case). Put on a "one day sale" and make your customers come out in bad weather and then be closed and then don't appologize for being closed and don't sell the item at the sale price. The store was #01-1749 in Matthews, NC.

I am surprise Radio Shack is still in business, I have been a customer numerous times, but this will be the last time for me. I received a gift for Christmas and it was the wrong item. I tried to return it to the Zephyrhills, Florida store where it was purchased from with the receipt. The manager advised that I would only be given a gift card for the refund price... Well thats nice since Radio Shack does not sell the item. He then advised that if you have the Debt card I can refund it on it and you can get the cash from the person. With management like this I will no longer purchse any product from Radio Shack... Also in this economy I would try to bring in customers, not send them away mad and disgusted.

I bought an AT&T GoPhone from Radio Shack. It was $99 and came with a $50 air time credit (stated on package). I was told by Radio Shacks employee that I would have to buy additional air time when buying the phone. I told him that there was no signage stating that and I thought it was unfair. He said that they had recieved an email and that the sign was not yet approved and that's why they did not have one. Another employee said that it was that way when he worked in another states Radio Shack. I asked how long ago that was and he said 2 years. And the sign is not approved!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like a rip off to me.


NEVER SHOP @ Radio Shack..Purchased a pair of ear buds for a ipod, purchased a 1 year replacement plan, sounds good right? WRONG...11-29-10 brought the earbuds and my replacement plan back to the Clifton NJ store because I had static in both ears, I was told by Michelle (store mgr) that as soon as Fed-ex makes their pick-up at the store (3x daily) and scans the package I will receive through my e-mail a gift card, which I have to print and return to the store to get a new set of earbuds. Michelle told me that it is usually done within a 24 hour period. Now 24 hours later, I'm being told that it usually takes a couple of days??? LIES NOTHING BUT LIES from Radio Shack. Why they could'nt replace them with another pair, when I have ALL the paperwork, when I returned to the store is beyond me. 29.99 for the earbuds, 5.99 for 1 year replacement plan, 6 miles x 4 ways, 1.50 each way for tolls =6.00,. I was a fool for shopping @ Radio Shack, NEVER AGAIN!!! Called 908-686-6402 and spoke with Heba (district mgr) and she literally spoke over me and sided with the store manager. Best Buy will be my store of choice from now on, Radio Shack should be more customer oriented..RUN, RUN, RUN from Radio Shack. I would need 5 pages to tell full details of my horror..

I went into Radio shack on 11/29 at 1930 Cobb Pkwy in Kennesaw, GA to purchase a blue tooth for my phone (blue tooth universal) had a tag price saying $19.99 when I told the sales associate I wanted to purchase it he immediatlely taken down the the price tag said this is a missplaced tag this blue tooth is $59.00 I stated the price tag states $19.99. I did not purchase it at. be careful when purchasing something in Radio Shack the price may not be what the price tag states. the store was very unprofessional associates.

I can't be surprised by the poor reviews I seen on this site about Radio Shacks customer service bit two weeks ago I purchased a blackberry phone from a Radioshack in Pittsburgh,Ppa on my lunch hour I called the store an hour later and the salesman that sOld me the phone answered I told him the phone wouldn't charge and referred me to my carrier when I got off a few hrs later I went to the store and showed them my phone and they proceeded to insinuate that I swapped the battery and it wasn't what they sold me. Not only would they not refund the 200 dollars I spent but they wouldn't replace the battery. What kind of idiot would spend that kind of money to swindle someone out of a battery so I was forced to purchase an additional battery of course not from radio shack but from another store and I spent an add'l 43 dollars so much for the customers always right.

I went to the radioshack in san Pedro ca. I had the rudest and the most stupid manager named mauricio. I have been going tjatradioahack for years to buy phones.and to make my payment. He ignored my for q10 minutes. And I told him I wanted to make a payment and brushed me off to see a guy whobstarted to look at a Sprint phone, he walks my me and ignores me completely.I hope they get rid of mustards like him, or sanpedro will not consume there any more for the bad service they give. I

I bought a Samsung Intercept from Radioshack in Maryland and I was not pleased with the service I received. They activated the phone and did not transfer my previous cell number as I requested and then left it up to me to try and get it resolved with days and hours on the phone between Sprint and my previous provider I was being transferred back and forth with nothing resolved I went back to Radioshack and the rep there said he would get it resolved and he still didn't. He was told by one of the other employees that he needed to port my previous number first before activating the new phone but did not listen he said he knew how to do it and instructed the young lady helping me to do it his way and that just made things worst and because of his lack of knowledge it was told to me on the 4th day with Sprint that it would take another 24-48 hours to port my previous number over. I suggest anyone who is planning on purchasing a phone and want to keep their previous number DO NOT GO TO RADIOSHACK. It's not worth it.

I bought a Samsung Intercept from Radioshack in LA last week. I receive a letter OUT OF NOWHERE declining me for a line of credit for a radioshack charge card through citibank/citicorp...... Problem, I NEVER APPLIED FOR A LINE OF CREDIT!!! I applied for and was approved for a Sprint phone and that is all! I gave them my information pertaining to Sprint and they used it attempting to get a charge card! I have NEVER felt so violated by a major corporation in my life! I called the store to question them about it, and was left on hold for at least. 20 minutes. Then they left the phone off the hook until closing. I am done with Radio Shack. Period.

Actually, if the rating was available, I definitely WOULD GIVE it a NEGATIVE 5 STARS. Bottom line for those who do not want to read my story. DO NOT believe ANYTHING the credit payment people tells you. It is all a BIG LIE!!!! Even if you do get names and numbers of things promised before, "they just exceeded their authority, and how else can I HELP you?!!!!!!!" That, I feel, is worst then a slap in the face. How did they HELP me before??????? There are times a rep should NOT NOT NOT say that insulting remark!!!!! I live in the state of unemployment, otherwise known as Michigan, am to young to retire and to old of hire. Therefore, my ONLY source of income is the occasional odd job and unmeployment. As much as I would like, I AM NOT able to make payment as I would like. Last November, their payment department called to say they recognized my problem and could set up a no interest payment plan. They could also use my Walmart moneycard as a monthly direct debit. I later found out, Walmart DOES NOT NOT, REPEAT NOT, do that. But I got it set up on a checking account, if I could tell them not to take it out IF I did not have any money in the account. In August, there was NO money in the account, and the account bounced. I called and said it was there a few days later,and they said they would run it a second time. But it got run TWO MORE TIMES, and now I have another bounce fee to pay. But they said I could SKIP the September payment becauxe the bank paid the August payment twice. My advice, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! Now, I was told because I REFUSED to make the September payment, I am KICKED OFF the no interest payment plan. I was told it was documented in my records for all to see, and was perfectly fine! But now I find the next person just said it was not his fault, the computer would not allow it, and any thing promised before was not valid. And HOW ELSE can I help you today? How else indeed!! DO NOT believe ANYTHING THE CREDIT people tell you, and even if you to get names and numbers, "they just exceeded their authority," and THAT promise DOES NOT COUNT.

RadioShack has the poorest service I have ever seen! I ordered a modem 2 months ago and have still not seen it. The local RadinShack in Gallipolis Ohio seems to not want to deal with there responsiability to customer service. They need to refund my money and take more awareness of their customer needs, and not pass it off on fedex who is there shipper. RadioShack is the worst company I have EVER delt with!!!!

we live in a very small town and of course the only move rental available... anyway they offered a saturday night special on movie rentals like one night free,but they thought i was late on some rentals when i returned them on time ...and the manager disputted and argured finally he said will let it ride this time eventhough they were on time ........ so i got singled out and refused the saturday night special when i go in for rental on weekends ...... i think radio shack personal in this town is very damn childish and stupid if only we had another movie rental here.. they can stick it

Can we get an option for stars in the negative numbers please????? I will never in my life do business with Radio Shack again!! My husband and I needed to return a cell phone. We went in yesterday, but had the wrong charger so we had to go home and get the correct charger for it. Fine, I understand that. I asked the man since we paid with a debit card if we were going to have problems because we had to cancel our debit card due to fraudulent charges on it. He said no because it had been about 3 weeks, so they could give us cash back. I said ok and told him we would be back first thing tomorrow morning when they opened. My husband got there this morning and he was told "I'm sorry, but we don't have enough cash to give you cash back, it will only leave us with $50 in our drawer". My problem, NO. So I called up there and spoke to the very rude, white trash manager up there who yelled at me and was quite hostile. I then proceeded to call the local district office who advised me the same thing. I told them this was very poor business. They need someone to go to the bank and get some more money. They advised me they can put money in the bank, but can't get it out. Well that says alot about your business in it's self!!!!! I was advised to come back later when they had more cash, never mind that it is 50 miles round trip to do so. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH RADIO SHACK. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ON THE NEWS THAT THEY HAVE GONE UNDER AND ARE NO LONGER DOING BUSINESS, BECAUSE WITH THIS TYPE OF SERVICE IT WILL NOT BE LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

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