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I hate this company and plan on sueing them for grabbing my 2yr old daughter foot thinking we stolen a pair of shoes that her grandmother bought her that they didn't even carry and then not even to say sorry Sawgrass mills Florida location is the worst and corporate dont even care I give them no stars

Wow, reading all these posts makes me want to cry. I work at one of the rack room shoes in Arkansas and I would NEVER treat a customer this way. I will do whatever it takes to make all my customers happy. I, also, think that the military discounts should be given every day, not just Tuesdays. Last I heard they were working 24-7 not just Tuesdays. This makes me extremely upset and I can't stand having to explain to a customer why they can't get a military discount on any other day of the week. :( Is there anyway that we can change this policy and make it everyday?

What atrocious customer service at the Brook Highland Plaza location in Birmingham, AL. manager named Cassey fit my child with Fila Skeletoes a month ago that busted at the seams. When I tried to return the shoes, she said that they wouldn't warranty them b/c were "obviously" too small. I wound up with a pittance of an in store credit (b/c of the BOBO return policy) and no shoes for my child. They were a birthday present. So much for "Happy Birthday"! I will give the in store credit to a homeless person before I step foot in that store location again. Cassey is the type that shouldn't be in the front of a store.

Rack Room Shoes has such a terrible, unfriendly policy on returns, even on defective merchandise. BUYER BEWARE!

I would request that the two comments from 5-10-11 be deleted from your comments sections...they were made in anger...

Rack Room upper management is very uncaring. One mistake from an associate, no matter how minor, and you are on their list...no bending the rules on their part. Doesn't matter if management's actions hurts the employee or their family. Doesn't matter that you work extra hours whenever they want you too or fill in whenever they want you too...it's all about their not bending the rules. There is a saying "what goes around, comes around".

I work for your store in Sanford...management sucks. I agree with the comment made about the Sanford store from T. Thomas.

I have bought several pairs of shoes from the rack room and it is a miserable experience if anything happens to the shoe and you may need to return it. I had two pair of heel and one the buckle broke after 3 weeks of having and only weaing them twice and then I had a paid of wedges that completly separated at the seam. I was made to feel like a crook or that I was scamming the store out of money. Both time I had visited Arizona Mills mall for the returns with the legitimate receipt.

Bristol,va store the employees acted like family. I was greeted with a hello and smile and offered help without asking

The greeting I receive when I entered #229 Bristol,Va was so friendly and was offer help and didn't have to ask.I thought that kind of service didn't exist anymore. Keep up good work!

Kelly Stores can accidently let mismates get out of a store. Take them in when the store manager is in.

i bought a pair of shoes for my son. he tried on one of the shoes for size while we were in the store. when we got home, he put on his new shoes only to realize they were 2 different sizes. the receipt has been misplaced. i called them and they said i can come get a credit. NO NO NO!! your policy is that your employees inspect the contents of the shoebox before finalizing the sale and this clearly was not done. i will be there in the am to see what happens. RACK ROOM SHOES MIDLOTHIAN VA 23112

When reading complaints realize you haven't heard the whole conversation and unless you do you shouldn't judge a store on these merits. The store near you may be great. I have seen a customer get mad from very innocent comments as a manager trainee asking what was wrong with a shoe. There are slips of paper that have to be filled out describing what the damage is on a shoe and this is information that is needed in order to fill out a paper. There are many sides to these stories.

A store cannot let people keep the half off price shoe if they return the full price shoe and stay in business. That is basically saying all shoes are half off. A company cannot pay its employees and sell shoes for half off. All situations are different as far as dirt on the bottom of shoes. Chewed up rubber, green grass stains, chewed up heel taps render a shoe unsellable. A child grows in four months. A shoe for a child does not last a year when they are young. After a couple of weeks, yes there is merit to the claim. If there is true carpet dirt clean the bottom of the shoe off before coming in. Admittedly some employees go overboard when there is very mild dirt that simply wipes off. Never lie about a shoe being worn outside. You catch more honey being honest. There are varias reasons customers are not allowed in the restrooms. When there is minimum staffing we can't stay in the area the bathrooms are at because many times its a stockroom and we have merchandise back there. When the bathroom is really not operational (it does happen) we are told we are lying. Again, exeptions can be made. We need to make sure merchandise is secure and that it is safe for the public. We have stacks of boxes from freight coming in on a daily basis. The public doesn't always flush the cammodes. I was at a store where it was accesable to the public and in half a day the cammode was clogged and when I opened it for a customer there was water all over the floor. If you have complaints about a company or how you were treated, go to their website. There is very qualified staff reading them.

I bought a pair of tennis shoes for my daughter 9 days ago; she wore them for 5 days last week to school & the elastic (which I tried to restring) broke on Friday. I had my reciept & still had the box they came in & took them back today, thinking it would be no big deal. The girl at the desk immediately said the shoes looked like they had a lot of wear & tear - I said they were only worn for 5 days, she said she would see what the manager wanted to do & went to the back of the store. After a few minutes of waiting, I wandered back that way, & could hear them discussing the shoes. The gist of the conversation was that I was trying to return an old pair of shoes with a new receipt and box. I went to the door & asked if there was a problem. The manager held up the shoes & said that it was an unusual situation because the shoes looked like she had been really hard on them & there was a lot of wear & tear. Then I lost my temper. Now, the shoes were dirty & I didn't try to clean them up, but they were worn for a week on the playground; the soles were not worn out, etc. they were dirty only. I stated again that the shoes were a week old & the sales clerk said no, almost two weeks. So, okay I purchased them NINE days ago, they still were only worn for 5days & I don't care if they were worn for a month - they still shouldn't have broken. I told him to just give me the shoes back, I didn't need the $20. Oh no, we are going to exchange them, he said. I said, no I don't want another pair of shoes that will tear up - just give them to me! The thing that has upset me is the insinuation that I was trying to pull one over on them, and not the assumption on their part that just maybe, the shoes were sub par! Reading these other reviews, I see this is a company wide problem. I will to back tomorrow, just on principal, to get my money back, but I will never shop there again.

I am not sure why everyone here has had such bad experiences. I was in Miami last month on a trip from Germany. I purchased a couple pairs of shoes at Rack Room in Miami and when I got back to Germany I realized that the shoes were too tight due to the extra thick socks I wear here to keep my feet warm. I did a quick Google to find out the phone number for customer service and was connected with a nice lady named Lisa. Without a beat, Lisa shipped me two new pairs of the same style, but just a little larger, and she sent me a RMA form so I could return the shoes I had purchased. The entire experience was very easy. My replacement shoes arrived, as promised, within a week. Kudos to Lisa and Rack Room!

I have 4 children, myself and my husband to buy all kinds of shoes for, everyday shoes, dress shoes, sandals, boots, etc and your associate at the rack room shoe store in murfreesboro tn just cost you all the business from my family. Thats a lot of business too considering how fast children grow out of shoes! As I was going to the store I notice a shopping cart and decided it would good to use it in the store so as not to have all the kids needing my attention and not bother other shoppers. There was a brown headed lady at least 40 that came up immediately, not to say hello or something friendly and expected from a consumer but to tell me "we dont allow carts in here." How ridiculous for that to be her focus instead of the $400 worth of shoes I was prepared to drop but instead dropped $500 at another shoe store up the road for FRIENDLINESS. What would it have hurt. Seriously, the cars are see through anyway, other people had their strollers which are not see through. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL YOU GET MY MONEY AND YOU CAN THANK YOUR EMPLOYEE FOR THAT!

Last night, I went to your store in search of a pair of comfortable, slip on tennis shoes to wear during this last several weeks of my pregnancy. I went to the store at Columbus Park Crossing on Whittlesey Blvd. in Columbus, Ga. First of all, I am almost 32 weeks and sales assistance is most appreciated right now. When I walked in, there wasn't a sales person in sight. I found one girl with no name tag and a jacket on over in a corner texting away. I assumed she was a customer until she confiscated her phone and said, "hi". That was it, just "hi". I finally found a lady near the back of the store, so I called to her. I said, "Can I get some help"? She looked up at me and said "Yeah". She didn't seem too enthused so I said, "Hi, how are you?" No smile was returned or courteous reply. With a blank look on her face, she said, "Hi". She didn't seem pleased at all to help me with any purchase, so I said "thanks" and walked out. While I was walking toward the door, I heard her walk over to the other girl (with the cell phone) and ask her why she was hiding. NOT PLEASED AT ALL! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

I visited ur Lake Charles,La store and I want say I will NEVER shop there again! VERY VERY BAD customer service.

I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN I purchsed 2 pairs of dress shoes from this place when I tried the shoes on in the store I tried a 8 and they were a little to tight being I didnt have dress socks on so I thought I would get a 81/2 so I took them home and ordered another pair for half price when I got home I put them on with dress shoes and they were to big I took them back the next day and told them I wanted to exchange them and the manager said he would not do it cause there was a little dirt on the bottom and said they have been worn I told him whats the difference of trying them on in the store vs. at my house they are still brand new I had them less than 24 hours and the dirt on the bottom wiped off.. I told the manager to fix the issue and he just went and hide in the back so I have shoes that are to big that i will never wear HORRIABLE company any other shoe place would gladly swap them out but not this one

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