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I find all your complaints hilarious (not in a mean way)...all your complaints hardly touch the surface with this company. I used to work there and my husband works there now (thats were we met, I used to be his manager) to cheryl the womans name you are looking for would be keeley she is the store manager and can be pretty rude although not usually. The district managers name is paul barbarici and the man above him is ken (dont know his last name)then there is bob as aweful as it is to shop at this store it is even more aweful to work there. They do whatever they want and threaten employees when they tell on them or fire them for being "troublemakers". More recently when my husband told on shadalyn that she was taking unathorized multiple breaks she called him up and said "you dont know who your messing with". At the Orange park mall location you will find a woman there by the name of shadalyn who the employees refer to as the shadow-beast or the hitler of the shoe store. She schedules everyones hours around what she needs and has no regard for anyone other the herself. Her husband has actually assaulted an employee (while the store was open and customers were in the store) because he thought the employee wanted his beast of a bride (which is laughable if you were to see this lady). The district manager still allows her husband to come in the store while the same employee he assulted is working. The store manager will take her usual breaks (30 minutes) then will take herself another hour break (while on the clock) and go stroll around the mall. She will come and go as she pleases while on the clock, she will change the schedule mid-week and not even tell the employees so they end up being late or not showing up at all cause they thought they were off then she will write them up for it, she schedules herself off almost every weekend and holiday leaving it to the other managers to open and close the store never allowing time with the other managers families, her response when the managers complain about the unfair treatment "im the store manager and its my privledge" PLEASE!!! This woman thinks everything is and should be her privledge! And dont get me started on her customer service and work skills..she hangs out and talks all day with her buddy part timer that is a family friend leaving it to the assistant manager to do all the work while she takes the credit. If it wasnt for my husband that store would have no AC would still be infested with ants and roaches and have a non-working front gate!! the lady is a fat and lazy person...she should just go back home to her couch and soap operas and leave work to someone with half a brain! The district manager knows everything this woman does but is too lazy to fire her or to give a damn. I bet if ken or bob knew everything me and the employees knew they would both (paul and shadalyn) be out of a job! Now the district manager told my husband he was not allowed to go to school while working there unless he demoted himself..so my husband did just that this last week..now today they tell him he will be going back to the same pay he was receiveing when he started working there 5 YEARS AGO!!!!! This is pauls way of punishing him for going to school! When you quit on paul it is like a bad breakup..when I gave my notice he told me that I would never work for the company again if I leave (I gave a 2 week notice) and that I would be "burning my bridges"! it was like getting out of a bad relationship!! CRAZY!!!!! my advice! dont shop there and DONT WORK THERE!!!!!!

I purchased reebok runtone shoes on Mother's Day 2010 at the Rack Room Store in Monroe NC. Within 45 days of walking 3 miles, 5 days a week, in my subdivision, the pods had worn off the bottom of the shoes. I took them back to the store and was told that they would not refund or give me store credit to purchase a better shoe. The manager and employee also would not give me any information so that I could contact Reebok. I have never had a sneaker wear out so quickly, especailly one that I paid 100.00 for. Currently the mesh on the insides has also torn wide open (All of this within 4 months of wearing the reebok Runtone!) I am now unable to wear the overpriced, and overrated sneaker and do not have the money to purchase a new pair of sneakers. I am a teacher in Union County and am very disappointed with Rack Rooms inability to stand by the products they sell. I was treated rudely and the manager NEVER apoligized for my enormous loss.

service at the Chattanooga Tn location was awful, Lady behind the register was very unhelpful. We were trying to return a pair of shoes and get another pair, we ended up just leaving the store. the store was out of every shoe in my grandson's size, and store employee wasnt helpful in helping us to find something that would work.I will be contacting Corporate office about this.

I was in Florida on vacation and visited the St. Augustine outlet store. A friend and I decided to go into together and share the cost of two pair of shoes that were buy one get one half price. We went to the counter and politely asked the clerk if she could tell us what the cost would be split down the middle. Neither of us had a calculator. The clerk (who we later learned was the manager) stared yelling at us and telling us she could only charge us the total amount and that it was up to us to figure the rest out. She actually threw the calculator on the desk. There were two other clerks standing behind her watching this whole scene. I said outloud that I really didn't way to buy anything from this woman, but I liked the shoes, so I had her put them on my card and we walked out. 30 minutes later I was still steaming and so appalled that anyone in customer service would treat someone that way. I went back to the store and asked for the clerk's name. The other clerk was scared to give me her name because she was the manager and this clerk did not want to lose her job. She did tell me the angry clerk was the manager. I will be contacting corporate headquarters. I have NEVER been treated so rudely by anyone in customer service before. The shoes are a piece of crapp too!

I understand your stringent, blatant, unfriendly consumer policy that contradicts every good business practices. (The norm is to allow returns for whatever reason, with proper validation of purchase). By the way, what constitutes a manufacturer's defect? - get real!!!!! So, basically you have a policy in place to ensure you never ever have to exchange or refund shoes. Myself and people I relay this info to, will NEVER purchase anything from your shoddy shoe store. Shame on you, for thinking you're a Wall Street greedy, voracious, profit-taker, that truly lives by the doctrine of Caveat emptor - "let the buyer beware".

I recently visited your store in Sanford, NC. I was trying to return a pair of shoes, with a receipt, for a refund. I was told that it was past the 30day return period (by a day or 2) so I would have to exchange. I told the clerk that would be fine. I tried to find another pair of shoes, but since I am having total ankle replacement surgery in the next few weeks (which is the reason for the return of the shoes and the reason I couldn't find another pair to exchange them for), I asked the clerk if I could just get a store credit instead. I explained the upcoming surgery and told the clerk that that way, I could come in and spend the money on a pair of shoes--at Rack Room--once I had completed the surgery and was out of the cast and able to wear shoes again. He directed me to the manager. The manager, "Dawn", was immediately unfriendly. She said "you can't do that. You have to exchange. We can't give money to you". I, again, explained the surgery and said that I would really like to have a store credit and pointed out the fact that by getting a store credit, that was not giving money to me--that was still giving money to Rack Room. I would still have to spend it at Rack Room..which I definitely wanted to do....I just couldn't wear any shoes now. I was going to be in a cast for 12 weeks and couch bound!". She made several ugly faces, mumbled under her breath, and finally looked at the clerk and said "fine. do a store credit". How unprofessional!!!!! To be quite honest, if I had to do it over again, I would have just given away the shoes. A $34 pair of shoes is NOT worth being treated like that!!! Does Rack Room not train their employees on professionalism? Do they not care about maintaining business?? Bad word of mouth--especially in a small town like Sanford, NC--spreads like wildfire by the way....

I recently purchased 2 pairs of shoes from your store in Athens, GA. I was voluntarily told by the sales person that because I was buying 2 pairs the least expensive pair would cost 1/2 price. That was it. I said okay and left. The shoes were for family members and after trying them on 1 paid did not fit. I visited the store and asked that I be allowed to return them. The sales person said "you can't get what you paid for these because you kept the pair that you only paid 1/2 price for". I said but I paid full price for these shoes! Her response that's just the way it works and on and on and on. I told her never would I "give" back the shoes that I paid full price for because nothing like this was ever mentioned when I purchased the 2 pairs. I kept the shoes and will give them to someone who needs them. In my opinion this is a gimmick by your stores to hook customers into buying additional shoes, without explaining to customers what the consequences could be!!! I think it's illegal and I plan to contact officials regarding this matter.

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