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way too many lies to list. all to get me into a t-mobile contract. come to find out 30 day return means 14 in tmobilian. yeah they speak a different lingo. why would any product work with such horrible representation? call the bureu of comerce , bbb, a wambulance, and senators , they should pay off all my contract,and my suffering, plus honor all agreements too. whew theey suck big....

Radio shack is crap they seal their money on returns they will try to hold on to your money as long as they can what crooks

I am writing to you to tell you about a situation with my family that happened with a local business last week. After 6 days of getting no results from our complaints it has angered me enough to bring it to someone’s attention! On Friday, July 29th My 14 year old daughter and I stopped at Radio Shack on Centerville rd. in Lancaster. I had her run in to pay our cell phone bill around noon. She came out about 5 minutes later with the receipt and we went on about our day. Around 5pm that evening I received a text on my phone asking if I was the woman who came in to pay my bill at the radio shack. I answered yes. At this point, I thought there may be a problem with my account. He then went on to tell me that he wanted to follow me out of the store (he is thinking he is texting my 14 year old daughter) and give me his number because I am so sexy, beautiful…etc. I asked how old he was and he said 24. I told him I was 14 and he went on even more. He became sexually explicit and sent a picture of himself without clothes on. After dinner we headed straight to the store to speak with a manager and show them the texts. No manager was available. They took our name and number and said someone would get back to us the next day. No one did, so, I called. The manager acted as if it was no big deal and did nothing! This was so wrong on many levels. An employee of radio Shack went into our personal account and took information and tried to contact my daughter, a minor in an inappropriate manor. He has our address, personal cell # and names. This is a total violation of our privacy. Not to mention, sexual content being sent to a minor! We filed a police report and called the store again to get the cooperate # or a district manager and to our surprise the same gentleman answered the phone! He was still working there as if he did nothing wrong! We contacted every numb

Radio Shack in Opelousas Louisiana has poor customer service and the managers are very rude. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE NOTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!

This is the worst company to work for i work in the taget mobile and when i was hired i was hired by a manager from another state . I was told to pick the store i could work so i did two weeks later they got another dm and he is african he is to smart and by me being placed at the store im at now i was told i was at this store for training now i have to go to annapolis store i told them that was to farand im not drivn so they cut all my hr to 5hr a week what the fuck is that now that istill doont want to go to the bowie store they told me on 08/04/2011 that i had to sell at least 10 phones by 08/08/2011 that is in possible because first of all not a lot of people now about this phone stand in target and then our store manager left and we go this young white girl who keep down talking me and my other team member she took her job to the head sshe come in and ask my other tam member can i get unemployment cuz she dont want me there.then the dm keep lieing about everything this is the worst job to have

I was trying to make a purchase at your North Palm Springs, Ca. yesterday. The Manager answered the phone at 10:02. I placed the call at 10:00. She spoke so softly and slowly that I asked her to please speak a little louder, and she replied that she was speaking "as loud as she could" after asking for a known part number, it took her 8 minutes to respond that it was in stock, although she had NO idea what it was. It was a soldering kit. I went to the store some minutes later. I live about 3 miles away. I went into the store. Very well kept and clean. The only employee was very helpful and found all I needed immediately, since I was one of two customers in the store. I asked to speak with the manager, and after 10 minutes SHE granted me an audience. She came out of the back of the store with a major attitude. I told the employee to tell her she should NOT be in her position. I have run a very large retail store for 55 years. If someone like her did that to one of my customers, she would not work tomorrow.

I went to radio shack last Saturday afternoon July 2nd in 210 Highlands Square Hendersonville, NC. look for a telephone. And theres 2 items not in display so i check and open the box and the manager name Jim Hart he shouted in front of me and he said " what are you doing ". I felt so bad when he treated me that way, is this your poorly management now even manager running on chain store doing the same, the sales associates their friendly, except the manager that have an attitude.

First let me start out by saying one star is too much for the Radio Shack on 138 HWY in Conyers Georgia. This woman in the store must be from a place where she was never raised. Or customer service doesn't matter with Radio Shack. Me and my husband went into the store twice to buy a cell phone the new HTC 4g evo. The first time the lady was rude like let us know when you are going to buy or just go online and walked away. The second time we went to the store we got the same woman and we did not want her. She was eating a salad behind the counter and smacking, the man that work with her said these are your customers, she stated don't you see I am eating! She made us stand there while she ate her salad and my husband said could you or someone else help us. She walked up to him and said what do you want! I'm eating! My husband handed her our approval letters she said WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH THAT AND WHAT! WHAT! My husband proceeded to explain to her then she put her hands in his face and said WHERE IS YOUR DRIVER LICENSE, JUST GIVE IT TO ME, WHERE IS YOUR DRIVER LICENSE COME ON I'M TRYING TO EAT! My husband then said go back and eat, I called the corporate office at Radio Shack and that has been a waste of time. I've seen people in the Ghetto act better than she did!! She was just Rude

terible radio schack meneger, puar service and she was very rud, she should not work place like this becouse she does not know how to talk and she should be fierd rite away! but i can'e even find hed meneger to put complain about her very bed service and i nevar evar gona shop agane in radio chack in my life and i'l tell all my friends never shop in radio shack! becouse it is no service and radio shack does not care about castamers, and thay don't give dem about complains!!! no phone numbers is avalble online for complains, terible service, terible!

radio shack in Stamford on 29 High ridge, never shop agane this stor meneger is rood meen nesty and she should be wark not even as sale person and she is meneger?! radio shack gona lose costamers and if this department does not care than thay gona be out of biznes prity soon!!!!!

I wish I was a Lawyer as I would sue this company. I had a terrible service with their store in Latonia KY on the 18th of june. I called the store after I had just opened a credit card acct. with them through another store of theirs so that I could make a $479.00 computer purchase. That store was out of them but we located one at the KY. store and I called them to make sure it had never been opened. That salesman on the phone was good and very carefully assured me it had not and he put my name on it so I could come over the next day to pay. (they do not take credit sales over the phone)I called the next day as I was leaving to get directions and their lady store mgr.told me the guy telling me that, was gone for the day and the two they had had both been opened. I told her even though their salesman had said he carefully checked it and it still had the HP product tape on it without ever been cut, that I would still come in to check it out, and I still may accept it.Here are her words to me immediately " If you come in I will call the police on you." My wife was right with me and heard this shocking statement. We are both 77yrs. old and I retired from Sears plus 6 yrs . at Home Depot and have never experienced anything so crazy,

i placed a order for cell phone on 6/3/11 @ 2:53pm. I received a purchase confirmation and number. I was told to log on to whereismyorder.com to check the status of the order. Each time I check I get a recording they have no order number in their records. I called customer service 4 times this morning as was told the same thing over and over to log on and enter my roder number. Then was given 4 different numbers to speack to someone about it. All 4 numbers is a recorded message to enter again your order number. I tied calling again and one customer service rep told me to wait 2 hours because the call going to the Phillipines. What the Heck is going on. I just want my phone and someone who knows what they are talking about.

I purchased a wireless mic and amp. in march//april 2011. (be careful the staff has way to change things in computer.) any way we have big coming up be in june first week so we decided to check the equipment, you guess it nothing work , took it back to store in clayto,nc. was told too bad you lose. now we have amp/mic. they offered to sent it for repairs, only problem with is the event is the first week of june. I promise you I will not shop at radio shack again, oh both amp/mic are made by radio shack. look like they should stand their products

I have never treated my customers like this, and have fired employees for even atempting to turn an issue away. to i can not say much for how they treat their employees.... i mean, i was fired for being honest.

It seems to me that the majority of the people complaining about the customer service do not properly report these issues and label this national company as a bad place to shop when the problem could be localized. Every store has a "Tell us How We're Doing" sign on one of their registers (or should). This sign has a toll-free number to that store's District office (this may not be the case for a franchise store), and includes the name of the District Manager. You can also get this information from any associate by having them look it up for you. There are plenty of solutions for these issues. With nearly 5,000 stores, a bad apple is sure to pop up from time to time. From my expereience, however, I much prefer the one-on-one customer service RadioShack provides rather than roaming the store trying to find what I need at Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart.

My local store is horrible i went in because my phone was stolen the day before. So i walk in an there are 3 employs at the front desk no one would help me an then i finally got one of the genital men to come over an he did not explain anything to me. Then i saw that there was a sales tag on the phone the i was going to purchase the same one that someone stole from me. He took the tag out an said this expired yesterday an he said read the expiration date very rude. Treating me like i stole a phone from him. Then he would not honer the coupon that was left on the item from the day before an it expired yesterday. They were all very rude an then i had to pay twice the amount then the first time i bought the phone it was horrible. An i would like something to be done about this.

Your customer service is FUCKED...Your company will fold and we will dance in the streets...

I went to radio shack at nw 12th avenue and 54 street in Miami, Fl to buy some computer discs i needed. i am not computer literate yet so i asked the salesman what kind of discs i needed for my laptop. he suggested a pack of 50 discs which i purchased. When i got home, the computer would not recognize the discs and a friend told me that those discs were only for recording music and movies but not files. I called the radio shack store and the salesman told me that radio shack does not give refunds. he was rude and hanged up on me. Incrdible. I lost about $15.00. I tried to email the corporate office but no email address available anywhere. This so called salesman should be fired or retrained. Stay away from that store at NW 12th Avenue and 54th Street, Miami Fl.

worst expirence ever wont ever buy from radioshack again..my laywer will see them in court!!!middletown delaware store beware of this store....

Sign up for sprint cell phone service 01/20/2011 the radio shack Columbia,Mo.mall location,Columbia,MO.5734452268,been trying too exchange phones Lg Optimus S,for a HTC EVO Shift.Manager John states he is not aware of Web price specials offered on Radio Shack web sight,and has no idea when said price would be available at his store,Walmart offer EVO Shift at$89.99 amazon at $119.00.Sprint offered a $30.00 dollar discount off my bill too aid exchange,was tould store would give a $20.00 coupon too help match Web price.In store price $149.99,went in too Exchange phones as manager had agreed with sprints help too do 01/26/2011 manager had forbidden any employee (thoe others are capable of doing echange),than himself,??? from doing exchange live 90 miles from store,What happened XCostomer service at Radio Shack

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